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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Outer Harbor Stadium Proposal - George Hasiotis

Outer Harbor Stadium Proposal - George Hasiotis

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're discussing new possible football stadiums for the Buffalo Bills this morning. Our next guest on the live line as buffalo businessmen George as he noticed. A minister has Jonas is vice president of greater buffalo sports and entertainment complex. This group made its presentation of several weeks ago proposing to develop their complex on Buffalo's -- harbor Georgia morning. Good morning. Give our listeners and -- again a description. Of what you'd like to development exactly where on the outer harbor. Well the other that was about a 400 acre they -- I don't feel right now and it has been for for decades maybe six years of war. This would be a structure that would be a complex composer of multi sport stadium conference convention and cultural. Sports cultural museum. Facilities up to 72000. People. It something which are working on years and years ago it was a lot of preliminary research and we had a developer with -- represented in any way the NFL with the Buffalo Bills anyone else's stuff. Development proposal that we're partnering with the city of buffalo lists and -- we've gotten a lot of support from the city of buffalo. Well what your site Georgia preferred site over the others that are out there. Well that's very good question and -- you know we've done a review for a number of years we look at the central terminal six years ago. We work with the city income up on the short list of non potential site and city of buffalo. There are two key criteria as long as well with professional sports what would the world wanna see. What kind of site and and the other is what really available what's really doable terms of the land availability. That's attractive that really. Increases the value in the image of the brand of the city of buffalo in the region of Western New York. And there's one answered that there's only one shovel ready open area which has the outer harbor. Which is live with our consultants who are really world class leaders in their field they develop most of the major football. Stadium in North America aren't soccer stadiums around the rest of the world. They've worked together with professional sports league and professional sport in international competition remains that this is really the only acceptable site. If you wanna have a successful future professional sports. In buffalo. -- yet mr. has -- us your proposal has not drawn any interest from the Buffalo Bills. Or the state of new York and -- -- probably disappointed and do you know why. Well we've got a lot of us we've got a lot of back and forth with the State of New York so that you know some people believe -- popular media mischaracterized. We wouldn't really be only comprehend its. Proposal on the table -- private -- and funding. Not taxpayer funding were shovel ready. And if you don't get this thing going within the next year it takes five years to six years maybe a little more you're not gonna have something ready. So we're really talking about. What happens after this lease extensions over I mean virtually the functional timeline. And we don't know with the passing of mr. Wilson there's going to be new ownership in what Roger Goodell sent last week and what we've been saying for sure years. If you don't get this go. United community in the competition to have franchise. And that's our opinion those developers what are our professional teams worked with the NFL every day. Right now they're working with the NFL and Minnesota Vikings. On Super Bowl site. You have to build term facility have to build it SAT. And no one else has identified any alternatives like they're qualified than any possible way. We've worked with the city of buffalo we have a short list of sites. And most of those -- sides get -- eliminated all point John because. They're too small there's too much dislocation has too much experience and -- not in first class great neighborhood that would be acceptable to professional sports. We're talking live with businessman George Tennessee and as George what about transportation this is route five in the skyway for tens of thousands of football fans. Well exactly and you know if you look at any major city that challenge and can look at any of these other sites now. Let's make it clear it off the bat. A suburban -- -- rural site does not work it did not via a football only stadium is the economics don't work. And professional leagues don't want dedicated port facilities and the more you need the synergy they want their brand out there 365. Days a year. -- -- A couple of bankers that we're looking at one -- anchors the strong museum. Of Rochester. That draws more people than than football oh school year and and natural increase. With have a multi generational multi sport. Sports culture you. So again our plan is the one that's privately finance comprehensive. And there are no real competing. Alternative sites because they all are into the future a lot of time a lot started regarded on the preliminary studies. The challenge of roads parking structure. Is what we do on the second -- We clarified. We get answers in the signatures aren't good enough but can you just have to accept it. But these are the best tell to people and distance the world working with anarchy it's HK and some doubts. And this is what they tackle we can -- it was an extension of light rail by half mile. We can create a park setting 60% of that area it'll be a part seven and will be confinement -- privately. And that's the key point here is we're shovel ready ready to go with Indian ground that you are always in the land option. We've got the city of buffalo on our side they've already written in the NFL. And we will be in the lead agency which support the proposal. That would help a lot more support for our comprehensive solution. Then and the other and there is no other identified site in -- a lot of politicians thing. Well there should be a -- but it shouldn't be on waterfront well they've really don't have the ability to deliberate and they're not really professional. And important note taxpayer money George thank you for joining us this morning. Thanks so much. Buffalo businessman George has -- as his vice president of greater buffalo sports and entertainment.

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