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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>5-14 Tim Wenger in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

5-14 Tim Wenger in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning to you it is 907. At WP yet and I am Tim Wenger in here for sandy beach say that feeling too well today and you know talk about a guy who really never sick. -- that scene he's rarely out so you know when he calls and that he's not feeling too well -- -- yesterday he was about a little bit but -- hung in there. In the Tuesday but couldn't quite do it today so happy to be here for sandy and hopi. Feels better in his back in the cheer. Tomorrow morning. It's been an interesting morning here on WB and so much talk of late you know with the passing of Ralph Wilson. Of what will happen with the Buffalo Bills who will the owner of the Buffalo Bills be. And now it seems like a lot of this conversation is shifting over to what you heard -- if you're listening this morning to Buffalo's early news. To what will happen with the stadium will we have a new stadium should we have. A new stadium and then it's so weird should in peace that we kind of dug into that this morning on WB yen and ticket for 55 people line. With varying opinions on the agreements on disagreeing. Over Winger. A stadium should be there really wasn't much disagreement on whether we should have won I think that most people. We're in agreement that we we we should. Have a new stadium I'm miniature where I'm Annette. For sure and yet -- talk about it but. So is pretty interest thing you know when you're hearing a lot of conversation about. You know should we build on the outer harbor and there are challenges there. Wide open space George as he Otis made some really good. Arguments for that today there are also some really good arguments of against it and Carl Paladino called and he was scheduled this morning but he called it right away. -- with some concerns about that arguing that -- somewhere in the immediate downtown this vicinity would be. The best spot for a stadium at George nicer on mayor up in Niagara Falls published I'm sorry called Hastert excuse me -- He was on talking about the possibility of -- Niagara Falls site. And then they also talked about the Batavia site which it seems crazy to me. As far as you know even a regional location it's just if it's just -- that to consider that Batavia location so. A -- to get into that with you this morning and really that the heart of it to meet the crux of the whole thing with me is well we're still talking about who the owners going to be and that's to be determined. You know I feel like there's a gun to our head. That if we don't have a new stadium that the Buffalo Bills. Are gone for years we worried about the ownership in now you know that we've had the passing of Ralph Wilson said as it is. In our moving into the next chapter of the Buffalo Bills it's kind of like we're putting that. In the rear view Mir in already you know saying it okay will will have an owner now we need a stadium if we don't have a new stadium we wanted to team. In meanwhile we're gonna spend a 130 million dollars and are spending 130 million dollars on the stadium out. In Orchard Park which I understand the reason to do so I mean it needs to be a marketable. Facility and venue for the Buffalo Bills to play. But as it stands right now that stadium is an eight Sunday. Venue in in the conversation seems to be shifting to something. Of a multi use I guess what I wanna throw out there today TU. And there's a lot of opinions on our FaceBook page today. You know hundreds of people checking in with what they think we should do first and foremost. You know do we need should we have do you want. Three different ways asked him of the you know the same question. A new stadium. Are you on board with that seems like most of the people that surround me. In my life both here you know at the radio station and out about our our support of of some type of a new facility. Where it is is a different story in -- is the second question I'd like gas today of -- Is if you're on board with the new stadium. Where do you think it ought to be. Are you a fan of the outer harbor do you think that would be good spot for new stadium. And I'll give you my thoughts and then just a moment. Downtown buffalo the Perry area. Carl Paladino mentioned the republic steel spot not too far from Larkin build a stone's throw from there. What about Niagara Falls so much is happening up in Niagara Falls. So much attention. Due to its proximity to the border would that be a good spot. Does that help solve or in any entice more Canadian fans to come across the border. I'm not so sure about that then the Batavia site which I really just don't I don't see it all Carl Paladino makes a great argument against the Canadian players comments for you. Coming up shortly so. On the table today as we all kind of are in this dust storm that is what happens to the Buffalo Bills who will the owner B. Really not too much conversation about that today but do we need a new stadium do you feel like there's a gun. To your head. We're we're you weighing in on that. And then if so if you think we need one or -- is gonna get one regardless of what you think where audit be should it be on the waterfront downtown buffalo and tiger falls Batavia. I've -- mentions of Amherst. You know somewhere in the vicinity of where we are near the university of buffalo so all of that is on the table today. I can get your calls and -- 80309308030930. And start 9:30 am following Twitter this morning for WB Ian to. I'm on Twitter at him WBE and so appear on the air and active and you want to. Throw comment that way that's fine -- what got my eyes and that. And Tim WB and of course. Our news radio 930 Twitter feed as well and were on FaceBook. Today watching the WP Ian page. There -- -- a comment that George has he Otis had to say this morning he was on with John and Susan. Now he is he is the guy that is talking up the outer harbor development. A possible site right if you're going over the skyway in your going outbound. Toward black alana if you look over your shoulder to the right that's the spot he's talking about. And he's of a big fan of and you know part of the problem I have with what George had to say this morning is he puts us. From a negotiation standpoint we're idol wannabe and that is in the weakest. Spot in the world where you don't have any cards in the other guy has all of them. So listen to what George has sealed its had to say and WB yen this mortal. Get this thing going within the next year it takes five years to six years maybe a little more you're not gonna have something ready so we're really talking about. What happens after this lease extensions over I mean virtually the functional timeline. If we don't know with the passing of mr. Wilson there's going to be new ownership in what Roger Goodell had last week and what we've been saying for sure year. It if you don't get this go. United community in the competition to have franchise. I hate that conversation that is the if you if you negotiated all in your life that is the worst place that you wanna be if you don't. You won't. And they hold all the cards if we think that way. And that's where he's put us and you know it's like sign here today or else. I'm not there I don't think where there is community I don't think we need to be there I think. You know that the you know the committee that's been put together to search for a site is doing their due diligence I think we listen to what they had to say. There's no reason to make. A real quick decision there and mine were putting a 130 million dollars into Ralph Wilson Stadium on Orchard Park. Were good there for the next several years of the lease. And I understand it takes -- can build a stadium and today can't build a new year it does take years to build. But don't put -- gone to our head and say either you don't do it. Today this week next week or else. I think it puts us in a really really bad spot. Do you agree with George Jesse Otis do you agree that. You know we need yeah you know get offered -- and make a decision now do we need a new stadium and if so where should it be. Where should the next eighty -- will take your calls when we come back at 8030930. And start 930 Tim Wenger in four sandy beach on WB. -- linger here for sandy beach on WB yen at 922 talking about. A new stadium whether we need one. If you like I feel like there's a gun to your head and we're negotiating from the weakest point. Possible and where you wanna see a new stadium. You know if we if we have to have on him were gonna have one and I do think that's the case. Where do you think it ought to be. I'd love to say the outer harbor but there are some issues in I'm sure a lot of you will bring them up we'll take your phone calls now at 803 on 930 and star 930 Tony kicks things off and buffalo hey Tony here on WB yen. But the -- car. Political question -- virtual playing should be there was mayor OK and and creation. If you go put the stick you in the realm of full. My age streets all the waterfront. Reform will be a desolate well. And the critical item -- -- And -- -- pretending lawmakers took -- weekend that get a true and the -- launch in -- well in this shadow like well these other big city. That's all -- got to say. -- okay Tony thank you you know who he raises a pretty good point you know I I live in Orchard Park I lived in Orchard Park when the stadium was being built. There was a lot of excitement excitement back in the early seventies when that stadium went up then rich stadium and you know really when you think about it -- through the years. It -- to sit there it just sits there for the most part a drive by it every day and the 219 its use very little you know it's used obviously for the bills games that are there. In occasional concert. The -- is too big for for use other than you know for the bills games you know they have a high school. Playoffs out there which is fun. For the kids I think. I've gone to them. You know I've watched orchard park high school play there. It's exciting but I mean you look around in the cavernous place and -- you know I don't know that agreed -- -- but anyways this to my point is the stadium. This kind of sits out there I drove through Charlotte last month and I'll tell you when you drive by that new stadium. You guys out at you on the the thoroughfare it's like the first thing you see. And then with the buildings in the backdrop. It really. I can see myself going to a game in that stadium and then afterward. Having multiple you know options as far as entertainment and dining. Are concerned psyched I kind of agree that something in the vicinity at least -- downtown buffalo would be wise would have been wise a way that weren't so hopefully. -- -- who knows. Kathy in south buffalo earlier on WBA I -- I and get my current I had like pipelines electric and -- and that's going to be the cost. Can you and me how is that going to impact us because we're not a wealthy area. Now we're not Kathy and -- the answer varies you know you are talking you know hundreds of millions of dollars here but. The the outer harbor project that that was talked about today and WB and is privately funded. The issue with the issues -- one though you don't there's going to be tax you know maintenance and things like that the going to play but. Probably the least of your money in my money would be that location but that the problem -- that location as it sits is how do you get there and how you get out of there and what do you do when you're done there. Well roots -- this really the only road you'd be able to take care 79 would bring you once -- -- their -- kind you have Kraft might. McIntyre at area over the fact is but. The problem that I kind with the at Lakefront our facility. At that you've ever gone down there. After a October -- I think -- -- -- cut to probably gonna put a -- managed to hold it. Well yeah I know others. Yet there's a lot of wind and you know will we have that problem though in Orchard Park to you know and in you need to address that you know I often I look back when they built the airport in buffalo. You know why in God's name when they built that airport do you need to get out go outside. To drop your baggage off it's crazy to me I mean he really need to think in terms of you know if it is going to be down there and frankly if it's going to be anywhere -- wherever it's located I think you have to think about the fact that these games are played in some pretty inclement weather. Yeah and Obama may have anything to the I don't know what the gentleman's name into the -- earlier talking about if we don't build it now where I'm gonna live and a hole in the ground. That's George has Leodis. Well he's quite a -- icon in the demand man he is lying. Nothing. But I've not spoken very elegant high pressure car salesman. Yeah he'd be he definitely playing to the emotion of the bills fan I am surrounded. In my life by rabid bills fans I'm -- I bills and for sure what I'm not a rabid bills and it's not all -- you know idea. You know I I won't his -- and say you know whatever you want ticket. But there are a lot of people like that and they're like I can't live -- we'd get this tunnel crumble and fall apart if we don't I'm not there. More and the other thing here if they didn't hold it to the Canadian agriculture look at it and then they cut the -- you build an agriculture bill. It seemed a bit stadium. -- -- buffalo area -- You might as well kiss that -- -- will never again be the Buffalo Bills. -- -- -- hearing any of that you know we don't even know the -- going to be but I think the rationale for moving to Niagara Falls -- the rationale to locate not moving that locating the stadium the venue in Niagara Falls or over and Genesee County is is simply strategic regionalism not having -- -- on him. So that's why they wanted but I would like to think Donald Trump I can't -- -- either team and build a stadium because he's the only one look any brains in this game I think. All right Kathy thank you very much and you bring up Donald Trump and we we kind of were under the impression that Donald Trump was backing away from that but the we were told. Earlier this week that he's still in it he's this kind of quietly watching what happens he hasn't withdrawn. The way. Mr. Millstein has but the so I guess he still at least the player. I don't know what to think about that Donald Trump I think you know if he bought it yeah I'd like to think he'd he'd you know keep things. In the central buffalo area that the problem I have with -- via. Less less so at Niagara Falls but with Batavia I just don't get you know what do you do after a game in Batavia. Nothing against the team via my -- would take you for a period of time leader in his life but. You know it's a great place but what do you do when you send you know 607080000. People over there when we -- you know did you lose the benefit. You lose the benefit of people you know. You know going out in the -- in a building downtown buffalo we've waited how long to. To do something with downtown buffalo we've seen it on the waterfront now and we're seeing it in the medical court or I'd like to see that continues I guess. I really think that either downtown -- the waterfront. Are the two answers. For a stadium if we're gonna have one I think it ought to be in one of those two spots and again nothing against Niagara Falls either. I think downtown buffalo. It's where a lot of the outer harbor. -- some issues there I remember seeing one of the concerts aired this past summer. And people were still on the -- when they were opening the the act on stage because they couldn't get there so things need to be addressed more of your calls at 8030930. And -- 930. I'm -- linger here force sandy beach I'm doubly. UBE. Or hearing the voice of -- WGN. That call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free -- star 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. A lot of people they'd get a piece so and they say now what can I put on -- land. Well not the way to -- bulk process goes you -- stuck with the EU. And then find the right piece of land that you maximizing every possible element of the use that you could possibly do. Indication of the outer harbor one way. In one way out. Also indicate that the outer harbor were Terrible Towels there all pumped out. Where are honest services restaurants and whatever. All downtown all it infrastructures. Downtown and I didn't get their -- at this stadium site and the -- -- I don't know if you shouldn't try again and -- -- finally got all because you're not involved partake. In now in the bill abilities now. That is Carl Paladino moved to call us this morning when the -- their -- George has sealed his talking about an outer harbor location. For a new stadium in what -- -- mentioned there eyewitness last year. You know one of the concerts it was held in the outer harbor it was an epic concert but I was nearby in. As that concert was beginning with the first set of songs. The skyway was still packed with people trying to get to the concert you know presumably they were there for the the main act in a maniac was on the stage. In those people were missing it because think there's just one way in and one way out. And obviously that would need to need to be addressed what they did not like now mr. Hassey noticing this morning. Is much as I love that location he said well we'll figure that out after we figure out you know the actual site and it only gets a way to do stuff. And that's what Carl was moved to call about you don't you don't do that after you kind of have to figure out -- the site work. Before you start is the locking something down and figuring out afterwards. How they're gonna get there. I think it kind of happened out Orchard Park you know there's some access issues -- that we overcame with time but. So you know I guess that's a problem with the outer harbor location and Carl Paladino had some issues with that where do you think -- stadium ought to be if you think there ought to be a stadium and you like me think that our backs are to the wall -- that we're negotiating from the weakest possible standpoint it all when you hear someone like -- this morning say. You know that if we don't do something and do it -- now. They were basically screwed won't have an NFL team owed 8030930. And start 930 those are the numbers to call and a back to the phones we go in this is John out in -- -- on your WB yen. -- -- They have opinion on the stadium deal I'd I'd like to say that there are a lot of bill stands. And they love their football but I am not a sports and and I know a lot of hard working people in Erie county that are not sports fans. And I don't feel that we should be made page report. Expensive. Sports facilities that we do not enjoy participating. Well John what are you a fan of though what what what kinds of things do you enjoy. I like. Traveling and visiting. Places in the country that I like to see -- There's nothing locally elected bill is nothing. New here -- like that -- The other probably be a country music concert at this new venue. Well at multiple you. Are okay. But I guess you don't like my mark my point being you know I am a built -- I'm not one of these you know dyed in the wool you know liver -- -- -- -- -- but there -- no no but there aren't earth. I'm just saying that they you know we. We kind of have to support everyone and everyone's. You know you can't just say will because you in a lot of people don't support the bills that we should build a stadium that's probably that's not really a logical way to approach it. You know there are things that you would you would support. Expenditure on that I wouldn't rate. Like roads bridges and helping the poor yes soon. On the third but there are some people would say let's build a stadium instead of new road. You know I'm just saying everybody's everybody's wish in one is a little bit difference I mean we reliant and you can't just. Giving you my opinion that. Paying taxes. Is is hard enough in the in the state in the North County. We have very -- can doubt -- and I think they they have better uses and supporting. Sports and. Yes I in -- IE and you are not alone -- -- there are a lot of people and I share I share part of that opinion too. One that one of the nice things about that outer harbor one is that it is easy it is largely private money it's not the public's money you know some of its Kennedy wrote in a Sunday night -- like. Idea of private money supporting and and the people -- enjoyed going to elect to additionally support. But the outer harbor in my opinion -- big issues with getting in there and getting out of. Yeah but I think they can be corrected to you know here's the thing -- what I can't stand -- this go on your head mentality that we don't even know who the owners going to be. You know many owner the owner is gonna if I buy in this team famine has spent a billion box and you know buying -- a football team. You can be damn sure that I wanna have something to say about we're. Then you might be if you know special especially if I'm gonna spend a you know a good chunk of my money to do it you know to help I'll do it. -- that's a very important thing. And I think we're put in a cart first you know so I I like the idea of this committee that's been formed to study at all. I don't like the you know let's decide now and then we'll figure it all out later mentality I think. Arnold let's do our I was talking with -- Howard Simon from WGR. Yesterday. And you know Howard's. And in the and the owner gets elected and we can present the owner with hate here's all the work we did here's what we found out. You're the locations that we thought -- thought about -- yet here's the one we prefer we like OK it's your team what do you think I agree with that. It's absolutely elegant in -- very important and by -- the if I -- the Republican by the team might wanna. Lot of input and that as well OK John I appreciate -- advance planning means a lot. Outside of that the. Okay thanks for the call I appreciate it okay. All right thank you very much John and let's move on now to. Michelle out in the diner he Michelle your WB Ian. I pay. A little thing I'm men out there want to. -- Michelle bit let me just stop you because you're in the dining you're not too far from Batavia would you like to see the stadium off the -- way -- Batavia. -- think they need to move the stadium they built the superdome back texture now. And out there they have played live they can build up. And it would treat mart -- and -- -- -- investing in something like that I mean people tailgate. It didn't go after after the fact that the ground. Garbage can -- ore bodies -- whole Latin rod. Really wouldn't want it in buffalo. People are trying to go to the waterfront. Like prior white situation and that would take away from. And just like they did fool her like shape. It would it too easy. Eight trailer and who. You can -- Al. By you being in India and now coming in a lot of different solution should get from point a to point B without all the traffic. And -- hand from the do after. Treat more job. Build up that area. But in a mall and a boardwalk underneath and fine dining out for Bob. And then really could have a real kind of parking place let. -- the county. And how they you know do that. In the city and -- that. There are. Well actually maybe it maybe it would be a good thing that they don't tell me right. I don't think anybody you know it's not -- I don't know. About it and if you've seen the -- allotment allotment a lot. We weren't set in buffalo I mean they were complaining about -- -- and and the Arab and -- run after a hurry. Well you know Hillary's. Michelle will take all that into consideration Carl Paladino brought up the republic steel site. Which would address space issues you know there would be plenty of opportunity for parking -- and for. For lots. In there would be easy access to the immediate downtown core four. You know entertainment to get over to you know hotels restaurants casino win every one do. You know the outer harbor certainly provides enough area for parking and for tailgating if that's a concern of yours. You know. Not end like everybody's saying it's getting and now and I mean surely. Anywhere else like I said using it is a theater district by train. It's a lot you park all the -- but it's it's literally -- a -- and you know people are not come out tailgating. You're in gallantly and wildly out. There just aren't. -- He'll speak. That need to be in the hours saying you've got buildings and street restrictions and implement structure underneath you know water power electric my -- -- I mean hey you know you had to. Affectionate couple that was barely. -- -- Traffic yeah look how does need to be plowed down because that's another big etched on buffalo. It maybe and part of that is maybe a part -- and doing -- -- -- -- shuttling to another area or something in the back. Hit the flat out. You know not mean you get the Bild street -- you know I mean and and you're dealing with the winner and summer and road -- I mean how old. From the Leonard horrible. So there's a lot of things that take into consideration. Okay Michelle I got. -- Right now there's a lot of people on the line that wanna do just that Michelle got to go because we're we're gonna take a break -- appreciate your input from out there. In the Dinah and you know that she brings up an interesting point that you know that drives me crazy about this town is. We're looking at all the reasons why we can't build a stadium in the outer harbor we can't get there you know to and from. I'm not saying don't build it there but I'm saying let's address those issues that prevent us from getting to and from there and an easy way. Before we we plunk down you know -- billion dollars stadium there. They can be fixed or what are we gonna do never do anything on the outer harbor because we're gonna sit here and say we can't get there and we can't get home. So let's never develop it that's stupid and that's that's is that it's archaic thinking -- we got to do something to fix that. But let's fix that before we build a huge stadium or frankly anything. On the outer harbor you know so did did the let's develop out there what's that you say OK well let's just leave it is waste land. Because. You can't get there and we can't get home no fix the problem and you know then we can build. A lot more of this coming up should we build a stadium and if so we're 8030930. Start 930 until -- here for sandy on WBE. Buffalo Rochester off bullet -- between bolt. Upload the natural place to put it. If you -- if you only focus and Rochester and and well or try to dictate who -- great location but this -- I did think about these. -- churn through some of these phone calls before the news at the top of the hour we'll get an update. -- -- everything that's going on out their tragic story in the city of buffalo and also all of the conversations this morning about our topic right now which is. A new stadium for buffalo where it ought to be and should we have a new stadium. Do you feel like the -- -- to your head like I do two just do it. Do it or else we don't have a team back to the calls at 8030930. And start 930 Randy isn't -- that Randy you're on WB yen. HM. I'd -- the -- in downtown buffalo however the planning and design would require forward thinking. That's for the little problem comes down and ensure we're looking at the grand picture therefore I would revert back to at least give consideration to retrofit the existing structure. Structurally what can be accommodated don't they didn't -- value and usage. -- we should relocate them -- the cost of the huge factor what do we do with that big white elephant so retrofit would be. One way I would at least lean towards. I'm sure there are options but again politically I don't know that we can do that what you thought. Yeah I'm not sure we can either. Just you know putting a dome up there it's my guess my gut is without being a construction guy and a developer is that. -- economically would would probably not be feasible to you know like put a -- on and it. And then address all the other issues that does make that do I should say made you know a great. NFL facility moving forward. Because they are competing with all of these you know pretty glorious stadiums that are that are being -- all across. The countryside I'm not sure can be done you know they've. They've retro fitted it with a band aids along the way and we just you know we're doing an expensive -- right now 130 million bucks. I don't know we can do that long term and I mean I guess it would work as it has worked for so long but is it the best for the region to have the stadiums that where it is. As far as and we do know what the bat for the region and it has been put forward thinking and planning design yes. A little little the entire picture yeah what I -- to retrofit. Just those structural integrity. Please -- the 25 million dollars and 73 Costin multiple hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrades and improvement. What would would do -- number beat her sources at one billion dollar you know speculation on a number for a new stadium and location. Randy you bring up the point that I tried you know hit home before the last break in net that is that the mentality in this town it's driven -- not since I was a little boy. You know no one will ever live in downtown buffalo was beaten and and I had. For years I you know I'd -- you know nobody's gonna live on Buffalo's waterfront look at all the beautiful you know condominiums down and known what ever go. To our waterfront canal side look what's happening there. So now we say we have the there's a marina out there the small boat harbor. There's so much space and yet our our best argument against it is you can't get their and we can't get home we'll fix that. And support argument that -- proved that private investment. Could make it happen and it just could complement and again it's the grand picture to the big picture. And that's what needs to be done and the well I'm not sure that's there because we micromanage everything. Rather than -- grasping via the long term effect and if we could grab that big picture then it would justify the investment. What what the outcome you know just the expanding we had a medical -- that we see so many promising things that. I think it would be just kind compass at all and with the idea take that billion dollars -- achieve that number. And allocated towards that purchased for a million dollar retrofit to upgrade to I knew that takes a year. Hopefully someday we'll have more with write -- You know I'm just wondering the logistics verses right -- -- Our Randi radio got to cut you loose I'm sorry that you bring up some good and passionate points and most of which. I share more of your phone calls -- next here on WBE yen.

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