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5-15 Michael Caputo Hour 3

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. You would. Hold up. And welcome to the New York City. If they got beat -- conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one pond with an assault rifle. No you know. -- -- -- -- Mom hourly. Column in the road -- -- back in the moment and about how linking and -- it right welcome. It's life -- local that particular. We'll. It looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And W yeah. At Joseph -- ladies and gentlemen that's all the work that. Michael Palin for Tom earlier on news radio 930 WP yen 509. PM. You're giving your car after a long -- work welcome. -- look back tomorrow. I'm you're stuck with me until 7 o'clock tonight we've been talking a lot about the Buffalo Bills. Whether you know talk about the purchase of the team we're talking about the stadium issue. I know this is something and its a near and dear all of our hearts I'd like to call and if you have some questions there -- some comments. On and the pending sale and an end and the location of the stadium here on 8030930. Or starting to -- on your cellphone. I was poking around looking on the Internet love these guys ash tag bills mafia on Twitter that's right get most of my. Bills news there -- other group other fan groups out there have been looking around. Check this out mice where. This is the most complete sentence. The -- Base I've ever seen I think people believe that there's just. No chance that this team is gonna leave I know that that's absolutely not true. -- one of the things I ran into online. Is www. Twelfth man thundered -- comets won two TH. -- -- dot com. With us today is Charlie clean Charlie is one of the co founders of twelve men -- -- dot com that Charlie thanks for -- Thanks for having me here -- you're absolutely right there is a lot of complacency out there. And the attitude seems to be is that it can happen to us in the bills will never leave buffalo. But I think it's like the guy who smokes you know he's never going to be a cancer until they he gets cancer and one day buffalo might wake up in the bills aren't going to be here. Answer in the you don't of full disclosure folks. Charlie I grew up in the same neighborhood are right there in the shadow of vote Ralph Wilson Stadium Charlie you have. You were actually a -- history with team that he -- I've moved here. I've moved to the neighborhood when I was fourteen. Do you watch it. Being built it. Well my family. Bought that property in Orchard Park in 1950 my dad moved from south ball float Orchard Park. That's out out of the country -- him back then when I grew up the place was surrounded with corn fields and no one ever imagine that there have been pulled football stadium and our backyard. So yeah me and my friends watched it be constructed in. In seven -- yours all you really didn't know what was happening at the time in the full impact of what was going on but. We learned about our Buffalo Bills at that early age and we've been going to games ever since. She told -- story. You have to pay for the first game. Well when they open the stadium I was ten years old and was the first game was the Washington Redskins I believe in it was a night game. Well me and my friends as little boys went over the stadium that afternoon and we're just poking around in lurking around in. We found a flaw in the system that. The turnstile pars could easily be done apart we're ten year old boys to slip through and if it. We snuck into the very first game we had in the bathroom until they open the gates but the other fans and then. I can probably claim to be the first fan covered under that stadium. We don't watch it -- -- -- -- -- I know you you tell us a little bit about twelve may have thunder and you found it with a couple of other guys who were very much involved and the fan groups and stuff and what's sure what to what he's trying to accomplish with what went. Well twelfth -- thunder responded to give Buffalo Bills fans of voice during the cells franchise and we also want a sport ownership groups committed to keeping the team in Western New York. And a third goal as the unite the various fan groups to come together for this common cause and you mentioned earlier the bills mafia they've been very helpful in this they've been let us get on their they are actually really impressed with they've accomplished. Yeah the bills mafia they have thirteen thousand members and one of the founders his name is Jamie -- buried he lives in western Massachusetts. He's -- bills fan for life. He drives from their to every game and he parks and hammers slot where they have the red Pinto. Tailgate party every week union as a missed game in sixteen years so that's bills fan. And option market bit and oh I've won I've read their tweets. And their post on FaceBook they're worried. About what's going on with team they they're not so certain that it's as they end up with a pretty optimistic folks. Men and women. Online petition to keep the Buffalo Bills. In Western New York. I've found that completely amazed I thought when I first started a -- did this I find ten or twelve of those petition dot com or change dot org practice with. You have two -- went up there. Right and it's because if you think the fans don't matter they do we have a say in this and we need a voice in this because we're an asset to the franchise yeah well. Tough and -- it would. Your your petition is good it's short and would you and -- be in the listeners for just read. The preamble here petition. Do you have an operator. Opponents I get the exact reason has this he's also its its tall man and a comic got to button to sign a petition that takes just a couple of second I think it took me. Fifteen seconds to sign into this thing. They've got a couple thousand supporters now obviously petition release doesn't gain traction. And -- far more signatures are you just gotta kind of grind it all out you're doing a lot of FaceBook posting things that's watching new. Do this a social media stuff. Charlie. What it what you have read that to a neutral way. A -- a petition has to. Purposes the first is to edit show our support as Buffalo Bills fans. To the team if it stays here in buffalo and the second is to tell Canada that were not going over there we're not the sport a buyer who's gonna relocate the team so the exact wording is us. Western New Yorkers the city of buffalo and fans of Buffalo Bills helped transform 25000 dollar investment by Ralph Wilson into a billion dollar asset. It was more than a business it was a partnership. We the underside and vowed to continue supporting our NFL team in Buffalo, New York with the same passion and enthusiasm we've shown for the past 54 years. If the -- -- buffalo the new owners will earn the same loyalty and admiration for mr. Wilson. What he enjoyed for decades from the most dedicated fan base in the NFL. We also vowed to never give our support allegiance timer resources of the Teamsters moved out of Western New York. We will not attend games involving this team in Canada or any other location. Any local Western New York fan base revenue will be nonexistent the relocating owners not one ticket -- can count us out. Not one ticket you can count -- that's what that cheer. Lawyers -- in the week if in the but it should be it should be it it's interesting do you fear. Them being removed personally. Yes from what I've heard through the grapevine I mean there's a good chance of that happening. And said -- real wake up one day and people have this let's wait and see attitude well by the time you see it could be too late. Yeah we know. I said this before. People talk about let's. Well first of all the idea of the bills moving out of western new York and it's just I can't I can't wrap my head around that that's why I'm up. I -- knowing what I know about this thing I'm very worried. But in addition to that. Vick that the discussion about. Moving stadium here at the things that Governor Cuomo and Mark Walker is the other the rest of the stadium vocation. Team is doing. They talk a well if you move the stadium to Niagara Falls it'll rising tide will lift all boats in the economy will go -- group if you. Relocated. Pembroke imagine how what kind of lifted we'll bring downtown buffalo and bring everything back in buffalo. But what people don't think about is if they move that stadium out of Orchard Park immediately you create an economic nightmare. Well we're all hoping in the neighborhood over there they do what they do in Denver that built the stadium right next Stiller in the same parking lot. Left the existing stadium up and used it until the new one was done and then they took the old one down and it's completely doable over their but I haven't heard anybody suggesting that. Well there's there's talk about like I'm I'm I'm listen to a little bit behind the scenes there is talk about a bit. There's so much -- it's considered to be kind of a fait accompli right now but he knows that. Cuomo supports spending a lot of taxpayer money on this. On cars is expressed the willingness of involvement county funds in this so there's kind of an acceptance that paper to get something brand new and shiny. Win as taxpayers that's pretty expensive. It is in. The commission came out the other day and said if you don't build that brand new shiny stadium we're not gonna have a team so it's something that's probably gonna have to be done. She acknowledged that we're 030930. That's aren't so here news 930 WB you -- here with. Charlie clean of twelfth man thunder dot com that's the petition to keep the Buffalo Bills here in Western New York Charlie. I'm pleased that probably wouldn't have to go to traffic here a moment but it tell -- you're actually -- of nonprofit called on Tuesday night. It's also about the yeah that's another unique group that we started about three years ago and it just kind of happened by accident it's exploded and taken off very well and where help a lot of people Western New York were very proud of that. Well coaches who what does that word mean I was a college. You work on all of us who grew up around the Buffalo Bills -- we that we were called conscious and it wasn't a nice work. Up a lot of people work watches and didn't even know it it's the term for a kid who enjoys hot rods rock music party in leather jacket stand them. All smoked real time right most most places they called motor heads but we got tagged with the name got spies the athletes in school and they use that word is an insult week grabbed onto embraced it we're proud. And I get a five once he -- you raise money helping families I want it I want to stick around for a few minutes where I have to go to traffic quick with now will be right back you're accurate forecast. Flash flood watch in effect -- with rain heavy at times -- -- 49 cooler tomorrow with rain. Especially in the afternoon high of 54. Patchy clouds and chilly tomorrow right -- 41 Saturday mostly cloudy and cool with the passing shower a high of 57. It's 5221 -- news radio 930 WBA and Michael Caputo in fort Tom hourly without. Today be back tomorrow. I'm sitting here with a Charlie Sheen who's the co-founder of twelfth man -- dot com which is there are hosting the news official petition to keep. The Buffalo Bills in Western New York we got that Charlie got some causal argument for going to go to college here. Com. Mary in Orchard Park Mary thanks for calling him. -- hi how are Michael. Questionable. Burying it in there and you're a part of what do you elaborate at YE a -- -- out of orchards are why it would be. An economic it. -- that very. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't I don't think it's an economic disaster Orchard Park I think most of the folks who live there immediately if -- -- Mary. A bit. Orchard Park. Proper at the village itself is in its at a whole different world from the stadium. From I don't think many people who drive to the stadium to goodwill games stop in the restaurants and shops in the village it -- my testing it really doesn't happen. Right -- not really what it is it's around the stadium every family in every neighborhood. Has satellite parking lots and made derive a lot of their income and it's survived for four years off of that parking money in my family did the same I don't. Think god -- childhood in the the life that I had without. That income that my family got from that stadium. There are ten or 151001000. Restaurants and bars around here and there that will. That derive most of their profit for the year are on hold game days so Mary I think we're saying. That it would cause an economic downturn and a very specific very micro market. That makes sense. Sir thank you and Jim in Hamburg. Jim -- on the air junior yes we can't Jim. Or very good. While -- like Bill Graham well watch the go go out double a beer but. You know economic period but it is under a billion dollar figure really am -- or apple. -- -- -- -- -- You know I'm a lot of migrants because of the fact that we're right now bill give all the look on it or not that they like that. Like Democrat cult or a bill OJ. And yet you about it. I don't know how well it can't be -- bit -- -- taxpayer though early child. Well let me let me jump on now one. Lot of people say that we can't afford to do that in. I say we can't afford not to do that and there is a proposal for the waterfront stadium that it uses no tax money it's all privately funded. Well you know I think -- Let me tell you I came home after thirty years away. The first thing I noticed was how much was coming out of my -- state taxes people who own homes. Pay the highest property taxes in the country so what we're talking about spending a billion dollars in a new stadium I think we got to look at that very carefully. I gotta tell you this that action. As. -- mr. trump told me that he would strongly consider. Orchard Park which is to me all you can really ask for as long as an ownership group is willing to keep it. In Western New York not move to Toronto for god forbid Los Angeles. I'm OK with that I'm -- with that I don't wanna spend the money on the new stadium I don't want the -- well for the goes with it but -- it's it's it's like -- Charlie says. If it's something that has to be done because he had a -- commissioners required it there's not a lot we can say about that. Your -- Yeah I agree a year ago. All taxpayers are -- to -- people. The only. That are people are all. That brought up right. I'm all for bring -- -- orbit by carpet and he looks great car. Well Jim thank you very much for -- I really appreciated you know. Charlie. Once again please him Charlie's with Paul Smith underdog come 12 -- 800 com. Charlie. Your group is is a move in the molecules a bit at -- little bit about the group that your work. Okay it was founded by four. Bill's fans call roared as the owner of park avenue imprints lack wanna he's our website guy and he does dollar graphics needs -- our logos and posters. And Alison thanks to bill Huber from extreme 360 foot website -- other forest. She looks good to my logos that's it's -- -- any cheap enough now and this is all people of donated this for the cause we're not paying for any of it. And shocks on tags when the bills parking lot of owners who he owns -- sparking over by the stadium we grew up in shadow of the stadium and you know he's our contact for all the residents and fans who live over there by the Ralph. Now we've got Tony lynch who's our man out beating the streets and this isn't just the petition drive this is a full campaign we're doing in -- in charge of our boycott -- Bon Jovi campaign. Tell us about that I saw signed up. Bon Jovi free zone for -- it. Yeah we've got bars and restaurants. Signing on to create Bon -- free zones which means that they're not gonna play any by Angel music in the restaurant and take it out of the juke boxes -- not allow anybody to. Played Bon Jovi. When when the DJ shows up out bands are not allowed to plea Bon Jovi and if Bon Jovi shows up the -- will be removed. Now I mean publicity or is the reason why that is -- because Jon Bon Jovi is part of this the one Toronto ownership group. That everybody knows about the ones -- ownership group that has been lobbying and FL owners for two years or more. And the one that most people suspect is got an inside track on purchasing team. Charlie can you. Give these folks the website again and talk a little bit about quick wit and experts. Yeah it's www. Twelfth man -- dot com you can go 12 TH or he can spell out twelfth -- on both domains. Were put together this this petition we're gonna try to keep as many signatures as we can. Let me ask you this tell me about the whole why why do you think a petition to can have an impact. Well there's there's several reasons. I -- said the fans are NASA they're just like. The equipment the elected at the stadium like the players that are part of the franchise and they bring value or they could take away value from the franchise and one of these Canadian teams. Might have business plan it's planning a 40% support 40% of the seats filled their stadium and if we. Present them with evidence that it's not gonna happen we can have power to change their business plan have an impact on the deal. I -- let me -- -- come from politics petitions can have an impact I mean the White House is even saying if you haven't signatures on the petition that something that they'll dress. This is the most pure democracy at its finest form coming out of twelve in -- are common and Charlie clean Charlie thank you so much for coming in what what do you predict what how many people you shoot four on this petition what do you predict. Well this petitions only ten days old and were reaching about 2000 right now -- that was just passed them around amongst friends and on FaceBook we've yet to get the media involved this is the first media appearance that we had in our goal is to have one signature for every seat Ralph Wilson Stadium and we've got. Until this team is sold and next year when a new op owners steps on the field. You know at the very worst we'd have a gift to give him that shows that you've got this many fans behind you sporting human will be there for you. That's important it's important and I think -- I really appreciate you coming in Charlie -- I'm Charlie your what your day job again. Just not well designed right I'm just your regular blue collar bills fan clicked well. Thanks a lot for companies they've thoroughly -- with a twelve man thought about com ladies and gentlemen we're gonna go ahead and take an obscene the proper break as they call it. And we'll be right back here on news radio 930 WP EN. -- Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Here are news radio I'm thirty WB yet Tom issue this is Michael Goodwin for Tom here it. 5:30. PM. At all backed -- stuff Wednesday. -- I really enjoyed talking the turn of the clean yeah he grew up. Right in the big tree area were right right spent time as a teenager. And what he and his pals have done with this 12100. Figures released I actually the one part about their petition on line. Which is it www. Twelfth man -- dot com but I think is Smart is this part appearances. We also vowed to never give our support allegiance time or resources to the team if it is moved out of Western New York will not attend games. Involving this team in Canada or any other location any local Western New York fan base revenue will be nonexistent. To the relocating owners not one ticket you can count us. -- like that not one ticket count on us now. I'm really quite concerned I know some of you are some new agreement recently disagree you can air your concerns 8030930. As star 930 in your cellphone here and news review 930 WB yen. I just you know I'm I'm involved in this just a little bit just on the margins of -- Mr. trump is one of the interest to parties or other really great groups. That are out there on. Look at what I heard the Jacobs family was trying to figure out a way to be helpful in keeping the team here I knew that we -- -- pretty hands. Those guys know more about our sports organizations in stadiums and everything involved around -- than anybody. I can imagine in this country certainly -- -- New York State. And -- look at Doug. Tom Golisano who people say is interested in at least checking -- now. But the one thing somebody commented on my FaceBook -- moment ago the one thing we do not now is the price. That's right we don't know the price people who said anything from 800 million to more than a billion. But none of these owners are going to make any comments about their interest and so BC how much the prices. We know that. The the family and trust. Was looking for. And investment bank to help them put a value. On the team and help organize the transaction let's face it billion dollar transaction news -- at least one maybe or wrongful. But we don't even know what the prices so we have you know I know mr. trump played he's interested in. You know strong assets he's owns golf courses and resorts all around the world. But it is one. Billion too much for him is one point two billion too much -- -- it's not that he doesn't have the money is not that the Jacobs of the money it's it's what kind of return on the investment could have. So we may have 34. Groups that are interested in bidding on the bills. Here locally but they may have about our roof a ceiling on what they're willing to pay. We also have. This Toronto group. Via the Rogers group which is rumored to have. So much interest that they're willing. Two bit more than others they've they may spend more. We also know that they've been lobbying VO NFL owners now for a couple of years. So they've -- they certainly know more about this than any other group. And of course they have Jon Bon Jovi at the lead of this year. Of the year. But there group. I think it's hilarious. Jon Bon Jovi to meet with -- little -- does strike is much football in I don't know maybe he has -- -- Involved in -- non -- franchises and I know he's been talking about going and after a franchise for more than two years and -- Got himself in with the Rogers billionaires -- up and and Charlie clean from twelfth man thundered dot com was talking about how they're organizing. Bon Jovi boycott. -- Julie free zones and rock and roll music clubs in the bars. Round Western Europe if that's pretty fun. What every half ago. The one thing I've mentioned to a couple of folks here we aren't awful weird. We're certainly see some cranes up around the downtown -- doesn't necessarily mean things are going well. But it's been on the haven't no cranes at all maybe somebody got a job put up the screen. -- we've got some -- you know we've got. Missed the Golan and his organization investing downtown with this whole. New art facility there putting together that's going to attract all the travel teams in the town you've got. You know. We've heard there were going to have what is the riverbend. Development where we're gonna have to. Technology companies moving in from California. With benefit a lot of taxpayers' dollars to build solar and end. White balls. Down there a lot of things happening in buffalo can you imagine if right in the middle of all of this right in the middle of all of these positive things and maybe -- getting some momentum may -- we're getting some -- I mean we've heard a lot about a billion from for buffalo. From. From Governor Cuomo I don't see the billion but I keep hearing the trajectory and it sounds like there at least pointed towards. What happens all of these things are going on and suddenly we get up punch in the gut. An absolute kick in the teeth. With the Buffalo Bills moving the wrong what kind of how does that -- what's what's second that I mean there are people here that say it's a net drain on the economy I don't believe that. And other people here that think that building a new stadium would be something that would -- -- with so much debt that the city and the region and even the state. Would be there would be impediment to further growth. Because of accused outlook of the there's a lot of discussion on both sides of the issue I'm here -- tell -- that if somebody who grew up in. At rocked by Ralph Wilson Stadium with someone who knows all the guys who live and work in that area. As someone who has watched the Buffalo Bills from the Kremlin as they've played and watched the Buffalo Bills. Played on at the embassy in El Salvador. When I was working overseas I watch buffalo play. From embassies all over the place usually at the marine barracks because -- the -- ones up that late at night. With that time change in the eighties we will go cold beer at the marine barracks at the embassy I've watched the Buffalo Bills from all over the world. And I just can't imagine our city. Taking that kind of a kick in the teeth and then I know will still be standing -- -- we would recover but my god we we all have to do whatever we can. To stop that. And we're going to be back here after the after a few messages this is Michael put in for Tom -- here on news radio. 930 WB Dan. Here's -- forecast flash flood watch in effect. Breezy night with rain heavy at times -- 49 degrees cooler tomorrow. With rain especially afternoon high of 54 patchy clouds and chilly tomorrow night the low 41. Saturday mostly cloudy and cool with a passing shower and a high of 57 degrees but this is Michael -- for Tom hourly. Here on news radio 930 WEB yen. Thomas out of date you'll hear back tomorrow. You'll be glad oh I've. We've been talking today about the politics of the Buffalo Bills. Talk a little bit about what happened down in Westchester with the nomination. And designation at least of of four candidates for statewide office won the Republican Party. And I'm curious what you think I mean we're going to be going here to break yeah momentarily but we're 8030930. Star 930 your cell phone. Where do you think the Buffalo Bills stadium should be do you think that you believe. That there are people out there trying to move the team to Los Angeles which Ronald do you care. 8030930. Start 930 on your cell phone we've got a real problem. In this regard I think in many ways I mean that I have reporter -- read your -- what widen the Buffalo Bills really even matter. They've really not one they have brought huge amount of revenue to that area etc. all of the negative commentary here about the buffalo bulls I don't know about you but I don't buy -- I don't buy it for a minute I know that they've you know -- some difficult seasons I've been on the Buffalo Bills then I start every season. With a little glimmer of opened my eyes. This year I I think all of us I hope but. Listen I mean I -- I remember back in the days when Jack Kemp was our quarterback I mean I I chased around. Malls trying to get his signature is is autograph on on different homer in football -- Football cards. The different. Jerseys and I went on to work -- -- became one of his writers when he was in Washington. Are running for president onward. The Buffalo Bills have been a big part. I think they've probably been a pretty big party -- life as well. Where we're at 8030930. That starter entered its operatives -- tell us what you think. About what's happening with the Buffalo Bills and -- of -- there's an article India. Toronto star the reporter John creek. If you read his work he actually is not in favor. Of the Buffalo Bills moving -- Toronto securities. He has spoken about -- that doesn't work. For -- -- he also. This story recently. That says that. The the cause there's a clause in the buffalo bill's piece. That restricts the ability to relocate the team. He says quote from his story which was I guess. On April 28. And overlook clause in the bills restrictive not a location agreement. With Erie county in the State of New York expressly prohibits the sale of the NFL franchise to anyone who intends to relocate the team. At least before that agreement expires on July 20/20 three now that was -- that blew up when it came out on the -- everybody on Twitter and FaceBook was very happy to see that. It looked like an interest in clause that have been overlooked in the past. But since then I've heard from a lot of people in -- though the -- may have misinterpreted that clause. He may actually not understand what it meant and that there is no blocking the team from leaving the area. -- to take a real quick break please if you're on the line here hold on we'll be right back in a moment. Over at the -- bills here on news radio 930 WB Dan.

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