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5-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. But I don't -- the he would rate this thing. India the hole looked out my intentions and -- The fact he has yet floor dead Americans what I'm glad I protest over the because the guys out for a walk when -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got healthcare already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put the the good. People know when it's live it's local and it's Tom how early. They're wet eyed women that the news radio and. Yeah it is hourly a majority of my thirty WBBM. And again deepest hurt. Condolences to have the family have been so our fewer actors joining us bandage turn five. The whole blu. All blue for -- campaign. You've been familiar with that story. Deepest. Sympathies. To apparently -- sour and two all. Of those whose lives. He touched him. His five years. On this planet. And I know that. The family has a very supportive. Community. At the chapel at northwards. Which will no doubt. Continue to help the family through. What was not unexpected. But which nonetheless is. Beyond words. To summarize. And you know I I wish I can offer some. Ball home to heal. All parents. Who have had to bury. Their children who have their children pre deceased them. Before I came into work today -- actually. Spent some time writing. An email to a friend who. Recently had a very her daughter. And. We all little bit. -- were all mortal but none of us no matter how strong we think we are. None of us can I I think. Relate to. Having a trial pre deceased us. Unless you've actually been. In that position. I cannot imagine the heartbreak irate. The pain is. Is beyond me with what they must be experiencing. And I know that you know the shock waves roll -- not shock waves absurd the news will spread through the community and I say not shock waves because. We all knew the prognosis was grim. And that it would take a miracle. A miracle was not forthcoming. And little band so our blue for Ben because he was a twin blue was his distinguishing color I have to be wearing blue today. He died and again deepest. Deepest sympathies. You know. I'm sure you've been on this planet long enough you've had a chance to look into the eyes and the faces of people you've known. Who have. Had to bury their children. And sometimes they're little kids. Like the Miller family I got to know. Alex rice's family I got to know she was eighteen. People who were not. In the news. That you might have known certainly our men and women from the armed forces you know bigger kids if you will. But I think Europe one of the things that I find. You know mama always said life was not fair. And I've always had a real hard time. Dealing with the idea that this little boy or any little boy -- little girl. Who -- so young. Who was soul radiant. And so just bursting with life. Before this damned illness. That that little life is gone. And we'll never know what could have been. And you know you think about some of these scum bags in prison. Who did horrible horrible crimes. And yet they live into their sixties in their seventies and her eighties. And again -- just reminded of what my mom said life isn't fear. And I I I can't talk about this anymore from my end it for reasons that are broken into. But just know. That. I think if there's some comfort we can all take from this. It is -- the family is. Surrounded by love from his community. Love from. The chapel. And -- -- Frankly having more friends and more people. Praying for him and thinking good thoughts about him. The most of us will see in a lifetime now that's a very little consolation. When a little boy or little liberal bias. But if there is some affirmative meaning to take from all of this may be -- exit I don't know I wish I did. And you know the individual to my referred earlier. Is. Fred Meyer whose daughter was significantly older than five. Nonetheless. The finality. Even of the expectant. When it's a little kid. Is. It's are sharing. For the family and again all all people who've been involved in this whole blue for -- campaign. And that. Open rests in peace. I -- family is able find continued comfort from her friends. And all the people I mentioned earlier. And you know. Shakespeare in Hamlet. Wrote some words that. Always made sense to about grieving over a parent dying. Your father lost a father who lost a father who lost a father and so on and so forth. But none of us. None of us are ever prepared. To bury our child who pre -- is arts. Either because of some terrible malignancy. Disease. Or an accidental death. I don't wanna turn this into a topic because I don't think I can be professional. Adult I I just I don't think occurred at this point. In part of it is because of Ben. And part of it is because of people. Two -- close. It's been. Very tough on some people -- -- End. Third there's -- there's nothing I can -- There are -- old. There's no magical elixir. To a race that pedigree from apparent heart. Now the good news is that and is gonna live on. -- of you who live by those of you listen my program understand something. I'm a believer in -- I don't believe in closure. -- will always be a part. Of this our family. He will always be alive. As long as the people who knew him best are alive. -- will be alive. In part of his spirit will hopefully be transferred. From generation to generation. And the publicity about him. His story. Will resonate. For those who -- to. Go back and look into the annals of history of western new York and people who touched us in 24 team -- an earlier. And I'm just sorry to have to tell you the news. -- you're just joining us. The good news is -- sour is out of the bad news is he's no longer with us it was only five years world. And the -- there's nothing else like answer. Which are current but their interest isn't -- May have based my topic seemed. Well. Actually. Brutally honest with you. This family. Our family seems to me to being. A very strong American -- And we're talking about whether the American family. Is as strong as it used to be and I don't think hitters. And I'm asking you guys -- questioned why. Do you think that is the case. Why. Do you think. The American family is weaker than it was when you were growing up we had some great responses yesterday some very well thought out responses. And there were continuing with those today. And I wanna get back to or get back to -- -- In buffalo area apologize for keeping on hold so long my friend idea obviously. One of there a few things about -- sour in his serve. The end of his or struggle and his -- agony and vigor back your back -- -- talking about the American family. Okay yeah that's pretty tough to follow let. I I apologize for putting in that predicament sir -- -- you know I am sorry it's -- I I was thinking about that how do we get back to Larry you're in -- Larry's going to be on you know that. We we've got to pick up the ball on wrong runway at my suspected -- fighting spirit would want us to do exactly that. Well you know because that's sort of as a teachable moment and attainable and then. Because. You know issues well there are situations like that tend to bring families closer together. And what happens you know the unfortunate incidents. You know you go to very funerals grandmothers and everything out. You know people come together and strengthen the family like in a couple of weeks we have another big time that I always used to keep differently. Together and at Memorial Day weekend you know we would go to grandma's grave. Uncle this article that -- then and so forth. And the with the kids because it's very important kids have to be taught how to contribute to the family history in the -- because they're part of the family. We would go through the cemetery that they would hear the kids hear this story. Well everybody's life and how everybody contributed to -- victim's family where it is today. Did they listen. Yeah Leary did they listen because I think again it to make a soprano reference. But when fiddle is trying to tell his grandchildren about his brother the grandkids all they cared about was eating the cake afterwards. Did your kids listen to the family history that they absorbent. Well -- as they get what you didn't know until they were under point you know you know I. You know spinning off of that you know I always you know my kids -- -- -- when they hated it there was no Internet or not. And you know -- I think this is part of a family obligation to legal program without. Maybe you can help or -- nor do something. And it is that that part of what family is all about just not all taking the good things -- just visiting holidays you know you just have to. Contribute what you learn and -- -- a little responsibility. At a time. And unfortunately a Memorial Day weekend can be go to baseball game and everything else and they're not gonna be taught. You know when the kids tiger's old you can't the have to -- little team teaspoon full. Exactly. That winner senior -- Larry I you know what you're you were a highly intelligent man and you you get it. And I think you saw no you do you really. All old on Larry Larry I I wanna hear more what you have to say because what you have to say is important and it's well fought out on a to have to get the traffic because they got to meet my obligation here to Alan Harris Alan -- what's going on. And AccuWeather we're keeping our eyes on a couple of gusty thunderstorms in the area this evening right now other playing Havoc in -- theory around Cleveland area otherwise a lingering shower a rumble of thunder late 62 tomorrow. -- today it will be up to 75 degrees right now it is a 79 and and news radio 930 WBM artillery. Off -- which ordinarily would not allow Albertson's you have proven your brilliance to me I need some were illumination on this. Well you know everybody you. Which -- earlier about divorces and broken families and all that I really don't think that part of the key here because we had people come over from here out. And we had people going out west in covered wagons and an old -- were busted out. But -- we've learned contribute. And you know they were treated differently yes and -- Somehow the kids learned they had to help and I think the social programs today because they well. The fight grew up there is always somebody else that's gonna -- help out not -- is going to be somebody else that helped Doug dead even if I don't have one before you can be local jewelry at this Fella who used to come over. And help out if you had a tough situation but you know now out of social programs -- only -- that we can now so they grew up. -- Larry again thank you for great call I love it when callers put serious thought into something. And again thank you very much you've really added to the show I appreciate -- and you know Memorial Day. I try to make this point every single year. When I was a little kid memorial -- meant the parade waiting for that big muscular guy to waive his sword on Delaware avenue and then to grandma's house. For lasagna which I didn't eat and hot books. She tried to instill -- us why we had Memorial Day is a kid all I cared about was African cake. -- like -- grandkids in The Sopranos in what Larry said there was brilliant give it to kids a little of the time a little at a time. Well done Larry 8030930. At WB and guys I apologize for coming lose and when I came into the hour. On some stories really hit me and I'm a human being and I apologize for my lack of professionalism coming into the power. I'll try to make sure that does not happen again. All right it is our live news radio 930 WB and I hope you'll forgive the voice this was entirely predictable and entirely preventable and entirely avoidable I can tell you exactly. When it got made it got me last Friday when I -- and somewhere where somebody was hacking all over the place and it I know what's gonna happen and it happened it. And I have my own stupid self to blame. But it's not the end of the world is really not a big deal and if Tim Langer had not worked this morning your city beach had been on the air this morning are probably would've taken today off but. I would never wanna put him in the position of putting himself on the year twice in one day and I just I want to deprive my friend Michael reporting of the chance to -- into a shell. Might -- an average shares tomorrow low latency things -- worked out actually had -- well with Michael. Last night and that. Ever get time with that mr. Caputo and I forgot all about the fact we originally met back in 1983 when both of us were you beat in doctor and it's. It is about 934 a news radio 930 WB yeah actually I also did not realize that Rachel wells the corner of the term conservative. We also actually went to you -- the same time whenever the chance -- we met but I don't remember having met her. Which is interest it. Anyway you're just joining us again folks. Sometimes my emotions get the better -- and with the -- -- death. They got the better. And I'm really. I'm sorry I'd. I've been doing this wait too long to let that happen and I know probably was really painful to listen to. And -- I'm sorry. The only defense I can offer is that a human being and I was deeply touched. And I. It was very unprofessional of me and I apologize. I. On emotional guy and where my heart my sleeves. And sometimes. I do so with the risk of my own professionalism and I'm afraid that happened just after before -- news release relief sorry. But should not happen to somebody's been doing this is orgasm but do -- this. Against them in one sense it makes me human being but in the other sense as a professional it was horrible -- -- I'm very -- -- -- to listen to that. It is up for 36 news radio 930 WB and we are talking about. The American family. And you know Americans these days we agree. On so little. I've never seen the country so polarized as it is. In my lifetime -- multiplicity. Of issues see even the civil war there were two issues basically. Slavery and states' rights. Those were the -- issues Vietnam the Vietnam War. That was one issue the counterculture. Represented a wide spectrum of issues. And remember -- -- children who led the counterculture movement of the sixties where the kids of the greatest generation of World War II which I've always been. Fascinated by and there has to be an explanation for. One of the explanations I would proper news. Bet the children of the greatest generation. It the greatest generation. Remember they were born into the Great Depression. Then they grew up in two World War II. And storming the beaches at Normandy and the Pacific theater Iwo jima and the island hopping. And I mentioned the beaches of Normandy I'm well aware that there were many other battles in Europe. Beside the eyesight to. Specifically a lot because I think that is probably most familiar to most Americans who have seen the movie Saving Private Ryan. But in no way shape or form is that meant to. Do less than any proper homage to the others who died even some who -- just tried to get the battle when ships were sunk. So. I think that what happened here. But my theory is the greatest generation. Did not want their children to be deprived as they were when they were growing up. I think the greatest generation may have spoiled what became the hippie generation the hippie generation. When I used the -- hippie I do not do so with a pre judgmental. Idea in some sense the hippies. -- before the hippies became tyrants. In some sense they have some good ideas. In some sense they had libertarian ideas which took it might even be considered conservative ideas and certainly conservative -- and ideas I'm not gonna hit the dash. I won't. Spitting on soldiers you're damn right I'm gonna bash that that was wrong. Absolutely wrong. I do believe that the counterculture of the 6060s. That was a reaction to being spoiled. As children of the greatest generation who experienced the great depression and then World War II that's my theory you might shoot -- holes and that's fine. But when so many Americans agree that the American family is not as strong as it used to be and I even will say that. And I usually don't go along with the hurt I'm usually the contrary. I'm usually that one person everybody else's running past. I do agree the American family is not as strong as it used to be. Dynamics have changed considerably. I do most electorate now parity now by text. It's. -- ironic humor in there trying to reject the white note into the show today let us go to dab in Bennington New York on WBE and the -- you are with us and their welcomed the -- show giving your two cents were. Our rights. I think a big contributing factor was the bunch and of itself. Because it gave women control. Their choice that they never get people are. What they have freedom it started the cabinet development. And the evaluation of being a -- And I'm not. But -- but -- let me let me just offer -- -- -- opinion and I'm not trying to be argumentative with you please understand that. It just -- I'm not trying to be that guy or right. But remember before the invention of the -- there were other birth control methods available the calmed Obama has been -- this for literally centuries. And in terms of female birth control. There was the dire for an which. There -- women used. And there was also the natural. Family planning -- and although I don't think the Catholic Church called the -- them. Of basically planning sexy if you did not wish to conceive around the woman's cycle if you -- your comments. Think I don't think yet women now because of the freedom act that I don't believe that we can -- yeah. I'm the same -- Women how to choose between these careers and having kids and a lot of times we tried to do both. It and it doesn't always go so well because somebody else is trademarked. If we don't let them -- by interrupted. And that's I don't care and you know yeah hope that it is vote out those same values as you do but not necessarily. So I think that people without children and are not written her own children and can't let everybody. You know I I. You know strongly believed. That you know we really need to get back to. The debate now capping a -- gatherer. Who went out people to -- as they as a the only group. We don't know idol and I'm gonna interrupt you but it -- an -- with a purpose and I hope you'll forgive me. But I mention the fact that I had dinner last night at dinner with two adults last -- all of us professionals all of us. And this is gonna sound ego maniacal and I hope you'll forgive me but were all like people that. Don't we got to be on call basically 24/7. Do you know that during the dinner not one of us with that a cellphone not one of us because we actually were involved in face to face. Honest discussion and conversation. I don't think today's generation could do that. Very difficult to find yourself getting into the act now trapped. You know meeting could be connected. One port and I I know a couple months there I let my cell -- home by mistake in in Ottawa at the end of the world but I. Count myself out because it was little click here we look at why am I used to not able it's can't get it there any. Chinese at a spot you know so I try and -- they aren't that in a hook a. I'm still a little bit in the major just to get back on the rails here I'm still a little bit confused. By your issue with the birth control pill hole knowing that -- we did have other options available to people who wish to have sex but who did not wish to conceive. -- and frankly. Mean look we give it to a moral debate about this but if somebody's gonna get pregnant and have a Q Ed. I'd like to know that at least they wanted the kid. Exactly but then -- -- time and you know and not necessarily. That's not -- early Italian have a lot of kids greatly says hands. Well. Why do you he'd be an apparent well speaking of being a parent -- street. And nobody keeps giving other that your own parents and some people don't have a great model. And so there. These little. That's growing -- that's one of the best things you know what did I get a player that's one of the smartest things I've heard all freaking day. We have role models my mom was a role model in his own way my father was my father was not exactly Ward Cleaver hippie ish but. He the older I become the more I appreciated my father and why he was the way he wants you know be a bit too tonic individual. And the you know the soft decided oversaw -- dad. Was 1967. -- Colbern him taking me by the hand and walking slowly and gently into late theory. And then holding my head under water for what seemed like an -- Well but -- -- -- that now that's that the that the sweetest memory I have of of my dad it was a tough he is a tough guy is a short Darby was a tough guy. Sticking up at my father. We are seeking out one or two -- Robert fair -- -- -- and the story that it did not come very often by. Mainly as a distraction and yet we where you know -- chain or something he'd start telling us the story this stir. Wouldn't it be you know what an amazing man there -- To our support the camera here. -- for quite a law. Restarting restarting illusion. Restarted collusion on the cellphone I'm gonna have to let you go unfortunately. But I think we have the gist of what you're saying we're gonna see what some other people have to say they. My friends. I want you think about what you just said. Today's kids and please if you are a kid listening of your teenager or early twenties. I don't want you to think of me as some fifty year old old part because I'm not. I'm a fifty and fifty -- twelve year old and trapped in his fifty year old body is never gonna change. And I always vowed I would never be grown up widget can actually gated rare didn't wanna be that and I hope I don't come off that way. But realistically. You guys in your twenties. Tell me who will be your parenting role model. I'd love to hear from some of you guys who are just going into this period of your life -- you -- in the near future become apparent. Because I had my mom and I had my debt. My ex wife and her mom and her debt. We did not have a lot of divorce in our family that involved kits and we can nickel scrapbook filled with -- -- that. It's got to be injected over again. But -- seriously. Do we do you believe as a twenty something as a millennial. Do you believe that you had the proper -- up parental role models. To be effective parent yourself. Because I think about. Cultures in which fathers. Are not missing -- -- are not present. All they were which spawned owners you might not even know your biological father's name as your mom doesn't even though the biological father's name. Because the only reason you came out of his plan was so mom could get more wealth for money. Well -- that sounds racist not intended to be racist. -- in anyway shape perform it's a cultural mindset among people. Of any race. That does away with individual responsibility. And initiative. And replaces it which sloth independents. So I'd love to hear from some -- younger guys and ladies out there as well. I don't think the American families -- strong he's used to be. So -- I don't think many people abroad at least on the year technology I think technology definitely plays a role in -- And if you allowed technology. To govern your family. You are really missing out on an awful lot and I've told you guys a zillion times on the year. Problem to have breakfast or dinner with my children. Those cell phones do not come up because -- equal pay to watch them text their friends. Might make -- sound like a bad guy. But that's the way it is 8030930. Is the phone number why do you believe the American family is not as strong as it used to be. You're just joining us so we'll have more details coming up at five but. The shock waves are reverberating around Western New York here we knew that in all likelihood this day would come but it has come. Little -- sour blue for band. He's lost his fight with cancer he was five years old and their god be with -- his family. And may his soul in his energy Feinberg eternal. Rest in peace. Is the Catholics would have said way back when Rick we prosecute in punchy -- All right our thanks and National Weather Service has issued a severe. Severe thunderstorm warning for north eastern Erie county eastern Niagara county and western -- -- county there's that kind of border each other and stuff. As -- 4:45 PM I'm looking at this right now on our radar National Weather Service doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm. Capable of producing quarter size hail just don't try to spend. And damaging winds in excess of sixty miles an hour. Junior -- hill Williams -- I'll look out and it's moving to the north at thirty miles an hour. It's a dangerous storm. Dangerous storm prepare for damaging winds if your car is parked under a tree get the hell out from under the tree you can safely do so David Carr can always be replaced you can't be so just do it safely. If you. Of the quarter sized hail. Sending a picture. And and put something in their for perspective liked at your finger according -- That we we can see how big behave -- is where it is falling where you are. My email Tom at WB EN dot com Thomas WBN dot com the American family. Most Americans believe it is not as strong as it was when they worked here it's and I wanna know. I happen to agree with that by the way and I usually I'm not the kind of guy who agrees with CBS polls believe me. Let me get started in anyway with. The first person in line who would be days of on WB and Dave you're on WB and hello. Time or so everything every -- -- -- show yesterday and today when I could but everything that the -- every color his. Called and spoke about it actually correct. As a result of what I'm about to tell you beaten this is a result of it. I call it a -- was minded philosophy I I just. Explain it to me in one or two sentences it will continue after the break a promise. -- -- -- After 1945. Americans are so obsessed with creature comforts the new car the new refrigerator. The house in the suburbs that they just. Kind of slackened -- -- to be involved in the politics. And wouldn't vote and you have other fringe groups did you vote. Hold on because now okay you're off on a different tangent and added actor I like other dot. -- still alive from Jim Carrey whom I personally think is a bonehead. Hold on if you would please sir.

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