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5-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. Yeah hold to -- -- and the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much. Al-Qaeda. That Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. -- -- -- -- -- Was -- Tom hourly about it even though this. I think it -- back bathing it's live it's local -- is the it's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip to quit Jerry and 930. Well you it was apply and I was part of a joke that we can't air here and WBBM. And they get after -- crap. Avoid an afternoon. Old it's a volley a news radio 930 WBBM. I'm a sound like a monotone today. Was that there was a group in the fifties the monitor is in the do book of love oh wonder wonder who mission that was a monotone is right we're gonna -- thank you our program like -- tell record commercials with a 1970s -- -- -- -- that was the moment notes. Anyway this is like an encyclopedia of musical knowledge of all -- -- and -- quake and tremble. Before his encyclopedic brave when it comes to music. Seriously they're people like my brother I -- I can't even I can never win any music -- with my brother that he's always gonna destroy me. Folks I I apologize in advance for the voice. You know what are the things that I have to say is this is my own -- and fall I will name. Names of any place. Suffice it to say that there -- a day last week I was getting something he. And one of the servers in the food prep area was hacking all over the place. I mean. Why were you any job much less any job where you are preparing food why. Seriously why. I knew I was gonna get something. 'cause I just know it. So it started yesterday. And now -- persisting through today I'm not sure I will be able to go to more or not at this point but. When it went really frosts me what -- my ideas about the whole thing is -- intuition my gut told me do not -- here today. Get out of here don't easier today. And instead I was Hungary and I said well. I think whatever it is should be able -- of just five. That was what I call -- bad. Decision. So it supposedly food preparation industry could you please do the rest of us a favor when you're sick to the point you can't stop hacking. And there's food all over the place could you re not going to work that -- just out of consideration for the rest of us and for people like me. Can we please just kick ourselves in the -- For knowing better and then proceeding to do the stupid thing anyway. -- that's what really gets me I knew it I knew it I knew it I knew it but I had to eat Dave Camp. Say one's choice in food is limited in this business because if you have the radio station -- you you'll get nothing but pizza and wingers. Pizza and wings you know what they could celebrate a billion dollar revenue quarter. And our our reward would be pizza and wings. Not crab legs not lobster not filet mignon it would be pizza and wings see that's the problem there's always simply -- around here it's always pizza and wings or the vending machine. But at least the vending machine choices have gotten somewhat better over the years. I still remember we used heavy cigarette machine. In the old Franklin street building. In which WGR was located I don't know if you've noticed that change in the workplace I'm sure you remember go to your job and -- cigarette vending machines what -- they are two dollar 25 a dollar fifty packed. For cigarettes. With the last time you saw a cigarette vending machine aren't even legal while my mr. their legal. And that in fact more and more gas stations I just found this out. I talked about Mike the -- quick throw in Clarence on main street. Over the weekend on Saturday and I I gave him kudos and credit because Mike. Did a great job and out of -- lottery ticket and he had to see my ID for -- lottery thing. Well I was informed last night that another major local chain is gonna start. Getting IDs from everybody when you buy cigarettes. And I think would you buy lottery tickets. Now why would they be doing business. To prevent underage sale of tobacco that's one reason what's another reason they might be doing. Think about their use your brains folks. They want to know who's buying cigarettes. Because now on the road you know damn well that they're going to say. We have a list of all cigarette purchases you've made since 24 -- you have throat cancer you have lung cancer sorry you're last in line for treatment. Your -- doesn't matter if -- -- for your husband or your wife doesn't matter. You're gonna be on the list as a cigarette -- call me paranoid call we delusional I frankly don't give her access anyway. You -- -- frogs hoping. I'm just just wanted to know just seem like a simple straightforward question. Maybe it has become open your house it certainly give up in mind you're seeing frogs hoping. All right go to the FaceBook page UC frogs -- there's a story behind theirs but I think you need to know my neighbors. Who are interviewed frequently body -- local newspaper. My neighbors to -- your tax. They have a pond in their backyard filled with the most -- good this court I've ever seen. And somehow naturally. For dogs have been attracted to their punt every year at this time the papers come out. Now you -- ask the question why do frogs -- Why they make that's out. And the answer is now doing it for our entertainment they're not doing it because there -- little -- three men you know Three Dog Night Blue Man Group for Nirvana they're doing it because it's their way of -- I mean it's their way of finding a mate I -- we could scientifically say -- there and that that's that's why they're doing -- to find a mate that's why the cardinal sings that song every evening. The door to for our entertainment he's doing it because he's trying to find an available female with whom to hook up it's like cardinal FaceBook. So. Well short of it is Bob answers sent me a picture of one of their backyard. Frogs in flip -- to let go. That's a fancy way of saying hump and I put it up in my area. FaceBook page I don't think it goes against any corporate policies because door in the intercom Manuel likes anything that says on FaceBook you do not put pictures up of frogs of -- whatever you run for governor however this could be a problem we all know what happened with Paladino. And the infamous horse thing. Which was frankly much ado about nothing. Went well when you forward and -- and don't even get me started on that. I think anybody criticized Karl for that including me should have to expose every single email they've sent -- forwarded. For you know through the purity police through the thought police it's even passes Muster especially those were most critical of Karl on every issue during the campaign but I digress. So many things into which to delve and dig this afternoon on WB and first of all Joseph -- is your call screener and John Sherman Ager are it note Joseph -- technical directors are a joke. -- look I'm I'm I don't mind on a political winner I'd I did not sleep well last night the like crap. John Sherman is your call screener. And in and it's my as my own fault. I'm talking to complain about it because I knew this was gonna happen all had to do was simply walk out of the restaurant and I would have been fine instead I stayed there. Stupid girls had a case the -- sick child is -- over everything and I knew I just knew. And I did it anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought about it at all. Anyway let's see one company reference one herpes -- were already off to a great start here all I have to say I was due respect -- -- all but anyway. Powerful members we move along -- with. You know three and high 38030930. Star 930 have a cell phone 180616. WB and you know I had to I'd be. I would be less -- social last night. Have you ever I'm gonna name the place because it's immaterial. -- ever spent. Weeks trying to get a couple of people together in today's society along with you. To have what we would call a business meeting but you to a business meeting at a restaurant. And with everybody schedule -- the way they are these days it's almost impossible to get three bolts together. To get a meeting done. Well we had a meeting last night we are supposed to have a meeting last -- had nothing to do with the radio station. It and I kid you not ladies and gentlemen. We could not even keep a conversation going. Every five minutes at least. We were interrupted. Here. Needed anything and everybody thing how is everything have you tried this have you tried that it was awful. Finally after about an hour and a half. All of us to look at it in each other thanking. This has been ninety minutes absolutely wasted because. Nothing got accomplished. Because it was just too much too many interruptions. Anybody remember The Sopranos. Maybe one or two of you -- used to be a TV show a long time ago like an HBO. There's a character named already bako who ran a restaurant. And at one point Tony Soprano says Artie -- ago RD have you thought about maybe seeing a therapist here think that maybe you've got lakes and kind of a disease. That you know people don't come to you because they wanna talk to you they come out to your place because they want to enjoy themselves. Somewhere between RD -- And the restaurant where settle was sitting. When the guy who wanted -- to be boss of the looper -- family got whacked with a waiter went on sabbatical somewhere between the two there's a happy medium. So let's get a grinding my gears today just a little bit well I dug that -- and he restaurants it's not important it's not important but. There's like you know there are there are polar opposites. There's the restaurant where the waiter goes on sabbatical you don't see the guys. And then there's there is really such thing as too much service. There is such thing as too much attention. And it's bad because I've really tried to become a better person I really -- -- they used to be. Not very nice in public. And I've really tried changed -- last night -- But I do have witnesses -- -- verified why I got very not very upset -- throwing things but just a little ticked off. There is such a thing as too much service. And there's got to be happy medium between the two. Finally at one point the line of the night. Server comes over and cents. Do you need anything else now this is about the 25 in eruption. Do you need anything else I look at it and I said yeah how about some privacy. Well if you want privacy why do you go to a restaurant because most restaurants and that doesn't happen. Take your order. Take your drinks refill the drinks as you once how things are giving the check done. We. Could not cute and neat thing accomplished. Literally folks -- have to witnesses who -- back me up literally at least every five minutes there's an interruption. Well it's just it was irate. Port the port woman who was the last person in -- -- She she was the straw that broke the back at that point we were just all of us we're just fed up. Literally and figuratively I suppose we got to do a show on restaurant -- at some point. We've done shows and bad things you found a restaurant food I don't remember doing short restaurant pet peeves. But we will will have to address at some point it certainly isn't the end of the world by any stretch. That's somebody yesterday recommend it's something called the entertainers friend for a throat issues. -- I'm a big believer. I'm a big believer in. A product is made by Arm & Hammer it's called simply sailing and there's regular simply say -- There is actually brought me a bottle with. And there simply saline plus nighttime formula. This stuff makes a medi pot look primitive many -- ladies and gentlemen never buy a medi pot. You are just subjecting your brain to all kinds of risks of infection. You are suggesting as secure at this exactly your sinuses all kinds of infection simply saline. And this is not a paid commercial. Obvious simply talent at this stuff is the you know what when it comes to nasal congestion it's not like effort you don't get hooked on it. You know you can use it not use it he can still breed. I've heard some horror stories from people. I personally don't who -- addicted after. People you'd never expect -- at least one of whose names you would know but I would never a real that. But when you get hooked on African. It's almost impossible to get off of it because once your body's used to it it can't breathe without. Now I'm not a doctor consult your physician before trying simply saline or any other -- product image about the -- But. I don't know if anybody has tried this other remedy. But against somebody called in yesterday with -- and I put up on my FaceBook page. And I -- know whether it's any good whether it's worth. Expediting a shipment of this stuff to me it's called. I put up on my FaceBook -- ago. Where a minute ago. Where did my opposed to goal second avenue -- weirdest. It's called. Entertainers. Secret throat spray. Entertainers. Secret throats break. Well for. Donald Sterling mistress I can only imagine what she might use but. Entertainers secret throat spray. I wonder if you. I wonder if it works as as advertised. It's supposed to she who bit. Your let arranged your your larynx and that do away with that the outward signs of laryngitis. Serve -- user comment on my FaceBook page on whether or not it's an -- But just keep it clean kids -- claim like I always do like I always walk the line that's -- of walking the line. Yesterday. We ended the show on that note. I thought was so phenomenal and so great. Bet I wanted to continue it today. And it involves the American family. And I don't wanna just give -- the poll numbers because poll numbers on the radio are. -- morning I mean really boring well 64%. 18% 12% by 2%. Who follows that I can't follow that when it's in front of -- But I want to talk about why the American family is not as strong as it used to be if in fact you believed that to be the case and -- are coming. Who can. -- -- And then and then -- -- -- -- From the MVP -- Awesome saw others -- those -- -- literally written in one night. It literally written in one night and you know I heard that it Freddie Mercury by Wednesday. I'd hired you might have been homosexual. Just out there that's a rumors and this does to him. All right anyway. Sorry I just remember the days when that was a big deal that anyway it is that they social commentary a rise social commentary WRY. And I think we're better off now I don't hear whom you love just love love somebody like that code. Like fraud in my neighbors -- By the way my neighbors of frogs and toads might garden has become code central. I am at any -- if you listen shall you know I've got this special place in my heart for -- The -- -- -- the better my goal in life if they have a giant mutant -- roughly the size of the about a personal computer. Or are an old TV -- old portable TV. That's the size told I want in my garden at some point those arms services to let the insects. Especially some other large. And -- obscene in the neighborhood. I didn't it was dragon flight seems like to. This weekend. It's -- different dragonfly. That to be at least 66 inches long. I don't know what dragon -- season is but this one must -- all the South America. To come to to buffalo was enormous of course is such a big -- and in my life that much listen. In the it may. -- add it to double checked my mental. All right gang we. And again if you're just joining us I apologize for my voice the only reason I'm working -- -- is because what tiger did the picture. Am I don't think it's right it's in the united ball at the same day off because of sickness because people talk. No they would pay a whipping that were collusion in cahoots or so up and we're not I had to be a lot of could be your. Because -- wanted to continue you know to see the same thing -- got. As if that's true that I gave it to him which. I would like to do. I hope he does similar that is. We know. An -- -- -- series. I mean out of it a try to what. This is laryngitis. Anyway. I've been using the expression that -- a lot more disaster watching boardwalk empire. So yesterday. We and the show with something with which should start of the -- as it was that good. Yeah Tom the time you said -- and became the talk really important things yes exactly. All I -- -- to Africa for three hours. But I won't do that yeah I guess what a bunch of Muslims can -- Christian girls in Africa and Obama is not really doing help a lot about it. And this is news why I'm supposed to be surprised why relate. Well well you know what I'm going to be an activist about this I'm gonna have a picture taken into a sultry with ash tag. Up on the to do that that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna do -- -- -- ash tag and I'll I'll get those girls back. Let me tell you exactly now the very few Americans anymore. I agree. I have. On any thing by my staff is also about twelve up to understand that that's why we get along famously. We -- country. That is so I Cottam missed effect its not even by Cottam missed it is -- I missed. We're not talking to we're talking about a multiplicity. Of ideas competing ideologies. I think you get the point. But if there's one thing Americans agree on 64% of Americans and AC BS news poll. Say that the family today the American family is not as strong as it used to be. Now I agree with that I don't put the American family is as strong as -- degree. Now when I look back and I put some thought to this last night as I was tossing and turning. Turning in tossing all night. No other song reference I make periodic solid references if you catch them that this happens to be one of my least favorite Bobby -- source. I was thinking about the people I knew when I was growing up with whom I went to school. Offhand I would never name names I can only think of like two maybe three kids I knew who came from a single parent homes due to divorce. That's not to say that there weren't more but they kept it under wraps. Because back then. There was a stigma to being a child of a divorced -- I don't think that's right by the way it's not the kids' fault parents couldn't get along. Not their fault at all. And I can only remember one kit. With who used to that up to his two kids with -- I used to play. -- their mothers were not hold after school. But you know what we didn't really get into mischief all we did literally a serious folks all we did was play street hockey. And we would just go into the basement and listen to Bill Cosby records I kid you not. All we did we did document to mischief. We didn't cause trouble in the neighborhood. All we did. All we did was just hang out. Most of the children with whom I went to school while fifty and no matter how old you -- did an interest group. Most of these kids came from two parent households. And I was always under the impression. Although I think everybody's house when I was a kid did you I was always under the impression that most kids were in the same situation as. After school you walked home and mom was here. Mom was there that mom wasn't there mom would leave you now. Here's where I am if you need me I will be back at such and such time. And you always knew that mom was going to be hauled before dad got home for dinner. But mom at least was always there she was always around. And as I've said you know some people go through life. As adults very very bitter about their parents when they're grown up. And I'm not one of those people my mom was the same. That's not hyperbole it's not exaggeration but my father was the germanic -- Well Dick buy -- was. And he was the disciplinarian. He had the big voice you did not want a cross my father and a funny thing is my father was probably all five foot five. Significantly shorter when his legs can putt. It's fairly joked I'm allowed to make that you're not I am behind -- -- OK so I did ask the guy at the funeral home if we can get half off on the casket true story. I did I do and I'm sorry I'm horrible person but I hate that's my family that's my sick family. He was the disciplinarian. And you do. If mom brought out the expression when your father gets home you knew at that very moment. That it would be in your best interest to get on mom's good side in a big bad a hurry because if your dad was anything like my dad and I -- was. You know true. That the very least. You're gonna get. Was yelled that I'm Barbara my father ever hitting. I don't remember ever spanking me I don't remember him ever physically punishing. I do remember him throwing a set of car keys W wants any intentionally threw them wide but he made his point. He ever stronger arm I might add -- viewed him with those things they'd still be in my leg but. Other interest if folks. Because. Ladies and gentlemen. As I set in the prelude in the preamble. Very seldom do so many Americans agree on one particular subject at the American family is not as strong as it was when bay were children. That interest me in and of itself but what interest me more is why you believe that is the case why is the American family not as strong as it used to be I don't think you can discount divorce. But is that a family issue or is that an issue of people getting married for all the wrong reasons. For all the wrong reasons. And that's why and as one of the reasons I -- every show. Most every show with the expression no yourself. Because before you can be a life partner husband wife spouse to anybody else. You had better know what makes you tick what you really are who you really are and how you really wanna live your life. You've got to know these acts. Unfortunately. We get so -- up. In BS that doesn't matter on FaceBook and Twitter and in Seagram and interest and whatever they're not awful social sites are out here. That we spend very little time truly reflecting. On what makes us tick and how we wish to live. And I must say to people need to be self absorbed. What I'm saying years that I think a lot of people. Inadvertently or maybe there's some psychological reason. People do not actually spent a lot of time truly thinking about what they are what they want how they wish to live. And I think that when people get to a certain age their mid twenties they almost feel as though well 126 I guess is gonna get married now. All I'm dating her now I guess it's time to get married oh look all my friends are married all her friends are buried. She's you know she's always the bridesmaid never the bride I guess it's time. That is a stupid reason to get married. Seriously. Dom dom dom dom dom back there's a book there was out like. Millions of years ago called scripts people live. And I don't remember a lot about the book but I do remember that title scripts people -- And I do think that that's true for so many people. They believe that when they hit a certain age were supposed to behave act or do something simply based on chronological number. And when you Mary and you have kids you're introducing third and fourth parties into the equation. And if you have got seriously considered. Your true self how in the world can -- be true -- anybody else if you don't know who you are. So I do think the American family is not as strong as it used to be and I have to tell you something else I don't think today's kids with all due respect I don't wanna solid civil -- on the radio. Because I am about twelve mentally and that's never gonna change. I don't think today's kids are as mature were. As yesterday's kids and I don't think we were as mature work is our parents by the time my mom was eighteen or nineteen years old she had three little ankle buyers around the house. Maybe -- what she had three little ankle byters around the house three. By the by early twenties okay. I know some 232425. Girls today. I tremble to think of them bringing a light into the world sir don't Joseph seriously. I think to myself in no way shape or form are they ready for the heavy responsibilities of adulthood or parenthood. I'll -- that you were far more mature were at nineteenth in your nineteen year old is today. I know what was -- -- it's not some slam of my kids. I just thinks this I believe whether it's because of helicopter parenting or whether it's because children are too involved. In the non essential. Oh look here's a game boy that was -- how many years ago oh here's. You know here's -- an X-Men game and a new X-Men movie oh here's Mortal Kombat. However the video games are you know NFL -- NFL whatever. People get so involved up occupying your brain cells with meaning wish crap. That they don't ever have a chance to reflect. Why do you think the family's not a strong as it used to be I don't think there's one answer by the way I think there are some answers that are -- That are ill informed. Like America the family went down because god got taken out of our schools that to me that's just such a BS answer. First of all. We have the constitution the First Amendment establishment clause secondly. There's not a brick wall where he steel wall where he led rumba to keep -- out of your heart that arguments in non starter with. 8030930. Is the phone number. And I also by the way believe in the free exercise of your faith. -- -- we know he's another anti Christian person in the media nothing could be further from the truth rosy view listen I -- enough realised from -- from where I cup. Don't three online thirty WB. And a by the way of traffic or for that matter of whether goes to hell -- a hand basket when -- listen to my show feel free to -- traffic -- 8030321. 8030321. The buys this homestand continues tonight against the Gwinnett braves. First pitch is 705. Couple of gusty thunderstorms in the area this evening otherwise a lingering shower in it rumble of thunder lately overnight low 62 tomorrow breezy warm and humid. Lots of clouds. More showers and thunderstorms and 75 the high right now we're looking at. 79. And news radio 930 WB ENN. All right we agree most Americans agree to a three of his basically say yet the American family is not as strong as was when we were kids my question is why. What is your opinion. Great big the god thing and see if that were true then I don't expect help. We'll see if it comes up today. Let's go to literally in buffalo on WB and malaria what your two cents worth on this why is America's family that a strong as he used to be. But I -- -- a lot of thought to what we you know we have a strong family and you know what I noticed all the families around us. You know kids. Basically today. Or -- earlier they contributed a lot more early announcement of -- Structure you know I think that -- or whatever and they knew. If they didn't do their chores. Or contribute somehow whether it's staying out of jail or whatever. Fusion was. You know that the family was going to be weak enough and we were gonna suffer now these kids really don't have that response either do what sports are Taekwondo soccer whatever. So they don't understand. That they have to contribute something goes straight to the family. You know it's a little wanna keep it until after the break because that is another one of my contentions I think we over schedule our kids we over. A weightless just the absurdity. Of play dates okay absurd hold on I'd like -- to argue further I also given this a lot of thought unfortunately. I haven't come up with the definitive conclusion. Which I don't like admitting ignorant 355 WBM's hourly banks were -- be a part of the show thanks for being with me sorry about the boys today -- that I can do about it.

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