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NYS GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Rob Astorino

May 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go right to the WB AM live line welcoming our next guest rob -- you know. The county executive from Westchester County who was not the state Republican party's nominee -- a run for governor in November. Against governor Andrew Cuomo mr. restaurant a good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning John and more and we've gone through those before but you didn't do -- -- Tomas and our listeners how you narrowed your choice. Down to the sheriff push among county. To be your running mate who and what made him the guy. Well you know you start off with a large -- like -- he had he took this process to put everyone on that like Jim Elliott Derek Jeter and and you start. -- all machines. And he get down to a legitimate list of people that. Could do the job. And had a great background etc. -- Crist lost on this from day one and I was surprised that his name did not leak in any way. And you know he's got just an amazing upbringing -- Was -- -- which among near Elmira. -- parents owned a restaurant so he was working in that restaurant. Mopping cleaning and cooking and doing everything as he was growing up minority community college and Sunni and -- embarrassed orders masters. What the FBI academy worked his -- up with a sheriff's office and he ran in 2005. When nobody thought he could we change amount and not only did -- win but he -- -- and it has been winning big ever since and now he's the president. Of the New York State sheriffs association. And he's just good all around good guy it was with a Stanley got an eight year old son he has life. And I can't think of anyone better to clean up the eruption and the Napster and the stink in Albany. -- He's gonna make an amazing. Partner in this campaign and a wonderful lieutenant governor. -- this is a David and Goliath battle against Governor Cuomo how are you going to get the base to believe. That you can went and I emphasize belief. Other big swing debate believes we can win they're earning a question about that. On the base is excited. We are all over the state. We have the issues I think what people don't realize it when they were basically what topic you -- this is you know two to one democratic state. Well at the same storyline that in 2009 in Westchester let's just very similar a year in Seattle's two million people. 49% Democrat 24% Republican. And that was going up against guy like thirty point lead. Barrels and barrels of Monday and name ID machine director. But we've got the message the timing was right. And we had an intense base that was ready to win. And we shocked the world in 2009 outlook but fourteen point -- people who Westchester. And we cut property taxes or -- them or straight years to sit on the way. We have the highest credit rating and -- -- cut spending a a budget today that's more so we're living within our means and yet we never turned her back and those in need and -- actually more money going into the social services. -- But the people who actually need help. And we got reelected this past year and they just piled on against including it took almost immediately from my opponent. And we -- by thirteen points so. It is very similar story line. You know our message is right you know we are dead last fifty and all along categories in this state under Andrew Cuomo 400000 New Yorkers. Thrown in the towel and it looked up. We have the worst economic outlook the worst is this climate higher electric rates. The highest taxes it's not even close I mean -- -- on phenomenon. And we are dead last -- and it's it's embarrassing. And so. We can win is no question and I'll raise enough money get our message out whether it's in Western New York or or throughout. But this is going to be about taxes and jobs and how we keep our families and businesses here in New York as opposed to doing what they're doing now. That's throwing in the towel and moving going somewhere else. OK speaking of taxes speaking of Texas former governor Eliot Spitzer. He was going to do something about native Americans and their tax free storage and sell cigarettes and he didn't do anything. Attorney general Andrew Cuomo and the -- they became governor said he tracked down and collect taxes from the Indians he didn't do anything other where it used to randomness. Well I'll -- for the order here sort of charm I think we do need to do that I think it's important. You know this is money that those two the people of this statement which should be treated equally. But you know what it each talk about taxes in general John and that's what we're -- You look at the crushing property tax burden in the region and I can talk about this because. By the county executive I'm dealing with it on the ground on dealing with the unfunded mandates of Albany. That are just absolutely suffocating. Every municipality. Every county every school districts that's like taxes continue to go off. Where are cutting taxes in this state because it's eight -- quote property tax cap that just increase your taxes every year and guarantees it. We cut taxes in Westchester County so people. I can live there and businesses responded by the way at 30000 private sector jobs created in Westchester in the last four years. One of the lowest unemployment rate in the states. By meeting with business people by actually changing the regulations by taking her. Brooke you know put off their throats that's what I hear from everybody you know what I'm talking -- farmers or other small businesspeople especially. They're just they're begging for help it just yet government away from us so we can do we do and will create jobs and that's true. -- western New Yorkers are -- Carl Paladino in your same shoes for years ago. He won big in Western New York but lost the state. What are you -- do differently. Than Paladino. Whether the good news it is like people don't understand how what a governor's race is one which is different than presidential or US senate race. Governor's race for the last five -- gubernatorial elections. 44 to 50% of the total vote. Comes from upstate new York and we can win big up here because the issues -- whether it's a mistake which should be repealed this all or. Common core which is almost common core is terrible. And I have three kids two of them are in school started the great so I'm dealing with this and Eric and we can raise standards we'd better race in his education in New York. But a much different way to go about it not a nationalization. Of education. We wanna keep it local where we actually -- empowerment. With teachers and family and parents. -- a local level that's what we'll do at other states start to -- by the weather strip away common core so we can win could almost have to vote comes from upstate. I can lose in the city seventy to thirty. And still had our number because battle then goes to the suburbs we're all -- And that of course is Westchester and Long Island and Westchester by the but he is generally we're elephant voted by. But that's not the case that there are that are base that's where it was born and raised. And the people who know me the most including many of the Democrats. Who have already voted for -- in big numbers. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't put their trust in me. For governor and so we can absolutely. -- very competitive and we're gonna win this race. Mr. restaurant we've got to around but I know we will talk frequently between now and November and we thank you sir for joining us this morning. John thank you see what -- it you're very welcome rob mastering of the state Republican party's nominee for governor.

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