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5-15 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back Abidjan governing as Ron Paul used to get a lot of press and now his son Rand Paul gets a lot of press and I'm just thank you aware wasting our time -- this -- First I never label myself. I am a registered Republican. I have some differing views I I take things 11. Issue at a time. Make up our mind on them so it's not a rubber stamp were everything the Republican Party. Believes and I believe and 41 thing I'm I'm I'm pro choice. And I don't wanna get into that now but it's -- show in the that's not a typical Republican position. But I'm gonna make up my mind one at a time one issue at a time -- but one of things that I don't believe and is is law and order and I don't believe in just handing out things in softening things and making things easier to try and win something from you -- known as your vote. If if you don't care if you don't care to present identification for something as important as voting. Then why should I just ignore the value system -- -- all my life to trying get you on the -- come to vote for me. I think that's just the sellout position and that's basically what he has right now it says in this the New York Times piece. The bit that Paul said the party needs to soften its message to gain wider appeal. Soften its message. To gain wider appeal on and -- stand for less. -- admit that what you have stood for isn't of any value to you if you vote for well. I say eight dollars nine embargo this guy -- gonna with a serious candidate and see if we can win on the issues. And there were trying to be as fair as we can as outraged as we camp but not compromise in order to get it. Because otherwise you're just prostituting yourself to trying get the vote that you're never sure -- get anyway. Let's go to Adam silver creek and -- on W via. And -- L what I have to do next Tuesday when I go to vote for school -- I don't know what do you do. Please bring photo identification. With you when you comment on May 28 2000. Were you aware you offended when your read that and. Well I when I get there I'm gonna ask them isn't this voter suppression. Yeah. That you decided to vote board you know weren't quite sure having to go through those hoops. I just couldn't believe it because they're getting a new scanning of voting machines this year for the first time. So I don't know that he has anything to do with that but it doesn't bother me but I just think it's a fair ball. -- -- And it's it's a minimum that you have to dude just to say here I am and here this -- that I'm the person I say I -- what's wrong with that. And it should happen across the Bard especially for presidential election. You know what I find -- like even in the general elections when I vote I go to they never -- tried the all they do they have. Your signature of a cover battle over you sign. You know when you're standing there and they try to match up the signatures that's all they do it's minimal but voter -- is a problem for me. Well you know even my -- who does that dry you have a photo ID. Everybody needs a photo ID as I said Eric Holder who was going to speech before the NAACP. About not needing. Our photo ID Unita photo ID to see him speak so I mean it's ridiculous. Travesty and believe me I want to be the opposition parity I don't wanna be Democrat lite. REI. I'm so disappointed he ran pollen thrown out the information I have gotten from him right now. Yeah I am I am too because. If you stand for nothing what's the point am voting for you you as you said you want. A two different parties with the differing views and you pick and choose but if you're gonna sell out everything trying get the vote than you know better than the opposition party thank you land. I mean that's that's just the way it is. It is that think about like this he wants that not only. Soften the position but he wants to also softened the position on felony voter rights. He said because that was a that was a big deal brought up to him in the minority community. So look at this straight now are not some felons white. Okay are not some felons asked to show the same voter ID than anybody else would be yes. So what's the problem I don't get the problem. If -- only applied to minorities would be a huge problem and we would go eliminated instantly. But it applies to everybody. So I just don't get the fact that. The white person who's asked to do the same thing as -- minority person whether it's a felony. A felony conviction regarding voters' rights or just simple. Of -- right day. Why is that one group seems to be totally offended by it the other group is living what I don't get that or if they're not -- what -- what I'm hearing about it. We're not hearing about it every time you hear somebody complain about it it's on behalf of minorities. And I I thought the goal was in America that were all equal minorities not minorities. All equal means we all do the same thing at same time as best we can and obviously it's always something. How much money you make depends on your job and your education and all kinds of things and a dedication but some things are are should be and and are equal and that's the ability to vault. The same things are required a white people as required of minorities. If they weren't it would be a travesty but they are. And so why is only minorities are offended. Somebody explain that -- police. Because I don't get. Let's go to OJR and a car JR you're on WB on good morning -- hello JR. Like. It on the wrong side of the election like the two years and I wanna I -- winners. Now now -- wanna warm this America -- The well there. I I think that's a big part of it's it's growing by leaps and bounds there. It's growing every day of Iowa I went to the US capitol and to the White House. Four by years ago and the betting odds that identical true. True or invite the idea that our that our congressmen authorization -- the white host. Yet. All of these people so they don't require identification for voting what you're required -- That's that's a good blogs aren't any any logical person meant not logical way by any conscious person who's been around knows there's many things on an everyday basis that require Friday. -- Art are. Good lineup budget call and thank you boring uniforms or are we appreciate it. And Obama. Yeah I mean it is trying -- or triangle into any. A government building you're probably gonna need ID. Get on an airplane you're gonna need ID unique idea for almost everything cash -- check. Sometimes if if if your regular at the bank and they know you and they see you that's that's fine but walk into a bank where they don't know -- For instance. I love my bank. I love my bank and if I go to the branch. Down here at. At north forest and and maple they all know me so I can cash my check okay no problem. I go to another branch of that same -- they don't know me. I've got to show ID. So what do I do I whip out the idea and short film I take my driver's license output it would be -- and that's that. So. You have to understand that -- these are reasonable request and not unreasonable. You know if I had to study Florida if I had to pay extra you know if I had to do any thing that somebody else didn't have to do. Well then I would considered discrimination and I'd I'd raise a raise a big stink about it. But if I'm asked to do the same thing everybody else does that's not discrimination and everybody has to do it. Then it's no problem but apparently Ron Paul who wants -- goal of a point of least resistance. By his rant like calling Enron. Rand Paul go why couldn't his father at least given -- a name with a different initial you know Dick -- on that perhaps wouldn't be. Wouldn't be appropriate because I would do jokes about it but what I'm saying yes. It only wants to do is softens softens often watered down watered -- watered down yet now it's voter ID and and next thing would be of felony voting rights. After that immigration reform and then the big day amnesty and then we can shut off the lights because the party is over will be back -- more. After the Iran follow last week I spoke to the Republican National Committee spring meeting. And says that the party needs to soften his message. Regarding of voter ID. Two way rigged game while wider appeal he also is asking go for more consideration of felony voting rights. He said this is big where minorities who have petition him to a softer position on felony voter rights so let's say -- -- minorities. A protest against the Rand Paul they're protesting against having to show. In ID two eggs to be able to vote and to make sure that the people who are are convicted felons get to vote. A I wonder if they'll be okay with -- -- showing. -- is a sure I'm talking about so and so he wants to soften this up and that he says were fending some minorities. I don't I don't ago where offending anybody -- we asked everybody to do the same thing. I think what's offensive news is that I ask you carrier heavier burden and I have to carry that's offensive. You carry the same thing I do I carry the same thing you do. No offense except of course if you're a weasel politicians. Trying to trying to grab your vote let's go to Bob in Boston Bob you're on WB yeah. More annual I've only lived in Boston a few years -- Serbia account and black who want to. As sort of funniest story growing up but I won election in the -- in the eighties. In which the Democrat candidate when -- -- to counter. Was going got the incumbent. Now that the other Democrats countered with a minority. And the comic who was -- registered Democrat vote what because it lost to Democrat primary were honored had a Republican endorsement. Well normally when you go to local polling place there are a handful of challenges the four. That field poll poll watcher want to challenge to boulder and I don't know this person that'll be looked in the district. Well that particular being -- health report at least forty. -- polling industry. And so you're not he had poll watchers count many people work. When they found out that the branch right the basically a couple of -- -- -- people got back on the buses went back to buffalo a well. While technically yet we have police where oh -- has to be called release the brake at least one fist fight. At one polling places. All we're asking Friday. Well yeah -- out please note that. People that were there from the point places where the poll watchers -- when -- -- you know I don't know I I don't know what went. Connecting them -- they would say what -- -- might be concerned and you can -- you can vote patrol out this form now 28 days you had destroyed vehicle before. Turn it around to go right out the door. Just amazing you know it's as such things that we've been doing all of our lives and suddenly now. And it's just -- they just miraculously became offensive. And the day it fits into a political agenda that maybe not everybody subscribes to thank you thank you for your call -- that. I hit I accepted a defective people gonna ask me for ideal for various things as long as they ask everybody for it. The only thing they don't ask me for ideas -- enough to buy a bottle of wine. Of course I've never bottle bottle one but if I did I don't think I'd be cars or. I'd have to show them my student ID. Oh really view and George Washington got there at the same time Vancouver -- But you guys get I asked Friday all the time right. Yeah do you effective cycled to some -- in the by six pack I'm gonna get. The part and a -- -- -- -- parted within the last couple months for buying. Medication like a later date equaled just bird you know a decongestant. Allegra. Because I have terrible sinuses analogies OK it used to be -- a script. But they took up a script and it's it's they say it's over the -- but technically it's behind the honor. And because there are things in that that. People who make drugs could use. You have to show your ID every time. You get it and not only that I mean the pills are either twelve hours -- 24 hours and their time doubt that if you trying to get the next one. That two days early. Because it's the weekend is -- it won't get. You'll get it as a kind of idea in the forest -- this as an allergy for crying out loud but I would pot and get this I know everybody at the drugstore. 'cause I mug diabetic so I'm on like five or six different pills today I know the mall and their three times the weight. However every single time I have to -- -- my driver's license. Do I complain about it now I understand that that's a requirement that's what I do. But people who people think they have something to sell. All right if you're a voter and and this person larger vote in years and it you know what. I don't really want to bother having to show ID I'm might give you more consideration. And my cousin Harry varies just getting out of jail is a convicted felon. I'd like you to consider letting him -- so I know this state or and doesn't allow it but that's all right. Like that I'd like to see that happen. So what what kind of respect would you have for somebody says well how would all these rules or anything let's just kick them to the curb as long as -- Have your fault and that's what it's about. No different. So what is -- -- is Rand Paul the great peacemaker. And there's the assumption. That if you cater to somebody who's complaining about it that you're going to get their legions. Guarantee of that. Because it's like the famous words of Roseanne Rosanna -- if it's not that it's this if it's not this -- that. But it's always something. So you may have -- you have put a smile on their face by saying you don't have the show ID. But there are frowned when the voter ID thing comes up regarding felony voters. And how about so let's say oh I don't know immigration reform. In after that amnesty. G -- ever stop the answer is no it's like being blackmailed. If you give into blackmail at the beginning they're gonna keep Bjorkman he got to address it right away so you do the best you make it fair for everybody making uniforms for everybody. How can you do anything beyond that that should be done. And that's what our country is based on equal opportunity under the law. Equal enforcement of the law the keyword is equal everybody should be equal less what we want. We don't want favoritism whether it's 11 race or another. Majority dominant minority and nobody has a right to complain if it is right and fair and equal. We'll be back what more would -- -- company. There's nothing to do with culture. Has nothing to do with the lifestyle it has everything to do with border social order. And and that's the name of that show will be back after vests. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start -- thirty and our toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Now we're talking about Rand Paul says that the message has to be softened from the Republican. -- side of the Ayala on no voter ID because it's offensive. To some minorities. And where asking why if something is required of everyone. Why is it offensive only 21 group I don't understand that why is that a heavy lift that I don't like this to regarding. ID just simple idea the -- show all the time. You may be at the wrong polling place. Very simple I mean if you maybe you've got a candidate that you both -- speeches birdies on tele TV are. Our commercial earlier heard on the radio you want -- vote for Joe Schmo. And you walk into the wrong polling place in Joe Schmo is not on the ballot. I hate to tell you that but they're -- -- works if suddenly I have a real need to vote for mayor Byron brown. I can't go to a city a polling place -- forum because I don't live in the city. I mean that's as simple X as simplistic as a guest but that's the real world out there some races that are on all the ballots -- But there are some that aren't so you should be in the right place. And just say on the right person yes I I'm allowed to vote here and here's my vote that's the latest why is this heavy lifting on -- stand -- Let's go to Eric in Hamburg who might negative review Eric you're on WB yeah. Good morning Andy -- Well I wanted to say that you know with their voter rights V requirements and everything like that you came to the -- There are showing of the -- be what I'll talk about the entire pack is that the fact is that the voter right. -- -- gerrymandered districts. It's the removing of polling location from minority areas. It's the cancellation of Sunday voting we're. You know a lot of old you don't churchgoing people elderly people go to church they all packed in together and -- together because it's easier on them. As an older you know older Americans. And it's a package is not just the short order just at the -- right by itself. Imply okay. Well first -- -- -- first hole as opposed to secondary first of all if indeed polls have been repositioned so that they are not with the end. A district where somebody would wanna have a it's as a vote that's certainly something that should not be allowed I would I would totally agree with you -- -- and fingered doesn't apply to. Every voter who's eligible. To me is is something we can look at I was not aware that they were closing of polling places in in minority districts. Well I wasn't aware of that if that's it that's a fact that that should not be allowed and I understand that. And I'm. Well I -- -- some things but I don't I don't know everything about every issue and I. I would assume that that would be a big issue that they've closed traditional minority polling places and move them or close them somewhere outside I was not aware of that. I don't give me something to look Erica thank you wouldn't give me some things to -- a look at. But how about of the example I use when Eric Holder was speaking of the NAACP. Against. Photo ID being necessary you needed photo ID to get into that meeting. OK so we have won not -- I mean. But that we're not we're not talking about -- constitution says you came in cold any kind of a hole on any one. The only -- acceptable and I don't have idea at the time that the law it's. You're your effectively making -- go and spend money in order to be able well there's no way around. Well when people of the -- -- on a hole ID issue. Is always been like this whenever a municipality. Brings idea into the equation the idea is always free. Now you've got to make some effort to vote you have to get out of your house and go to -- Rican vote they don't allow -- vote in your house. So -- but basically. -- the way I look at it if it's the same requirement for every single voter how does that single out minorities. Secret that the package is that simultaneous. It's happening at this time around the order right. It's not or maybe there's an entire -- well. Early any written early voting were working people are able to go involve closing the polling places. You know. Before. Political polling place in the suburbs. Giving. Minorities who lit. You've given them. You know more strict time that they have to make time maybe someone working and -- -- -- -- will be -- Why is it before any of us ever heard of early voting. Well before it was ever initiated. People found a way to get to the polling place and vote for a new -- tombs date. From 6 AM to 6 PM or whatever is of time devote why is it that it always worked in zone until now what what changed. Bureau lists. Polling locations all location. My mom went so went right down streak she wore down street the world while now. It's the poll replaces an animal into the sober words that twenty minute drive. Or of the bush route takes so where you have to walk height weight -- -- -- the vote deeply upstream examples in different parts of the country. There are obviously strategically. Done to prevent minority people from voting is done to create or. That -- so when -- -- -- April I got in line vote that's one thing not in line that the BMB. Maybe only one all of this is not a mob boss for one it. You know on that particular amount ought owners. It is you know -- an entire -- it's not the older right package it's -- about. You know that the milk shake when -- talk about the prize and number eager to talk about well base in upper -- on Thursday. Basically. All we see people like were our Rand Paul. Who would seem very sympathetic to a cause like you mentioned. Not mentioned the rest of the deal he he's specifically focusing on the idea part of it. But when you brought up well above the closing of a polling place that might be in a minority. Location. Make it more difficult. That's -- to listen to but I'd I'd the rest of it I think that people have to make some kind of effort and as long as the effort as uniform. Idea I see no problem thank you. I have you guys I seriously have you ever heard of of the fact that minority bowling a polling places might be close to make it harder to vote no. I'm not heard that as an issue now I read everything there is -- basically and I listened to a lot and watch a lot I've not heard that is an issue. If that was happening it would be a legitimate. Complaint I would thinks. But this -- at least some efforts made to accomplish anything. They're not going to wield a voting machine into your living room. And it's a here. A feel free -- your vote you gotta get out of your house and go somewhere. You either get in a vehicle get boss walked whatever. The key the template I would use. Is if it's the same burden for everybody. Then it's non. You're not you products singling out any group if it's the same for everybody. If if a person AA has do has the gold three miles to appalling -- and and person -- eagles' three miles of place. It's no harm no foul. But you can always find elect I -- were idea vote voter though the Wendell -- fire hall. It's about probably have never I've never checked it. It's about five or six miles pro from where I live that's where our vote that's where I'm supposed to vote as -- I'm guessing I I don't know I've never checked it next time mom and in that area we'll check it. But I could I could get on the currency you know five or six miles an armored car. Okay while some armed they're well I don't know about that it's not good I have to work I have to be here I mean you can come up at a thousand reasons why your being picked on. But of voting is important TO and certainly it should be important to all Americans. He makes some effort to do it. You know they're not gonna come over there as I said with a voting machine it on your front porch or in your living room and ask you to vote that way he got to go to the polls are now obviously. If they systematically. Of closed a poll that represented. Minorities to make it harder for them that. Because again travel further distance something look at absolutely I agree -- that. But we've not heard those complaints from -- from -- minority community mainly we've heard. The voter ID part from them okay that's what Eric holder's speech was about when they required it to hear the speech about what he was talking about. We'll be back after this as a Rand Paul on August 14 of last year Rand Paul roll today. -- -- problems in places I mean everybody yesterday hours in those buildings now. Now right thank you and nine months later this aired yesterday. Yesterday the fourteenth. Of may on its one report seeing this is Rand Paul with Greta Van Susteren from Fox News or. I date but it's funny because you say one thing goes -- the circle and comes back has completely different to what you said. I did say that may we shouldn't overemphasize this so much we need to talk about other things to try to attract new people into the party. Which I grew up in a famine or my dad lost an election one time by 200 votes at 200000. We found 3000 illegal votes some very aware of voter fraud and think it's not that Henry's we'll show -- driver's license. But I'm also aware that some people find it that they think it's its nefarious that Republicans are doing this to suppress African American -- some very clear to say. That we're not trying to do that in fact I'm trying to restore voting rights for minorities I think have unfairly and the voting rights taken away. Now that's one aspect of what he was talking about another aspect is felony voting rights. And in this New York Times article that I have in probably. Rand Paul stressed his commitment to restoring voting rights from felons. An issue he said black crowds repeatedly Brock brought up. Whenever you he visited them. The bigger issue actually is whether you get to vote if you have a felony conviction he said. There's a 180000. People in Kentucky who can't vote I don't know the racial -- of breakdown but it's probably more black -- white. All right here's the question that whether there's a 180000. People who can't vote bear because a felony conviction. Campbell white felons. Vote and the black felons not vote okay the answer is no. Is there any discrimination. The answer is Knoll. The result is the fact that if you have a felony conviction you can't vote period you know how to avoid that. Don't become a -- Because if you do you're not going to have the right to vote so you were and it's time now where you can't when you make choices. That are detrimental to your life. And a US -- comes time to pay that bill okay. When you've committed that felony have been convicted of that felony you can vote period that's something you lost. As long as it's applied equally that's a great. -- that's a great looking glass I looked through is it applied equally to everybody yes it is then it's not discriminatory is. The answer is don't become a felon and you can vote and vote and vote. In the state. Our analysts though -- code to. Some people all along time -- this is Mike in Lancaster Mike you're on WB them. Well yes it is now that we confirmed -- you don't know everything under the sun in -- -- yeah. -- a Latino companies spoke of earlier is that. Any the whether you're going to have. Grocery or whatever premier electorate AG in that -- And I eat speak or you can't. You can't buy alcohol. It did it and the color is done pollsters involved in this car it will not help -- -- Bure deal man in this city. Why you're absolutely right and people on CNET much real problem about I've I've seen it up close and personal -- friends at all liquor store. And everybody has asked for their ID and nobody complains about a good point Mike thank you. -- by your friends on the strait of workers. On nine -- And I I often visit them because they're great people and good company and it's enjoyable time and every single customer. With so the idea no problem no problem no problem all different the darker colors. All different races. All of different. About people and nobody complains about it. A unique Girardi here it is thank you but when it comes to voting it seems like -- problem. It and everybody a work around that but the bottom line is it is that is it equal to everybody now the gentleman a call to callers ago our goal. A brought up something I was not aware of that if if some voting places a polling places. Have been moved from traditionally minority play. Locations two in either closed or moved out of that area and makes it more difficult. Then that's something -- should be looked and something that's why we have of people who love. Oh look after that sort of thing that's fine you don't want anybody favored over anybody else you want and as -- as it can be an equal treatment under the law to everybody. You got that you don't have a complaint as far as. All right if you're going to do any thing. In order to exercised the greatest thing we have to exercise and that will be our right to vote. Then don't look for any sympathy from me and not gonna bring the polling place to view. They're not gonna -- the voting machine on your front porch or maybe over trigger -- loans or whatever and have you vote because -- wanna -- it is easiest possible. Yeah other people that'll drive it to the polls if you can't get there. Believe me there are people will be very happy to drive -- the polls literature. But I'm tired of all the whining and complaining truly for any legitimate. A problem that should be examined and dealt with properly under the law. I'm -- I feel very strongly about that but if not you're just making excuses. You're just looking for an excuse. And that's not good enough you wanna do it. Get it done will be back after this.

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