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Electrronic Freedom Foundation's Hanni Fakhoury explains Mobile Surveillance Tools

May 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We heard about. Agencies. Want local law enforcement agencies in California. Indian -- toward her own. -- devices. That use them. Numerous times this is not. At a rare occurrence to see that they've made their opted to upstate New York that are. California there are 99 no actually documentation or nine or ten different local law enforcement agencies Oakland. It's accomplished -- aren't -- police department sheriff's department unit they've got. Yeah that might have been used for why all I mean I couldn't tell you. -- -- It would -- big news in 20072008. And so forth back at least. I think what's happening is there's a greater awareness. Be an issue about hammered greatest greater awareness of the technology to read your first is. The Wall Street Journal ran a story. In 2000 well about it. Criminal king air -- Actually involve use of this surveillance tool in northern California. And it doesn't have the first major. -- media organizations to run exporting Arctic and it's -- to get people cutting interest in the technology. I think after that story ran -- -- are all from. I think in light of all of revelations. -- and the supreme court's decision and. US -- -- into the case decided Jerry 2012 about cheap yet devices. -- right now we're at a moment where people are starting to be very concerned curious about. Acting -- tracking technology. And electronic surveillance. And so it's kind of natural that these types of device are coming you know. To work for the people starting to be aware and I think you're starting to -- One patient a rabbit more PRA requests around it and now a lot of people are starting to really dig. Information about -- are realizing that there are local police department or sheriff's office -- ought to -- Are you actually can bury a -- you're an epic story about the devices and a lot of local. Arms. Papers due inquiry into the air police department and -- -- image because stark. Patents found out that we matched. The -- before -- and it's starting to its kind of back. It's like to tour and and a television set or radio it appears all the signals and that blacks on the one line so it does not do anything with all the decision. That that's maybe milk -- number -- -- -- that looking for beacon configured so it only looks as well. But the way it does that -- it'll try to all the other phone traffic in the area -- -- well. Also work the other way -- are intending to capture. All of you for all -- and figure out you know to come here we should be concerned so for example let's say. Oh yeah called trigger lock or a rock -- after -- -- you know running north on a particular street. Our state here and then -- -- -- in the Arctic could wiped out street and figure out -- cigar which -- area. And -- -- anybody should be pinpointed honored and entered iTunes and on match the description suspects. Prior criminal record that. Since it could be. Limited in the -- sheriff described. It's not exclusive and it can also be used in the broader way too. Basically it's almost like. It -- itself on our income and it looks like a cellphone -- it actually felt are what are really does. Kinda. In the middle between you two or patch actual on how connect and I'm sitting quark all you. -- not help ward and I'm actually looking across the street actually here -- I think we -- in. And so I call you -- -- -- are appalled by phone users are on that route all the different cellphone tower area. On that I can make of all what Ingrid is the cart next to me -- to -- it. Called -- or our. Signal interest rate or. Or it -- and -- -- out to -- re doing -- -- capturing all per share. Elkhart communication at the route to help. Like talking to. You know what. What quote identifier number Ayers that. Identification number for years -- the bulk. That that's maybe milk outnumbered on the ultimate looking -- -- configure so it only looks as well. The way it does that isn't it -- -- in all of their own traffic in the area are specifics well. Also work the other way and -- Had been to capture all of -- for all of that -- figure out you know to come here we should be concerned so for example let's say. Oh yeah called -- a lock or unlock -- happier are -- you know running north on a particular street. -- aches and -- bill wicket after being in the Arctic could I doubt that streak and figure out -- -- which for our area. And. The suspect. Prior criminal record that I -- -- it's true that it could be. Limited and the way sheriff described. It's not. Exclusive and it can also -- -- much broader way too. Why -- can be configured to capture the actual conversation topic could. You know effectively act like a wire or capture tech -- you know and -- in the agencies that -- that they go out like. -- that -- in the they're using configured to adapt. And because and that. You know if they were considered to do that there would be. Legal issues there because generally do again permission from what you that. Oh but at a minimum they're capturing. Information like what -- -- -- -- an area which Alcatel which helped to support our troubled area. What -- are connecting to vote number iron there so all connected it's what a unique identifying number that's well that's. To locate -- but you have to understand what that means so it can mean two different. It can mean. If they stood at 60 number they are looking for making news around the particular area for well. He can't do is it being now a person in the general and these are all seeking capture all of all. -- and area. And figure out not only is the person looking for an area out here again against. It's like -- -- in part with the car next in the -- heat in scanned the area and see what would cellphone towers you would sell on the are connected so that's how it revealed a K a -- -- the particular location on. Sure -- -- specific suspect it's doing that but it can also capture all your. Could any of you that owned as something as simple as. A -- and occupiers proof to anyone else that you don't use those binoculars to look into your neighbor's windows. You devices can be configured to actually capture. Not just -- location followed by messages that are being sent through the Obama attacks action -- you know and I thought as well as actual. Phone call itself like that -- and talking to equal you radically senate ballot get. The company that. One -- organization that basically said many of -- that we do not use that the white. To capture communication. And it's not considered to capture communications that technology the captain does not capture. -- you know for you we do know that they could be considered -- and that. Whether or not they are are not yet the taken at face value because. Writer Eric the company that makes the device with a police apartment tablet devices captured any real Ito about this specific technical capabilities of the.