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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Opposing View of Outer Harbor Plan - Carl Paladino

Opposing View of Outer Harbor Plan - Carl Paladino

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just a short while ago we talked about a proposed to the stadium complex on buffaloes look on -- harbor. With buffalo businessman George has -- us. Who was vice president of the greater buffalo sports and entertainment. Complex food which proposals to build this huge. Combined arena. A buffalo businessman and another one -- takes issue with some of the comments made by mr. Lazio this. And that's a developer Carl Paladino is on the WB and live like good morning Carl. To my agent and tell us what your concerns -- Well you know it. Lot of people they look at a piece -- and they say now what can I put an -- Well not the weighted ball process goes -- to start with the EU. And then find the right piece of land that you maximizing every possible element of the -- that you could possibly do. Indication of the outer harbor one way. In one way out. Also indicate the outer harbor where our hotels there all pumped out. Where are honest services restaurants and whatever. All don't count all it infrastructures. Downtown and I didn't get their -- at this stadium site and the outer harbor. I don't know you'd use that track again and that continued -- legal all because you're not about partake in it and now in the availability. Now. It the other the other night that you also indicate it is impossible to betray the taxes. -- the bills that exit. Acceptability. Is is. The Toronto rock I don't want all rushed off what was -- between -- Well all natural place to put it. If you were if you only focus and Rochester and and well all tried to take you would be great location but I think about these. -- what would you propose. I think there's such great city of -- that will be great. You know -- I know they're being talked about different locations. In this city that they could. It can't everything can't build in and accessibility because they've got to. Would you send traffic gotta gotta go on or directions and we we made that mistake what rich stadium in one place out now. Or one sector of the city instead of something more centrally located at this crossroads which was many years ago. But the the we have developer instinct in this site -- ability you can look at. What the different elements -- that goal at hand built in its accessibility. And -- especially. Parking -- driving me one of -- sites I've looked at as the old Republic's guilt or Cuomo wants to build it building. It's a perfect location because the train. Can come right out of dumped on ball will go on. Pick up people right at the stadium only by building one bridge. Ed and you bring -- -- -- use 121000 parking spaces downtown buffalo and nick and excess hotel restaurant. And and you couldn't really do something Smart. It did in that location and you'll republic steel in addition to brown streak again. All the broke real benefits. Are you interested in nine. Partnering -- getting together with any of these groups and -- developers. No I and marriage is an open stadium the states can at all. You know what mistake it would convention center in your -- -- And the Egg Harbor -- because look at the -- at the same time our call these people. People just don't think -- And you get it -- built. -- -- parking structure you to waste the money using existing infrastructure that we compared to senator beat out. Where you've got hotels restaurants and other infrastructure support. -- very interesting in we thank you for your input this morning have a safe trip were earlier hitting thank you for joining us. Buffalo developer Carl Paladino.

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