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5-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would write this thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The fact he has yet more dead Americans -- -- I protest with it because of guys out for a walk one -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put. People know when it's alive yeah. It's local thing. It's Tom how early. They're wet white women that news radio. -- Go -- looking up ideas when it fairly garden Monday -- -- -- Iowa -- -- The actual. But those -- you and oh and I get -- joke that you have learned it's whoever judges some leverage that is around here and appeared behind me be getting. I don't usually talk like problem -- it's a month. -- on the little -- -- in overtime anyway thanks for being with those legal one area. The league -- one area. How badly -- Rain this morning and the flash flooding that took place now I spoke with -- prime minister house who is our news reporter ace reporter Jimmy Olsen. And he just got back from I'd want a short while ago and he said from what he saw it wasn't a bad. So hopefully as the case you are and on the -- up. Close and we get to ground zero wherever that might be but if you any pictures on any. Significant damage that was done for this morning's flash flooding and want to. Feel free to some laundry Tom at WB dot com -- at WB and -- economic report put them up on -- -- -- have a lot of friends don't -- away and hopefully everybody emerged unscathed and with all property -- that. -- -- 67 years ago you guys that monster storm that took literally like a month the cleanup. And the after backs were still felt even a year and two years later it was -- your version of the blues have 77 except it wasn't snow. In one of the holy cow. Holy Toledo. That's what comes. Up like some shocking news this morning. Well there is double standard like. In the media and in public life. That people on the right when the trouble. If you are a conservative. Libertarian if you're conservative or Republican you trouble everything comes to a stop. And you're forced to do it may -- You are forced to apologize what they're streaming down Europe's -- But if you're -- Baldwin. You can. And the cash register keeps. Back after editor keeps on Alec Baldwin got in trouble last year because. Anti gay slurs. Yes he made up gay slurs but he's -- public. He's a guy he's the public. If he's able to do. It's. Just like Hillary Clinton is able to say and do everything and nobody ever gets -- four. Because she's on the -- Which -- -- the left side but anyway Alec Baldwin. Has been here whose. Riding his bike the wrong way not only that but with arguing. With police which is something you have you don't want to do. This happened. Today Alec Baldwin. Handcuffed by cops. He allegedly -- his -- the wrong way on Fifth Avenue in New York City but then he argued with -- officers who tried to give him a ticket and Baldwin later tweeted out the New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign. Gosh Alec where have you been on New York State. Gosh Alec where have -- -- on. -- a million other laws this state has put through as the nanny state seatbelt law motorcycle helmet law. -- Bloomberg's law on soda pop which eventually was overturned by the way is unconstitutional. A law enforcement source in New York City said Alec Baldwin. We've seen riding his -- the wrong way on Fifth Avenue near sixteenth street flat iron district police stopped to give -- a ticket -- grew angry. He was wearing a black jacket black shorts and a black -- advisor he did not have ID on him. Now because he didn't have idea on him. They brought him to the police station here is issued to summonses one for riding his -- the wrong way and another for disorderly conduct. Now the disorderly conduct comes when you argue with the cops. Just. It was just last was it last year now forever -- this year. He. Got involved with. Even if some gay. -- And he announced that he was leaving public life for good I've lived this for thirty years I'm -- -- good by the public life. But I guess that all those lucrative endorsement deals came along. And Alec had a change of heart. It'll be interesting to see how many of Alec Baldwin's clients. Ash can -- him after -- this is a career builder. Rush Limbaugh has said this for years if you're on the left when you get in trouble it is a career enhancer it's a resume builder. And mark my words folks you have not heard of that the worst -- the last of Alec Baldwin. I'll bet any thing he's gonna come back stronger than ever why it because he's on the right side which is -- left side people like Jon -- Where even that Richard Dreyfuss now if they get into scrapes polling -- and ever gonna come back. Not that they are exactly prominent at this point anyway but their what does Alec Baldwin done. What he did best special victims unit and what else. I've seen more one of his Brothers on TB did that'd be the least famous of the ball to the vampires movie whip. -- is James Woods. I've seen or is it's not the it means that the Baldwin yet any ball. -- -- on The Sopranos there but I've seen more of the other Baldwin's that I have of Alec Baldwin that anyway I don't know I guess the point simply is. Yeah a year you'd you'd get ticketed riding your bike the wrong way. That's bad enough I mean it's really no big deal. But the disorderly conduct charge totally avoidable. It just sounds to me like he played the do you know who I am card. And I wonder if the arresting officers said what's in your wallet. I really wonder. But he didn't have his wallet so I guess we'll never now. Soleil anyway here's that story put details up on my FaceBook page just that you have might be interest did not did you live and -- by Alec Baldwin. By the way. I have a way for the world to solve cancer lupus MS and every other disease Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton need to hold up signs with hash tags. That will cure cancer lupus -- every autoimmune disease -- might even cure by cerebral. What's -- and then again that's you'll notice that's right it's in the bright cerebral. It's all have to do is hold up as tanks and they've done their job. Folks. If George W. Bush as much as I load the bush family I've come to load them just a you know. If he had held up I hash -- sign free our girls. The ridicule. In the mass media would have been at a crescendo. It would have been absolutely. Bike to operative it would have been angry. It would it would have reflected an impotence. That is absolutely unheard of from people in so called power. If George W. Bush had held up I had -- sign free our girls it would have been laughed debt. And it should be left that. And we're talking about the kidnapped girls. Who have been converted to Islam supposedly by the kidnappers who took him and but that and the idea that somehow I hash tag. You know hash tag don't fly planes into the World Trade Center what how that would work hash tag. Don't try to fly a plane -- the capitol building ash tag hash tag they'll fly a plane into the Pentagon ash tag. -- other go to work probably real well all of our new foreign policy they -- I have you credit -- I don't put -- hash tag in the wrong place -- you have to understand I don't do Twitter are a lot I'd spend enough time on FaceBook I don't need Twitter Twitter needs me I don't need it. Anyway. Did that sound. I come up on FaceBook. I can't express myself 140 characters. Well I can but wouldn't be very nice. 803 on -- thirty by the -- -- poll numbers we are move along here on news radio 930 WBM I'll be damned if we can get -- -- adamant I have. -- -- had a good case solar jettison a long time. Election of 2004. I believe. Now 1994. I think it is dated myself there was -- last time I had severe laryngitis. I worked like a bitch bad day. Yes I worked all my gosh that was like a real drop. And I hope it's not coming -- if a -- in the next room if the voice becomes. Bad enough. Yeah would you let me know. As it sounds -- easily. It's a little rough in the throat. So I'd just be aware I need to know if it sounds like if something to which people cannot listen. -- I go to small new ones is because I have figure myself all the time and it. -- so. You don't sucks to be me now folks I've got to tell you something. I'm a little bit sick -- talking about Donald Sterling the NBA. And magic the aids Johnson. I'm a little bit sick of talking about it. Donald Sterling is receiving absolutely. Terrible advice. From whomever he has hired. Or whomever is in his circle of friends as crisis. Managers communication crisis managers and I have to tell you something and I don't mean to blow -- blow my own horn here. But. What are the things I do very very well -- crisis management on two occasions in my professional career. People thought I was done. Done. Finished. And both times -- come back stronger than ever. YA. Telling the truth be. Gaza just a nice guy. See. Because they know how to communicate. By screw up I'm man enough to would -- I screwed up. And Donald Sterling is getting some bad advice. First of all. And I said this the last time we tell us about I touched on Donald Sterling I know the calls were gonna get. Yet -- hit a frame at a speech in the house anymore you can't even have freedom of speech on the telephone anymore this year's. Folks repeat after me this is not a First Amendment issue. I'm going to say that again it is not a First Amendment issue. The First Amendment simply guarantees. That the government isn't going to put sterling in some kind of a re education camp for what he sent. The First Amendment means that I am not conceivably at this point going to end up in a federal detention center. Although with that the national defense authorization act one never knows. -- by the way that's utterly antithetical to the First Amendment and the a a -- that perhaps as a show for another bank. Bottom line here is. Is that. It's a -- you've. In the bottom line is it's not a First Amendment issue because this has nothing to do with the United States government or any government that the coming down on Donald Sterling so please don't tell me it's a freedom of speech First Amendment issue it isn't. Freedom of speech involves the government cracking down on speech this -- is why for example. Any time anybody proposes hate speech laws. I am on that like white on rice. Because if black Panthers. Want to. Talk about killing Y eighty. And how the white man the nordic man is inferior to the black man they have every right to do so and so did the Ku Klux Klan. I don't happen to agree with either of those viewpoints but they have the right to express them. The other stale and I'm saying and I told you guys this before. The Ku Klux Klan did not come at the pilot did not commit to being. Simply because of hate. It came of the beating because after the civil war a budget northern carpetbaggers went down south and basically screwed the people down there time. And the people down there the white people in the south. Did not believe they were getting justice from the justice system so Nathan Bedford Forrest a former confederate dude he comes along starts the kkk. And it morphs in to -- eight racial group. But it was bet that was the last re course for people who could not get justice in the justice system after the civil war. And if you're black and you're saying but Tom. I'm gonna say the same thing about the black Panthers they couldn't come -- -- being. Because somebody just decided that white people -- came into being because blacks felt. That they could not get justice in the white man's justice system and there is a segment of any population that strongly racially identifies. That is gonna have sympathy with people who say look. We're here to defend you. We're here on your side because the -- sure isn't. So. These groups springing up why do they spring up. Because of injustice or perceived injustice. I don't agree with the kkk I don't agree with the black Panthers but please don't ever tell me that they should never -- right to express their opinion because I believe they do. I don't happen to like get like their opinions that is but the only opinions that need protection other controversial -- Ordinary speech that protection because it hurts. Watching her on here soon there stare at them like Castro in over. And Bridgestone. Today the issue -- -- kids like Claudia to show long question that is a 103 between her. June date itself. -- go and I really do hate to. In Europe to it it has to be done -- the -- talk radio are you watched -- corporal explains -- -- early. It didn't and their party's secretary about the Donald Sterling story. Maybe a little bit okay. A couple of things come to -- number one. He's getting some advice. He should never have consented to such a long interview with Anderson Cooper that's one. Never. Ever ever ever put yourself in a situation. Where you are going to be trapped in a room. For -- -- an hour it's much much edited. Power all he did do was speak for ten minutes and everything would have been cool. Ten minutes I apologize. They called my granddaughter racist they wouldn't give her candy. And here is why I -- an old tool belt for young woman. And I think that it's at about black people because I was jealous that's all he had this -- And it would have gotten I think it may be some public sympathy it'll all look. -- there is human to forgive divine I did not make that up I read it somewhere. Com. He sounded. At the beginning of the interviewed -- this. At the very beginning of the interview. Are right. -- guy who looks like he's about to break down in tears. Anderson Cooper. And I am watching the beginning of -- thinking to myself you know what. This -- screwed up. Andy is begging for forgiveness. The guy is a billionaire he's begging for forgiveness. Humbling position to be -- When you're used to having people kiss your ass right left and senator hagel and -- -- kind of national TV. I mean not many people watch it but to go on CNN. And basically. Beg for forgiveness let's listen to mr. sterling. And Anderson Cooper courtesy -- C and and and Anderson Cooper 36. Today. I did you were saying you are jealous she didn't want her being seen with other guys you want. He photographed photographed with other guys who watches kind of throwing your face that that's usually what you're saying did you ever like a girl do you ever jealous of their little bit if you do the other guys. -- wanted to be photographed right and wondered how I don't know if photograph jealous -- into it. How -- that I was jealous. And it was stupid the thing is that what you were saying it wasn't I don't want you see with other guys who were saying I don't -- you -- -- black guys. Because she used the word black guys bringing some gorgeous black guys in the -- you're the one who brings brings that you said that your friends and viewers are calling you. Saying telling her she's bringing black eyes of the games you shake we just review -- can respond but it all they want you to convoluted she says the white taking you say why are you taking pictures of minorities why. Later on you say. It bothers me a lot you -- broadcasters association of black people do you have do and she says you associate black people he says I'm not you you're not me you're supposed to be a delicate -- -- delicately teen girls. The question then is. Why does being seen a black person not make her delicate -- delicate machine ago. I can't explain some of the stupid. Foolish. Uneducated words that I others. I don't know you know we he start -- get upset you say things. Well let's go let's stop the tape right now at this point okay I'm sitting there and I'm thinking you know what kind of feel sorry for sterling. Because the guy is an octogenarian. And I'm I'm start to wonder with all due respect ladies and gentlemen. I'm starting to wonder if maybe he's got some kind of brain deterioration going on. First of all in in simple ego terms. -- his explanation made a lot of cents. In terms of what she said to lead him on that is a plausible explanation at least to me. -- why he said I don't want you bringing black people to the games sounds like it could very well be plausible. Are right. Furthermore. This guy sterling also humbled himself by saying look I sets and stupid. Uneducated things I hurt an awful lot of people. My granddaughter. My ex wife even though there not officially x.s at this point their estranged. And start to think while and then he starts talking about basically being an old fool. Being a guy who is 51 years older than this year keys -- if and how he deceived himself and deluded himself with a fake and that she was kind of isn't that him. And with Asian gentleman I'm sorry but the reality of the situation it is. If you are AD and she -- even thirty yet there is only one thing she wants -- use and -- we all know what it views and you can kick yourself all you a lot into thinking that it's because you're the best lover in the world. Picture hot. That you know you have this magnetic personality filled with sex appeal you can believe that if you choose to but the rest of society sees it for what it is. She is after -- them that something is green although I'm not sure what color labor TV news ugly car anyway. Never buy at liberty I know that my attempts -- it's possibly -- lay awake at night wondering about it believe me I'd I'd rather have a portrait thank you now. God gives us something to companies were over compensated seekers maybe so and just start to feel kind of sad poor. Sterling and I'm thinking to myself you know. This guy coming up played. For fooled by this chick who I wouldn't trust with a ten foot pole Joseph as -- old expression goes I wouldn't trust her with York. Now let's hear the interview where then Donald Sterling kind of goes off the animals. May Magic Johnson what has he done. But this is a businessperson. Who's got -- did he do little sidelight. That you help anybody in south LA I think is HIV doesn't actually quiet for a bottle what kind of a guy goes to every city -- -- every girl. -- -- -- HIV and that is that someone we want it respected. And tell our kids about. OK time out time out time out okay pot kettle calling to. You're eighty years old York banks and checking in her twenties. And you're gonna -- Magic Johnson. For. Do you think he's only one white or black. I've got news for you and your -- wanna hear this. Unlocking a save all. But most pro athletes are exactly the way Magic Johnson the news or wives are right. They've got the -- the motive and god knows they've got the opportunity. They're young men they've got women hotter than the flames of hell chasing them because guess what. Daylight the glory they like the best and reflected -- all -- also most of these guys are multi millionaires that doesn't hurt. Even if they're -- like an elephant it's still doesn't hurt now. Well you know just just looked -- -- world culture let me just put it out here are -- Magic Johnson did no different than most other pro athletes have done. My apologies to those of you who have been pro athletes who did walk the straight and narrow. Okay my apologies I'm -- you together. And look I have to confess my lifestyle is no big secret are right. I'm kind of the same way sorry but it's just the way it euros. I mean John -- -- realty. It's an open secret really give a damn well I couldn't care less. So all. Imagine. Being in your twenties. Having all the money in the world. And all the opportunity Magic Johnson didn't do anything that most other athletes haven't done with again my apologies to those -- -- Generally men of faith who. Do not get involved in the extracurricular. Activities. Now there's something else that he sent. And he's gonna catch hell for it and I I have to say something and Donald Sterling defense. The distinction between HIV. And -- First of all. I have never. And you know what if you have recordings of my show going back to the eighties. I have never believe. That aids was somehow God's punishment for the stand ups and -- I've never believed that I don't think a loving god wants people did -- that -- That's my personal -- it may not be yours were gonna have to agree to disagree on I don't believe. QB I don't believe that aids. Or HIV is a punishment now Magic Johnson has HIV which is the virus that causes aids he most certainly does not have full blown gates. Now he is gonna get in trouble for bringing -- Magic Johnson. And aids and HIV. Okay. But just to show you the double standard of the left ladies and gentlemen I don't remember anybody. In the gay community the HIV community the aids community. Remember any of those people raise an eyebrow or pro testing ape parent he saw written by left wing it. Seth MacFarlane. Of Family Guy. And gentlemen family guys to show airs on fox I used to think it was very funny and I have to admit sometimes they still do watch it on re run and I do last. And one of the things that I laugh about it is it's so edgy. But I have to -- Seth MacFarlane made a joke. Out of HIV and aids you'll remember the left ever coming after him. -- -- I hate to tell -- a point that you have made good. I don't may have caught it when it's -- -- -- speak to go in here. Maybe I'll let unprotected sex with -- Julian Peterson could ever went wizard and have made just you having not HIV but full blown. Okay. Me. T. Sure. -- use the this is not hey it's. I mean. -- I don't know. I'm sorry I received was hoping -- Syria. You're. The man. I. As a businessperson. -- got aids didn't do any business I'd like. Didn't help anybody in south LA Clinton is it certainly doesn't travel and are right now I would support -- try to make your folks is. Donald Sterling is gonna catch hell for what he said about Magic Johnson. Are right. Seth MacFarlane. Par bird. 2 -- separate -- I have to give Seth MacFarlane credit Seth MacFarlane I happen to think news. An uber genius. I hate to say it but he it is he also happens to be extremely. Left wing. He is able to do up charities. And the visual that does not translate well to radio if it did I guess we call it TV. The visual is this -- emaciated fellow in bed hooked up the troops. And these guys are around the barbershop quartet sit in the song reminding him that he doesn't have HIV but. Full blown. Eight I don't remember any indignation. Protest. Controversy over that bit what so ever and yet startling. He is gonna catch -- for others. I just think there's a double standard all right. Look my black Brothers and sisters. Listen to my program. You know how grateful. I am for you or. Decades of support. I really am. Donald Sterling. Does not speak. For all white people Donald Sterling does not speak for all eighty your old white people. Donald sterling and I'm not a doctor. I think I don't know whether he's always been this way. Or whether he is suffering from some early dementia. But. If there is -- this is this is where my benevolent side is gonna have to come out. If there is anybody who has not. Said something offensive would you please come forward and identify yourself. Because Whittier -- is free agent who might happen to respect a great deal by the way. Whether it is very this bridge and whether it is -- hourly sandy beach Rush Limbaugh Leslie Marshall believed. We have all said things that we wish we could take back the but we -- I know I. And if you get a microphone in my whole. Over the past. Years of my adulthood. Believe me I've said things that I would not want made public. About everything. Anybody. You can possibly imagine. I've got told to this before. One of the reasons. That I rushed to Paula dean's defense. Was because. Of that. None of us are with out sin. And none of us I mean we you know any religious context and in a societal context we've all screwed up. And do you remember when Paula -- rented that hot water because she admitted that she'd used the N word years ago. There was basically a lynch mob out to get Paul would be and I came on the air and I -- that I've used the N word probably a million times I've used. I wanna be honest with you I don't use it anymore. Not like I still. I did use it a couple of weekends ago when I was teaching myself the Bob Dylan song hurricane after hurricane Carter died. FC. A minor those are the major chords Leona -- crap and the the and word is -- that song. But hopefully. To my black Brothers assisted by Hispanic Brothers and sisters. Everybody in humanity who has chosen to bring me into your lives. Can't we all forgive each other. For our past sins and things we've said. Remember the sixties. You'll remember the racial strife. You know kill Y eighty look there's a cracker the N word. We have all been very unkind and unfair to eat Joker as groups all of us. And -- at all. I wanna tell you. That. -- and whatever time I have left on this planet. Mind. Goal one of my goals. News. To bring people together a cross those lines and across those barriers to see the common humanity in us all. If -- patriot. It doesn't matter to me your ethnicity. Your sexual orientation. Your gender identification. It doesn't matter. You're on my team. And if you've said things in the past against white people. You know what speaking on behalf of all white people I forgive you. You know what you got older you got wiser -- dot. I sure is held in port. If I mean if you could've looked in my into my heart when I was 1516 years old you -- found a very hate filled balloon boy. Young man. I stayed that way. I would lost out on a lot of friends. I need to break I'm sorry guys WB and when -- go to commercial are right. Both got traffic coming up and I wanna talk about this sterling interview part of me feels sorry for Donald Sterling. Part of me just finds this whole thing ridiculous. And the Verizon's open up and eight game home -- tonight and I'll be able imagine that each and every day for time. Our lips against the Gwinnett braves 7051. Pitch devices for mr. didn't end -- first pitch forecast for tonight sorry about certain India have a speech impediment that I. I've cloudy and mild tonight just a couple of showers and thunderstorms overnight low 62 tomorrow will be cloudy cooler a couple of showers and thunderstorm with a high temperature of 69. And right now it and it's. And 83. At news radio 930 WB EN. It is hourly with you did you watch the sterling interview I'm presuming most -- did not. That's why I've got a lot of audio for Anderson Cooper but I. Think that necessarily we need to keep playing and replaying the audio for you to have an opinion I think that's an upside as did very well. And here's the issue this is why this is why Donald Sterling should have called Michael Caputo or should have called -- hourly workers were not asked cancers we would have pulled. Him exactly what he needed to do publicly to get out of this situation. And believe me. I'm a considerable my own -- here Michael -- oh does crisis communication as part of his -- crisis management. I over the years have learned how to do it's. And I'm real good -- -- -- photo is excellent and it and he's had very nice things to say about my abilities with. Bottom line is he needs somebody who's not gonna be about cancer to tell him only do a short interview with Anderson Cooper. Doing your -- call -- make sure that it is sincere. Admit to what you did beg for forgiveness. Because I'll tell you guys. You I don't care what you look like. You deep down. Bubba are soccer for the truth. Steal that line from the mr. X character in Oliver stone's. Apologize. Beg for forgiveness. Say it will never happen again. I got played for pool but I was the biggest pool ball for what I said it was stupid hateful harmful. And the rest of my life I will dedicate to. Not just getting my own butt out of the flames but helping to bridge the gap between. Our. Different societies or different cultures in America bingo -- -- done he comes out smelling like a rose instead. Just when you thought he was. Just when you thought. -- he was. Get a dig himself out he digs the hole deeper. Seriously. He's got to know when to shut up sometimes I don't know what to shut up 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN.

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