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5-15 Michael Caputo Hour 4

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Wolf the EU with great. And the whole -- not Muslim candidate Obama brought. For those were. Yeah I don't know you're not. And and and just system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. Tom hourly. Right when he showed that terror plot it's live it's local apple thing. Little -- -- you doesn't -- not really I like everything it's Tom hourly. Hey you pick up that group you have to drive to the burning food on news. You know I always blame Barley those things now like him inordinately you -- him. The Mississippi is still beaver on the board Michael -- here in for Tom -- earlier -- he's reunited thirty WPN at 609. Of the evening and we've got some people who have been -- on the phone you're talking about the bills and Joseph Joseph were you from. Well thanks for called in joke you what's on your mind. Well I thought I hit it or politician just like a -- well. Artwork. And particularly. Our -- There -- all ideas -- -- what are worried about. Jobs a lot of that -- had. Spectral Arctic air out. An orchestra -- all spot from where. -- our football team. I don't care -- -- airport at it what it got. All our. -- Well you know -- Let's listen Joseph I've been and around their live in the air bin vets stadium. More times that I can even imagine I think there -- many bills fans have been there far more than me. I don't I'm one of the guys who cannot imagine. A life without the Buffalo Bills but I definitely can't imagine life with a retro -- stadium. You know I mean the stadium we have right now you know I've I've spent most my time outside -- going too often -- you know I'm a little -- -- -- bit. That the head of the NF LMR Goodell is saying that we needed brand spanking new when we're gonna lose our team. That's feels like a billion dollar to undermine. Correct and accurate that's out there that are. You know -- -- -- -- Olmert. But I agree that we are all the current studio port it to -- Ask. I export back to exactly. I think -- 150 -- let -- he's got a couple calls -- get -- but let me just say one thing before removed two on the next caller. I wanna know what that's all about fifteen. I wanna see. The details. Because not only is that tax payers money it also because it's taxpayers' money. Probably has the fingerprints -- of what's -- half. Ago. Because if if there all talk about a brand new stadium. I'm willing to bet that some that 150 million that's supposed to be retrofitting and improving our stadium for a -- use I'm willing to bet some of that money. Is. -- I'm willing to -- some of that work. Has nothing to do with the Buffalo Bills at all what do you think about that. I went by a lot of network and -- got -- LLP. Property. There's a lot higher up our area -- it ever -- Are out there's a lot of -- poll well like being in artwork walkways are well what do but I don't know what are too. It's great stuff. I I mean some of these I've seen covered by you know present about the county's support that have been relieved to. But I'm wondering I wanna see more T two posted to a thank you very much for -- and I appreciate. It sure short thank you -- Listen now we're at 8030930. Started the -- often gives called tell us what you think about the bills. About the buyers about the stadium and John here in buffalo. You have an opinion you don't think that -- you know you think they can -- -- great to hear from him as well. Like it here you. I think -- Are an integral part of the NFL and I think that the Bali atrocity and it felt a little smarter than some of the other leagues and move teams around a lot of know that. Baltimore. Was the most notorious. Seems to move from their city and Cleveland also. But I really look at the builders. They're they're electing green bay Packers -- a lot of ways and -- through this solid hard -- and base we have here that is. -- and they'll never find it and if they moved in the Los Angeles. And look at the -- -- experiment with Toronto. I joke sometimes about. Switching teams and make in the that movement if you felt seem to buffalo on Monday NFL moved -- -- that but they're all -- big TV revenue. But what it really comes down to it. The NFL experience is right here in Buffalo, New York you -- you couldn't find a better place. -- CN NFL game and you know my grandfather was the season ticket holder during the Super Bowl years. And I saw a lot of great football and a might burst in was OJ Simpson's rookie year war memorial so. To move to move to build. I could just doesn't make any sense to me at all. I I think it's -- I think it's a kick in the gut. I think -- I think can really do some damage that has been it'll do secondary and tertiary damage if it'll be a ripple effect that'll affect. The old army. I just can't imagine. How bad it would there would go well. -- that goes to to build. You caught corporate welfare. As opposed to you know when they tried it out just for money per very successful for you know. Ralph Wilson bought the team for 30000 dollars -- reverend outward almost a billion dollars. And -- -- but you know there's no there's no of course they want to get their hands on some of the public -- Even though they're making plenty of money and work -- money. But to -- You just gotta give in to that in a corporate welfare. Well I think it's a business you know of. -- competitive and try to get too much money. You know as much public money is great and that's -- companies corporations work these days ago. They want to get there in the public money to like it when it. You know privatized school that didn't they're. Private hands on public money and that the whole different thing though I think this is. But it is more of entertainment. That's really what NFL is that entertainment to borrowers are. Living in buffalo. Did you did you know that I didn't notice to -- recently the NFL as a nonprofit. -- Well is not socialists now they hear all their money. No I mean they're they're actually attacks. At a tax exempt organization. I -- that but I know that they collect dollar money and redistributed usually about television money. William no matter pretty. Successful versions of socialism. No they are but you know what I love it I am I eat every time I play -- It live I'm I'm in all kinds of different. Stacy -- I just I just logged in a felon I would be absolutely devastated. If they move this team abruptly but John thank you very much for -- really appreciate. Thanks a lot Randy and Alden. You were talking you were called in about retrofitting stadium. I like. I can't -- him yesterday and replacement for candy. And -- -- different and he's got so proponent of a retrofit. And -- god ideally. Downtown -- Likud. Put it all together that the media is that we need to -- -- micromanage individual project could at least she's that would enable did you look at. And we need to get planning an attack in parenting story. And that. The point I brought up there retrofitted because we have actually it. Stadium. Infrastructure wise to -- in Connor. The bill -- to upgrade and we use structural engineers and make its own stadium and expanded you know. It can't hit the tired blood -- the the I turned thirty actually million dollars -- gently. You have to look at that building 25 year life cycle doesn't need upgrades. Electrically. Fail. Energy calculation except for -- so we've done some of the basic -- however. We got a big beautiful it. For structures structure. That's totally prepared for. And upgrade it and let you use the number 400 million dollars to totally -- rather than this one billion dollar number two out there. We can make it a state of the art stadium and I am a white elephant. And furthermore. We can make it probably -- match. -- the whole thing is that the Rudy wants tortured logic of that money -- let you know they -- there. I've -- -- it -- there is there and it -- economic motive. But I really believe. The actual head. Live the good guy and structural engineers. And then looking forward as to how we can maybe take. Additional. Usage of it because of that places as -- needed to accommodate eight. Games you know because someday you'll get the playoffs and books that bad. But let me think about heaviest band a third of the money and make its stated the act. The electoral Fred is actually a way to -- the infrastructure already in place. And we did you numbers for a million and we said we have another 600 malleable or think in those terms of 400. One billion together. -- about it we couldn't shut up blah de transportation and we could use that is. Get people from downtown back and forth from Canada. You know threw away. -- or else something we could. Most of that money wisely. The problem is is always to micromanage. And everybody has their own self that censures and the other point -- pointed out yet to -- was that. The biggest obstacle is the political and business sector. And there unwillingness. To -- Libya and the big picture it and picture is we all want to see. Natural. Well bridge exclusively downtown buffalo expanded. What what you know look at it would put it pretournament in an adult. Hopefully we could enhance and create dead perfect environment and Daniel. Waterfront whatever you wanna call it movie idea the problem -- we all know earmarked for -- rapidly thing you do get done or I should say -- slowly things. -- let me let me let me just ask you -- hold one minute don't go anywhere we got to go to -- for traffic. You're accurate forecasts flash flood watch in effect reason tonight with rain heavy at times who both 49 cold tomorrow with rain in the afternoon especially high -- 54 patchy clouds and chilly tomorrow evening. Low 41 Saturday mostly cloudy and cool with a passing shower high of 57. And fall temperatures difference fall temperatures Richie thanks -- hang on you were we were talking about retrofitting. Ralph Wilson eight. In this kid has no big picture the bad -- -- get to accommodate eight games. How do you do anything about the one billion dollar investment it just doesn't make economic sense. And if we were able -- that. -- that billion dollars through multiple sources. We could enhance. And improve downtown -- what they managed to improve in the stadium as it is. With a retro -- again structural engineers. In the the -- and has been that every says its mandate I don't believe that I believe like cycled on building do you need. Preventive and proactive maintenance. It and upgrade. Just from simplicity of the grueling -- coaches' film energy efficiency such Eric Thatcher. They were any ready what do you what do you do for a living. Well I -- My background is. Construction. -- itself like you know you're talking. Well but -- at what I do -- I'm a torture. Troubleshoot and the sad -- in the biggest thing it's statistic is so much trouble maker. -- you know you're right here very very Smart man. Humble and I appreciate that thanks. I'll let my mind bid to officials said if we wanna use that term is to troubleshoot. And the biggest thing you learn. Is -- most people point unit direction if you listen to about. And Billy -- helped you make your job easier as far as solving problems the problem is position multiple interest in with that. We need to get together as a team. No pun intended. In collectively look at what's in the best interest of course ideally you want to make it like Philadelphia were probably menus are downtown. In one location but just think about in terms of 284 million dollar retrofit. Bringing its daily and again I got a real appetite to the business and Novo owner is to get -- special cola. Cheating per AT&T. Well never mind and I don't mean. Pick out particular. But there's big business because it's it's a great way to service their customers and that money stayed within. The franchise rather than two weeks. So those factors. Could show on new prospective owner that we can still accommodate their needs. And also Matt -- at taxpayer. Furthermore we can expect and that adds. And use whatever access to -- that would be kind of outlook to multiple sources in enhance the I guess. Basically the infrastructure. And then how we bring it all together. As again. The -- really only serves currently. Eight games. It's true but you know what also -- I have to -- arm I'm advocating mr. trump to purchase the team. I'd frankly our hope that anybody who buys that. Keeps it here no matter what I know mr. trump has made a commitment to keep it here. And I've heard others doing the same thing. I -- I want them to stay in Orchard Park that's my selfish. You know hometown kind of thing. But. If it had to move downtown or went the other places. I I'm gonna I'm going to be OK with that are you going to be okay. I am I am still there today said that my first wish would eat. To be able to make downs. Downtown buffalo. The center of all activity. That thing is is that we -- planning his -- -- Need to look forward. And encompass the big picture. That exclusive but just a stadium. Already this over to have to go pay some bills here. Thanks a opera bring your knowledge on the about this to the to the station and you have a good even we're gonna be right back here on news radio at 930 WB. ENN. -- way to run me out of the studio show this is Michael put in for Tom -- here on news radio -- -- yen 6:32. PM ladies and gentlemen that's 6:30 PM. We've talked about the bills we talk about the -- stated we've been talking about the Republican nominations of this last two days at the Republican. Convention in Rye Brook New York. We have all the lines and who knows a lot about all of those issues Carl Paladino Carl you there. -- good good nice to hear voice coming back from Westchester -- -- I I heard you were making the rounds there I mean everybody. I was commenting about how support -- -- -- take kitten allies your your talk about going on campaign and it was a pretty good about -- Well you know I had tonight in -- property that renal problems Republicans are some of the united in light of the fact that we're here we candidate and candidate but candidate. Given the proper exposure he can win windows saying it's a great year -- Big Cuomo's. Mean his own -- a number of issues. We could take advantage. So with -- I'm -- supportable Robin Serena on them and I'm and hope a -- like two. The get rid of the tyrant that we have at all. All that also the goal of Albany politics that so demeaning people. What do you think this lieutenant governor -- he sounds like. A real interest being -- And Austin. There's no question about it ER -- so. Easy new Yorker from the word -- all. Also all the -- you know we should be tracking. The denial of economic opportunity for a couple made people just horrendous. He also believes that the oil from Japan the basic rights. The people and you heard. Are sure to hear. Year. Comment and thank you. Whole -- issue. In both stated that force that. You know what we have here on -- expect issue yet -- about. Really -- expect number two and it's an opportunity because the opportunity is to get out there to help people. Connect the dots for them and tell them what Andrew Cuomo will do when he makes immediate. Peace real. He'll make a left turn and currencies unit it was -- they expect to. And I gonna get all renal cronies and now they're gonna they're good passes. This -- intrusion on the basic. Gone right so individuals. You know that's always been -- -- that's about -- insane to Q8 seen nothing yet not I'll tell -- I spent. 1012 days down in Florida for work. -- just recently. And it did things are very different down their businesses common I mean their company's open it up -- talk about 45 cranes down on the waterfront 84500. And as incredible as the court also out on a 258. Million dollar effort. Which is not -- moral political. Spiel you spending taxpayer money to -- so politically. Well I mean he's he's out why the -- that worked out where this second state in the nation for production of -- What -- does this guy who have been not this alternate world to see who -- It's just it's behind me and I think everybody's weapon. The best -- to stop that we you know we have good reasons that we have to get it. Well you know you would I would -- You you and I are both talk and Donald Trump and and about comedy and -- be concerned about fundraising etc. and you know the -- the landscape has changed a little bit even in the last month has. As. I I I think what we're seeing now organs yet grass roots like campaign where. A lot of Democrats crossed over because. They're if they're they're working man. -- trade union people. If there is working or wondering why they get -- a -- it's what -- their paychecks for the government take the big piece that. And hand it indiscriminately. The -- not in need the votes those who choose not to overwork. The needy people yes will -- -- -- -- what we're back and support this access to -- or they get all these all ball. And they get used their EBP Kurtz. -- boat casinos the electorate -- also built repute. Magnet some not support government today and I I think people -- ready to change I think. People from every every walk of life that people from every car. Not really be oracle. It's going to be more. The people that are in form that people that it formed themselves with people that connect the see how -- -- Hear a lot of uncertainty at stake in this get a lot of the citizens that they will become the social welfare state. That is at. It really does and speak to change. And tell me we were together in the 2010. Convention it was a very very different event from this convention. We it was divided you you and I and our whole team. Your whole team. We are treated very badly at the last convention in my understanding. Karl is even though you have differences of opinion with the a lot of the people. And kind of the right outside of the party my understanding is you're greeted very well. At this convention and the people were really appreciative our view. -- because because they share. And a Long Island chairs and now I'm gonna let you well. Supple. They they they want -- watch -- instantly want to -- Or. -- bail out all our -- and skulls speak. Today because just had a courtesy of the -- is that they hold. But the reality is it. Company shares on the realization that the -- see any change from. From Republican. Or change advance by Republicans -- double. And they were all. Yeah and see that the all they all are great on. And it -- me to acknowledge that we didn't really want to get up. It could really -- As I've spoken about this before this methodology. And it stated. This is not how it's not there -- In the fifties -- Our project. Was off and at the time of the bulk of that recognized. The importance of the Portland what's in the earth -- power project. And -- in the need cheap low cost power to our industrial base here and Western New York so -- L. A significant amount of power. True Western New York industries had an industry within thirty miles. Was an -- to low cost power. Well over the years we lost a lot of industry from our area and and actually from net -- thirty -- sector. And then L or that was allocated for economic development purposes but western art. Was no longer be used so what the Niagara power with the it power authority. What they -- now so that our army -- on the street at. I commercial breaks. And made a lot of money doing it. That was that was dedicated to the economic that all of Western New York. They took the money that they weren't selling their power. Should. And they put it in the bank accounts. And every year for the past four years into Cuomo has command and swept. Those bank accounts put the money and in general ought to be shared by Patrick in late in -- money should have been sequestered for. The use of or for economic -- uses the out what he stole is approximately a billion dollars for years okay that's how much money was in those columns of the near record book. Much. A billion dollars. OK partner and it's a much -- and balances budgets for the last -- and the -- money that were taken from our. -- that seen Western New York money. The best person establishes for the future in tact. For the future is to say. Economic well. Greater economic development tools that we -- western art. Or enterprise. In the pot or bills we and you take yet. And you're in heart. How -- mean Eddie. Hope that we would have to turn this -- around and make it better. A better place or they could -- The place it is today is it is improving. And continued is it's is would be. On what -- In that their power but he can ward. It went seven under at the million dollars. Capital -- bowl stadium. Let's just say is that 5% or 6% interest rate and that it would sell well that's about 375. -- 37 million. 500000 dollars a year that you would be service so bright. I don't have all the -- and two men. Do and it just solely as an example. But we -- that we could dedicate farms on the power authority the state legislature could dedicate those thoughts. Properly as they should have many many years to to pay that debt service on the hunt for the -- stadium. But -- aren't you. The -- aren't the addicted to that cracked they're not gonna give that up. Well yeah that's what that white people should speak right right now there's that sense that they can keep doing that money had. And and dragon not a Western New York what was etiquette and -- -- -- -- -- Andrew Cuomo. When I started raising this issue about a year two years ago you recognize he had come up with this -- -- look what this all in all the smoke and mirrors program. He's gonna give a billion dollars from Western New York right now it would be stolen ability billion dollars from a knowledge he's gonna give us back. -- some small portion of -- because that certainly doesn't add up to a billion dollar appropriates. He's he's dealing with it really -- hundred -- program. Committed to a -- Bringing them off or your old. The on companies that haven't. They haven't earned a -- ever -- history. I TTE quite pleased organist but cooler fifty million dollars Oracle's corporate. One of the nicest people get to order that the million dollars it paid down debt. Okay and I'm not. That. It's old by our local communities here to Egypt expert to make the community more attractive to the -- Would that be a more sensible way that -- to -- fifty million dollars. Of course but it's like we said it's crack it they can't stop themselves. -- That. Political world of college you got the same answers. When you were saying they had called boot the coal blues you get the same answers and you went after with a lawsuit. And all clamored to join you when they realized they were in the wrong is it legal recourse on this sweeping -- the power. Authorities' account. There in rural part of world O'Brien. At the local. Polls are right. And it what planet they would be. -- it's that there an outlet for the. Is there a legal recourse for us to stop this -- mean. You you're you're you're you're used in the courts now to the advantage of this of the the children -- bit of a of a school district as well. I think there was a legal recourse but who could have but I'm in money and effort to do -- And to bring in an action certainly George media sources there's added the energy committee -- the senate could easily have. Expose this that the prime that it -- -- done but he chose not to because he's part of -- -- if Cuomo belly. Old himself -- as a as a public. -- -- It is but Karl -- the the problem we have is that we can't afford really. A new stadium and we have Roger Goodell saying we can't have our team if we don't have -- We can certainly support it all to do is stick. Distinct. Service out of the and it -- power project every year. Dedicate those bombs -- at least thirty or whatever is contributes fifty million. That they would have to dedicate to pay off the bottom stadium and we have a brand new stadium. Well I mean we can't afford it unless we do something like this. Your right I mean I know you've been telling me about this. But -- answered it in it that's one cancer. -- mean because everybody is searching around and all of a billion dollars I heard one year earlier callers an -- would created are government. You know and and our -- our local government would have paid it kind of that -- -- what would reckon it would not protect people. All party -- all that money come out of power. And and certainly. We can we couldn't. Stand and and of our our elected leaders you know our our wonderful. Legislative delegation. And we we can get them the media -- Pippen in light moment do something constructive for the communities are. So what's the next thing that's got to happen in order to move that ball. Well I mean I I'm on -- out there and saying here you know. I know -- the benefit by it you know I was certainly see that -- they -- enough I'll do everything I can help the net. For. Our men Karl that's a good idea I'm I admit it at all. Diego hooked. Up I think it's a great idea and I think you can get some traction. I think you could could that's money that's been taken promised to begin. Now thanks so called and -- really appreciate that that's a very good idea. It's a very. Welcome home from Westchester Carl thanks a -- Coleman preaching. Well that was Carl Paladino with a very very interesting idea. Four. For finance the stadium something. That ties together that the fact that. We've lost money because of political reasons and for -- -- somebody weeks ago Cuomo -- in the accounts. Maybe we could -- politics to get that money back. But we have Rambo Jim on the line your area billionaire. Come and get straight to the point that I got a little bit. I'm not make in the top I was still -- when I think it was found that Science Channel. They did an hour long documentary. About the structural engineers in the pipe it got together. And they have come out and that they now solved the problem. But the city of that Italy. Thinking underneath the Atlantic Ocean. They have taken the most mind boggling. Technology of the 21 century and they -- that it will not think underneath the Atlantic Ocean if we can solve that problem. You don't think that don't think structural engineers could take a look at both the blueprints of the -- and say OK don't bunny. What you got it. It's the -- probable problem we have the technology. And it went I mean think about it might we thought the problem. I'll bet -- be thinking underneath it will and a coach at -- backing -- up according to the point that it's structural engineer that are now. -- biking to work it's been done has been. While you're about to God's ears Rambo because I'll tell -- I'd much rather have a right word is. An Internet and I think that if you get out the problem that'd been the biggest fear of the global warming people they've been claimant about that in Italy. -- underneath the -- and Bobby -- And not a structural. And you're in the right and don't worry about it we solved the problem. They come out that we solve the problem it will happen. Right now and I think it was the -- Campbell I thought that I was here and certain that I watched it and our lock it -- all the tech. Now let's see that they are applying the help they are couples but I don't have the type to get in to meet its mind boggling. Both Jim thank you very much for called -- -- -- thanks. You know if they can save Venice Italy. They can save Ralph Wilson Stadium. We think -- We -- that -- We're gonna go pay a few bills rank that would do it don't pay -- bills here on news radio I'm thirty W will be Ian we'll be right back. And we're back here on the talk about early show. News radio 930 WB EN at 6:52. PM. This is Michael -- for Tom he's out for the that you hear him tomorrow. We are coming up on the adhered you know like this always flies by you know this is not easy work this. This talk radio stuff by understand. That went on our earlier horror horror or sandy beach ever sore throat it's like your your truck driver in your truck is broken. This -- hard work the I know they they spent hours preparing. Just to come in and do this. And when your called him like I am luckily. And called him I'm very blessed to be -- accident here. In and fill in for these gentlemen who works hard but I'll tell you. Usually when I'm at the end of the of -- -- our police for hours or sandy beaches three hours. I'm I'm I'm spent I'm you know we talked about a lot of issues I feel like I've got all out there but today I am I feel like we start. I really do I mean this is the end of a of. Four hour shift and we have a it was scratches servers we just found out from Carl Paladino but they've been stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from Western New York for years. Another -- tax us and build another stadium but I wanna stadium I want a team if it takes a stadium that optics and abdomen build a stadium. But let's retro for one that we already have I got a represented bigotry here. We can't we mean to appeal to people in that area Orchard Park that we we vet stadium it hurts it hurts bad. But at the very least let's use the money that's already been stolen from us to build a state director for -- stadiums that we can keep the team the words are very proud. It just makes me furious to think that you know that money that was dedicated this power authority money that was dedicated to the area has just disappeared. -- billion bucks. Disappeared. At two strikes me that's it makes me think that nothing is it that nobody is listening. That the voters out there you know they're not speaking -- and I mean it makes me crazy to think that the Buffalo Bills fans who were so. -- and so loud and so bear it certainly in the first part of the season. They're not they're not even speak it up right now about about Ronald Steele on our team -- god forbid Los Angeles. I don't I don't see much of it at all I watched. That -- bills -- on Twitter I C a little bit of concern there but they understand the fans understand that -- -- rip us off. Gonna steal our team and it's going to be political. It's gonna be completely political they've already been lobbying for two years each and every member of the NFL. Ownership group. This -- on its way out. I just. I don't know what to target it's really been good. I really appreciate the time we spent your -- you know if you have anything you want more. Then keeping the bills here aren't I'd be happy to talk to you about it but that's on top my list and I was I was really good. It was really good talk with Charlie glean today. Twelve men under dot com go they're signed a petition. And then -- -- -- That's twelve may have better dot com folks this Michael Goodwin for Tom -- here on news radio 930. -- --

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