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5-15 Michael Caputo Hour 2

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And were back here -- news reunited thirty WB and this is Michael Caputo in fort Tom Bauerle with. A bit of -- voice issued today you've got me until 7 o'clock and it is now 408 year. In Buffalo, New York big date and Westchester County down state. The New York State Republican Party. Is having their convention night I went to the 2010 convention with Carl Paladino it's. A load of fun there are you meet a lot of people there and this time around. This time around a lot of theory interesting things are happening. And we're actually joined by Bill O'Reilly billion on the line and a I. Could build your. And -- communications. For gubernatorial candidate rob -- -- And it was nominee today along with of varying interest and lieutenant governor candidate right. That correct that the that we we missed it -- -- -- at the convention but it everybody in the state reader tweet that we predicted that. -- -- -- -- in the ballroom now that they're going to be -- really be taken wait till we're distracting you know but. A quick market that's terrific guy he's he did I hear the Samoan county and the -- Prices the that your picture association. And -- get that terrific guy with -- straight shooter. -- been -- very vocal opposition to La Governor Cuomo they acted. Easy you know -- -- -- -- -- like that I. Legally is right read where a lot out of gas exploration should be happening. And around the world but we couldn't be -- -- market it. Well he's quite a guy beat -- my understanding he's also from each among county which is dead center. Ground zero for the fracking debate also. Exactly right exactly it while he can in his remark today he. He talked about growing up in -- among -- he he grew up as. -- small restaurant you went washing dishes and cleaning -- straight and. He he said that you know at baggage area began to -- -- like -- like so many very good state. And then investors started showing up the airport started picking up the good things were happening because people were anticipating. Bad natural gas drilling would happen in the region. And then Governor Cuomo got on it kill bit. And that tens of thousands of jobs that could come there on the billions of Arctic could come into the state. -- across the border to a Pennsylvania. People compellingly about that he. He he talked about it a way to do that you know that is biggest biggest feel like -- -- care and and watching the job we would kind of a -- thought we could do better we can we cannot under different governor we get natural that New York. We write it off watch him. County executive mastery knows video. Channel that you guys got going and I I think you guys are really hit it you're doing great job with that that technology used in the web site. Very well so to leverage get out there -- -- we all know Andrew Cuomo is not gonna want even address you. But you've done a really good job and I mean I think you governor courtroom a couple of issues. Well we're trying to use them and succeed in two and at that. Well what what will pick what we see we were robbed -- very. Very well spoken guy. He grew up in the -- within the unit at poppy -- helicopter news traffic reporter -- you know -- that late teen early twenties and they needed Sports Radio. Helped start ESPN radio in New York. -- -- he's very he's very comfortable speaking on camera. And they're very comfortable on radio he actually -- -- the Catholic channel. Which is based in New York he's -- interviewed archbishop and not have the stuff so he's he's got a good on air presence and it's one tool that we have that governor of what god has not -- the governor he's a little -- challenge when it comes -- interview skills and he had to say pretty outrageous things and maybe he's just letting his trip up get up there. But so we don't we we have a count the governor hasn't -- of money but we had a good message and we have a good communicators so we're gonna use them and yet the the most we can't. Well it's very interesting you know sheriff mosque is not just the law and order sheriff who comes from the area that -- suffered the most. From our governor Quinn was lack of an energy policy but he's also an African American which doesn't necessarily mean in today's day and age that. Bit he's you know altered landscape of the urban vote but how does his. Our credentials figure into the strategy are for county executive master arena. About a couple of things I think it it's always good in an in route of administration in Westchester County -- very diverse administration. And it it you don't look for sure you do for prospective running. Because you want people around you'd think if Alito race to -- it went -- different experiences. -- her heart to even. And and that that -- you as a as a candidate and as up a public official who now and that way you'll be very helpful. But the the other thing is that is that -- share and a law enforcement guy with all the ethics that you that spoke about how much the ethical problem already you talked about. Forty years ago still being out there and and and having gotten worse. Having a -- important person is it that is very exciting but also it lights up. Law enforce the law enforcement community in New York State and from what we're hearing is the sheriff's throughout the state. Are absolutely thrilled that the sheriff was finally recognize. By the input on the ticket of the state like campaign because -- -- -- do so much in the state they're elected as you know. They have their own network of political supporters and I think that's gonna bring a lot the ticket that that may be. Immediate is often overlook overlook. Are you actually -- have a lot of voters they have good infrastructure. And I think Democrats here and Republicans here. Are gonna organ I'll come over to -- crash. It's very interesting you know everybody was trying to read the tea leaves myself included -- -- you guys ago for lieutenant -- there was you know. The rumors that I was trying to started -- percent and and I never thought of sheer Christopher box I mean you guys. Hold a heck of a card out of the deck you really did one I never expected. And I think if you play this card right he could have a real impact on the race. Am at least you really active. And in an -- Camelot couple days. And he note too that he and his is a person he could let somebody. He can't -- them both feet I watched him today as he was surrounded by the media European peppering him questions that make and they should and you know at least stand for you noted police structure. You know I mean he you know Koreans and I you can be a big -- in the campaign. He would he would will be original people that we considered. Preferred lieutenant governor spot. And it's funny at that there with him yesterday that it looked you can bet that things and actually Norton made and it didn't leak is we spoke with him in December. And and he could well Lott told me not telling us. At what it was that simple and it was a little bit adorable also but it was you know it was just he told anyone please dial. It's a rare thing and everything involved. You expect that kind of stuff -- -- share -- but. He. I was getting telephone calls up until 3 o'clock before you guys put the video up in a series of strikes suddenly at three somebody popped the story. But until 3 o'clock of the day of the announcement you guys have that you had a completely under -- I'm pretty impressed in. Are not cricket cricket bat and it muddies the keeping them to -- -- app -- in new York and you know and and a lot of a lot of a lot of things delete gap without one fortunately held. And and it -- the reaction Michael and really terrific in equity from you. Well it let me ask you what's it like I mean when he was speak of what did you -- on the floor I mean. As the action on the floor you really can't see from the cameras how people what -- I know you you watched faces what people. Will -- they reacting. It would it would it would involve electric and they would it added -- an on it in the room. Because you know every four years we do that and -- every four years your stuff fall further behind the rest of the country and I think there's both the open a desperation in the room today. Because Governor Cuomo came in promising a lot of reform did not deliver them. And now -- -- and so many categories in the country -- that -- in the New York State. A year they would the place that would never accept second anyone in New York fifty looking we have to -- economic outlook in America high taxes that he did go down the line. -- -- to -- -- Western -- installments of that losing so many seniors and young people. Bad debt people. We are really hoping. And maybe it's time somebody can can get and air but that that fiscally responsible. Well -- into account right all right. It's interesting how we've all been suffering through a hundred million dollar media buying. On this. How awful I'm sorry -- New York is now open for business. And I work in with CEOs cross country and they they laugh about it. -- laughing and and meanwhile. -- people I know who were unemployed for years ago were still unemployed. Is that -- it is that is it is the message still this year jobs jobs jobs. It is and and and for those it and not know it and number and that I'm -- That taxpayer paid media by the governor spent 850 million dollars. Addictive they -- basically won reelection mad and then your life act of this field around the country can -- and it that would add to our punchline -- in the country. Because everybody knows New York is lack on the left places that you want to you know located there. -- It's you know it's. And it don't it don't jobs will be affiliate jobs for these jobs but it but it really happy how do you do you get it. They. Like back reenergize began and revitalize. When you thought went from New York, New York you think about -- but yeah buffalo and its glory Gatorade and he had expected New York to where we are now. Is just unacceptable and the only explanation for what. What could happen without government bad leader leader that. Sold out people leader cut deals with special interest Republican leaders to that did the same thing the Democrats they worry more about getting reelected. And about doing what they were in their four rocket could be Canadians speak which I thought would that terrific he said we need leaders are willing to -- some real action in order to save this state and he said you know how I got reelected in Westchester by thirteen point. Because like government but I -- willing to lose. And the people -- Iran backed him up are exactly right. It's just a moment as you know is difficult to -- all. -- the right and it goes on your campus tremendous of the government like. You do it you're not afraid to lose that's and that's exactly because one that we don't see from Andrew Cuomo -- any. -- willing to do anything that would would put at risk for losing his reelection. That break it off -- it go quick headlines in the note substance behind it. And the and meanwhile were quick victory. It's truth in -- we have rob mastering it was Republican candidates. For governor. Sheriff. Christopher moss who's the lieutenant governor candidate. For the Republican Party we also Bobbitt is not yet a Syracuse. Running for content controller and John Cahill. Running for attorney general are real quick we just got a little bit of time what do you think those two guys. I think it's a -- -- -- jumper along time he he's so well respected on both sides of the aisle you -- -- in the in the governor Pataki administration -- for some time. And he could he somebody that everybody likes and trust is a real level headed guy straight shooter he's one of those new Yorker of people -- people real advice. You know it when they when they really want it straight they want they want someone who's who's the -- measured and it ought cable back. I think it's lucky with great get here with a very good speaker I had heard him before and her last night he would he would only. He he was directed and got a great reputation. He can really -- the ticket -- No primaries no primaries this is tremendous and -- said bill I know one thing I know Bob Woodson is an armed boarding anchor team. Are trying to get -- on tomorrow morning seeking a deal to make that happen forests what do you think. Rhetoric on -- -- could -- her morning I will keep it going tomorrow. Well listen -- that's Bill O'Reilly who's the communications for rob asked readers campaign. Well incredible job at the convention heard nothing but great -- thank you so much for Carl and we're gonna have to go to traffic here. With -- Andy -- AccuWeather forecast flash flood watch in effect. Breezy tonight with rain heavy at times a low of 49 -- are with rain especially in the afternoon high of 54. Patchy clouds and chilly tomorrow right below 41 Saturday mostly cloudy cool. Without passing shower high of 57. As statistics up a type of bill O Reilly's he's the I believe nephew. Of William Buckley William F Buckley affect his name is. William -- Buckley -- rightly. A very talented wordsmith someone whose hard to beat in the communications arena doing a really good job with Robin history -- -- you know he he spoke of a -- -- Ross who's joining the after you know ticket varied interest character I encourage you to look among. An addition there's the attorney general candidate John -- or someone I know and respect very much. Other one -- -- -- he's running member operative he's running against attorney -- snyderman on the Democrat side as some decent money but John -- -- the ability to raise money. And he's gonna give snyderman a run for his money I think he'll get a shot at knocking him. And -- might have been out this guy Bob -- not -- who's running for controller. Most New Yorkers can't name with a controller is. It's -- she's done a great job lauded by Democrats and Republicans alike. As controller on the -- county this is one heck of -- ticket. It's all male. Which is you know accusation against the Republicans every year that it has some diversity here we have here Chris from lawsuits and African American. Arm off for the very very strong and no primaries. No primaries you can't underestimate the power of bad. They can begin big two to campaign against Cuomo. And against their part in a snyderman into -- of the -- all different opponents. Now instead of waiting until the Republican primary there's you know in the fall. They are able to open campaign against her opponents now and out of their opponents are gonna have. Primary opposition of course we don't know. Who the governor's going to pick for his lieutenant governor candidate. His lieutenant governor to date. Has left the ticket. And now with our rob mastery of choosing an African American law and order share fell out of the out of southern tier. That puts the governor on the spot in some very interesting ways. Is now and now he has to move the map shows that he has to move perhaps even further out to Western New York. And also shows that he may have to go with a female or African American to offset the dynamic nature of the -- -- that it's very interesting stuff out there. Very futuristic stuff we're going to be on the originally deal kind of capital New York. The correspondent out of all reason tells what happened at the -- convention what might be happening with the Cuomo -- of lieutenant governor. Right now we're gonna go off and pay for some of our commentary was some ads here. On news radio 930 WBBM. And we're back here news radio 930 WV candidates for 33. For 33 PM. Tom are we -- this is Michael good to talk out today. Big Dig out of Westchester. Republican Party have a new York Republican Party had their convention where they nominated their candidates. Four. Governor lieutenant governor comptroller. And attorney general. I'm I wanted to call on somebody who lied trust in a lose lose perspective I appreciate you -- a because of the work I've done a cross last thirty years. I'd give to -- reporters when they starting out and see them. Great season and go up. In the ranks are met yet becomes a mind I've met him he is. Reporter for X file in Moscow. Became a great reporter for -- -- are doing great things now Steve Liesman with CN BCI knew him in Moscow when he worked for Wall Street to own credible writer. Ken rudin NPR Jonathan Karl ABC their reporters out there you know when you meet them when they're young they're going to be something great one of those guys that I really. Enjoyed talking dude don't agree with them all the time. But -- -- kind. Who's now with capital New York is joining us on the line right now -- the Jimmy. Are you spent the entire. Two days over their watch and the Republicans. Do their elephant dance would you take -- convention. And let me say thanks and a hallmark introduction. From those great -- quite flattering and and I appreciated. -- and didn't mention it in perspective as -- as you -- was -- between -- -- mentioned. And in the capital has happened and we had -- -- by an actual or play for the production modern political history. Between equally with the Democrat trying to get a republic in. -- typical agreement which would let him run in the Republican primary and -- required show. Who would it sort of you establishment republic -- it. Long Island where who was able to fend -- -- -- -- And I call Paladino who wanted to get on the ballot in order so we needed 45% a committee's vote to get a spot on her primary. Got spurred. And then potentially on that ballot. But it -- Lazio in the primary yeah essentially. The guy who was rejected by every one -- you know the conduct in the all European order on -- Who is -- of statement of eager to -- at the convention. And you know it was basically the Republican. Convention. You know I think our shop themselves -- -- -- cost 100. And as -- -- into Cuomo the democratic candidate want a -- Good trip -- 62% and right into the final march. To try to forget. Yeah and the and so took a big contrast. I think this convention to me I think you know having but it's by experience. Or. -- -- And the fact that there was no drop this year. The convention but happiness and well you know I think it was knows you know like the campaign. I would you know and that you're supporting -- -- -- -- purpose was that it it to help rob we could help prop mastery now that GOP nominee for governor. Said that he wasn't in -- criticized. The senate Republican leader in Ellis who's in the -- simmering it's boring chart. That the -- by allowing -- on the local measures that including eight. -- We sold out Republicans statewide. And there are a lot of people recruit prospective -- called perspective but that's in part of the people recognize the -- Only republic and on the state level let's see that the power cables. -- the fact that there was -- division was straight in the Atlantic it Politico was. Republicans doing that trying to make excitement about their ticket to trying to broke the Democrat. What does that -- the orbiter itself justification. At that sort of relief. Pretty close to the -- A stream though it speeches always been curious if you really start going around the stop talking about. Should beat it considers how he won. Westchester. And it's targeted missions. Or -- don't have a lot going undetected port to be active paper courses underneath. He has an open advantage. A very astute political operator particular taking away from street torture people. The Republican nobody really formidable opponent here. And it took that -- -- the so just vacation came out it was it's an interest in war. Technically it was yesterday went there with the nominees for attorney general opt for. It's so that the there was perhaps it was great to take often really become -- become competitive. Incumbent promote opposite from the Napoli comptroller and attorney general -- -- and polls show that they're not the earliest notice Cuomo at the top of the ticket. -- practically lights -- comptroller to Napoli are pretty general Schneider and and so good republic in its money behind it and -- big inroads in the Cherokee was was proud to put forward John -- -- Mercury General. It was already on commissioner attack. The law partner -- serve for in -- and yet but terms of the top eight. And I'm a doctor Connie comptroller into pockets -- -- who is. In making his first statewide run at a benefit for. A public chipped it finances for. Right can you explain that to his his he's going to be the only candidate. Enjoying this experiment with public campaign finance. So that was in the state budget. A lot of the left forces the left Whitney port in the Democratic Party really want this system public matching funds toward one thing in your city. All they way to bridge gubernatorial race most gracious but what -- -- that the -- of the money politics. It's gonna take government which would be donors and open it up people. According to the -- -- that. Essentially. Putting more money in the system you are. Creating. If you're creating an -- intricate on the left for the -- union. And talk to -- dollar. Spending months old -- the the boulder police on the street are a number of really good public purposes of all of which don't have enough money for. So it's not cheap is it people like that moment ghost busters number whether the Nokia gave his state cross the streams and doubles you know and you know -- and got it together. We have the Republican. Side with a look out for not in the public their dogs cats living together. That's and so but the compromise was legitimate -- -- and it doesn't have a lot of love for Napoli. The compromise with the bridge in out of our budget was repealed what it is the replied just for the offices they control. That it was written Natalie if you wanted to participate but they -- to waste every 5% of the money or. So. But this awkward position of we you know try to. Almost people sort of do it well makes it really doesn't -- chipped in trying to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who is you know consent to you know -- At this -- for the current congress. And ordered the current attorney general and not doing it. And that is an opportunity to -- to jump started campaign. As mentioned it acceptance speech that that they. Believe is that yet to be here to Steward of taxpayer money called -- shall make sure that -- You ruined everything above board. Well it's interesting you know I I understand he's actually a pretty good speaker of the -- and tonight. Unit dynamic I think an iPod like decompression and a -- -- -- -- shot. Certainly seem to be more comfortable in his skin. This time around -- a particular you could speech. -- it's hard it's hard to get people excited about the -- illustrates notices an office as auditing our. And oversees the state pension funds so you know if it's. You're. Through political and to know what. How -- you really do that I mean that's about what was. Qualified he said the EPA to got a law degree. And she -- -- -- -- happily playing nice and amicable guy right I don't know anybody but it really doesn't like him. These two group but she basically says that like -- probably got to stop it is nice job in the it's assembly elected and conduct. Then later the voters for it was we got some labor support and a reduction -- qualified. And maybe the guys -- doing the job the pension fund such grownup on the local level. Right and also we understand. Date you know we've talked about in the past how Roberts and his habit -- get a big campaign war chest and on almost like trees down. It's not she's going into the public campaign financing K -- and actually raise money right he actually has access. To millions right. I think we've seen is that there's a super pac that that. That's already contention that that expressed goal is bloody Eric Schneider. You know Russian government attorney general has picked fights with with. I don't. It's empty pocket people they include Donald Trump -- being booed Hank Greenberg via chief founder. And in a couple other it is interest Serbian beat -- you know short -- -- has been going up against that record trying to make -- release their -- And so in other potential support that there was also a report that a New York Post on that Cuomo. Had a love portion of the -- -- -- -- to kind of shut the signal to his daughter's. Or two the Republicans who she really has been courting and say don't give pestering of -- -- -- -- at all to say and I don't know I woke up because you contribute to -- adamant -- so. -- to -- with the first violent there's that's what you like if it. But I I can and yet people need to raise some money certainly that connection certainly has our experience -- moving around the world. -- to put together a few -- You know -- and so the we were talking earlier on the air here about the Buffalo Bills and how that may end up being a political issue even though. Governor Cuomo can't really weigh in on who's gonna by the bills if it looks like the Toronto side is gonna merge. He could use the bully pulpit. Who do something to help that situation. There's the stadium he's wrapped up in it all the way up to -- up to his waist. Of this Buffalo Bills issue could. Become something that -- -- could use to penetrate the independent voter in Western New York. And at the same time his Republican challenger really can't touch do you do you think it might become a political issue. -- am sure -- yeah I. I will confess I've been following the ups and the downs related -- people in the queen -- united surrounding. But it. I certainly think so I know that there's -- question now as to whether -- -- executive mark old cars over on the same page the start of the stadium issue. My understanding is that almost position is that whatever it takes. To those Western New York come on board. Which is Smart political stance. So. Don't. Oh that's going to blow up I think what we see our it was a bidders shaking out and that sort of reachable for the arts and -- -- that would has potential Alex. If you -- to say. If you were to pick one of the Republican candidates in -- not educate US Reno mosque as we also don't know. That you know the leader of the senate governor himself might make it the government not. The candidate might not but -- -- one of these four guys. That makes it in the general election would you which would you pick. If you had to pick. It's a little have to say you know I think that. If -- she's going to have. The biggest fundraising advantage curtain with the biggest fundraising equality it's sort of an equal shot on the Napoli started with two million dollars. But it -- teaching can access matching funds though so probably -- camera shot. Assured them for a while I was pretty low and -- -- into -- pretty low. And you -- power base really -- -- very leftist senator downstate focused carpet. Big case -- really works hard it's -- on the air quick upstate and sort of find that you wish you -- quickly and cure so our standards. Just shut in the -- and you know actually go but it is it is gonna run -- a -- -- race in Cuomo the focus of which is gonna have to be disciplined criticism. And you know. Note that that it Cuomo has the tendency to sometimes shoot himself and in the fourth and he's sort of there are. Italy doing the growth can way to protect at a moment to sort of pals so it's it's tough to say at this point I don't know like go to one. Well I guess I'm I'm I'm gonna ask you one last question leave the listeners -- sheriff Christopher boss. They doubled down on the say -- with this guy he's one of them most vocal opponents to act. Army here is dead right there and ground zero with the natural gas issue in -- among county. African American their four as an appeal the Republicans aren't used to leveraging. On what kind of impact do you think he'll have. On the race are coming towards November. Our other pretty Smart that all the recent set. You know just to historic nature of it was something that was strictly about the attention the -- well. More minorities. More more members of racial minorities are present they were featured more prominently. You know as you know it's all Spanish and we're we we left the convention not we've heard in doing in New York one. -- completely in Spanish. Like people get older don't be too and you -- -- -- it -- global -- Can't you know secured the Republican Party has put forward a an African American man on the ticket for the first time in new York and street that we can help for a statewide office. The Democrats last I'd rate at all like tickets on its that this Republican certainly say that just put pressure on Cuomo. To pick about it or look like you think about whether to institute. But I -- it's -- -- he didn't 2010 and sorted disregard that that concerns about racial balance where the QB pressured it to do so. -- -- Do you cubic fired up when he mentioned the effect that was -- striking thing about his speech this morning. Well there was a sustained spending obituary page you want it repealed -- -- while -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for Republicans and stayed there signal that they intend to make this point we should as a candidate. Indonesian law and order nation's public corruption you know all was able to that should say with credibility to that we've -- -- that made people safer. And you also was able to look at some of the is it corruption efforts of Albany in the recent arrests. And it and talk about it as an outsider with a law enforcement background and I. So I think he works for the GOP ticket on a lot of different levels. And so. He and Padilla a solid assets for our street oak school we also know going to China been looking purse or some other groups but the people turned him down. Right well I think he'd get -- a good card here in this Mets Jimmy -- country go kind is. Reporter for capital New York look up capital and white on the Internet you'll enjoy its coverage. Jimmie thank you very much for coming to rebuild kind ladies and gentlemen what New York's own hunter S Thompson and we're going to be right back here after these messages. -- director weather forecast flash flood watch in effect breezy tonight with the rain heavy at times a low of 49. Cooler tomorrow with rain especially the afternoon high of 54. Patchy clouds and chilly tomorrow night -- low 41. Saturday. Mostly cloudy and cool with a passing shower. A high of 57 degrees. We're here on news for -- at 930 WB yen at 4:52. PM this is Michael Caputo. In fort Tom Bauerle. He's out for the -- back tomorrow you'll be happening now. We have been talking today. About the Republican Convention what's happened out there were. -- more important have been talking a bit about the politics of the Buffalo Bills the sale of the team in the politics of the new stadium. I mentioned before that I've seen a lot of in activity on the fans part. A lot of complacency a lot of people -- they'll never leave the aqueduct for America -- to Los Angeles and I think these folks are smoke and something. Haven't checked around for the different fan groups of things that are happening out there I noticed there's a petition now. Which you could find on the twelfth man thundered dot com that's one to TH twelfth man -- dot com. To sign the petition to keep the bills in buffalo and more importantly. I was looking at this petition that you actually sign that your saying your actually never gonna go to a game of if it's the two on two bills. I think it's an important message to send him after. The break here this this top the hour. Gonna have -- the -- who was one of the founders of twelve men thunder he's going to be in studio to talk to us about this what he's trying to accomplish. -- he's also head of a local nonprofit called launches tonight which is an industry group so chuck will be with us at the top -- after the top of the hour here. -- -- I am and if you believe that did the bills are going to stay here I get I and I want them Tuesday I'll do anything to make the Tuesday I'm working for one of the guys -- wants to buy them and keep the year to try to help with its art competition. For the purchase. In reality. It's about things more about what is going on the just you and I know we're gonna talk about that at the top the hour here this is Michael Caputo in for Tom -- in news radio. 930. WB. Adam.

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