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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Niagara Falls As Proposed Stadium Home - Mayor Paul Dyster

Niagara Falls As Proposed Stadium Home - Mayor Paul Dyster

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are scouting new stadium sites this morning in Niagara Falls mayor Paul tasters with us on the WBM lifeline is the talk about Niagara Falls American morning. More what is the site that we're talking about in the falls. Well if you're talking about in this city proper we only have one. Actual site that's -- and and I think that's the property owned by Niagara Falls redevelopment. Added by. York city real estate developer cardinals team. It's abruptly under forty per site doesn't all -- all 148. Acres there still some off property so -- by others -- -- been under forty acres -- I speak at the site. Or are you about in the downtown area -- it is also the eight people are but Niagara Falls eighteen were you amused by her count in the media. -- sites and for example wheat field area. Mayor Dexter how responsive might. Niagara Falls city in Niagara county residents be. As far as taxpayer money being funneled into the stadium site and peripheral infrastructure -- will probably be needed. Well I think it's case wherever the stadiums constructed wherever new stadium is constructed there could be a lot of for structure improvements aside from the construction of the stadium itself that might be. Are required. I hear a lot of talk about that issue weather's -- or traffic or the Grand Island bridge and -- -- and so on the I want ninety. Across Grand Island and get something like 55000 cars that they had any efforts -- -- there are lot more during summer tourism -- so. You know I don't get or stay as any more issues and trying to get our style that. 219 but I think that's what the eat it's -- right that so. Apple so that. -- that the world's largest. Architecture engineering firm Wachovia or some reports these parties who has today. And I think it's going to be interesting to see what kind conclusions that they drop out of the sites across. From what you know though is their site that you prefer air. I -- it before I prefer which covers places is that big an older. But it that they can by the bills and keep them are here for the next generation in western new York and whatever option it is. Make it happen and I think -- time. Man does Syria and other totaled out of the stadium for the bills that were built Niagara Falls on Niagara county will be huge terrific shot in the arm. For Niagara Falls but couldn't just be a pipe dream that really doesn't stand much chance of gaining any momentum. Well I think at this point all the options are open the argument is usually made in urban Niagara Falls Niagara county location is city cops -- -- and from. Canada in Canada. Southern Ontario specifically -- now to the site from the all areas solve the largest. Markets. Or tickets for awful those pieces are out of Rochester were all well and like -- stay out of Rochester. -- -- -- -- Poker variety of arguments about stadium locations are some people that think that. Stadium as good or sound there's some people think effort bounce around. Some people would think appropriately these things along suburban locations of these that you don't need any structured parking. And or other people think that action permanently epic -- got a whole range -- different opinions. About so you where you -- to stadiums or into the question this stadium to -- so. I think at this point I think it's important is that. Options he developed so that potential owner who need to wait construction of the stadium and order over trigger. I'm purchasing and bills and keeping them here Western New York as it happens that the a community is we're behind. Isn't your closet release. That says the bills have to stay in Erie county at least for the next eleven years. Yes and notebook and you know. People put together at least that are really good job they obviously had some very strong support for rock walls and consult. Trying to make is ironclad as possible bad bills. Or walk into. Consistency location you know. From that and ears. That lease extension. And in need of repairs are under thirteen billion dollars plus it's going into renovation in the state amity Burnett and here period salt. Well it should be -- way. Well but I think there's also -- your opinion out there that suggests. It's the bills are going to be Bible long term in Western New York. A debt the option for the stadium as part of the picture and you Roger did that. Now the commissioner consult seems -- Union and it seems to be that people like debt weighing in. I should be paying attention. Mayor we're glad you could join us thank you. It's Niagara Falls mayor called I Easter.

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