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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Cell Phones & Privacy - Mike Igoe

Cell Phones & Privacy - Mike Igoe

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Attorney and member of the New York State are Mike I -- Also associate professor of communication at -- for -- is with us on the WB and lifeline to talk about cellphones surveillance at the Erie county sheriff's department Mike. Good to talk to you. Nice sit -- standing here -- what's your take on a cell -- surveillance equipment is this legal. Well -- incidents that really illegal or legal -- say it's kind of about your article like you know -- New York -- -- -- the first part of the country. And the rules of the game used to -- oh in a private place. An expectation of privacy when -- a public place that's -- much. But you know the technology it's really changed the game because you know now you can have. A local conversation -- -- you're all but it's kind of public completely out of the air what it's like Internet. The problem that the courts are really not dressed you know what I don't point this issue emails that it's generally been the trend. That we use email no expectation products. Well. But -- surveillance is another thing because you know back in the eighties to local electronic communication privacy act. But -- the technology's changed much in the eighties in culturally change you'll get and that's the problem here exactly -- really dull. Hartman as well they're really -- and this particular issue what to you know so our constitution and all get out early but what they've read on point about the situation. Well Michael what do sheriff Tim Howard need to say today to. Satisfy everyone's concerns. What are your biggest problems I think that people aren't an issue with you during his last campaign but you tiger -- did very well yet. But you know it's left campaigning pushed a lot of -- constitutional rights and now people wanting OK without the fourth. What you really got app that stress you know that would only be used for criminal activity. But the problem that it used to great technology. From what it has -- and it's not that specific because -- act like a police -- to our. So consequently when they -- data neighborhood and holographic criminals to grab and let the people -- -- -- Americans so pretty. Epic electronic privacy prediction center to ensure that. They think there's a lot of innocent people whose gators being at the post and that we can to a guest you'd set to. Harry did this this is not gonna go way down you know. I don't know the big problem here until someone gets past but he electronic communication project it's bigger guys have a ballot. In between deport them and personally government interest in the government's gonna have to prove you know what they're really good interest but of course because the aspect that the earth to its budget that it would -- Even for the government to what these cases in job -- doesn't beat people privacy rights. In my let's imagine there is a huge emergency. Lives in public safety or -- in the opinion vote of the police -- -- -- a guy out there out of control he's moving around he's got a cell phone. And you need to act quickly under circumstances like that to the police still have to go to a judge and get permission users -- tracking apparatus to find this guy. I don't know it was as -- what's called a compelling government interest something like you know very severe say peace security concern like that that's not -- should they do that or to pressure just like at any -- -- situation in the upper right to -- all people. -- -- But a lot and it didn't turn. Case by case basis until the -- could update that's the problem is really no law in the urged Iran or an -- where released this issue. Mike nice talking with you this morning thanks for the input. That's like I go an attorney and member of the new York state park he's an associate professor communication to at -- for Sonia.

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