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5-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolf the EU with great -- and then. India the whole -- Ball that ends this month -- Very for the short. Yeah I don't know you're not. And and and it just system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. Tom hourly. Right when he showed that certain spot in sly and its local unbelievable that you doesn't help not really I like everything it's Tom hourly. Hey you pick up that group you have to drive to -- the food the on news. All right it is that our they with the news radio 930 WBBM. By the way -- thank you love very much for what really. Has proven to -- the eight tremendous. Discussion anybody thinks talk radio listeners are stupid is eight may end or call themselves because we are. Are today. Talking about stuff. That sociologists. And experts and psychologists have been studying for years. But what I'm doing is relying on your mostly good common sense. -- come up with York. Redeem -- why the American family is not as strong as he used to day. And I am not going to sit here and argue that it is as strong or stronger than it was when I was acute because it is not. And if you -- Yesterday it was around this time we started talking about the issue of helicopter parents vs missing in Eric I'm missing in action parent somewhere between the two -- got to be happy medium. Helicopter parenting my opinion is no good. Because your kids have got to learn to make mistakes. When they're young. And that's how you learn. So many kids are so over governed by parents and then there -- and the parents magically expect the -- to be able to -- mature decisions when everything is thrust on the want to on the -- the school that they screw up. Seriously. On the other hand you have to be presents and you have to be something of a role model. For your children I don't really like the expression role model but frankly. My parents work my best role models. And by the weight for good and for well. There -- things up my mom say all right my dad I appreciated my father the older I became. But I learned what I like about what he did and I also learned what he what I didn't like about what he did. And I learned from his mistakes. And -- -- that nothing my father believed. My my dad was a good man he he truly wants but I got a two year. I don't think he ever really did what he wanted to do with his life. And I learned from I truly -- -- that I think his -- Now. I want reasons. I want reasons why. The American family is not a strong -- used to be we've got some great calls so far and if you are in your twenties or thirties. You know your area. Millennial Generation X. Boy now I feel really old baby boomer Generation X. colonials holy crap. Who is your parenting role model bill college thing. A pretty seriously injured vice client. Right now it really gave myself you know three -- -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB -- Now let me get back today because it was on the verge of brilliance from we had to take the break -- the news. Dave again recap why the American family in your opinion is not as strong as it used to be are you started talking about. Okay we'll start with we have to go from its its category X 697 years shall start from ninety argued briefly from 1945 up until now. This is this is my hearing and you would hit it it's very broad. After World War II all these men came home and we had a post and and the women that were here. Hit jobs had money we had a post economic boom -- that -- on the -- people overseas yet again. To a degree and as a result every man and woman they got married yet and these kids from the -- -- forward for more social creature comforts. The -- car to -- new refrigerator in a nice house in the suburbs. And it's time that going hand -- they were more like I said the social creature comforts giving it new television set the new dining rooms set -- new Kirby for years. And they -- up on politics he didn't go to the school board meeting. They didn't -- paying attention it was kind of running for the local legislature or the mayor or -- -- the mayor and now he seems to be doing okay. And it's time was going on. People just gradually slicked up on the politics that you get the fringe people. They'd say well I wanna push this type of the law late -- -- in the public school system. And I'll take it all the way to Supreme Court like he did in the fifty's all -- nobody really pushing to act because. Lets me in the city time with my girlfriend in my nice -- are getting -- the commander Cody and unit to tripled she says. I'm sorry commander Cody you seem to have forgotten his lost planet airmen. And by the way don't just mentioned hot rod Lincoln not that you did when you talk about commander Cody commander Cody was a tremendous Texas swing band before is easy top. I love commander Cody and they played the sportsman not that long ago. But I'm beginning to my point like here's an example of but he was more obsessed with bits of A kind display continues to get involved in the politics. As a result that you're gonna hit people in the decade of the sixties. Is there are gonna get involved in politics and changed a lot great society programs. EPA in the future just like back. So in other words what you're saying I find disinterested because I think there are some modern parallels like autumn of 20082012. The people with the most skin in the game. Got too complacent about liberty and freedom. And allow those who were basically shall we say takers and not creators to write the rules. Yes that and then after since 1945 degree much beaten up all the talk bad guys. So everybody just felt hey we want them to enjoy ourselves. Now I I do have to say one thing though about the of that -- prayer in school thing. I have never seen any evidence that indicates that the children who went to. Religiously based schools whether Catholic or Protestant. Were any better parents than those who didn't. And I don't know what the metric would be in all fairness but. I'm on the big believer in the establishment clause and I'm a big believer in the free exercise clause I think the founding fathers had it right. By not having an official state religion. If that might surprise some people but I do. I don't see your point but their philosophy was that you mention this over and over. Because of the religious wars that happened in Europe are. The rise bomb of Islam and at this point I think get the Ottoman -- Ottoman Turks they are on the rise to sixteen and 17100. -- ever tried to rise out of an out of intakes of strength. Patent that. And they and they get -- the -- -- -- -- problem over here right that's that's what it. What's it that's why and you know -- Dalton and I hope you'll forgive my interruption because you know sometimes when people send email or call me Terry you're going to -- mister -- David as you aren't a Christian you don't support Christian prayer in schools. No I'm simply adhering to what the founding fathers said there shall be no establishment of religion. But keep in mind. I'm also the biggest defender of free exercise thereof. And I think it is abhorrent that Howard government forces businesses to violate their own consciences. To do business like for example with homosexual weddings and I love again you know I love my gay friends I hate the gay lobby. But I I welcome as you know everybody of any gender or orientation to my world and into my program. But free exercise of religion to mean means. If I -- fiber -- of my -- do not wish to do business with homosexual wedding to me that's my religious right. -- I think basically the point am I'm trying to make it. And it and thinking 45. You have an America that's acting involved in the politics. I'm a regular basis. -- sure as but as a result people stay home and say my vote doesn't count or whatever market to get involved then. You know this is what -- air but look look at Carl -- there's a very good example of a man it. Got involved in the politics and the sitting on school board right now look what he's done and it's definitely an improvement. I could not agree with you more and isn't it interesting that such a vile racist like Carl Paladino has put so much skin in the game and a mostly black school district -- -- that I always have found great irony in that and I used the word racist in quotes. Carl Paladino is an exception to the rule but here's the problem I think that we have here in New York State and this is what really bothers me and I think you might be in the same page we don't really realistically have a choice in New York's great. Because the Democrats and Republicans are Porsche -- and tangled and Albany is nothing. But a hotbed of promiscuous. Incestuous political hot stuff. Yes yes as -- give -- -- thank you for putting an end to my rambling four. Dave I've enjoyed the call for much. It is -- say thank you. -- thank you appreciate the call. Well that's it folks every call. You guys are making -- -- great point I am so glad I brought this topic acted seriously. Let me go to. Well actually let me tell you about the weather first of all because I don't wanna put somebody -- -- -- Here's what we're dealing with guys we've got some really crappy weather out there right now in Western New York we have. Hale we have severe thunderstorms in parts of the area. If you can safely take a picture. Of this biblical like situation safely take a picture send it to meet Tom at WB EN dot com let me know. From where the picture is coming and if you want attribution. You know if you want me to use your name with a picture I'm happy to do that so feel free to send -- a picture but only if you can safely do so and hail the size of Volkswagen's I believe that's what the weather -- hail the size of quarters and that is what they sent pretty nasty stuff. 8030930. -- 93180616. WB -- analyst go to traffic right now folks here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather. Has great -- AccuWeather for today you heard the National Weather Service special statement. Basically severe. -- we have a severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern Erie county eastern Niagara and west New Orleans and the storms were seeing capable of producing hail the size of quarters damaging winds in excess of sixty miles an hour. But you know they say basically the stronger the storm. That the faster it passes it's those drizzly storms last all day long so. Just they use the appropriate precautions and if you can safely send a picture just let -- know where the picture was taken and where do you want to -- attribution. And all still steal it and pretend like to -- myself anyway. So when you win a Pulitzer I'll say yeah I took their picture. Here is David Ian Collins on David talked to me about that whether the American family well I don't think it's as strong as it used to be I presume you -- -- on the one. Well I'm I I don't know how -- -- we're gonna have a colleague who are ripping -- explain it's that 3826. I'm getting married in four months and you know I came from a background where my parents are both divorce a couple of times. If I was -- that I didn't have a future in law and -- are such good parents and I wouldn't. I'd be completely off with my parents weren't exactly the robot currently to an end today. Bet is a very. Astute observation what it -- what didn't your parents do write your opinion. Well there's too much going on we had a you know a couple family tragedy effect and record things we have things such as. Now I left her school I came up to off -- at school and then all of sudden you know my entire family is spread throughout the world so when I came back you know. I mean we're out eighteen left for college I didn't feel that I was ready be a -- that's not what it looked orbit now that point 6127. Parenthood is right around the corner it. Now now it's something I'm thinking about now looking to see you know who the parents out there what am I gonna be like what should I do. You know I just wanna give fuel warning if I may. One of the ways you know you are an adult I will never forget this moment after. After my -- by ex wife gave birth to our first child a daughter. We went to the hospital as two people. We came back as three. And that moment we're for the very first time you put your first child into the car seat for the first time for that first drive you look at each other and you say. Holy crap. Now we're parents I mean you know it is common but that was the moment of truth my friend. I agree I'm excited for the moment I mean with everything going on scared for the moment of course. Now it's up with something that I'm looking forward Dubai I didn't. I didn't get any help the genocide and how have help from my future in laws you know the way they brought up their kids and the way they're bringing up their credentials right now. I'd be completely off. Well well good luck to you -- and I hope you take advantage of all of the resources I eat your in laws at your disposal. And it sounds like you've been blessed with future in laws who really have their stuff together and up by the way you might be surprised now granted and -- -- listening area but you'd be surprised how many twenty and thirty year old actually listened to the show. More than you might not the majority and not -- in that but a lot. Well -- I hope that they appreciate might immaturity as a twelve year old trapped in a fifty year old body. I'm glad you called sir thank you so much. Guys I gotta -- it. It's it's very rare year where every call I find myself shaking my head incident right on everybody has great ideas today. I happen to think the American family's not a strong used to be what I wanna know is why and when -- start what was the Genesis. And I've always this issue with the greatest generation. The parents that gave birth to the hippie counterculture. What happened there what was lost in translation. And I have to say those words I hate to say. -- -- -- -- That every day you get -- for a little bit differently. Got to get into the bed because every -- you're dead solid the Allman Brothers -- all of -- -- a year and even if I don't know what I think wow there really -- -- Were really good that's a special request I specifically asked somebody I know to. Now for a request for a song you want to be here. It is an individual. We have a love hate relationship. That's also. Until it's even hate that I hate that word. You but I I hope we enjoyed it. -- India's 537. At news radio is a good Fella actually it is up by 37 news radio 930 WBBM. And suddenly I go back to Martin Scorsese movies now. We are with you on the radio it is a Wednesday end up folks it is said Wednesday -- sour has died -- And not going to do -- show on that I honestly don't think I'm up to doing it today and realizing the world does not revolve around me. Just to you know. He would literally before -- work today I wrote a very emotional emailed to a very dear friend of mine. Who recently lost a child so when I heard about the parents our depth it really it. If I can only imagine. What you were going through by the way -- in addition to the -- situation involving. The American family I think traffic is bad enough that we have to start taken traffic calls traffic is it Mongolian clustered dance. Out here on the night the westbound and even on the ninety eastbound. The basically the 400 is even backed up trying to get out to the ninety eastbound. The 190s south bound for those -- -- trying to get the west and the 9190. Southbound is backed up through freaking buffalo. So it's bad I will take traffic calls I will I only do this Sunday's -- it calls for it and I think today calls for its bad. Start at 930 is the recall -- 930. By the way just do it if you can safely do it catalyst to get into an accident in calling about ratio has. I feel like totaled more on. Even on -- driving somehow I find a way to find myself responsible and beat myself up all make me responsible so traffic calls where are you how bad is that what's going on. I'll gladly take -- because that's one of the services we offer on the -- afternoon show because you know keep in mind folks news is a dynamic ever changing thing. Let's get to know you guys -- in -- way of traffic call all right -- that guys if you're calling in about. America's family situation. You have a choice you can hold -- Or you can call back or you know we can do -- get get their numbers get number one and get number four. Get their phone numbers. Or at least number one and get their numbers and -- call them back and we get back into this topic if we do. Instead of making them wait is this kind of rude. I'd rather not make them wait so let's get their phone numbers -- let's turn this to traffic at this point because I think it justifies its bad out there are folks. Start 930. We brought in Alan Harris and I know that Allen is chomping at the bit here we do do forty after the hour traffic reports and every ten minute trip for reports when conditions warrant and they wore it right now. -- not only is it bad -- eastbound I ninety westbound and have you identified the nexus of the issue. Yeah and when -- over talks the music bed by thirty seconds you know it's bad now that's not a slam on -- at all we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the areas I mentioned earlier from the national weather services specifically. We're talking about. Northeastern Erie county eastern Niagara and western Orleans strong winds sixty miles an hour and a hail the size well. Hail the size of -- I was gonna say something dirty and I realized today probably just isn't the -- Erica you were the size of quarters -- that. It 030930. Is the land line. Starr at 930 is free on the cellphone and Jane is on Walden avenue jail whereabouts on Walden and what are you experiencing what is -- about. They on mine. First are you doing what. -- -- I'm dry and at least I'm not stuck in traffic. Well I just kept on the school coach turner and I -- it come down but yet I mean that you're here. -- did it come down and every under. -- Walden and transit trying to get out of this area here so. You know all -- in transit areas just flooded and everybody's -- -- and -- all and every which way it's almost -- utters this gridlock. OK and you raise an important point because where you're talking about at least two major under passes I can think of offhand that and I can't even imagine what they're like right now and you don't wanna try to drive thru the because you can end up like Ted Kennedy. I actually did peered down on the one hand transit and I could see a ball or Carter stuck in the water. Got so trucks down there right now trying to dry it off. You know get a monitor so don't drive in the order books. Yeah I'll bet absolutely positively. Could not agree with you more so you're basically have you moved at all and Walden were you trying to get to in the pew by the way just so I know. Well I you know work proper -- here and not trying to get the current order and start Cheektowaga. Currently going north on central. On trying to get in -- itself somehow. So obviously it's early in the gonna help me today but maybe -- can -- like main -- or -- -- You know to try to cut ordered it down somehow on our Olmert spoke -- Well I hope we've got GPS. If not carrier pigeon. Yeah. Well we're gonna try it for sure. Art but -- yeah and you know what be patient because it's easy to start bang in the steering wheel and lose your patience that I've learned over the years all you do is registering -- -- your hands. Yeah that's what everybody out there thanks for picking Michael. Absolutely sir thank you for call. Thank you for calling and I turn off my plate and lead the caller up like a complete DB. Folks want to let you know right now the areas that are especially getting hammered are -- Dinah and then all the way self. -- -- -- If you were in that line north to south. From QB actually middle port. To Akron you are getting pounded it's about to go through the Alabama swamp area. If you -- in gas port royal -- Ridgway -- -- -- Shelby east Shelby you are getting a good hosing from mother nature. And then guerrilla between -- and East Aurora which you know by the way if you're stuck on the 400 if you're back on the 400 or you actually just try to get on the 400. You're getting pounded because East Aurora and guerrilla target mail right now and then areas well to our east there probably aren't listening to me right now you guys are also -- -- Right it would be to the east of the the 398. And along the L Lake Erie -- guys for don't yet you guys would start to get pummeled made bill is getting pummeled. Carrollton is receiving something of pummeling and as I look off to the west guess what. Wouldn't be good day to be sailing on Lake -- because there is age -- goodness. Patch of battery violent thunderstorms. Which use. Well actually it's between long point. And -- Colbert. Between a closer to long point but between more important for Colbern for friends and southern Ontario. And a long pointer in warship -- and long point probably than any -- single area all of the Great Lakes over the years and hopefully you're not out boating. Publisher my friend who just won a bet with me about what constitutes a yacht and what doesn't mean he he can be voting today he deserves to. -- right back to the calls folks traffic updates from you guys we need your help here's need on the ninety westbound near where Steve. But actually are all -- -- Enough but -- hurt earlier credit are in. Not thirty Batman and Atlanta are all the way -- quite -- -- -- thirty and it. If you can get down -- rich wrote. And wanna get them at threw it away on a wide open once you get it off by a LIV the act and all the little part of backpack. There -- are under. But once I got boundary -- out and -- I'd open up Obama and Tibet but probably everybody to get her -- -- Everybody up -- outlet -- will be Paul. Well -- amateur help when people you're helping people out and -- should be able to bypass that the Mongolian clustered dance on the ninety. Yeah I thought traffic stop violence in Hamburg. I thought stop them to ninety -- and -- -- like the thirty's are able ball stopped it at them that. And the court or -- out like that number again. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our folks. Thank you thank you very much -- -- call. We're helping you in your helping us with that traffic start at 930 is -- recall. The other topic I'm holding off for right now because my primary objective right now folks is to make sure you get hold. With the minimum a frustration. And we've got areas that are just. Full bar. You know what that means like Roslyn. The late might rise -- used to say that when traffic. Conditions that applied and that's just a fancy way of saying Mongolian clusters. It dance foo bar basically fouled up beyond all recognition except the first words sometimes has altered depending on who's doing the talking. 547 news radio 930 WBE and the it is -- with my friends -- a cure all ideology and doctor Steven Pearl secure audio -- He he is so excited about the flexibility FM technology brings to hearing instrument that he sharing it with his personal friends so it's a small world doctor furlough is friends with one of the guys over commissioners and one of the guys was talking to me about the very device that I have been talking about now for about -- -- it's about the size of a -- And basically you pointed in the direction of the one voice you're trying to pick out of a crowd. And it works like a charm. I a soul could could reviews at the other night let me tell you are now you can first of all get a hearing test of time injured during tested. You will never have a hearing -- like when you get an Acura audio -- it's very comprehensive. Get a baseline when you're 304050. Whatever know where you are now so in the future they'll know where -- deficits are starting and if you do need hearing aid. You gotta believe me doctor Stephen per -- he is the man deceit he is the master he is the expert OK look them up on line doing your due diligence I don't do ads for. More -- doctor Pablo is well thought out. He's highly acclaimed in the audio elegy community doctor Steven Pearl Lowe PE RL OW. Located in Amherst Cheektowaga walked -- financing 0% financing is available. -- cure audio -- call 63307216330721. Will be back with more traffic calls just ahead -- you wanna get -- important tell us where you are and what's going on star 930. Get in line now. Alan are you ready for -- Walden avenue in the -- is closed from transit and Broadway because water is coming over the via a -- traffic is backed up big time. It's kind of like the Macon water slighted Hedo but not nearly as fun. As is unbelievable. At least one of my listeners knows exactly what I'm talking about severe weather a statement from the National Weather Service basically severe thunderstorms I think that goes without saying. Heavy rain strong winds and if you can safely take pictures of but weather where you are -- the traffic where you are and send them to meet Tom at WB EN dot com just let me know we're the picture was taken -- if you want -- to use your name when I posted. Let me know otherwise is obviously I assume you want to use your name on what you tell me otherwise as net. Excuse me I'm sorry my voice laryngitis Tom at WB -- dot com Tom at WB -- dot com. And let us go up to the nine the west and actually it is Richard on the mind you west by the US near where Richard. I do what I don't want to Maggie. Are found. -- did not go to 19 -- actually -- right over to our standards and about 300 yards up there's a car accident rate in the -- and Elaine. In the vehicle or are apparently took you know. Face want to start the struggle to get around them. -- I don't -- I'm here golden. Okay it but. Indeed you -- have any view of the 190 southbound and effective is backed up basically through the old first ward. The other patrol and -- I get a water and direct backup SP. Well we'll see what other people have to say I'm getting the feeling you may be overly optimistic but I hope that you are in fact a spot on my friend thank you for calling. All right guys see this is where you guys help each other you help me and hopefully. WB and helps you. And that's -- world -- see this is one of those days -- give a damn about -- politics you don't care about mine this is about to get home safely in some reasonable semblance. Being kind of on time. So let's let's help each other today where I think we need to do is aggravate each other today. Via phone number to call is start 930 start 930.

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