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5-15 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All follow what is -- governor I guess it is BJ governor it would beach and company thanks to Tim Weiner for filling in yesterday. We're back we're back not follow not a full tilt boogie volume but ready to go already do -- -- give a lot of things. I'm going on today we'll start about a little bit of rain we got lives. I don't know I was I was going to doggy paddle and I don't were not a slam. You guys a lot of water it seemed like go to the start Reza was coming through last night it wasn't -- and -- in other words it would be heavy. And that was stopped. And and be -- and stop is it was almost like you could visualize the front coming through now you and I are both in Niagara county Chris is -- Harry -- would you yet. We got to we got a pretty good at times in fact we were in the bottom of the second inning in knicks game. When it started and we said OK time to go home Paula got rained out jam a ball is gonna be rescheduled doubleheader maybe Mel Mel played three -- or your place six innings. Keys and that's good math though if it if we normally play three innings. And we get rained out and we do a double -- how many innings or play so it's an opportunity for learning right and you get also -- numbers the count you know. How many balls how many strikes and how many outs in an -- And then get to advance. How many outs in the game. But I think it's good learning thing yes they are learning and sports at present MW Chris get that much water. Yeah we got to bear much the same amount we've been getting word yeah it would just more like crazy for twenty minutes and then you'd be -- exact hours now. It was like my honeymoon intense activity and then nothing. Well forget intense active fiscal and nothing that that's more like it and go where you guys surprised that the Bruins are no longer competing for the Stanley Cup. Well that's up to Chris Wallace yeah I thought there organ I definitely -- they're gonna win the Eastern Conference I didn't wasn't quite sure -- win the Stanley Cup I thought. They examined the Blackhawks are probably favorites going in. All go I didn't pick the black Sox discuss that in another comfortable win at that the west that that was a lot better than east. In the east it was kind of like Boston and everybody else to me but now our -- Ozzie to the -- and Canadians. Now it's onward and upward with hockey playoffs does seem like a long time ago that the sabres played their last game of the season that does mean that's what happens and it's time kind of like really drags out -- -- Now I wanna get this is I think an ethical question. This happening Kansas City, Missouri. A boy found 101000. Dollars in a hotel room where he was staying with his father last year. All right so what do these so he he turned and then. And don't what happened is nobody claimed it but he's not going to get to keep that even though nobody claimed that even though nobody claimed it Tyler or should I -- Was rummaging through drawers at the hotel may 25. He came across the neatly stacked the bills. And it was determined that the bills. If nobody claimed number. Where the property of the hotel and not his now I I go back to you know I have a legal training. And I spent two years of law school and the I think the of the applicable. Thought on this is finders keepers. Well look hot button first of all would you have turned him at 101000 dollars neatly stacked. Bill's probably in a drawer somewhere. And I via whoever left them there forgot they were virulent and I forget ten grand. But would -- is is that right or is that wrong when he let me check in check -- -- I keep it eradicate -- what would you do. If I just found 101000 dollars I'd probably just keep -- last like there was a report the town that some had lost it in -- some weird twist of brain -- at what -- hoping is it's illegal money and hoping that some bad guy stayed there. And was going to use it for bad purposes or you're actually doing. Service I would probably. The first thing I do is ask. And as Wesley oh what's the procedure if you find something in a hotel. If they say well okay we document it and then if nobody claims it would end up 39 days whatever. It's yours if I heard that nobody claims that it's the hotels might might change my mind. Because I don't sewer at a hotel -- any claim on it to be honest that's right if you drop an armored Rodham what are you drop it on the ground instead of being in my hotel. Would would that be the property of the municipality of the ground which you found -- I don't think so. And -- that's grounds for saying -- don't fail me now -- equipment. As grounds war but they said. See the -- get a reward. I mean it just -- dad's job I mean rarely. A so that's that -- editors believe me if this can't -- anything else and the rest of his life he's the internment -- opens -- -- I let's say before the break I want to make. It puts something in your head art this is not our subject today. But in my prayers are there tomorrow it's it's quite possible. At a -- very Connie Tim Howard is going to talk to the legislature today about the is a surveillance equipment that the sheriff's department has. Now obviously if you listen in my show for a period of time. A you know Obama law and order guy. I want the bad guys to Obey the law I want the good guys who obeyed the law. If there's a problem I wanted to investigated I want an investigative by an independent body. I want justice done and I want everything to be transparent okay have said that. How absurd. This I want to think of the absurdity. Of what we're going through now okay. Here's the deal when he is if say somebody is arrested for something. They've they've -- before that they do an investigation. So somebody's. They do investigation your arrested. And what do -- say about the person who was arrested. I am accused of a crime before they go to trial. York innocent until proven guilty and at that point would that person there's some evidence that's going to be presented to prove that. That's one side on the other side. The sheriff is not getting any kind of presumption of innocence there is no accusation. We have to get through this hello. Barry call Burton and the other defense lawyers and everybody who wants it just that makes him hey you a bit. They run with it there has been no accusation. Now there's an accusation and has proven that's different and -- follow up a -- But here we are. We're willing to give the bad guy or the alleged bad guy the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty and we take a good guy and presume he's guilty of why there's been no accusation. So I find that to be absurd. Absolutely. Absurd. And everybody's got their camera time and a -- -- been hearing from mainly. Defense attorneys. Today there's a surprise for that's what they do for a living that's what they do to make it to put bread on the table. I'm saying the sheriff should be afforded the exact same rights as a -- at all. So think about it. At the -- thought about it the more absurd it sounded. I guess -- at the point or don't trust anybody and that's too bad but the point is this if we're gonna give that benefit of the doubt to a criminal we shouldn't -- Give it to the sheriff of theory company. -- I may take a regular going to be back talking about one of the favorite people all of a small number of people. Okay the small number of people love this guy. But -- think and -- -- to get on the wagon -- this guy is gonna finish up the track you are not going to win the race. And his name is Rand Paul on news radio I'm thirty this is WB and let's say we got going on hi Bob onto this for a little bit about a week result. Rand Paul of people remember Ron Paul okay that's Rand Paul's father. And Ron Paul was a via a favorite under intense favorite of a small number of people. And every time we do -- show. That it had anything to do a national politics. It's like but probably would have blow. With Howard Stern. -- somebody would come up mention Ron Paul's name okay Ron Paul's gone and he's not daddies but it's just been. If he's not prominent anymore but his son Rand Paul as if he's an ophthalmologist. And if he's quoted quite often. And the same small fervent group follows him as followed their father and his father so now we have Ron -- now we got Rand Paul. Well ray Paul. Spoke to of the Republican National Committee spring meeting. At the Peabody Hotel in Memphis -- last. Friday. -- what he's saying is hey. Fellow Republicans. We're being too hard on minority is asking for now what do you think a -- Identification. To vote. He's saying this is -- -- minorities. To ask them to produce identification. To vote I wanna give you a scenario aren't. Somebody's on the fairway minority are not well okay. Rob about that thinking don't want. I think tonight we're having company I'll pick up a bottle of wine. So they stop at a liquor store and get a bottle of wine -- what's their asks. To produce identification. Which they would no problem -- no offense whip out their -- to prove that they are indeed old enough. To buy a bottle of wine. They go to a blocks down the street to vote. And there are asked who show ID that they -- the person they claim they are in order to vote and now all there are offended by it. How dare you ask for a variety of -- and have a problem being asked Friday. At but he liquor store. Or if they're buying cigarettes or anything like Saturday get into a casino. Or even to buy and airline ticket or any number of reasons why you're asked. To cash -- check. There's lots and lots of reasons why you're asked to produce ID. All the time however when you're asked to produce an ID to vote you get a friend. They don't quite get that and Ron Paul says we got to back away from that his quote is everybody's now he's talking about Republicans now. Everybody's gone completely crazy over this voter ID thing. Now if producing. An ID is his idea of crazy I think we -- -- we ought to come to the inclusion that he definitely is not a psychiatrist. Because I don't think it's crazy at all to ask somebody. -- John Jones may we see your idea please make sure your John Jones and you're not very much I mean that's pretty easy. Our senator this is a New York Times New York Times senator Rand Paul of Kentucky's. Friday broke with fellow Republicans who have pushed for stricter voting laws as a way to crack down on fraud saying the party was alienating. And insulting African Americans. Everybody's gone completely crazy over this voter ID thing that's his quote. Friday adding that much of bitterness in the debate over -- voting rights was wrapped up in race. I think it's wrong for Republicans the -- too crazy on this issue. Because it's -- offending people. So what he's saying is. We don't we we shouldn't offend anyone or our hope that nobody takes offense -- anything that they have to do. Or can't do in this country because they're there Ecstasy identification. Capitulation. I mean that that's where it is it's saying that anybody can walk up and say your John Jones -- Watson and they have just take your word for. He spoke at the Republican National Committee. To his fellow Republicans he said down also with a group of black pastors to discuss his views on voting public education and anti poverty policy. Seems certain to stir concern among Republicans. Over whether the senator. Who enter public service three years ago was the kind of presidential candidate who can appeal to the conservative voters. Who have so much influence in selecting the nominee while I'm saying best. If he wants to be president where criticizing this president the one of the sitting president now Barack Obama. For not having any respect for the law the of the laws that are in place that he simply doesn't -- win for us he doesn't enforce. So a law that's not -- isn't really a law has no teeth it has it has no value because they're not enforcing it. If if indeed on the young when they put a sign is that 55 miles an hour. And nobody stops you if you're going a 155. What that -- something is wrong I mean it's just totally in different it's of the law. And that's what he wants to do so I don't think we need a president paper a presidential candidate. Once the pick and choose which laws. And which rules which regulations to enforce. After his meeting with the black pastors he travel a few blocks down the street to address. The Republicans but he made no mention of voter rights of them. He mentioned it to be black pastors but not to videos. General assembly. He hit on the message that the party needs to soften its edges and start being more sympathetic. Two groups that have felt overlooked and maligned by the Republicans. So here ago if you really walk them through a voting place. And you're as Ecstasy ID ID and you don't wanna produce it because you think it's. It's unfair it's not rides or whatever your thought process is an -- those damn Republicans boy of as long as we keep Democrats in there. We won't have to low approval we are. Paul stresses commitment to restoring voting rights for felons so so there we ego he wants them -- Iraq Iran -- Barack Obama as a vice presidential candidate maybe Eric Holder would be a good choice did two run with -- so he wants to. Restore voting rights from felons an issue which the black crowds repeatedly brought up what he visited them. So here is what the -- said he visited said we don't wanna have to identify ourselves at the polling place and we want felons. Voting rights reached part. A good platform to run on don't you think. And it can you talk about radio law and order justice platform that's a good one we come back we'll talk more about this what my question is. And the GOP win would Rand Paul's position on voter ID and felony voting rights and things like that he says the minorities are offended. Are what reason is the skates a lot of people including me. We'll be back we want your -- your point of view it 309301806. Once it's -- through -- six. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight ten to one on WVD. And I think Jerry MLS commercials ready for a management position here at the WB -- You'll notice -- doesn't know anything. Said the timing of that I can ever -- that I don't know. And how about some more vacation I don't know I think he's I think the part of Jerry -- -- it to them I'm not really sure about it. It -- -- speech and company have said he -- Rand Paul you can forget about Rand Paul as far as I'm concerned so he doesn't want to offend the minorities by asking them. To show identification. At them at that time they they wanna vote. First of all everybody should be treated. The same way and equal application of the law no matter what you look like. Matter how taller short you are no matter what equal application of law is one of the things that we price here. So nobody's being asked to do anything that everybody else doesn't have to do so a simple ID which is required for a gazillion things I'd only gets too much to ask and you'll notice that. He he -- that position known in front of a group of black pastors. And then he went on the road and talk to the Republican National Committee meeting. And didn't mention that. These -- wouldn't get outs and a commitment -- would know. It's ridiculous but. Paul seems to be -- a time warp occasionally we've got two clips of Rand Paul. Do we ready the first one. Is August 14. 2013. Okay August 14 when he thirteen on YouTube this is Rand Paul policy problems. -- I mean everybody yesterday hours just in those buildings now. OK so that's pretty clear that's the way I feel driver's license the vote good nine months later. On May fourteenth of 2014. Which was what yesterday. Here is -- Greta Van Susteren. But it's funny because you say one thing goes -- the circle -- comes back has completely different to what you said. I did say that may we shouldn't overemphasize this so much we need to talk about other things to try to attract new -- of the party. Which I grew up in a famine or my dad lost an election one time by 200 votes -- -- 200000. We found 3000 illegal votes I'm very aware of voter fraud and think it's not that Henry's we'll show you driver's license. But I'm also aware that some people find it that they think it's its nefarious that Republicans are doing this to suppress African American -- some very clear to say. That we're not trying to do that in fact I'm trying to restore voting rights for minorities I think have unfairly and the voting rights taken away how. Okay now he didn't he didn't specify how they were taken away and fairly so he doesn't even really complete that thought that he. And that's that's the way it goes with him on he says one thing here one thing their leaves a little bit out here a little bit of the air so in one clip. He says as we quoted in the New York Times article. That is not and a not to are really difficult to assure your driver's license -- -- the short to get in federally. On the other he says we shouldn't emphasize that that much. I mean what does that mean. What does that mean it's him that means you're trying to be. All things to all people. How about being all things to people who follow the laws people who follow the rules what's wrong with that. -- now I know then you're you're going to have a backlash from people who don't wanna bother doing that well I don't know what you can do to fix that. I think rather than just capitulate and say we don't auto offense result with the you know nevermind you can say -- John Jones. Or -- -- or whatever your name is and that's fine with us as long as -- only vote once. But that's that's where he is now not everybody. It takes to his message some black Democrats in this. Jeremy Peter's article in the New York time time some black Democrats were less than persuaded. By his effort of outreach state representative GA Hardaway. A published a letter they criticize Paul for his past statements on the Civil Rights Act. That he does not think it's unreasonable for people to be asked to produce their drivers isn't one voting. Get real senator. Hardaway said to come here to Memphis of all places and espouse the principles and goodness of today's Republican Party excuse me I'm not buying it. So why you're trying to capitulate. To bend over backwards. To bend the rules or to destroy the rules to make somebody whom I I I'd sounds like mr. Hardaway there has no interest and even here in Georgia say he's got his mind made up. After his meeting with the pastor is Paul held a news conference and acknowledge a lot of work to do sometimes I get gaga. What you're saying I'm still not voting for you. He said we're gonna have to keep saying it so here's a guy as far as I'm concerned -- Value system. You -- value what we have not if you don't if you don't. Value it and you don't wanna enforce that then you've got you can be public about it try to get it changed. But as long as it's bear I think it has to be in -- this is the big thing that we ago one of the big things we don't like about Barack Obama. He's not forcing immigration laws and and -- things he doesn't like he doesn't fund. Or he makes it's at makes them toothless. And any others there that isn't being enforces and -- a lot of and it's like the sound of the tree crashing in the forest when nobody's there Garrett. Basically the same thing so I'm asking and the GOP win -- this guy I don't think so. I really don't think so I think that we're just wasting our time and wasting our effort. -- as far as outreach is concern what is supposed to outreach floor. Usually outreach is you know what the way it is now is not perfectly fair to everybody. But maybe you know it's not it's not discriminatory directly but indirectly we can understand how -- -- What the hell is to understand about saying I'm this person here's my ID. Because as I said he stopped at a quicker start in eight -- get under a federal building only ID get into any kind of a banking situation you're gonna need ID US Friday all the time for everything. All right so why all of a sudden on something as important as voting. Do you think it's an affront that -- being slighted by the Republican Party. Because you know what's you know what's next and I know what's next. And I don't wanna be an alarmist but you know the next thing down there the big day amnesty you know it's coming I know it's coming they'll call it reform. But it will be amnesty. And when we get to of that point there's no sense and even discussing elections because the GOP will not be a player. The grand old party will be just that there will be buried -- finally in once and for all week we won't have a two party system. But that's guys like Rand Paul get the got a lot of press his father got a lot of press. And that may be every once in -- something comes out of his about the south like a good idea. But do you favor this kind of capitulation. And what does it mean reaching out. For voter ID requirements does that mean you don't have to have -- How would you guys describe it if -- were asking you Tony what it means. To reach out. To a community that does not want voter ID what does -- mean. And educate. On education and the importance of having bolder idea can see yeah -- yeah because well that's a good point. Because if you could educate them sort of fact that. You know there are candidates that are gonna represent different things. And their candidates favored by different groups. And maybe some of the groups that don't favor any kind of voter identification requirement. Might have a candidate that might benefit from more voters going to the polls and voting for them. That's a pretty fundamental civics lesson I would think and so education might be a decent thing it sounds to me. Like capitulation. And that's a big difference the big difference Tryon. Is the last time. Do you think that we just -- bribing him bribing and bribing. People to vote for them is a lesson happened. Okay who said any democratic election OK you got -- right that's exactly how the Democrats work. Here's a cookies here's more cookies I'll promise you even more cookies vote for me. The Republicans are never going to be in a position to give out more cookies in the Democrats already have. They got their first they cleaned up the shells and now where the track a saying you know what -- needs some of those cookies back and nobody wants to give the cookies back. 8030930180616906. 930 Rand Paul gets a lot of press. And I think that he's just further dividing the Republican Party I know we have so many splinters in the Republican Party now. You know you're not conservative enough you're too conservative. A blah blah blah we're too tough on minorities. I mean he's. What he's saying is an open. Any fairness to would have been had any weight to it I would I was standing I say look if if we're make it harder for one person to vote than the other person. I would I would I would wanna change. But I don't think asking for identification is as basic as you get and it's done all the time it is done all the time has done for everybody. So I don't I just don't get that remember remember why Eric Holder. Was rented attorneys general -- -- lost track. A couple of years ago was railing against. The voter ID. And he was speaking in the NAACP. Meeting -- remember that and do you remember if you wanted to hear him say that what you had to do. You had to show identification and so do you find out at all but. A little knots. That you have to show identification and -- speaker says you shouldn't have to show identification. Got a little that's a lot I mean that's just insane. As what it is it's absolutely Wednesday. So I'm asking. I shall we listen Iran Paula just a -- -- Angela Carter Rand Paul not Ron -- as father. Our Rand Paul sweet moment of a quarter so we don't have to divide the party any further. He says the minorities are offended I find no reason why a minority should be offended for a simple act -- the that's everybody has dual bay. And what is your line in the sand for candidates for president my line in the sand is this and immigration. I want I want fair immigration but I don't want to just open up the the gates and because that would lead. Two true. Of the end of the Republican Party if we just did that if ware wrote of a reform is one thing I don't problem reform. But just throwing -- the immigration laws and saying you know you're thirteen million here that snuck into the country are good ago. And this is around the corner. Because once you get to amnesty. Which isn't which is the sister to what I just said it's over. It's over for the event over the Republican Party. Let's go to frank and I don't want to frank here on WB -- You know say it -- he -- or actor. You know did the Republicans -- -- right to pitch right K -- bowl site and according. Our our our idiot. You know -- I've been a Republican all my life but I consider myself to be -- here. It all it is either one or the other you can not try to placate. You know people by trying to say well it all we a look at a minority and we -- wire -- anybody buy it for. Per application I don't think I -- elections. It's getting to get all worked out or do you kick its property to show ID we're becoming to vote. Why why why -- somebody you're right it. We get this -- proper interpretation. That well you're absolutely right we do -- -- -- -- Portuguese or whatever. You wanna buy it. Or are you wanna buy collector and -- super interpretation you don't seem to get upset forget what you're born at all. The -- all -- an official identification at all. Now what's the first thing -- Koppel last use -- pulled over for any infraction got a busted taillight what do they wanna see they wanna see your driver's license and that's identification. Absolutely I just don't understand the mentality I just don't know warning comes from if you are itself that there is somebody watch that at all. People are worried at all others stop because you know it's a privilege it's a right to be able to vote this country. Well I think this happened is that the Republicans some of them. Have looked at the Democrats giving away all those cookies and being as easy as they possibly can on law enforcement whatever. As you know we want some of that we gotta have some of that we can't really stand for following the law whatever because we won't we won't win the offices we need to have any kind of control. And I think that's wrong you stand for something or you stand for nothing. And the more they give away there's a more they watered down it's a replied it's that a party is gonna stand for nothing. Absolutely. Actually I got a point where you know all that being a Republican doesn't -- ready here anymore I'll let you know I I. But I'm very conservative and I and I think I disputed the conservatives. In this country or disappear. It's like everybody it's all for the doll that's what they it's what and why it's not what. Look for the country markets were -- for themselves and make and execute collectible. Victor parchment scroll it got its support liberate it like he just don't care. And here's another thing frank every one of these laws that we wanna kick to the curb or ignore. They were all passed in the senate. They were passed in the house and they were signed by a US president and in some cases passed a constitutional Muster a with the US Supreme Court. And yet. If it gets in the way of of giving something to somebody's they're trying to get their vote they don't care about that I think we've got to stand for more than we're standing for now. Are absolutely you know Mario is coming up release stress now -- don't like eagle all of these men in order and taking your lights. You know so that we can get our freedoms that we care. You know that stopped there it could be able of all. They're very purchased that we have a lot of countries in the world people don't have their right. Don't hear there are going to be able to walk -- -- it will -- -- It's illicit I want to be -- the ball. They're afraid you can't you deter it won't offer a lot of areas and in a world. Just to be -- vote in her you can't get right to gain their freedom in that country. Our people are so very cavalier about it. And it didn't all the while I'm so that you shouldn't -- -- -- KI QIQ. Did. -- -- I want. -- You don't -- But I want frank how are holy picture and video on YouTube wanna go -- of the first person who complains to a liquor store clerk that they have to show ID to get a bottle of -- I want I want a picture of that because they don't do that they -- said they understand that but they don't understand something even more important the ability to vote it has to be the person that you say it is a thank you -- We will return would be to governing -- -- -- -- -- voting maybe you're stopping giving a bottle of wine for dinner. They're gonna ask you Friday no problem on does want to blow -- But now you wanna vote and they they have to know who you are what that's our agents making it -- for golf warming is -- beat. My comprehension. I'm sorry I'm not the dumbest guy in the world but I can't figure out -- out we'll be back with more with beach company.

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