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5-15 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back with the agent coming of sandy beach if you're not here at the beginning of -- show -- -- mention one thing I mentioned at the beginning of the show because it is now going on a county hall. Are regarding what I would call the absurdity. Of the rush to judgment of -- Tim -- and that the equipment they have. To try and locate somebody. As to where they are. And here's the absurd -- We as a nation take great pride in in the due process and I'm very much a law and order guy I want the bad guys to follow the law I want the good guys to follow the law and anybody who doesn't. Should be investigated. And when appropriate prosecuted well how. -- that OK we on the same ground okay so far. -- but take a person who is accused of a crime. And there's some investigation. Done and they're going to go to court. So here they've been a Q goes there's investigation. And they're gonna make the case in court. We go out of our way to say they're innocent until proven guilty. And at least at that point there's an accusation. Of their guilt we have some of things that they prosecutor would consider proof. Then you have that on that side on the other side. You've got a sheriff's department. We have no complaints. We have no activity at all with no. Know all of -- saying that of -- machines have been used improperly. With the laws haven't been followed in the use of the machine nothing I got no accusation. No accusation at all and there's that rush to judgment that he must -- he's on the wrong. Adding that that's just the way it is so the absurdity to me is we believe in the rights over criminal. But we don't even think about the rights for law enforcement and a I think people are gun -- as we should be because of the NSA scandal. In we should be vigilant. Absolutely. I'm not in favor of anything that's illegal. But what I'm saying is is -- -- goal is there no concept that this is absurd. Now obviously if something shows up it's illegal it should be dealt with and if they have if -- steps that -- -- take and take the steps. Obey the law I'm not I don't -- shortcuts but what I'm saying is let's get real shall -- every once in awhile it makes good press government. Makes good talk show subjects and good things to tease on the next a television newscast but the bottom line is you have -- heard speaking out against that defense attorneys. As a shock as -- We gotta talk to a judge and find out what the standing you would need to get the proper OK to use the machines. Than than we should pay attention to of that. -- and a set on that for now meanwhile it's about Rand Paul and Rand Paul is the son of Ron Paul. Ron Paul had a fervent a small group of Bo followers. In Rand -- -- the same thing and that he says that -- he's got a break with the GOP would have the Republicans. On stricter voting laws he says everybody's gone completely crazy over this voter ID thing now that's all he's mentioning is the voter ID thing. In what did you he spoke to a group of -- black. Passers. And talked to them about their concerns and he went down the road to speak to the Republicans spring meeting of Republican Party. Spring meeting that he did not talk about voter ID there but he did with a black pastors. And of many of them complained saying that. They thought it was a not not right unfair whatever. -- that they would have to show ID now the earlier caller said there's more to it than that but this is what this article focuses on. The wrapped up -- race I think it's wrong for Republicans to go too crazy on this issue because it's offending people. So the fact that you have to show ID is offensive to some people. -- they don't seem to be offended when they have to use it for anything else the cash -- -- to buy a bottle of beer to get into a public building is a million time long and there's a lot of at times you have to show identification nobody is offended then nobody. Nobody standing you know at the courthouse. And I just need to do some simple things on a US citizen but they have tried -- Wyatt I'm offended by that. Have you ever heard anybody say that the answer is now of course yeah but -- voting is different. He should just be able to slide in there they take you -- word that you belong at that polling place. Pitcher in the right area that you live there. And that's the way ago I find it remarkable that of people would get bent over shape or a bent out of shape or put. That's the real world. Let's go to oil might the end of fuel Mike here on WB yeah. Good lord -- that. Yeah and it disappointed and -- popped. -- -- he's pandering to a minority vote and there's really. No issue. Proving who who are you went through the things right need to do cash check open a bank account. Drive our workplace. So -- I need to vote is just another. In a long list of things people do every day. And I wanted to respond to the caller who said. If you were working couldn't -- vote. In New York State is law and voting day if you work schedule you'd get. To blow. Good point I know some unions have bats that they have I didn't know others of besides union people have a vote. Yeah there's always consideration I don't know of anybody said I couldn't get to the polling place because my employer would not let me go. Yet if you work schedule during your polling hours. Within two hours. Of this are two hours of the clothes they have to give you time off to go invoke. When you bring up some good points you know Rand Paul starts off by inheriting his father's. A followers it's it's too bad he's. Because every wants Obama come up with something worth pondering. But this I think this is -- losing proposition forum because he's asking us the sellout not just what should be. A Republican point of view it should be an American point of view. That you are who you are who you say you are when your voting and that's the most important thing we do as Americans. I think he's trying to green light. Democrat vote. And Democrat and -- why. The republic should not -- Republican position should move. Toward conservatives. Because you're a Democrat the Democrat you knew who can -- well. You got that exactly right I I am glad to set and because those are my words exactly as well thank you might. While he's got a guy you can't give away -- somebody's giving away K. You're not going to be able to do I guess Detroit -- When he pork cookies apple -- at apple applied giveaway every voter I have. Apple -- for good apple that's exactly. These -- take a break Oregon Pennsylvania. They seat of democracy. And to my good dear friend for life Don. And we come back we'll talk to him -- -- and I'm thirty W via. No my idea of the outlook I have is does everybody. Have the same requirements. Basically is one being singled out is it more punitive for one person and another then that's wrong if it's the same for everybody. It's hard to say discrimination it was the same for everybody. Ends of the caller earlier says it's more than just the idea it's a whole package but. Basically the complaints I've murder with the idea and that's what Rand Paul was talking amongst the -- whose arm of that and was talking about. Reform of the a felony voters. Apparently there -- a 10180000. People in Kentucky who Campbell because there convicted felons. He said I don't know the racial. A background but it's probably more black -- white -- the fat that is more black and white has nothing to do with us. I absolutely you're talking about people or convicted on a court law. Oh it was supposed to wave them like they way. A ratings in radio they -- them up. You know they wake them up there if there's not a enough of a representation. Is that is out or supposed to do now. You either committed the crime -- he would then you'll convicted or -- didn't and losses of your committee camp votes or you can vote but that's the law for every body. Let's go to my friend gone in Pennsylvania Don what do you think about showing idea at the polling place. Good morning and alone on. Yeah I mean I gonna aerial bomb player. Today. Mike how. -- and Paul. He must know all the work but I do when he -- shall mean any sympathy you -- how much work it is to rule is you obituary column. -- Back against the border register. My oh. That it is he cool I'm might become the first two in November. And -- but he has yet that these are caught in any wanted to add more days of both. Outrage. And -- our our. It's amazing before they had early voting I'm not a fan of early voting I'm really not there are some things obviously if you're -- very military and -- And you can get to your home town. Polling place you should be allowed and and and and are allowed to vote outside of that that's fine but. We we managed to do it all these years that we've been a country without a problem now suddenly it's a problem. Yes it certainly. Has become a problem. To be honestly I don't know what it's like up -- epitaph here. Both the Republicans and the Democrats advertise. That they are willing to give anybody a rise to a two. Well bore -- -- in place. To register that they can't get there say they advertise it willing that take you back and forth to the polls on Election Day. So I don't understand any of these problems we we don't need voter identification and it's so important I mean my god. Here's a problem Don if if -- if you don't if if you're looking for an excuse there's always an excuse. You just said they advertise -- say well why I don't have a radio. And I don't have a television set and I don't read a newspaper and out why I mean it's remarkable. That if you wanna find a reason why you're being picked on or or singled out you can find the reason most people when it comes -- voting consider it important enough to make an effort to vote if they're being. Held back from that effort that's a new story. But if they just don't want to bother with it -- it shouldn't be a concern for the rest of us. You got that right my goodness if you don't have a newspaper or radio or television. You must be one of those people like to try and the first -- The islanders favorite TV are probably -- registered Democrat that's another story I don't seem to partial -- this. I yeah obviously when I lived in the same town you did we were -- were too young to vote then but. There have been places where I've lived where it's a little bit of a drive to get to the polling place and I never consider that it they're trying to keep me away from the polls I think if you're looking for something you can usually find a reason to say it's happened. Well yes the mistake of these people. They don't find any impediment when that time to go to broke restored that a bank go to get their money to get their pools. Hard to show a driver's license to a profit view -- gone through -- -- a red light or or to cash or Chad court we need ID for everything. And to say we don't need it for voting which is the most important thing we do. His remarkable -- Don well on the same page and take care about one. Idea I mean rarely. How many times if beef to keep track just for weeks how many times have the whip out the ID the reason I know is my driver's licenses in my wallet. And it's a really tight fit. Usually if it's a business card or some help trim the end of the business -- -- full of my driver's license it's a tight -- like really. Out of there. So it makes an impression when I have to show the ID. Amid the drugstore right need Allegra. ID please. -- at a bank that is my bag -- on my ranch. Could I see your idea please. If I'm going 41 on new road and the cameras policeman stops me and says. You're going 41 may I see your I'd be I'd have to whip out the ID I'm not gonna complain that people are out the single me out. I'm thinking and this is this is the way it goes by go to record house or some other rogue government built and let's -- -- a year. You're ID everybody has seen your idea to try and sign up for anything without ID. I mean it's there and it's all the time it's prevalent and to think that some people feel that. We're trying to ask you for idea because it'll scare you away. How does that scare you away. Unless of course you're not eligible to vote. -- that might scare you away. About that think about that let's go to or Kevin our friend Kevin and Donaldson. Kevin here on WB yeah and you probably vote the same place I've vote. Yes I do my good man yes -- right for you need because I say what you -- to court did not speak -- either. Look at it from credit that what you are agreeable. -- about five miles from where I live and I drive there and there's no hardship there and if I didn't drive dates and somebody and pick me up I'm sure. Yeah -- sister still from from in my street here so here but you know -- Sunday I wished he'd gentlemen our home court in New York poll watcher. How addictive and that's more information -- composites and full what you know what strategy you're right and it will -- in -- Conte -- a parent -- your papers to be Rico and keep. The republic crack -- make -- -- would -- -- through pop crap out here. You know they get -- -- the battery would set the Democrats across in your county you know and down. Well we've run Portland these guys -- and it gets stand on on -- keep everything it's so right what you're -- -- -- essentially. Just imagine that -- -- -- Coker the republic are -- you a couple of weeks ago there -- two Coker and we're not gonna protect copyright authorities regional secretary or the people's business. That's why we abnormal loyal opposition at -- -- we have. It's a different brand of politicians on both sites. You know what bothers me about New York State is that we don't really matter on the national scene it's just -- given -- of the Democratic Party so no matter how enthusiastic you are no matter how many signs report on. It's a done deal. Yes it is a done deal and I read it got a big corporate America court really help America if we continued as -- my good man. All right -- Kevin thank you very much the other problem is you're never gonna see a presidential debate in New York's there at least not in our lifetime. Very the only time you'll see a candidate in this state is when -- in here for fund raiser. And out in here to campaign is on meet the campaign if you got the DM fronting and Amy got the state that's dollar historic. And that's the way it goes so you feel like you're not that important to vote for dog catcher -- can't vote for president. Ago. I well you can you know lord's going. I don't know if that's worth getting off the sparkle on your floor to be honest with you because -- voters just -- water. I will be back we wanna hear from you know can be GOP win with the Rand Paul's position voter ID. And felony voting rights he wants to get softer -- -- war spending minorities will be back after this. You're hearing them. WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Now back -- over -- ridge coming back thank angry and are you get to the point are you go to the polling place and you wanna vote in it and they ask for identification. Now are you saying you don't have any identification. If so how are you getting through life. If you have any identification you don't have much of anything going on in your life because you need ID for everything you're -- sign up for some programs from -- government needed ID. Cashing that check mean ID you need ID. There's got to be some form I I don't believe that. Anybody -- -- legitimate and so a chance to vote for a candidate doesn't have some kind of ID. So why don't you wanna show it if you haven't anonymous them. Now there are restrictions on know voting today in some states. Felons are allowed to -- city you have to be a citizen to vote. Maybe that's it. But there's got to be a reason because it's not it's it's it's not. Realistic. To believe that you've never shown anybody identification. I just don't believe that an -- look when children are born they get a Social Security number. So basically I don't get that Chris a couple of postings from FaceBook -- Oracle's. This one comes from Melissa as she says I'm in my fifties and I had to show idea the last time I bought some wine coolers. And when I have my appendix out I'd be -- at the ID. You do it definitely have the showing that both of those places I've I've bit at the hospital and had operations ago -- wanna make sure that if a person. All of the right ailment. And I -- friends at all electors aren't I've watched every single customer has that showed in my -- that's the way it is you go to a bank that is in your branch. And you're probably gonna show almighty one more -- this -- for -- he says voter ID laws are the equivalent of a poll tax because -- cost money and the people who don't have them tend to be horrible accidents brings up huge. -- discrimination issues -- tax simply because. Every municipality. That I've ever read about as though IDs for free. They do that purposely to make sure that nobody's left out. I I challenge you. I challenge that poster to find me a place. That if you need identification to vote. Those. Does not have it for free you can get free ID all over the place it's readily available. But there again if you say. Well I can't leave the house and I can't. You know I can't get in the car and I can't walk any place that I can't drive -- nobody -- -- up what I mean eventually got to do something. A move -- and I move my arm get a leg got it all in a show and move somewhere in -- choke hold. But if you really have -- -- looking towards the bitch about it I guess you can make up an endless list of why you can't do one thing. But that's not the way most people. OK show on thanks for your patient -- on your on WB yen. I'm fine thanks Maria thanks for holding the what do you have on this issue what what's what are your thoughts. I honestly think it's so ridiculous that there -- sure it should just be something that people should be required to do analogies. You need. I -- -- I've got a couple stories. I remember left I left here without them in the -- On this gentleman came and and -- You know the lady who and -- we will -- you voted stuff like. Gentlemen told her news you know you look back at her paper lists. And that you're in the wrong spot. Sure it could be a wrong ball boys ago. -- chase in which case if you were on the wrong polling place theoretically you could deny yourself. The right to vote for a special candidate that you had a mind because you may be in the wrong disparate. He then then in the gentleman's life boat that is here for years look at must've been some sort of change Blake and districts from Bangladesh at. After the population though like better. The other move things around bit attitude trying to make it as amenable as possible. As you say you have a second start horse that he's had yet to. And is okay and deal with the problem old minority issue and -- -- what the -- We have a a little look for it to be. Fifty -- -- spotlight and the other 50% of the Hispanic. Apple -- can -- you know and all of the CI able French works or. Department. Board of election. OK she's Hispanic. And she and her the official capacity is dealing with other Hispanic people and and what was talking to people in English. And the people you know people could speak English but they wanted -- speaks Spanish controller should look bad Puerto Rican visual experience to. Com you know it's it's that we used to be a melting pot where people come in here and we all blend together and and come up with a good product. Now everybody wants their own piece of territory they want it separates. And -- I don't think I don't think it's a great idea to be honest with you I think coal -- -- has changed. If -- if you're here for opportunity and opportunity for everybody -- Nobody wants them blend and anything anymore everybody wants their own a piece of applied thank you thank you for calling. Yeah we don't get that my you know my grandfather. From a Sicily refused to let anybody in his family speak Italian outside house. They would speak Italian when they didn't want me to know what I was saying. But they were they didn't allow an outside the house was it that -- with YouTube. Game namely the -- Wagner outlined in the kids to understand. But they -- for a reason. They did it for a reason. They thought opportunity was here that they didn't have in my grandfather's case in Sicily. And they want to embrace that opportunity and they know the best chance they had. Was to fit and by speaking the language of of the country tell -- something. I'm well past my focus on studies. Time in my life. But if I were going to move to France I'd learned French. I would learn that I wouldn't expect them to adapt to me. I go if I'm a five moved to Paris or wherever which wouldn't but if I did. I wouldn't expect them to adapt to me I would adapt to them I think that that's that's a logical thing. Not too much to ask and I I would enjoy tomorrow more but it does seem that way anymore here. That week a lot of our way to you you should always keep your individualism. Nobody's saying that your goal weight -- we're saying is. If you want to be part of the opportunity for everybody. It kind of -- the blind -- and if you don't want to don't be surprised. If if everything -- an opportunity. You know I wish that I have learned to speak I took four years of Latin. Which you know I can tell David derivation of some words here and there but it hasn't been great years I was never a candidate for the priesthood. I I really wish that I had learned either Italian Spanish or something like that that would be useful to me now but I didn't but I wish I had. And now of course I came from -- small school now of course -- multi languages taught. An acceptance schools in and that's fine when I'm saying as. You'll either want to fit in and land -- you can still keep your individuality by if you wanna enjoy everything that's here. It's easier to do that way if for no other reason. Will be back with more with beach company. A group of black pastors. With the black pastors according to this a New York Times story. He discussed with them at their request war. Maybe some reform on felony voter rights and definitely are not happy with voter ID. When he went over to the and he said. The party needs to soften its message to gain wider appeal. He also said the issue is offending people there's a lot of things I'm offended. I'm offended by the fact it's forty miles an hour on new road. But nobody's listening to me the bottom line is it's there for a reason and whether if I don't like I take -- -- -- home. You have to show idea is is a pretty fundamental fact. -- litmus test for me is that it doesn't apply to everybody is -- equal application. If it is equal -- application it can't be discriminatory. But that's that's the way goes also with a felony voter rights he says there's a 180000 people in Kentucky who can't vote. He said I don't know the racial breakdown but it's probably more black and white. Well that's got nothing to do with equality it has to do it who broke the law was prosecuted and found guilty. That's I mean that justice is supposed to be blind we admit that sometimes we don't think it is OJ. -- but the bottom line is it's equal treatment under the law equal opportunity. Equal prosecution. And everything should be equal and if it is. That's the way it is a source -- -- But when he went -- Republicans spring mating. He didn't mention. -- ago on something else but he he has conciliatory. And wants to capitulate on things that we've been able to live with. The whole history of our country but suddenly because they're inconvenient for somebody orbit just don't wanna do because I don't wanna do it -- -- -- -- He wants to change it I don't think you're gonna win any voters like that nobody gonna sit back gulf you know I was gonna vote democratic. But this -- also about forming regarding me having the show ID so I think I'll vote for him. Now I don't think. Let's go to Mike in buffalo might -- on WB yen. I -- Concern about a minute short nicely for anything at the white -- -- who I am bought the defective they would be quoted for every time my bias expect from beer or something like -- But in the store in their -- just to. Verify who you are. But there were also recording every time you. Doesn't that spot all I you don't even get deported and they could trigger off probably equal you -- you -- for the country taken number your number is usually a little hard to register your. All but I didn't -- my conditioner. Well Bob I mean if you look at the cards for wegmans and tops things like that. That records every purchase of a note -- like broccoli better than carrots and things like that I think we're living in that kind of a world now sure. Number I don't know the biggest minority in this country are the folks that have over a few billion dollars you know. So I don't know. What how all the classified we're in order to -- must stop class -- minorities and unleash historical -- who's got the biggest -- -- -- gotten Obama. Well as best I know regarding voting I'm no expert on this but I don't think the machine records that you know Sam Sam -- Voted for -- Harry Smith I don't think they can do that they can say you showed haven't voted or you didn't vote because you weren't registered on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Larger thing to do. I I I don't know that to be true -- -- maybe somebody who works in the voting place to tell us that there whether they can match up your number. Where you are in line we have the actual vote cast. Mean every possible but the fact that every time that -- go to the drugstore or -- -- All of a bigger portrait shot whatever if they just want you to home and identified why am I don't mind that at all. But they wanna record ever retiring I go to restore and return to make a purchase it and keep -- -- file. I think there's a -- While the example that I -- there's just going to be a drugstore. I'll worry everybody knows makers and their right goalie and getting my Allegra. They may not give it to you so and so yeah I I -- that -- thank you. Yeah if you really think about it. Okay you're using your EZ pass now they don't know if you're in the car but I know where your car was they know where it entered when -- laughed so long it took to get there. -- use your ID card at via and it's cops or or wegmans. They know what you bought that and how much -- you bought them they know the like vegetables are right they all that stuff. You went in -- liquor store and and bought liquor. You have to show your ID. Now I don't think that those receipts or are sent anywhere to the best of my knowledge there or not. A -- like he just said do they match up a number. On your number 63 in line and and you voted for Barack. Her goal I mean it's Wisconsin reference. I don't know but there's so many forms of the drugstores have these shopper's cart. These supermarkets I just explained to you. Every play issue though unique identification. Some of its record at some of it isn't but the bottom line is we're so far end of that it's incredible. Whether the government for bruises and that stuff. I don't know I don't think they match up I could be wrong but I don't think they matchup the number with the vote otherwise that would be true easily. Oh yells -- noted in spotted and that would be a major. Major and don't know as far as I'm concerned. If they knew that I voted for whoever -- voted for. And the voters is the sacrosanct is supposed to be secret it's called a secret ballot for reason. All right well that about wraps it up and we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine on news radio I'm thirty by the way it's a -- show we would expect you to show large implications. Wanna make sure that your an actual listener not a ringer. Some of radio station. -- we want to turn that information over to the government. We'll see you tomorrow morning at nine administrator and I'm thirty W via. We'll we'll. Which they never had to -- -- be used she.

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