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5-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- I wore -- down upon you with great benefit them. India the whole movie. Muslim -- and my -- Think he's glad that. It's. It's easy to clean. But the same publicity. We've -- and now this. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm -- live on its local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you do well I would discount. Our news radio 930 WBE. I don't. Weigh in our politically correct society in which we live. I have never seen the complaint -- a black guy about that stereotype figured regularly on my show all and you're welcome guys -- immediately it. Anyway. -- your body -- hourly on the WB eat and the thank you very much -- for being part of the program. And we are a very very traffic intensive right now when the sign on the 29 he says sixty minutes took it to the 98 and the sun is right by main street Williams bill. We got ourselves a traffic issue. And we're all in this together our job get home safely as quickly and as expeditiously as possible with the minimum of frustration. It's a tall order but we'll try to walk you through it. I want calls from you guys on the roads if you can safely do it. Two lines are open tell me where you are what's going on if you have pictures of -- -- weather that is hitting your right now. I I don't the -- pictures yet I could make one up I wouldn't do that. Tom at WB Ian dot com is mortgages and to me before 645. I'll get them up after 645 a -- it and right now let's go to Casey who's the first -- away. All I'm sorry Casey hold on a second I'm sorry guys I'm not used to calling on Alan Harris at this time but let's call on Alan Paris at this time. Allen looked at ten minutes after six what's via the. Itemized right Harlem once it went past central park at -- north that was very nice to -- Saudi Apollo but I don't think that was the same part of we're discussing. It is twelve minutes after six -- WBE. And actually go through Harlem if you wanna go to grant's -- there's a way to get there from their. I'd love New York City impeachment and figure that out really do enjoy it. I hit it politically but as a place to go oh my gosh. Let's say gets more calls on with traffic on WBBM we're here to help you guys through it you're here to help us get other people through it. We're pulling together it's like a giant Tug of war us vs mother nature who will win. Now Casey I apologize for the false start and you were on WBE and -- probably Holman though what's on your mind worry what's going. Well payment -- in -- -- And -- Up at -- on. What I got. How I don't play and -- -- out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Between them are under 190. Once you are under. An hour and -- eat out. All and enjoy those traffic circles. Well I call on the big believer and groceries myself. Will be a safely take a picture take a picture on get my area radar back up my computers crept out on the -- -- -- fresh but I everything's back up now thanks very much by the way. We have multiple confirmations. That if you're trying to get north to south and I suppose south to north. Harlem road. Is a tremendous. Alternative. Harlem road runs parallel to the three way and it's a great alternative and you know what sometimes in winter. Is of I see it's always start reform is set up on the nine. I just take Harlem at home and find that there's so much easier than dealing with the -- who's on the through waste our. Harlem road is a great alternate warrior if you're trying to get. From north to south or south to north. Because the ninety's he Mongolian cluster. Dance what do these days in a slip up and that will be last year. Let's get back to the calls on WB and here is Richard in Cheektowaga Richard talked to me. -- -- like formally you know like this came up from spring bill and outlook and you guys talk about the the problem in -- east. And I just got around this with adds we no problem. On coming up to June 19 I got off the mile strip last. And Tibet overruled by came up and over the skyway. And monitor the 198. To -- -- -- Cut right through dishonorable for their project put up on the -- featuring just cut off from Harlem road not even slowing down not -- OK I just have to ask you how many extra miles did you travel. Off site that's. Five miles and never slowed down -- Go through that route again because I'm sure -- of people where were you where you're trying to go and how did you get there go through one more time because look. People think slowly I think slowly so do it kind of -- -- -- Okay let me -- this writer okay emerged and all coming up the -- ninety them. Where Mike McCoy got it I can get back on the through LB in trouble so I got off the mile strip are going toward the -- going westbound. -- get down past the McKinley mall and got on route five rate down by the I guess that's Ford plant down there and then had up toward buffalo on route five. Right up law passed a farm and all that up over the skyway. And now what I got down in the bottom of the sky way I got on the 190 north. And started to tighten up along the river in what I got to Jacqueline I wondered about what I have problems there are took a chance on the -- -- without. And just. But the project I guess that's. Eastbound on the subject without re -- ball float to the 33. Not even a problem getting on with 33 that would be unbelievable part no back up there. And then took 33 out and jump off the Harlem road and I just came down -- world. There and there are around the. There you are it's like the great existential traffic question there you are like nobody can ever take a bath for you. Nobody can ever drive to Snyder were you that is the very essence of Marxist socialism. And I thank you for allowing me that brief interlude a philosophical. Knowledge. I met thanks for the call where it all three. Actually knowledge was the wrong word desk camp was what I was looking forward just wasn't popping in my brain the only reason I'm working today. Is because city beach called in sick today and to Winger said -- And I did I just felt like one of us had to be here today. And basically I'm sorry but the -- it's better now actually here's the irony it sounds better now that that when I started out it's like the more abuse and -- the better it gets but I do have something about their drivers didn't sleep all that well -- I kind of feverish. And you know again no big deal at the end of the world. But I still like to be the solution to my boss' problems I don't like to be the cause of problems. Keep that mind -- in my book I don't know what the hell I'm talking about by Tom Bauer. I'll write that -- Sunday. I keep meaning to write it when I go to Jamaica and other things just pop up. It is a seventeen minutes after six we're at 8030930. That's the land line. If -- and hold into watching the weather hobble your neighborhood get a call. If you're in traffic and you -- a movement which you wanna do. Is sick call me -- -- 930s you can safely and legally do so I don't need to get and -- them pinched I don't need to get the ticket. Now that they're gonna do that today they're pretty busy anyway. And give me call let me know. How you found the drive home. If you found an alternate route feel -- this year as their previous caller did. Harlan wrote if you're just joining us the nine the Sox. Don't need tail right now. Absolutely you can use Harlem -- parallel to the throw away used Harlem. At last word it was a breeze. Now if anybody's on Harlem and -- suddenly has changed into another Mongolian close. Let me go start 930 is via recall I'm yourself fault and folks just no. I only whip up the traffic show when I really feel that enough people are screwed up by the drive home. Bet it merits. Doing a traffic show I don't to gratuitously. That's one of the things I've learned along the way two in the afternoon drive show here is Scott. Who was Walden and Harlem and a Scott welcome to WBE. And what's happening. -- -- -- -- Yeah about 510 is common through outlaw all been trying to get to the -- Through Lancaster and saw the massive transit and I got through it. And the underpass -- -- to Dick wrote what it through the -- turned it around there. I went all the way back through the -- to Lancaster and trying to get out people want to see my son and I. So I went through Lancaster all the way down central got another -- Belmont. Caught transit -- or under the in the mood fail and 400 is that through a Gordon last. Have you any advice to offer anybody at this point. They out of the water and short -- -- and be patient because it's it's -- about an hour to get around but I'm. Loaded on Hamburg now stuff. All right you're zeroing in on target and hopefully. Hopefully you have enough gas to get there because this is not a day where you wanna try to get in the threw away with fumes. Sure our current year when we get a valley girl on the other end of the on the go pick up healthy they don't. Years gallon frigid did that there it was for example whose kids are world cool. Thanks very much. They don't 30930 start 930 and traffic Alan Harris is -- busy man I think we might have to keep -- overtime tonight what do you think Joseph here's Alan Harris with traffic. These severe thunderstorm warning has been canceled but you might like to know that however. What the forecast be without some kind of statement from the National Weather Service and I'm here to look Blige. National Weather Service in Buffalo's issued an urban. And small stream flood advisory. For Erie county Genesee Niagara. Orleans county and that includes the city of my dying now. And out at 605 and remember this is always changing weather is like your life it's dynamic constantly in flux yes I said flocks at 605. Radar shows between an inch. To an inch and a half of rain has fallen across parts of the advisory area I just mentioned those counties. And this is gonna cause -- of water on roadways especially in those low lying areas plus small creeks streams will rise rapidly to -- bank full. If you are driving. Guys you don't know how deep that -- is they can be soul freaking deceiving. Don't try to drive through the puddle I don't care if you got a Hummer. -- record you've got Villa Land Rover or a friend of mine. Who's desperately trying to get the Land Rover prying away from mom and don't know that's the -- But in any event don't try to drive through the model it is not worth a midget Mike are trying to proposal. Yeah I've had I've -- very expensive opened elected sailboat all right anyway. Just be advised of flood advisory means river or stream flows are elevated -- pumping of water -- -- and other areas is occurring -- is imminent. And why they have to write it like via Russian novel I don't know. Again Harlem is a great alternative. If -- your way is still you know. Is still got a -- news for all month time. Harlem is still looked terrific alternative for you okay now if we have any more traffic or weather calls. I'm herself in the background guys. Now granted I am insane crazy and delusional but I am hearing something in the background and my headphones. Almost sounds like maybe in network fit that we just what every did it to go away thank you what are you doing -- you're trying to drive me did you do try to drive into the madhouse. I gotta tell you another front page piece in Buffalo News wouldn't be the worst thing in my career. Except this time I hope at least please show the tuxedo picture or at least look pretty hot you know. Are at thank you -- a break now at news radio 930 WB and if you have bad weather if you got pictures of bad weather. I you can call me 8030930. Or send the bad said -- -- pictures to me let them I said that moved what I get a bit pressure you got pictures that I need to -- that I can share with my audience of traffic or whether or hail. Com at WB EN dot com has already given to -- by 645. Put him up on my FaceBook page Tom -- hourly. BA you. ER LG Tom dot hourly it's the picture of that long haired handsome fellow wearing a tuxedo the one I really wish they use that in the hit piece. Yeah let that musical Bob but I go -- a little bit -- because of the laryngitis beat. Bob and Mindy I. I owe you an apology because it looks like you're gonna get the game and I never said it that the game wasn't gonna get it but I kind of stopped talking about the homestand because I'm thinking to myself. Josh it looks like it's going to be a whole lot of foul ball but just -- otherwise Houston state. But they are gonna get the game the TARP is coming off the field life is looking good indication of saying what game. The -- homestand continues tonight against the Gwinnett braves first pitch seven or five. And you know you might have to encounter a couple of raindrops and may be -- -- the little blitzing or they need to get all wet but there's worse things in life especially winner eighty. But Europe anyway we're 80301530. Start 930 and 180616. WB -- Now guys -- I've been told the mighty west has all. Wide open I'm told that the traffic issues about which we have been talking over the past hour have ameliorated. And therefore for me to continue taking traffic calls that would really be. Superfluous. Unnecessary. And a waste your time and my time and why why do now. If there is something that pops up here. In the next at twenty minutes or so make sure you call but it not wanna get back to our topic that we've been discussing. Now. The -- email address by the way Tom at WB EN dot com. And I usually don't to a -- lot after 645 with FaceBook because by that point I'm you'll start to log off my brain for the day. Another topic bat. It has been very very very interesting most of the day for me and hopefully for you. -- if it if you'll find it interesting items was screwed but the American family. And this is a rare instance were actually find myself in agreement to CBS poll. 64%. Of the American public believe the American family. Is not a strong -- was when they were kids and I told you about it this time yesterday so this is not a repeat show. My question to you is pretty simple. Why. What happened. What happened to the American family. Technology. Over scheduling our kids has anybody ever now this is nobody's brought up this idea. But as anybody talked about the low birth rate in America. Has anybody thought about that. Because sometimes it seems to me. That the people who are least able to afford to have twenty kids are the kids who are the people who have twenty kids. And the people who you would believe would be in a position actually support a large family they don't want a large family. One or two kids and then the slips that that's how things go up. So all I find it interesting because. When you look around the neighborhood -- neighborhood always go in cycles. But. I live in a neighborhood we're. We have a tremendous mix of people we have seniors. And we have young families. And it really is -- like Norman rock well wish on -- Saturday summer afternoon. To look outside and see all the little kids and -- -- little mean anywhere from four to about 1213 years old and they're outside planned there haven't fallen. I see people walking their dogs up and down the street with their kids without that it's so what little girl who lives I think down the street. Probably about. 89 years old on Saturday and she happen to be walking. My one of my favorite breeds of dog which happens to be a black lab. And I asterisk that -- forget it your dog a purebred black lab or not is she said no not a 100% black lab. And I told -- you know what I said your dog. I love. Labrador is enjoy him now. -- I am. Having just savored that moment of conversation. With the little girl. And an older woman comes walking by you talk about blog city my neighborhood is dog city. And her name is paddy -- -- does not live on my street she lives couple blocks away and she was walking. A dog. And I feel stupid because. What awful lot about -- breeds I mean I know what Siberian Husky I -- German shepherd I know would Olbermann and I know what they look like you're obviously a box when there Wiener dog know what they look like. This woman her name is patty she was walking. An American standard. Poodle. Folks. I have never thought. That I can be. Excited by an American standard portal. But it's a big bird dog. Now he was all black -- curly here. -- she was nice enough to let me pet the dog and I always ask people mad that your dog. Because sometimes a people poll you know people wanted to they're visiting places we got to go up. And anyway I'm given this dog this dog is -- seven or eight months old. This dog was so incredibly. Well behaved. And we talked about 510 minutes and at the end of the conversation you're gonna love this I asked this lady I sit by the way. What's your dog's name. I've never heard before of a dog named Eliot. But the dog's name is Elliott. And I just I looked at -- I looked at the dog and I said of course he's an Elliott what else could he beat. Totally a perfectly named a dog I just had never heard when named Eliot. But the more I looked at the dog realized there could be no other name but Elliott for that American standard food. And by the way you -- put that in my list of things I need to research I don't know anything about dog breeds idol. -- -- -- I guess I've never been in two dogs as far as you know the whole pedigree thing might -- that I had -- as a kid was a much. You know my cats have been months mutt cats and I persians. Don't have Russian blues. The cats. That adopt me. Our mutt cats. And yes I get adopted by cats they paid they come to me it's like I have the public that -- Are right I -- Dilemma my black cat the the indoor cat domestic short here. You know the story. Ten years or so ago stopping off -- Glen park and Williams bill icing -- figure approaching me. And I realize it's a cat she starts rubbing between my legs are saying it. It realizes -- thing with skin and bones. So somebody ran to the store for me got some cat food. And I went back there every night to three nights and finally realized. Somebody must drop this -- off at Glen park. Because -- the cat is social beat she had just given birth she was -- dating if she doesn't have a hole. So I took let him. She is the perfect cat. -- captivity. I don't know about you. I kept should be funny. Energetic play pool snugly. With just maybe 5%. Of an attitude. Glen has that 5% attitude. Now the other one who adopted -- really care that she came with the house is just that I didn't know it. In my neighbors are astonished. That I can actually pick up this wild all she's wild I mean she's. John you know the cat to my referred to gray cat Hayley yeah you've seen Hayward. She. Looks pretty she might look at you like she wants to be pet. Don't -- I can pick her up and putter by my facial give me any kisses anybody else tries that they'll end up in the emergency room. In fact it was Haley who sent me an emergency room because she got into a tussle with Carolina. And bit the almost sound -- the -- So there I -- -- the emergency clinic any antibiotics. No I did not euthanize -- She had direct your aggression toward me when she was attacking dilemma the cat. But an -- a long story short. In your neighborhood. You might notice. If you have kids. Maybe 456 years old you might be the only family in your neighborhood. That's why so many people do as as ridiculous as I think it sounds a range play dates. Because. There just aren't enough kids in certain neighborhoods when you grew up. I will bet you anything you at least ten kids and your street around your age right depending on how long your -- your neighbor. It was that way when I was growing up but a player for the longest time the street on which I grew up in the top -- wander which is all old people. All retirees. But then new generations of children and families moved in so they've got kids with whom deploy. And I've often told you that as far as the low birth rate. In parts of America. That it is team it's always been a metaphor to -- That they tore down. Brighton elementary school those who don't know Brighton elementary school was part of the -- -- out of title one school district. The original building was put their in 1927 the original brick -- 1927. Then gradually expanded over time. Well here's where the metaphor comes -- they expanded the school because there was a demand for more school space. More classrooms more teachers. But. As the birth rate fell. There was no demand for that school -- district closed down the school and just a few years ago they tore down the school. And what stands were Brighton elementary school used to stand. Senior citizen apartments. That my friends is a metaphor. It is a metaphor. For the lower birth rate. And I sometimes wonder. You know as I sit here and I think about where these kids with their cell phones and texting in the Internet I sometimes wonder how many of those kids. Don't have anybody in their neighborhood their age with -- deployed. And that is a valuable social adjunct in addition to school for them. You know before I cast judgment on and kids in and being to technologically. In line without having any real life social skills. Now if nobody -- comedy wanna make and I've forgive me for talking so long. But this I think this is -- this is actually turned out to be one of my favorite topics I've ever done. Why is the American family not as strong as it used to be tell me why what is your opinion. 803 all -- thirty. Start I'm thirty on the cell phone and 180616. WB EM. And there is something else I wanna mention and I think I can get through this now. I've had a chance to let the news sink him. What. Did the story. Of -- sour. Teach all of us about life. And about Western New York if you don't know band just turned five and it was last week. Blue for band. Been covered extensively. In the media including here. On this radio station. And how do you explain. How somebody like -- -- and so our only gets five years on this planet. And David Berkowitz son of Sam is still. Breathing here. Things like that bother me at a level but I can't even describe. It's like this that the the evil people seem to have these life spans. The Charles Manson is still alive. Been sour got five years. Charles Manson. Is still living. It's stuff like that that really just makes me. I gotta tell you it is sometimes. If it does make me question their whole good vs evil in the triumph of good over evil philosophy. That. I've always hoped was true. What do we learn from -- sour and the story. And how do you explain things like Paris and all but given the a lot of time to call and talk about it. I was not ready to do was show earlier a -- I could not handle. I've had a chairs with the news again. Earlier I could not have gone through that. Even for a few minutes -- up yours. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB yen or send an email Tom at WB EN dot com. AccuWeather. The first time all week we're gonna do AccuWeather at all. I don't have a forecast of Brittany. Gusty thunderstorms in the area this evening otherwise a lingering shower and a rumble of thunder late 62 the low tomorrow going to be like today. With a high of 75. The National Weather Service it has need. Severe thunderstorm warning well I'm sorry that was canceled I beg your pardon. However there is. There is a urban and small stream advisory for Orleans Niagara Genesee and Erie counties in Western New York. All right 8030930. Here is and the fisons players several five tonight against quit that the Gwinnett braves the game is on 705. We're looking at whether -- go to nasty weather dropped were west here is Paul in the -- Paula first of all. I -- kids are planned outside right now because the weather's kind of -- -- -- But I mentioned that your call screener -- so articulate. After -- but it but it also picked up -- game. Which probably just -- Because you're from. It. Straight. Bowl garage is no -- in -- And been in the wind storms they all get toppled over in the hoops break often nobody ever knows how to put a -- back on the hoop. And that the lawyers that sort of on home yes. All around my neighborhood there I'm salt. Special about her whatever it was so I'm looking out for for -- village. Yeah it certainly. Sure what the group issued a lot of big. Or whatever it was almost all -- America. About suspensions are everywhere all spot yeah me it made a big -- Well. You know it's interstate because now all I think Michelle Obama might do a little bit pissed off at mom's making chocolate chip cookies for their children given the fact that we have the obesity epidemic in America. In fact she might lobby so heavily she might even hold up and -- leg side. You know ordered -- it just we were all so I Parker do whatever dirt bikes which trip but all. To a jury chocolate chip cookies didn't make a difference. Well you know it's so interesting you say that because. Paul I don't know old you are in right now I don't want -- in as not to be rude but. I am really concerned about. People's social skills. In 24 team. I ultimately baby boomer all right and that and frankly I've never really had good social skills I just have a habit of opening my mouth and inserting my -- my entire life. And groups of people I don't know sometimes freak me out and usually takes me a few minutes to get into the vibe. Of a situation be at a bar and nightclub or any you know party company party. And I'm thinking to myself if I go through this and I actually experienced. You know real life personal interaction as a kid. What is today's generation gonna do with the company. Holiday party they would be tested texting each other. That particular redirect now. This new. -- that they -- they. Any and all I backed markets. People or why you up and it almost respect. You -- Adult and so it here and here. -- appreciate it. All cable network well. Up Paul thank you were very much it's a -- -- to say that thank you folks I must tell you. And I'm sorry about the traffic interruption but I'm not sorry that we -- hopefully it'll get some people hole with very minimum of frustration. I have very much enjoyed. The varied opinions. On why families are not as strong in 24 team as they were when you were a -- I really think that pretty much everybody was right in their own way. I think there is a constellation. Of circumstances. Which. Has emerged in the sky of our lives. Which -- resulted in a diminution of of the importance of family. And the functions quality of families in America. And one of the things I haven't done that I should do. Is look at the situation in other countries where they also have technology like Finland. Germany England Italy. Are their families as strong as they used to be other coaches to do that I hoped to before the next time we get together. Again and sour. Rest in peace little man. And you're a fighter. And I'll be thinking your view. Parents our tonight as -- entire community. A wanna thank my great crew. Behind the scenes John Sherman your call screener and also he runs back and forth between his job in my studio constantly. And Joseph ever master control doing a great job as always we love Joseph. We have a nice -- true here Sean Hannity next know yourself.

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