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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tour de Cure Preview - Dr Michael Cropp

Tour de Cure Preview - Dr Michael Cropp

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We turn our attention now to the tour to cure to benefit the American Diabetes Association. It's coming up June 7 doctor Michael -- the CEO of independent health association is with us the WB in my -- doctor -- good morning. Morning he signed up and ready to do this again. I am unfortunately can't do is. Many miles this here as they have in the past -- get out of town later I had today. But that's the beauty of this race is -- -- that it's if there are different routes. Yes it is you know and we can come and take part in the shorter routes and and a in an avid bikers can pressure got to sixty or a hundred now. You're the new thirty mile. -- around and there's a -- -- thirty mile right. So you know if a six mile family ride the sixteen mile ride thirty Mauer right. 62 and a half and and a hundred. So they've always offered those options. People take longer. In -- hundred dead they probably get. Somewhere in the ballpark of eighty to a hundred writers yet. -- out altogether. And their hundreds to take part in this. Oh gosh yes. They are anticipating over a thousand writers. Okay and this is probably the time to be signing up in registering I would think. Yes registration will be open up. Through the day but you know the more. They can anticipate how many folks going to be there the easier it is to have all the preparations done. So yeah this is the prime sign up we can. -- -- -- -- Yes I believe that you they can sign up online we the American Diabetes Association it's. Www. Diabetes dot org. Slash a -- Public -- all okay. A doctor -- how does this this ride this tour to cure does is help in the battle against diabetes. Well it does he thinks one is typically. They race. You know. Somewhere in the ballpark 400000 dollars that is seldom available to provide research and some that research and in treating diabetes. Is done right here locally. Some of our. Expert. Scientist that you be. And and then. You know getting people out there -- many people with diabetes to actually participate in the ride and for them the physical fitness helps to control their blood sugar and beat them and help the state as well. Is that what you're hoping to raise during the drive 400000 or possibly more. Yep my goal this year 4151000. Dollars doctor crop what was first one like 23 years ago and that was 11991. Yeah. Idea actually couldn't and tell you but again. I assure you that -- It was. Not anywhere near the level of participation that we've had for the last the first one never -- Yeah and he and that's curious just. Keeps getting stronger and more people come out. And it's such a beautiful venue to. Why and it's great and again if you give that. The website out for people to register if they're thinking about doing this on June 7. Yeah it's www. Diabetes. Dot org actual lash. Buffalo tour. Very good eye doctor crap we're glad you could join us this morning and we wish -- the best. On June 7. Well thanks for the opportunity we'll look forward to seeing a lot of folks out there. That sounds great the center Michael crap he's the CEO of independent health association to the prime sponsor for. The tour and secure benefiting the American Diabetes Association in Western New York. On June 7 and it's a -- not a race. On a bicycle anywhere from six miles a 200 miles.

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