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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Daemen Degree For Former Shooting Victim - La'Quisha Pompey

Daemen Degree For Former Shooting Victim - La'Quisha Pompey

May 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- among our job local storage of buffalo woman paralyzed. Since a shooting on the shuttle buffalo several years ago. As would accomplish what most students can only hope to accomplish. Like we should pump today was sixteen years old in 2006. When she was hit by a bullet that was meant for somebody else paralyzed. She excelled. At McKinley high school Damon college making the dean's list winner of two Damon student leadership awards. An all time remarkable student after a summer job as a teacher's assistant. But we sure will work on a master's degree. And liquidation is on the WBM lifeline this morning congratulations location. Tell us how you did this did you decide right away that this was something you're just -- overcome. -- I'd let a lot of faith and determination -- got weaker now. -- when you're sixteen years old. When you're first of the fallen by this. Gunman's bullet obviously out of buffalo you were a student at McKinley high school at that time. How long did it take for you to return to class -- where you in the hospital recovering. Perhaps reflecting a -- but I took a year out because they're that changed I don't feel school here. Yeah how are you accepted by the other students when you finally returned. I'm what openings aren't they on the lowest of circumstances than they are now. -- everything -- to question everything. And then after McKinley you decide to go to Damon. And tell us about that experience there. I'm what exactly Damon Alex. Are basically bit open give me with open arms as well. And I admit our friends and that'll make it through the the primary care. -- you're interested in a career in a special education. Do you have a job already lined up to be here. -- -- -- -- -- -- We understand earlier -- just -- becoming a teacher's assistant possibly. This summer. The floor are going to get a master's degree with a master's degree. Be a special education. Almost like -- that I think that my arm or -- -- I wanna put education. And public speaking because I hope -- have a motivated for the motivational speaker our youth advocate. We certainly error and a great inspiration to us reading your story. That you must have a great family support. And then -- -- wanted to protect. And who will be a graduation tomorrow. To see your arm slot for. -- a big group. Yeah. How do you feel after spending the past eight years. Working so hard on this it'll be a dream come true you -- a combination you're accomplishing. While people who don't even have. A fraction of the disabilities that you have liquid. And are excited. -- We're so glad that you could then join us this morning and we wish of the very best congratulations. That's a huge accomplishment and and you did it with with flying colors. And settle accretion of come -- joining us on the WB -- light went graduating tomorrow she's a dean's list student. And populist Damon college.

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