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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Hadley Exhibits Major Part of NYC 9-11 Museum - Ted Johnson

Hadley Exhibits Major Part of NYC 9-11 Museum - Ted Johnson

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up to WBM live line and welcome Ted Johnson. & Johnson as president of Hadley exhibits and buffalo. And Hadley exhibit is responsible for many -- not all of the exhibits at the -- U. Well thanks for this morning tell us how your company got involved in developing. The exhibits for the 9/11 museum and what are your first contacted him along with -- all those tank. Boy I you know -- my memory goes back -- are. We worked. With the management company. And several different projects in New York City you over the years. It and I believe that this all started probably about five years ago and we are awarded the contract about four years ago. And it was actually supposed to open about two years ago but seen in the get a little bit to say about that. Yeah we knew there were -- the debt difficulties in getting this going but. And Ted I saw a preview of this last night and TV and it's hard to describe but it's absolutely amazing have you seen it. They actually I have not seen any of the TV coverage. They did include that tear lately. I'm actually supposed to be there this morning but. They give me here instead. -- what. What actually did you build it in Buffalo's and we understand. Yes it and in export frankly the last couple weeks a -- -- point out almost daily. To New York City they would go down -- leave here about. -- nine at night and get there about 6 o'clock in the morning go through the security process them and be delivered its seventh. Now all these artifacts that are on display. Were any of them ever in buffalo or -- do they remain in New York -- to look at them in the developed the exhibit. Most of whom were in Tom in New York there were few things that were here but most. We're in in new York at the end probably the wildest. Are affected. Kate that we cover bill. What is for -- small case but the glass is about a inch thick. Because you're terrified of vandalism and it is a brick from the compound that. We're urban where they took the -- Policy. Now when you receive an artifact or your made aware of an artifact of -- photos of it or you take a look at it and let's in New York. How do you go about the process of creating. The exhibit and how best to display the artifact. Well did the artifacts photographs dimensions. All the valves that are made for the artifact we try to make the -- effect -- disappear. So it -- you know we want everything to blend in the background because the artifact is what we're really trying to show. And it then the story and in this case. You know what's the story about what -- pieces instead of the you know the overall story when you boil it down. In this kind of framework. -- there's some there's some -- actually one of the artifacts. That they have in the war which is kinda unique is they have the actual. They've cut away part of war you see the actual footing the actual. Steel girders that we're in you know buried -- the ground. The -- from the original buildings are part of this memorial. And Lisa how big is this because I know you just mentioned the beams and girders we know there's a ladder truck in there as well. It's mammoth. Square foot wise to be out of what should know that I know it's it's probably. You know in excess 120000 square feet it's the ceilings are in different areas. You know our our 3040 feet I which we just had a really amp G gobbling up some. In the space them and that all it'd be done with boom trucks. To get up there are special plates. What's fascinating to learn how all this was created Dustin Johnson thank you so much for joining us. Thank you Ted Johnson as president of Hadley exhibits here in buffalo. And do they have developed all of the exhibits for the and I should also cover -- Memorial museum which is being dedicated today and -- open to the public may 24.

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