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5-14 Tim Wenger in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Don't get things going within the next year it takes five years six years maybe a little more you're not gonna have something ready. So we're really talking about. What happens after this week suspension over from the virtual dysfunctional timeline. That we all know with the passing of mr. Wilson there's going to be new ownership and what Roger Goodell last week that what we've been saying for two years. -- if you don't get this go. United community in the competition to have franchise. Georgia C noticed this morning at WBBM with John and Susan really kind of put that gun right here had. In in saying you know do something or else and I think we have to do something I'd rather just get all the options out there on the table and then let's get the input from whoever. Is the controlling owner of this franchise when all is said and done maybe this summer maybe next fall. And then let's move for -- can't wait you can't wait forever but I think we wait till we know who the owner has before we say this is going to be yet. I do think the outer harbors a good option I think the transportation issues need to be solved -- -- downtown buffalo is a good option. A location needs to be solved and Carl Paladino heard that today and he. Called in and he suggested the Old Republic steel site which -- looking for. You know a re use force so that's a good one I'm not on board the Niagara Falls and certainly not a board. With the -- or the Genesee. Option of mourning and Tim -- here for sandy beach it's 8 minutes past 10 o'clock and WB ENC -- a little bit under the weather today and hopefully back here. Tomorrow taking your phone calls do you like I feel like you've -- gun is up to your head you know let's do something now. Do you think we need a new stadium can we retrofit what's there I don't think so. Only really is an option to begin with and you know if if we -- gonna have a new stadium where would you like to see at the 8030930. And start 930 -- up in north title under Jim you are on WB -- An abrupt manner I do what's up. In a few questions Soldier Field in Chicago is it was -- Now it. That he was retro. Well we here -- retrofit -- What's wrong with that picture. I don't think it's that we can't. Is that the best option you know is it is that a feasible option. I I'll tell you why. It to be feasible option now -- -- -- got to not make in this -- I heard this ethnic ethnic radio station I think it was yesterday. -- so much property in buffalo and Western New York. There right now kept securities is being stretched to the very limit. Think that an epic radio station pop -- is one. War it in the United States of America let's talk about economic reality here we can't -- Football stadium and I don't know what both courts both billionaires and millionaires try to. Tell you because football stadiums are plea quite comfortable. That's solving our. In building the stadium at the playground for the billionaires and ultimately there's what sparked import. It doesn't doesn't the state doesn't have venue like this especially if it's a multi use venue and new a new venue would probably multi use wouldn't it be a good thing and bolster. You know the economy and and believe me in Chicago come -- and -- I vintage -- I know a lot about Chicago it's an awesome city and and you know Soldier Field is is great it's historic and beautiful it by the way isn't -- great location to you know near the water. But you know there's poverty there too I mean there's a lot of poverty in most major American cities. That but we don't really hurt -- -- mean it's getting harder and harder to -- the pipe it off. You know my body I was -- too late at night so we are working 96 hours we just let the what are your I don't want to hear anything about football. -- able what if it's not your money a lot of what if it's a private development what if it's not a you know just going to the public till the. If that the case. Let the billionaires and millionaires -- sport but not a nickel look at taxpayers' money. Okay Jim you're not alone and I think I used -- a lot of people share what you say I I definitely would like to see the lion's share of this -- private. Money that's what I like about the outer harbor proposal to Georgia as he -- was talking about today don't like his opinion -- You know you know we gotta do it or else. You know and I don't like -- frankly the Karl saying you know that let's not do it because you can't get there and he can't get home let's fix that. He can't just keep saying we can't go to the outer armor because there's no way there's there's no way home we need to address that we need to fix that. You know or not that'll happen there and it'll continue to be a big brown field the way we fixed you know areas in downtown buffalo in the court or. Was to fix those those -- -- The transportation issues you know they does this the issues of getting to and from somewhere. You don't know one of -- would have ever thought the amount of development up in the hospital corridor that's there right now in -- there and we made adjustments to get people there and get people out of there. We can do the same thing. On the waterfront. Jim thank you very much for the -- now we continue with them Mario up in Niagara Falls -- Mario Europe WB yen. Yeah good morning I'm here -- okay first of all let me start with yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes. Torrent. A good area. I'm multi polar bears stadium. Okay my ideas and shared. The -- -- park mall area. Y -- Erik you're at an airport right the corner. Where that building here. Two -- have a direct well. To that property off -- and Ireland bridges. But a lot of -- expressway. Foreign land anyway. A Canadian. -- Toronto. Directly. -- right to that facility. Right. From. Boasting Quinn can bridge to want nineteen to go outside expert Larry. -- -- new stadium. Hotel ultralight. Air -- Wal-Mart already. It's shovel ready. Intra structure and there are those who -- the power and like -- you're at an airport there for a -- and I used. Not only apply in the players but also reformers were concerts and other. OK Mario what is it. -- -- Don't think it's a good idea an outcome and -- -- because again just like the waterfront. How are you supposed to control at this tenants Powell. Well let's get -- -- on your -- you're gonna -- I don't wanna go over where at least don't agree you know let's not build their because it's it's not ready you know. Where would you rather see you know -- the benefit me do you want a -- build an entirely new area added that he was meant for a ball. Where do you want to you know bolster a downtown area like Niagara -- -- frankly downtown buffalo which makes more sense doesn't buffalo make more sense Mario -- Niagara Falls. And certainly this summer park mall. I don't know what to -- more convenient and airport excellent stand our quarter mile away. -- -- How are you okay well how many people are -- how many people are flying to that the game. In reality this is Buffalo, New York. True -- spot if you're going to build a multi purpose stadium. At an airport becomes. Very realistic. -- at the airport it's never been the airport is is this not a logical argument I mean it's never been an issue getting anybody to and from the Ralph and Orchard Park and it's certainly not any issue getting people to downtown buffalo or for that -- to Niagara Falls mean. You know that the players need to fly in and they can't and they well. People don't fly from Los Angeles to buffalo -- bills game you know if there's one in the crowd I'd be surprised. You know people don't fly here to see concert. You know it's it's -- the location of the airport I think emotion talking about. You know that that argument might hold if you're talking about the tape. -- -- Well I don't feel it's so beautiful I mean the interest charges that are -- are. The infrastructures there at the summit park mall for a stadium. Are you talking about the -- Italian well roadways OK -- -- got. -- -- -- -- Sleeping like a failure and they care. Climbing day. -- power and everything shell already lost so sick by. Our -- -- -- -- -- get prepared on the cell apart -- and -- I'll find my AM yeah you guys did not being utilized. The thought mark -- -- continue to have a direct shot. At an area where Batavia that you -- That that's true -- Marriott thank you very much for the call -- the Canadians can come to buffalo this disease easily easily -- is -- get to. Niagara Falls nothing against Niagara Falls but I think we're gonna talk about the downtown area we got a -- keep it in downtown buffalo as long as it's the Buffalo Bills. You know I you know in yet the infrastructures there but a man I just went over the -- the Grand Island. Bridge the other day got off the north bridge and I thought I had arrived in another country when they got on the 190 the puddles were unbelievable. But you know -- they are bad over here -- suite on road never where else to so I digress anyways to new stadium or not and where if there is one. Lots of opinions no shortage of them and I'll give you mine and we'll listen to years. 8030930. And Tim Wenger here for sandy and WB ENN. People they look at a piece so and they say now what can I put in the land. Well not the way to difficult process goes eager to start with the EU. And then kind of right piece of land and you maximizing every possible element of the use that you could possibly do. Indication of the outer harbor one way. There's one way out. Also indicate that the outer harbor were Terrible Towels there all found out. Where are honest services restaurants and whatever. All downtown already infrastructures. Downtown and I didn't get their -- at this -- inside and the -- artwork. I don't know if you shouldn't try again and Ted -- finally got all because you're not about -- -- is now in the availability. Now. I'm Tim linger here for sandy beach he's. A little bit under the weather today and hopefully back here. Tomorrow we're talking about the stadium issue continuing the conversation of all the information you heard this morning and Buffalo's early news with John and Susan. They talked with five people five different opinions on whether we need a stadium and if so where we put. The stadium. In that seems to be the controversy I'd the the only two options in my mind or downtown buffalo where the immediate vicinity. And the outer harbor those would be that too and I've got arguments for and against both of those locations. Not a fan of the falls location. Not a fan of the Batavia location. I'm not a fan of retrofitting. I am a fan of waiting until we find out who the owner -- in in allowing them some input and hopefully some funding input is well. Into what happens 8030930. And start 930 those are the numbers to call Jeffrey in buffalo. Jeffrey RWB yen. I don't get a good -- you -- you. I'm good I'm. The outer -- and it could spot for the or -- I'm but they're -- out correlate because there are now in the -- agree on a street which they are. Now order. -- -- are higher or look more and go the other in the -- -- Which and he. Eight. -- -- You know so that that's a good one the skyway we know about by all those other richer -- who were basically two lane for the most part their two lanes with media may be a turning lane. They definitely would need to address you know the the transportation issues for the outer harbor but I think they should anyways. You know for whatever happens out there you know idea I've mentioned that I -- a concert there last year where people missed the beginning of the concert because they were stock in the -- -- You know at the sky at least -- that the concerts ball it's you know they need do figure out a better way to get people. To that location and I think when they do that then you can pull everyone out there. -- -- They court but I oh right I don't know -- ought to. Be a very good street in. -- -- it was an art that -- The 00 yeah -- Driver yeah the ship canal. -- -- Or you -- go over them. The the mission is is that the Ohio street bridge -- one that stuck in the up position you'd have to you'd have a problem there. Their instruction. In. Britain -- -- -- -- street right you know part of the problem. You know back in the back in the day and I'm talking about the day before me you know. You know that was very common you know -- people knew where to go down there. This day and age generations today they don't really know that area of the city because there's really nothing there and lets you have a job and an immediate vicinity or. Have a favorite. You know watering hole or hang out or something. You really don't know where your goal and you know and I think they'd need to educate the town and improve the infrastructure but it shouldn't stand in the way of an -- -- I agree. OK Jeffrey thank you very much appreciate the call it's slide. A goal I think -- that upper gonna put him back on hold and -- to go to Dave in buffalo Dave you're on WB and hey Dave. Well good morning good morning a couple of years ago I wrote a letter to the editor apostle paper. Out of the gate via hand Brooke 24 mar twelve -- state. Why don't think a little bigger. And maybe. -- works project that could widen in New York State thruway. Right from the peace bridge. Wearing out rail system or even up our system. To work for the came via. Expand the thinking a little bit to use this as a better opportunity. Not only. Yet another stadium -- Get people working and. But Dave why why why go to all that trouble when we have sites rate in the -- in the downtown quarter were returned to do all that anyplace. Well. Why wouldn't doubt it over you can't build -- -- It would be why we why do we need a new bridge. Well. Yeah that would increase the commerce. May. Oh here it would it will. -- to be your. Okay I don't know I'm not follow that at all I don't understand why we need a new bridge to build a new stadium yes there are bills fans but I don't think the bridge. He is an issue. I don't think that Haiti is a solution either what do you think 8030930. And start 930 next and WBE. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Well all right just while bullet -- between bull. Upload a natural place to put it if you -- purely opposite Rochester and and above all try to take you did great location. But this now I just think about. That is Carl Paladino talking about in that specific instance. The reasons why we shouldn't consider a stadium over in the Batavia area. He had he thinks it ought to be in downtown buffalo or the immediate vicinity and Carl this morning kind of making news in proposing. The republic steel site not too far from the so called Larkin bill area. So that's Karl Chiming -- he's also not a fan of the outer harbor due to. The transportation issues to and from something I think could be. Solved on here -- pass something along from those whether department that is a flood -- now been posted for all of Western New York. From two this afternoon until Friday afternoon from two this afternoon. Until Friday afternoon and so we're gonna get lots of rain over the Dexter a couple of days -- our concerns about flooding -- that of course is not what you wanna hear if you down. In that branch area go on to area that dealt with the difficulties yesterday so. More on that coming up at the top of the hour with -- At 11 o'clock and that's certainly if there's something before that will pass Saddam but the flood watch for later today through Friday. Afternoon so keep that in mind today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks a ten dollar certificate for ice cream to -- shakes and more. For just five bucks at route twenty ice cream in orchard Parker -- sixteen ice cream in west Seneca. Go to WB EN dot com and click on the my buffalo perks logo do you think we need a stadium do you like I think that were kind of against the wall. By now being held their by people like -- George has he Otis who say we got to do something -- -- we won't have an NFL franchise and we got to do something today. And if we are gonna have a new stadium which I think we will. Where should it beat. Mean the answer is outer harbor or down town buffalo. 8030930. And started 930 frank is in a car frank you're on WB Ian thanks for hanging in there. -- -- that you are gonna build a stadium. You're right it's -- out out of our our Arctic to get some benefit for downtown. It's -- other than a minute talk about. I don't even know what what their multi use that would explain that meet. Before that you operate you talk about the pot holed up. We can't Philip pothole in the area -- talk about a billion dollar stadium. You'll be it was interpret the -- will agree that -- -- paper 20000. For the team. -- epic sharing I think people are forgetting. But these guys that spend a billion dollars and the bill. And the -- and stadium for the 80000 people -- and 4050. Even doubt the fact that. It's for the corporations that are in the boxes. A -- Jerry Jones because they aren't sure all the money that people on the -- The money and corporate boxes they about it this year although -- -- typing on that but that run around a ring. They don't share that in the -- I wanna -- be expedient and so -- expect. It's been in generate much revenue and where that revenue an equipment problem we don't have the fortune 500 page or the corporate basically quote if your goal and that. The left and the public on more and -- -- that they they. When it local businessman and recruit people that I LB speaking week it was about in BC deal. It's building the stadium it's the perpetual. You know feeding the -- that the other bell is treated. And frankly I could cute -- a -- -- that he I can single automobile in a nightclub let it. But it's about what it used to be and it's just a -- for eight Sunday. Whatever 16100. A year. Well -- -- first volume you come the closest to my my opinion to begin with I have this argument all the time I think that we all wake up tomorrow with the team wasn't here. I don't want that to happen but we all wake up the sun would come up we all go to work and a I think very you know there wouldn't you know there would be a pride issue there certainly would be people you know that are fans it would be down in the dumps but. And so he writes I don't like having my back put up against the wall. And say this or else the reason I like the outer harbor is because it is not all public money for the most part it's private money so. You know someone else wants to -- -- -- -- -- -- money why not let's you know and then let's talk about the multi use. There's there's a lot to be said for that yep we just build another Ralph Wilson Stadium -- just put it -- different spot than we have the same problem and a different spot we have something that's used eight times a year. You know or seven times a year we still equal to Toronto. But any -- it's only used a few times a year. Multi use simply means you can skillet skillet decides when he build a lot of these new venues now lead it they're scalable so. You know we've got to starts you know 65 or 70000 seat you know for those eight Sunday's. For the bills games and then we've got. You know a much smaller you know we can scale it down to a much smaller size for a a major concert we would have an indoor venue for. You know -- conventions and in things that are you know would would be held on a smaller scale so multi use simply means that they can scale the size of the facility. For multiple uses in in -- and the facility they're talking about on the outer harbor. Might take get a little bit too far when they're talking about stuff like badminton and. Beach but it wouldn't pick up a ripple effect as well that the convention center that would -- -- -- it -- -- get. Well we're talking about for you know potentially folding the convention center incidents too that's another you know 'cause. -- are those who think we don't -- conventions. In this town because their convention center too is dated. So he -- so maybe fold fold you know convention facility into it and that's part of what I'm talking about it scaling to decide you can have an auto show there and you can have an NFL football game there and you can have a concert there. One other thing that I think and the community. I would like to either. Just that entertaining. And thought about it call you IP could. I thought I travel I completely Columbus Ohio. University. As a major jargon that they're an they're. And are arriving there we got the university of buffalo. There's no that's the beautiful campus doctor prepare but at the principles Indian football stadium. I don't see I know via boat that they they get -- To the big time. But I -- You know. Who have been adamant all day and I can make all of our meg well put them up and Ike hit the tickets I love bill. But I could do you I can hear about them in building in ninth place the live. Maybe we -- let's let the expert. Was only. -- Frank I think that could be another really interest -- show I want -- come back tomorrow but next time you know that might be really interesting topic for me or maybe it's something senior Tom talk about. But you know what would life be like here without accurate name I could name a dozen cities right now the -- and have an NFL team that are tricky places to live. You know we've had one in losing it would be. You know painful -- -- and painful to all of us in May be one way shape or form but really like a set at the beginning of our call. Michael is not. Yeah absolutely and I think that they that we went one on one thing when one door closes the window open. Then we would. Our perception which annually would discover these other things that are out there we would respect and it's. I think that have been mortality and -- and with a whole thing about predicament -- a billion dollars -- -- -- -- billion dollars the tedium. Look to -- directly -- feel like we can drive another actual rate you can. -- -- an opportunity to -- You would -- they need it well are. We got that look at everything -- and government. Who are we entered in buffalo you know. Okay frank thank you very much and you know we will be okay which will come through that somehow thanks for your opinion appreciate it. -- you know frank is is frustrated I think like so many people aren't even when he's not talking down the bills and norm I want the bills to be here. And I I like the idea -- of both privately funded for the most part. Multi use facility I like the waterfront -- far as a vocation is concerned. Other downtown buffalo we're somewhere in that near vicinity is fine if that can all work out all I'm saying in his. You know hey life goes on -- we can figure something out. But you know I agree with them you know we gotta look at this that's why do not like the -- the Georgia as he Otis made. Was that if we don't do something we're gonna lose them. You know that might be the case but that that's not where I wanted to negotiate from a I want to. You know let's let's do all of our homework as I said Howard Simon now we're talking let's do all the homework and they in the leg work. Find out the different venues find out the venues that makes sense how much they cost you pay for him. Present them you know win win we have a new ownership. A group or individual and then let's let's go from there 8030930. -- 930 a new stadium. Yes or no and if so. Where icy outer harbor downtown buffalo 8030930. -- 930 Tim -- here for sandy beach on WBE. If you don't get this thing going within the next year it takes five years to six years maybe a little more you're not gonna have something ready. So we're really talking about. What happens after this lease extensions over I mean virtually the functional timeline. That we don't know with the passing of mr. Wilson there's going to be new ownership in what Roger Goodell -- last week and what we've been saying for sure years. Is if you don't get this going. United community in the competition to have French. I'm Tim Laker here for sandy beach he's out under the weather today. And we're talking about the stadium with the potential of -- new stadium in downtown buffalo or the waterfront Batavia Niagara Falls where do you think it ought to be if you'd think it ought to be. I think it will be. Just a matter of way here. And I personally think that the downtown buffalo or the waterfront the outer harbor are the best. Following. My Twitter feed on WB EN and it's at Tim WB and on Twitter. Asked him WB -- in David check in with me saying won't that be fun to tailgate with the winds. Off of the lake. Yet that's an issue gas but you know I think it's it's certainly something that we can get around them and believe me if they're down there. People will tailgate lots of space down there to build what we need to. To protect fans and allowed and antsy for a good time. Along the waterfront. That's my two cents in downtown buffalo I think is a good one too. It's not like there's no wind out at the Ralph in Orchard Park we've all been out there. In some pretty inclement conditions. Let's go back to the phones at 8030930. And star 931. Up here is routed buffalo rob -- WB yen. They and they much to call the problem it's up. I'd -- -- all over our court who built our work or. Open it in. I mean I think outer harbor -- about it for awful. Without awful -- an awful lot. There's not a bad idea of but it doubt there. We want you more broad. First of -- rose 31 IP. They need to be cleaned up to this great comic -- on -- way out by. Oracle and -- are all there are deputy. Yeah burger org -- -- soccer and packages start called out and that -- -- -- correct call it or even care. Zuckerberg doll what that cause our -- back. I think copper harbor yet republic. It will be a nice place to be are they get all the -- now but -- -- -- -- -- -- is gonna make it probably got awful. Friday in more physical more money back from the people's pockets. In a lot of business and opening they eat. Mean it's just such a great idea to put it down there it's arguable stadium what I mean. We never -- -- I don't know why we haven't capitalize on that in you know using it for conventions are certain. And they all they -- in making into high school playoff stadium -- soccer stadium for I'd quote to compete again. An opposite of what what we can make of that beating him. -- -- large though I mean is way too big for a high school facility. It is it is probably -- but we just -- had many -- -- error or something of that nature but. Who else but think that they are -- -- the way to go. Yeah I agree that yet you know all of these sites rob you bring up some really good points all these sites have the you know a problem. -- -- all -- a problem I guess the outer harbor we could say is getting to and from and I think it's something can be solved the thing I like about the outer harbor. Is number one the group that wants to do it the developer you know is gonna pony up most of the money. On the other thing I like is that it's shovel ready yeah it's just a big flat open space I've been over there it's flat it's ready to go. In do it you know you get into the republic steel site in -- god knows which -- gonna find when you start dig in air. You know -- in that you know something does need to happen there and we do need to develop it but I don't know you know it's -- be -- a difficult thing you know in downtown by awfully got. You know proximity to other buildings and you probably get a built up as far as parking is concerned so. They all have their issues and I think the easiest is is the waterfront I agree with the. And then do what more planning to hear about -- I mean they're loyal become outraged mostly on whatever. Out of Harvard we have the upper hand whether or went -- gonna show up. There you know and we had the -- and our players know we have -- -- -- You know what appeared that the court ordered a player -- -- would be their order. That's. Yes absolutely -- agree that I mean needed to know weird you know the NFL fans the bills fan. They are definitely died in the wall I mean I think he could put put the stadium at the brink of the faults in the fans would still show up to party. I'm not worried about that though the weather on the waterfront. Does not concern me you need to address it in the in I'm sure the planning and building in that facility but. That's -- ignore it but I certainly think it's something that can be overcome an address in how beautiful it is there in the summer for the other events. That might be held debt facility certainly help. Overcome that that issue let's try to get Wilbur in south buffalo lobby for the news at the top of the hour and you'll hear about flooding. Potential coming up he -- you're on WB yen. The -- you do. Two point well -- make it on the debriefed OK we got about a minute my personal feeling. It was stated Milosevic. My second point do. But put this whole thing up to a public countywide vote. I would be so they'll let see what the people want to do we Visteon held hostage in view it and Eleanor these people. You know it just -- politicians all over the place. Thirdly any but listen culpability in the moment. He knows them and make in a public sense he knows exactly what is spoken about. Why do we get together for a lot of state to -- and tell us what we need to do. This guy's got his finger on the pulse of the city at all. Okay well for us some really good points there and you know. I'm not quite as harsh as you I don't wanna see it you know the bills leave and go to Los Angeles normally think that's going to be the case. But -- and I think Carl's got some great ideas I disagree with them I think the outer harbor can work. And it's a decent solution and the possibility what do you think. A new stadium. Thumbs up thumbs down. And where do you wanna see that stadium -- 30930 and start ninth thirty and do you feel like you are being held hostage we've got some flooding on the way at least the potential. That in more coming up here and WBZ. And.

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