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5-15 Michael Caputo Hour 1

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio nine dirty WBA. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- The whole to a ball that ends this month. I think he's doing -- good week. And decency to clear my name with a single. Would we -- now especially. Tom hourly primarily impacted me and -- in terms of its life its local. My -- in him. Myself it's Tom hourly. On news radio 930 WB. Welcome. News radio 930 WP yen mrs. Michael Goodwin for Tom -- I know you're a bit disappointed but all trying to keep you readily entertained. Tom -- for the day. I know he's had some pro or some problems voice and listening. Cracked the voice yeah. Hopefully he'll be right back I'll be in with you until 7 o'clock today. Boy in my skating it is raining down on me on social media on my email raining down on me. Because. Of a mill. Not a lot of very well like dot I'll read this story from Bloomberg real quick for you guys out there. About how Governor Cuomo has influence over. What's gonna happen with the Buffalo Bills. The writer from Bloomberg dead if your interest -- our post of the story. On my blog which politics and white dot net my post links to things on the left hand side if you checked out. Welcome to -- writer Freeman. Flop it and in my if -- can't figure out Freeman carpet that baptism ethnicity that is beyond me but -- a good reported nonetheless with a lot of great stories. In the media he wrote one but it popped this morning where he asked a lot of people about the bills and Cuomo and here is very Cuomo a Democrat who lost the eight county region around buffalo in the 2010 election hired a firm last week. To find as many as four potential sites for the state. The governor is called the bills and iconic team that -- stay in the area to benefit. The Western New York economy a group of Toronto investors who wants to buy the team and moved to Canada according to CBS sports and here's the quote. Voters in buffalo or not listening to talk about corruption in Albany or fracking or public campaign finance report said. Reform said Michael Caputo the former campaign manager for Republican Carl Paladino the buffalo Meehan who ran against Cuomo four years ago. They're listening to one thing and one thing only and that's what's going to happen to our bills. And the governor sees it as an asset to his campaign. Apparently you wouldn't think you would think that IE what -- primary just I was. It was heretical crisis and it was almost like I I've which shook my fears that god or something. So people -- emailing me saying that I'm backing Cuomo saying that he's you know he can gain from this. People are emailing me and saying you know Cuomo won't play games with this it's in of this is too important to New York too important to probe to buffalo for him to consider this. A political thing I'm here -- idea you -- wrong. What happens with the bills is very political it's entirely political and the only statewide. Politicians that really has anything to say about it at all. Is governor Andrew Cuomo. Now we all know Governor Cuomo. Has said to his you know his inner circle but he is going to shoot 460%. Of the vote in the November election now. People say that eaten there with very difficult to defeat him I think anybody who runs against -- has an uphill battle. Rob asked Reno who was being nominated to date the Republican Party at the Republican Convention in Westchester. Good -- very conservative taken a shot at it. But in reality not only is the Governor Cuomo well funded incumbent all the things that are good for reelection. He's also the only person the can say anything of any value in the debate about the bills now. He has nothing to say about who buys the bills. Obviously he can use the bully pulpit stand up and shake his fist to the north as he has with the peace bridge. And try to stop the team from going to Toronto personally. I don't think he can do with thing it's transaction they're gonna go to eyes bitter. But he does have something to do with the selection of the stadium in their forties in the mix. He's absolutely in the mix and you're gonna see him -- don't forget Andrew Cuomo probably has the best communication shop. Of any governor in the United States his communications team. -- wobbly you know. I wish they would use their special powers for good the late -- Luther they don't. But they are good and they're going to play this very very well this is a very strong card for the governor. And the downside of this is take a look at Rochester -- a good guy. He can't say anything about it. If he's county executive down at Westchester. -- eight he knows better than most of the county executive -- here and Erie county has a lot to say about it. And bit -- bit he has nothing more than a candidate county executive from downstate can say nothing and the risky takes. If he criticizes squabble or takes -- A page out of the discussion book on on the bills and where they should be located and whether or not someone should be purchasing -- if he says something he risks going. Are politicizing the Buffalo Bills which. How about you. I'm involved in politics I just don't like politics mixed up -- NFL football. Those of -- you're out there who are involved in politics I can imagine how much you would resist it dislike. So Cuomo let's say for example. It looks like the team may be purchased by the Toronto which I don't care any if you care what you say. There is a very strong chance that this this team is going to go to a very strong to -- disagree with me give us call. But I'm -- that there's very very strong chance that this is going to go to Toronto 8030321. Is our number here on the Tom ship what do you think you think it's gonna go to trial what do you think about the governor's -- -- -- politicize this thing. I gotta tell you what I told this reporter he didn't. But. If Governor Cuomo plays these cards right. He's going to get an entire. You know -- the interest to meet with the trust and perhaps even the support. A whole group of buffalo audience who normally don't vote. Some of whom may not even be registered. But the Buffalo Bills fan is not you know I've I grew up in the chat with the stadium. I've parked cars in vote in the walks around that stadium for many many years. I can tell you that the average Buffalo Bills and don't give a hoot about politics. And who can blame. But if he gets in this thing plays it right you know but say the Toronto. In our group is getting close to buying it he stands up and says. Well this really should have the Buffalo Bills must stay in buffalo. Well you know he's gonna gains of god is communicators are gonna put some messaging together designs things for embassy need to even had an advertisement. And it's he's gonna play this thing right played very right and as answer you know it -- -- standing there kind of scratching his head he's gonna have a difficult. -- -- -- Are -- to tell you another thing -- I mean full disclosure I think a lot of people out there are now working with Donald Trump on his bid to -- the Buffalo Bills. Meehan there are a couple of throws -- -- worthy and musical -- will be the attorney. Are helping him as a local representatives are involved in -- media relations him. In public relations. And you know you've noticed I think you have noticed that mr. trump is now. Taken. A kind of quiet approached the -- team talk about it much I think we on most is that the NFL owners group doesn't like a lot of publicity these things. But because we've been sniff around this transaction for a bit Ross to wait for prices -- enough and want until. The family. Of Ralph Wilson. And release the price in the -- would -- even if they have picked investment bank. But we understand that the Buffalo Bills the Toronto. Purchasing group has been quietly working on this for years years. In fact we understand that members of this Toronto. Purchasing group the owners potential owners group. Have been visiting lobbying the NFL owners across the country. Indeed even going to doing so much is too. At ten games in other stadiums with NFL owners in their suites and bending the ear about how much they love to own the Buffalo Bills and move them. To Toronto. That's been going on for two years. Is the fix him I don't know but it takes you're gonna get a lot more votes if you have two years to ask for them. Then you're gonna get if you just parachuted to the transaction in trying to lobby all the NFL owners in a short term. I tell under. Pretty certain. If you'd think. That the -- that Toronto isn't Avery you likely destination for the Buffalo Bills I think your -- If you had asked me to put it would have put a percent. I think there is a 30%. Or more chance that this team is going to be bought by the Toronto. And. Ownership group and move them not to Toronto but certainly over Canada. As -- feel. Houser executive eager to -- going to be able to go to Canada for game got to imagine the bridges how terrible that would be. Imagine that mean we we talk about how bad Niagara Falls would be because you have to go through the of the horrible grant I haven't traffic imagine. Would it would be like to try to get to -- captains witnesses are or Toronto for game and would you do that. I wouldn't. They take our team away I'm not going anywhere in year the new stadium but they've built for them in Toronto. I'm not going to -- a -- I won't buy a ticket not even one ever. Ever I'm not gonna turn it on I'm I'll I'll I'll watch another team but he's -- -- take the Buffalo Bills away from Western New York. They have helped to pay. And I'm telling you right now as god as -- witness the favorite. Our ownership group in this whole transaction. Is the Toronto group. I'm telling him. Mark my words and you better wise up to it. -- I see on a Twitter on FaceBook I give a lot of ribbing from fancy say no way it's going to -- -- under any circumstance no way. I think you smoke and some difference. Because it is absolutely. Pointed in that direction right now and they spent more than two years lobbying individual owners. Of NFL teams to make that happen. Also let's not forget another thing a very important thing. I don't -- to drop its interest in one of the reasons you know is interested because you don't hear talk now. I don't mr. proposition and I also know mr. tropical Smart businessman so are -- at the -- -- incredibly Smart businesspeople. Costs on -- also rumored to be interested in this very Smart business. They are not going to overpay. For this asset. You know people see it might be 1500000900. Billion. My understanding is that the Toronto ownership group has made it made it very clearly well known to those who need to you know. Then they will pay more. Than the other potential ownership groups. Imagine that mean Donald Trump that -- family golf -- armor in this thing -- you know it's a business transaction they wanna by the team. To make money because that's what the NFL's all -- right. They commit their rated at what bill maybe they'll -- -- 900000001. Group pogo is -- A billion maybe another group was high as one point one billion. Although Toronto group as -- was did what bill you know. Is that bid one point 1001. And they when it could we all know that the family is going to go for. The highest bidder and who can blame. You know this is the devote the entire Wilson family legacy for generations they need to go. We all understand. So listen folks are -- target while I sitting here on that news radio 930 WB yen. Mark my words at 321. In the afternoon. That this team is headed to Toronto and don't forget I mean were were probably gonna hear more talk of Los Angeles people say that's not possible. Unfortunately that's quite possible. But in the end I think we got probably 5050 shot at keeping this team in Western New York. Fifty Patricia I think it's thirty plus percent chance -- -- Toronto that is a small chance it goes to a smaller chance it goes to Los Angeles. This is a valuable franchise my friends. And it's not maximizing its its it's potential earning power. Here in Western New York it's just it's just the size of the market it's of the average. Income of the person that -- the game it's you know people they they believe they can make more money in Toronto. They can make more money in a Los Angeles and their willing to bid higher than of their hometown. Ownership groups who owned that. We think that. -- Policy -- the entire business model. For the Toronto ownership group I understand requires. -- forty to 50% of the butts in the seats in the new stadium be built for the Toronto bills. They -- those of those people who attend the games on go on a regular basis must come from buffalo Western New York. 40%. Of the attendees the tickets sold for their games. Have to be from buffalo reading that about one of those tickets at the -- steal our team away. Under the cover of night. You gonna go to Toronto -- call here at 803. What is it 8030930. I -- I remembered I -- I I absolutely remember that. It's been a couple of months since I've been on an Adobe offers counseling me. As an apartment newbie. Eight -- -- -- thirty here on news radio 930 WBA difficult tell us what you think you -- would you go to Toronto with to go see a bills game. Would you even think about it. What do you think about the idea of governor -- would you mind if he flexes a little bit of muscle to try to keep the team here even if you're somebody who doesn't support him and his policies. Think about that gives Karl on April threes there in mind that this is Michael Capuano. And for Tom Barrett will be right back after these messages are on the news radio 930 WB -- You know. The cold. And until we you can get into that -- they can't stop c'mon you country music fans got to love that. I -- -- is Michael Goodwin for Tom -- today your -- reviewed 930 WP and are numbered years 230930. We're talking today about the Buffalo Bills what's gonna happen with a beautiful -- of calls here I guess I've had a bit of -- nerve. I want a reminder that today I've actually ask for error a couple of folks to call in later on the show. Big gains in the Westchester today they nominated the governor and lieutenant governor -- -- Republican Party to have somebody from. Resop tickets are seventy from I asked Reno's campaign call in the we have met the O'Reilly who's the top communicated there and also will be talking with you reveal kind from capitol New York. Who spent the last couple of days at the convention and a lot of stuff going on there some very interesting stuff especially. The tapped this Scherer from among county. Christopher boss and believe the name is and he's very interesting to. -- but anyway listen. Buffalo Bills I'm talking about -- you know what I think I put myself on the record I think this is likely to go. To Canada I think their make in the is that the making those moves for over two years now. And Tom -- Tom and Hamburg you called in thanks a lot to yours and that's not legal in Canada. Yeah if I remember correctly I haven't looked a lot they used to Allah. It was a -- itself protection rule that no and it -- team was allowed double. And who would wanna go to trial if you can't -- Why it would lead to rile fans wanna go at throttle could you can't delegate all it can't beat your. Well you know its interest in Tom and I've heard that before about this Canadian law but. What happens if the owners of the CFL team beside they'd rather than NFL team and just full battle organized operation right up. I think it's. But that communication -- to write a check for what whatever -- whatever -- -- wherever -- look a lot to write a check for. There's -- weekend. Any taps his foot to Jon Bon -- understand too. Yeah I -- it and I'm not so we probably now. Live and on a prayer on well I actually go to -- think Tom is that there a couple of billionaires in Toronto. Who disagree with what you're saying about the Canadian mother put a lot of time in and I'm not a lawyer you might be right that law might be either but they feet. It appears. That they have found -- way around thing. To have that much about electability would have been playing their for the last three years. Yeah I it sums up until India. There is something up and it's gonna sneak up on us Buffalo Bills fans is gonna -- it's in the back -- -- it's gonna surprises and we're gonna get screwed. Tom thanks a lot for Colin. I'm gonna go -- to pat in Orchard Park pat thank -- -- called him. Thank you. That I don't think bill according candidate at all because I think only he had the ball that don't want. Until I think the only one team in LA. Because the size of that area would -- be right. TV right up in Canada that has to be negotiated with that television -- Your -- right right right but the one problem pat is that they've tried a couple of times and LA and failed. Right. I understand that I know that. And it bigamy and it was a man's problem it's not. I think could be very wealthy do you have an update on everybody in this thing. Their marketing the -- was -- all those people out there and let go. It's true and owners. There's all -- and I know Ralph Wilson had the best interest of the fans in mind. I know the family cares about it. I know that the players -- -- -- -- as some I have worked for Donald Trump on this thing I'm not advocating one. -- over the other I know that Jim Kelly has been talkative mr. trump. Quite a bit. There's a lot of people don't wanna keep that team here but we got some very wealthy people who wanna I wanna take him -- I think we're gonna find at a group coming out the -- take ballet. All I can understand that LA but I don't think I could. Trial has the chance to be you know you got more input and I hear you lose the right people. But I still think. Because really the NFL's situation may get up there. And if they can't get and they look at TV. To get you here right what delegates ultimately -- -- the other -- Well you're right and that revenue right you're right it's it's good TV rights is one of the most important aspects. The whole NFL. Formula it. You could have nobody killed off but this Canadian dollar and LA -- delivered to them make money. I think you're right about that as an independent expert called pattern really appreciated all right thank you very much I like crawl thank you can't you know what's really interest -- his thumb. I think. I talk to the botched report as much analyst people who were involved in this stuff because of the work I'm doing would mr. trump them. There is a lot of concern about -- that we don't hear much of it because we hear so much about Rondo. But I know reporters who were LA right now are sniffing around trying to find out if there's an ownership group out there. Let's not forget about about Los Angeles. Armed but I think our main. Our problem is Toronto I got a couple more minutes get a little break Dan on the west side Dan thanks called him. All right I'm I'm I'm don't say up front I got it and we. They got the elderly. But. I had thought about that along and we have been hearing threats and murmurs of about the bill mole bigger big old. -- -- And and I. That made me feel you know yeah. We might get the political bloodletting that Syria and all the party system might -- shaken up a little bit and you know. So a lot of they're there they're well. They're. End up. In all how. What -- about there are already. Looked at an uphill and I've got another such sharp. Well your background -- -- -- yet is what I think you're the one person like what is it. On related. On. There was a story that made our spot. Well it's Barack. That we and that well off but yeah like it enough -- -- views on Obama well. -- -- -- Only vehicle -- we move into. You know bet that mark. -- out through it. 04 report. -- interestingly enough the hand. The technology. That everybody is complaining about our share of having here as chair Howard -- on defense of this so when he eavesdropping technology. Today in front of the legislature. That's the same technology that indirect intercepted that call that that the -- the -- right sin of that call. Between as a senior State Department official and aren't America's ambassador Ukraine. Is it did it on unsecured cell phones. That's why -- and our foreign policy hash tags we do not use our secure telephone lines. There -- immediate pay double. Yeah. They are they say that the administration won't. Each side. And I mean if it. All members of a debate on thought that I thought about it as. The church on the right then and old who and I liked. What -- that it was a little twilight -- -- the yet what does which represented in the suburbs and not all the work for getting me up at all. I -- -- It's hero. Kind of briskly here while we're gonna go laughter commercial break that. There is -- there's an easy answer to that we are pro EU the United States is siding with the European Union. On the Ukraine question but more than anything else we are pro US and when it comes to being pro US it really depends on who's in the White House I don't know if you saw this story the other day. Just was announced two days ago. Vice president Joseph Biden's son. Was just appointed to the board. And as chief legal analyst. Of the Ukrainian natural gas company. It. I mean I know this company I know they are I've worked around them in the past. And he undoubtedly. Gotten millions of dollars and a signing bonus. So now are we pro EU. Or are we just grow. Biden. Our our our rear -- talk receipt we're standing here trying to point fingers at and Russia about how badly they're acting look at us we got nothing -- -- -- Really it's really is thank you very much for calling men really appreciate it would be right back after these messages here on news radio 930 WB ENN. We're back here he's reunite the VW yen. Tom -- show this is Michael -- in for Tom -- here at 346. In the afternoon near Buffalo, New York. People downtown Amherst. You know while driving in here today. From the greatest village. On the face of the earth East Aurora. Driving in today from East Aurora the finest place to live and raise a family. In America. I couldn't help but think about. This coal Beatles on. I've been snooping around a little bit and figure things out if I am telling yeah we are ready service. If fans are watching it I like I love these guys both mafia on now on Twitter. -- I think they've accomplished incredible things I love this. The buffalo fan alliance. -- talk these guys. Look around look at the different Twitter feeds there's another group. Alliance of -- groups. Called twelve man thunder dot com that's one to each twelfth man under dot com. That at that web site appears to be the only. The only petition to keep the Buffalo Bills. In Western New York on line the only petition I've seen I've been its new program another thing. Rock and roll heaven I don't know -- of -- this plays rock and roll heaven it's a bar some sort. They have a sign out front that has declared themselves -- -- jewel the free zone. Apparently that's kind of move that's going on bars and restaurants. Are starting to swear off the plane evil Bon Jovi music since it is the it's debate they -- that music just lulls you into complacency. On the wrong would ever -- Buffalo Bills has urged the there's the as I was driving here from the finest. Little village in the world East Orange New York. I realize. That you know and let somebody lit a fire under me I probably wouldn't -- ever believe that somebody -- some team. I mean I grew up what I've said many in the shadow of the rob Wilson stadium I've been parking cars -- parking -- Since I was a kid even the thirty years I was on I came back I go to most home games. Of the Buffalo Bills and never go inside the stadium. I'm always have -- sparking. Listen and watch the game on television to major cardinal could start the month. But. On the way here I realized that the fans -- really. Don't believe that the team and they don't believe they predicted that chants. It's wrong so there because Los Angeles. I think you're all hot. Absolutely. I don't know what's wrong. The Buffalo Bills -- -- Bible preaches whoever buys this team would pay more for this team. And probably for any professional sports franchise so far in history. In history. And it it will pay that kind of money there certainly willing to take -- to Los Angeles -- -- Absolutely. Before we go off to our our traffic break. One atop huge period Amber's real quick jittery you don't think that CFO to be too happy. -- on the air. Looks like we've lost Jerry there. Anyway we're gonna have to go here for a traffic -- in a few minutes but give us call at 830930. Here's element traffic. Any AccuWeather. Work that's flash flood watch in effect breezy tonight with the rain heavy at times low of 49 cooler tomorrow with rain again especially afternoon high of 54. Patchy clouds and chilly tomorrow night don't blow 41 Saturday mostly cloudy and cool with eight passing shower. High of 57 degrees yes folks that it's 57 not 7757. Oh my goodness. At the 75 degrees right now. Melissa outlook -- you're on the air there. -- -- I think we've lost Jerry forever here. What we -- show what we've sent out a search party for babies hang out with Casey case. Odd shot shot of these cameras on the air. British jobs happen. Much yeah actually what you just -- Absolutely true -- must -- -- -- I was eight year old. And guys -- with about a group probably used to actually be about thirty bright people powered down to about maybe it in morning. But -- lot of votes. I know especially my closer friends. No one's talking about this like it's actually going to -- a guy that's can't see the reality. Well you know. Here's the thing means that the team was. Mean it's been here since its founding there's never even been a flirtation with the idea of ever going anywhere whenever we -- -- our hands about at the with the Wilson family would reassurance that it wouldn't happen. We've been spoiled adults on. Completely -- And and the Wilson Sammy has incredible asset here I mean. I can't they've been warning us for years and I don't blame them for wanting to maximize their investment for the legacy of the Wilson family. Ralph Wilson -- is great favors for many many years but I think it's go to way. I think it's going away and it's I don't want to. -- -- -- I'm not only a -- of the Buffalo Bills and in Western New York I'm in favor keeping them Orchard Park and that's one of the things I asked mr. trump when we asked me to help -- that would you at least consider. Trying to keep him in in in Orchard Park and he said absolutely. I think that we can actually I use that stadium I don't think it's ruined. I think the idea of the taxpayers of New York having to pay a while it was a billion dollars per stadium is crazy idea. But if they'd pull the state of the of the bills out of the stadium in Orchard Park. And they put one in downtown buffalo for duper macro falls -- Pembroke and they always say I imagine the huge lift those areas will get economically. If the Buffalo Bills stadium is in downtown Niagara Falls. -- let me tell you this imagine how terribly. The economy would tank. In the big tree area and many to a new area of Orchard Park. Where the Buffalo Bills stadium is right now that will be a ghetto an absolute data -- -- Thank you very much for called and Bruce Fisher. You're I'm glad you called in pursuit there. Like Puerto I am so impressed that you are so ball it felt that this is ready justly or unjustly -- -- while we speak. -- It. I must -- and you're absolutely right about the business. Realities of the Buffalo Bills via a franchise. It's great value. At wherever it can deliver bigger media market. That your auto epic -- Trotter -- it is absolutely right. But -- what are the politics of 00 it's the politicians spoke at. Republican -- Democrat. That makes people leave that and the day. The -- will build gonna remain in New York State and that the new owners can make a taxpayer financed they -- -- he would. Working out all around the. You know what I I don't disagree but the problem is we're talking about two very very different things through the transaction. It's just that it's a transaction and in less Andrew Cuomo has a billion dollars of his own money to by the team he can't affect that he can use the bully pulpit. And we have leaders like mark -- cars who tighten up that at least. Who can use the bully pulpit but it's transactions they're gonna buy -- team. And it we're gonna be completely outside of that transaction now the stadium is as a sweetener. The stadium is something that clearly we know. The political leadership news. Is there is leaning toward spending taxpayer money on this so it is a sweetener but the transaction is what I'm worried about not police. But I I just I just -- witnessed and I analyzed. That the number of the contracts with everything related to these. Minneapolis. Stadium. Which that was a very very uninteresting dynamic there. Republicans and Democrats switching sides. Yeah. -- They came up with that north. Armas and that already have benefited that your order where it. A lot of the same -- he saw here that you don't know where you come armed -- -- 200 million dollars city. -- and Dutch and the other. They're all related in Minnesota. You're right and I know I I know we stand on the stuff I -- -- I you don't like the corporate welfare I don't either myself and and I think if if that particular. And ownership group wants to build their own without taxpayers support I think that would be. Wonderful I just don't see that happen. That would be a lot that though he says. And are there are way up. You right Melissa -- Anybody if you ever read Bruce -- is our voice article you need to read Bruce thanks for call that we're gonna go to a quick break here on news radio 930 WB yen.

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