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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fan Perspective On New Stadium Location - Matt Sabuda

Fan Perspective On New Stadium Location - Matt Sabuda

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mets have Buddha is our guest on the WB in my line chapter president of the buffalo fan alliance may second morning. Sure you know if it turns out that the new owner of the Buffalo Bills wants a new stadium the conversation has already started on where to put it. And it appears that five sites are in play right now from the outer harbor to the Perry projects in buffalo Niagara Falls in Batavia. So the -- alliance. Do you favor one side over another. Knows. I I guess as far as the geographic location. Our position is that we want. But that stadium site that is. Financially viable for the community and for the team it in the long term future other certainly a lot of spots that people. Yeah it happened and some that think that don't make great stadium site but. More substantial. Aspect that we keep in mind is the cost of that so and the community for it. We think the community can't afford but we deceptively Smart about how how. What about Ralph Wilson Stadium Jewish people's stadium where it is do you have any issues. Map which spending money to run of it feels -- even larger part of into this taxpayer money. But there is little about the taxpayer money is going to be involved in on Tuesday. Sure I think that all options at this early stage should be considered. Like a -- is leaning heavily towards wanting a new stadium. On depending on the reasoning for about I -- makes sense but I think at this point that option open. It's certainly kept -- Would it be best. If a site is chosen that's a public sector side over -- private sector vice Versa. Again I'm not sure that -- matter as long as the overall. Viability. Are -- terms of financial cost. Makes sense and again wanting -- people have to consider -- particularly when discussing what is expected arbor are. It's not just the stadium. It's vehicle structure call that article along with that it's the corporation. -- -- -- -- People -- -- from the stadium and a -- Cox couldn't mount pretty substantially and again that activity equations so -- apartments like republics -- Again the overall cost really need to be here at Harvard folk. In a loving -- and spending a lot of time thinking about -- as well we're gonna call. The new stadium we're so used to Ralph Wilson Stadium you know the new guy who buys this team. Humidity keeps the stadium in Orchard Park it probably won't be called Ralph Wilson Stadium anymore than -- to get used to that. Sure well I think that that's the good point I expect that I -- -- are probably will take advantage of the potential for me early. The revenue stream that. Yeah. You know absolute -- and should be pursued. -- met we're glad you could join us this morning thanks for the input. That's -- to Buddha of the buffalo fan alliance.

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