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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Rays of Hope From "Blue For Ben" - Tim O'Shei

Rays of Hope From "Blue For Ben" - Tim O'Shei

May 15, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Blue for Ben. Inspired so many of us we were all wrapped up in -- fight against cancer it was a fight that his family openly shared with us. Through his mom's blog and we learn quickly yesterday. As his -- ended. Timid or shy as a social media expert founder of life staring you and he's with us on the WB and my plan warning to him. -- a lot of hearts were broken yesterday when the news broke and boy did that news trample through social media. Did you follow. It is -- bit and get prepared and and that's how I learned. Virtually everybody I know. Learn about inadequate and that inspired a lot of it's about alcohol real pop. What you talking at least it's about those that. A lot of -- broke and I think a lot of people weren't -- it too which is of course the vehicle like it's it's them. It owed to -- also think about how a family like this -- Might have tried may be in vain to publicize. Their campaign and you know their love for little -- in calling attention to his cancer. I mean if we didn't have social media however they have accomplished this without social media. Well I think then you know without social media really would have then of course -- of -- and also that the traditional me and they and they come on that you beat up on the monitor it and about when is someone of the TV station. Formerly that's how old how old stories like this -- launch and they still can't. But of course social media is individuals families like hours. And really any Stanley McChrystal on many so -- many are facing pediatric cancer. The chance to spread their story now for a variety of reasons that's one hit in -- you know at this heart -- of people and this is the one people are talking about but what it was -- -- -- that from Bosnia yesterday -- the majority of the close. Let's you know -- -- And our hearts go out family facing a similar situation because there are so man. PM yea your right. You know his to his -- Mindy is -- is what started all this is how we all kind of got wrapped up and it. You know what what Mindy Sauer has done what Jill Kelly is doing this seems to be a new way to find support today. It can who maybe -- -- -- -- and you know and that there are other and we knew. For reasons we are a little bit less about they're so open about that are. Their struggles maybe an I don't know many sour I'm very impressed with not only her openness that. And at -- and ardent advocate actor and yours is such a good writer. That she you know -- story through. That is the -- to -- yet and he is really it captured people. And a question tally with all the struggles that these states that host the soccer's and so opens -- The -- still that that openness combined with his celebrity status and of course we are so many gotten so much. So much attention but yet it is a combination of openness and and that and you know and -- punch in and of course that's a social media tell about opening your -- The world that -- -- good thing but in this case it's the -- severity. Positive result from that situation it's just awful and you never happened. Do you think bigger real good storyteller like you just mentioned is really important in the in the success of a campaign like this. I do I do and I am you know I'm not sure that they -- I don't know many talents so it's hard to say that was. As it -- content simply Sheridan and inspire parents and work out her own feelings are -- and a -- -- You to get out the attack in the -- has received a I don't know that. But yet being a good storytellers is the common thread and that it long before social media. You know held -- here we we don't you have to be good storyteller to get a touch and her story. That's still true in social media it's just that now you don't need the traditional media that you can do it on your own if you have asserted aren't skills if you're willing to be open. And then you know you need a little bit and that the right walking ammunition outside a touch -- so muted Mexico -- -- what exactly what. Yeah -- you say you don't know mandate and we don't know many thousands a questionnaire -- don't know -- but we feel like we do you know. It feel like we do you get what you like you -- -- like we know about them. You know percent of wanted to come back to -- there's so many families -- I know are out there it's in similar situations. And don't let my coconut that's what it's seems to be happening is that. People continue to pay attention -- an honor that legacy to -- as many sit and all which is -- and all the families that are chasing mass. Would be I mean would you agree that good to come out there. You know put market sentiment and we purchasing struggle assists unimaginably. That the public had an eight year old daughter and two older kids and I can't imagine the hours are and the -- -- on but I can imagine that maybe a little bit better now. They keep these are open. You're right. Tim nice talking with you this morning. Having it -- it's that it's started it's a separate -- it's started talk about it and I appreciate the chance to do it. And you're absolutely right it's Tim -- -- the social media expert. Founder of lions starring you.

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