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5-13 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It. No that's not me barking that's the word are all out. Is big on this board in case you missed that play it right at 11 o'clock and they gridlock you hope you win the money there. We're talking now about something different. Then though borrower. And something adjusts his name is actually in fact there are some similarities. If you think about it some states now. Make it illegal. To. To publish what they call revenge. Born. Are you familiar -- of -- Would be the the phrase revenge -- First of all you take pictures with your phone of people do I do you do -- goes Christa was. And as a matter of fact that together. We have an estimated 55. Billion. With a B. Camera phone photographs each year. 55 billion and out of that 55 billion some of them are not nice. Some of them are not raise some of them were taken under a certain set of circumstances. And when those circumstances change they become public and people are humiliated. And worse. And it's almost as some states are passing laws that will ban revenge more. It starts off as though it's a couple taking know what you would call intimate pictures of themselves. And that their couple are happy couple girls probably have very Condo while the guy. And the guy is probably a mature or. And a win win and they decide to break up that they no longer Koppel. -- big question is who has the pictures and what happened to the pictures. I think that when it gets to a court case of an ever does the question will be long overtures. If the pictures were taking willingly. And one person takes the picture they both all of that -- have -- ownership as one person does the person who took the picture all the picture. These are legal questions but the questions -- secondary. Two of the -- psychological questions. People can ruin their lives like they listen and people have been blackmailed. -- you here all kinds of stories about you know some some young punk. Who felt it was wrong by his girlfriend suddenly. He copies everybody would via the photographs of horror. Innate compromising position. As those scenes reminded me like morgue more girls are taking advantage of in this case and boys are but the bottom line is you have to remember. The boys and boys are pigs and amendment often times X -- so you have to keep that in mind and if you keep in mind you'll recognize what's happening here. So here's the story. This is from USA today a photo taken them a passionate heat of the moment. A vengeful acts recipe for on line trouble that could last forever once the picture reaches the Internet and that's the problem. You know in the old days would you go make copies of a picture -- under windshield wipers in the school parking lot I mean I was that. -- -- like a couple of times and it worked at a record in August. But now that was it now with the ability. To -- to put pictures on line. It's it's dramatic. Every one can see it at the same time there's no real way to stop it. It's called revenge born in states across the country are moving too low laud this type of thing is mortified it's humiliating and once it's online it's nearly permanent. Those of the words of the results they represented at. Was a Republican. Arizona governor amber are we talking a lot about her. Last week signed his bill into law adding better state to a stunning close. -- -- -- California. Georgia Idaho Utah Virginia and Wisconsin. Colorado and Hawaii. Are considering similar measures knows what state is missing from New York. New Yorkers not among group. The stealthy culture because -- -- -- he's now for myself yes. This year Americans who share an estimated 55. Billion. Camera phone photos. According to info trends they tracked that sort of stuff. The technology is there are people using Ali Jacobs found the hard way several years ago. Way and she's as a former boyfriend. -- that explicit photos of her online without her permission after a break up. We need to recognize that this is a form of sexual abuse she said nobody should be. You know what nobody should be doing this is not okay and I totally agree. -- once the -- the problem is that once the barn doors left -- like that it's really hard to close that. If if somebody has possession of pictures of you you may think he's that darling has guys in the world. But if you break copy may not be the same guy and you use the side of -- you're -- pregnancy. Jacobs became the face of a problem with her nonprofit group and revenge far and though she says she's heard from thousands of women have been victimized. I think somebody needed to put a face on -- -- legislators understand that this is a real issue at a picture of people agree that. The thing that I I'm gonna have to get my arms around this oh they stop it. I mean I can see prosecuting it and it's important lawn and place and prosecuting it it shouldn't be hard to find out who published it. But that's all after the fact. Should we be really focusing on schedule avoided getting on line in the first place rather than. Rather than have a publisher and and try and find out who did it but I don't know how you do that. Tony and yet finalized. I don't think he can -- -- you can't stop that what do you progress. It's almost impossible I mean. If you're just walking on the streets are pretty easily snap your picture part of online without you noticing and you never even know is there unless you check whatever website or whatever fans -- How many web sites there are. Okay you how -- you posted on multiple sites how do you know it's there unless somebody happens to see it. But it depends on on its -- depending now on after the fact we've got to get the front of this is that the back of this in order to make it work now I can't figure out how you would stop or prevent it actually that's that. I think what you have to do. Is the same thing we did with drunk drivers I think yeah and and it won't work for everybody because of what they're going. But I think you have to -- you -- you have to say. This is a dirt bag move if you have any feelings for that girl at all and you're doing -- assured dirt bag. If you didn't have feelings toward Europe or dirt bag. Maybe post a picture if if someone is convicted of it. Post a picture of them put that online that this pervert the reality -- Actually I think the shame aspects about the only way we go through -- information also now I don't know non school my daughter's grown she's out of school. But I don't know maybe an information campaign. At the school level because let's face -- when we first learned about sexting. Remember. That's where people send explicit pictures of themselves. Now I've YouTube that. If you take an exclusive picture of yourself and post it then you got nobody to blame but yourself but if you do it with somebody. A picture of somebody else. Without their permission and you post it. Then that's a problem that's a real problem but what we found out about sexting -- that we always find out after the fact. We found out it's a huge number. Of young people that do it much more than we ever thought I don't have a number from. In fact wasn't it not too long ago I think it was Massachusetts that just passed a law. About 218. File photo Republican public with -- call ups dirty yourself. -- people used to do that day as Chris mentioned they would do without you knowing it take. Not a compromising picture because it's in public but maybe a picture you'd rather have not published okay yeah out some summoned to a -- Critics of the revenge foreign laws include the ACLU. Which worries the measures and so broadly written they may outlaw. A legitimate actions. ACLU staff return lately Roland says laws need to be making it clear that someone knowingly and maliciously shared a photo instead of simply passing along a picture they found on line. So another presidency it's. Well what this person is saying is its online. And you sent it to somebody else as opposed to you took the picture and you posted it. No one of their right mind is in favor of revenge form but the devil is in the details and I think to be honest review. I don't know. You stop it I think you can try and minimize it I think you can try and shame a person that would do it. But I I don't know -- -- get between all our you have the picture is posted its online how do you stop that. I don't know the answer. Do you have any suggestions. -- my question is revenge for a personal -- New York have a law. What's your feeling on self -- sex -- -- some very prominent people have some pictures of some very prominent private parts. Two other people that -- Maceda. Brett Favre was one of them allegedly. Mean these we got that pair of famous people for some reason bank. Hey here's a grad you know it's that are going smoothly. Is that going to the drugs Olympic gamble hallmark card I think I'll just send a picture -- -- and they don't have a card for that. Not that I've looked to see but I I'd take my own word that they don't have a card. Thinking of no will be backward more on the Israeli and I'm thirty W via we're talking about states making moves now. Governor G amber aura of Wisconsin just made it illegal. State of California. Georgia. Idaho Utah Virginia Wisconsin it's illegal. Colorado and Hawaii are considering making it illegal what are we talking about we're talking about revenge porn. We're talking about the pictures of the pro predominately. On a young women being published by scorned ex boyfriends. To get back at them. Now see -- is what the problems no matter whether there is and I'm asking you should New York have a law. Like these other states have I'll tell you were probably likely to have it because a one state that's in there is California. And -- ten and a follow California's lead. If California does that we're not far behind so I don't know. If there's anything in the pipeline now are about revenge point in the New York State Legislature but I I think we could probably expected in the future. Making it illegal will solve product a part of it. It will solve the prosecution part because I think it's fairly easy to find out who posted the picture. Or pictures. A blood that's not gonna solve the problem yeah you can eat you can certainly punish the person that did it and the shortly. But how do you cut down on how do you stop -- with 55. Billion pictures a year. On cellphones. Tell me how do you stop that -- you can go right from its from phone to Internet. And yeah I can track it down after it's been published and here's another problem. But the prosecution part wouldn't be as easy as you think either simply because most of these cases would not be adults. I mean it might happen as an adult for most of these -- kids. In some of them under age so one would wonder how well they could be public punish would they have to be punished. As children would they be punished as adults. I don't know what would be effective. I think that shame would have more of an effect at that level then jail time stuff like that. But I don't know what you do. So he -- -- John doe they find out John though. Posted the pictures they tracked it down it is John -- we can -- -- right to his computer cellphone however report among line. We can do that okay John though those found guilty now what are you doing them. You can't shame him publicly. Because it is I've he's probably fourteen or fifteen or sixteen years old so what he would do -- He has got any idea for punishment though the punitive action -- finally product revenue money -- and that would go to the parents went after minor pain parents responsible on the parents probably didn't knowing about it. How what kind of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- May be just like give -- little Johnny goes out breaks out. A store window when the parents skipped. Stuck with the bill. Yeah but here's the difference it's a lot easier. To be online surreptitiously. Because you can be on line. And not in the hall. He can be you know in your car you can be in school he can be walk and on the road out. I mean there's all kinds of ways to get online now you are not necessarily in your parent supervision. When it's happening. So you can have some parents who really wanna raise their children the right way and they keep an eye on things and and they checked the computer every once in awhile. But I think most of the time this could be done pretty easily without the parents finding out about it. And so -- I think you've got an almost impossible. As far as legal is concerned law enforcement situation -- parents need to start going through cell -- for pictures. And things like that I think that is one of the better ideas we've heard. Because. If they post them and then -- dumb they still wouldn't -- wouldn't be able fight them. But I have a feeling that if they're posting them they probably wouldn't leave them all the same original -- and there's no way and a folder they might impress them. And you wouldn't know beats -- Chris you got any ideas of how we can either stop it or how it can be properly punished. I'm sure I'll can be stopped with technology today means Google lassie could be wearing a camera on your eyes and nobody would even know what maybe the best way it would be -- Was the case in Cleveland recently where the old man had to sit with decided that he believes people out as public shame that might be the only thing you can do you wanna talk about seeing it. And if you think about it I think shame works -- of older people better than it would with kids. I think that young girls have their picture goes on line they are totally shame young guys that's a different ballgame unfortunately there's a whole different mindset. They might be consider really cool -- -- yeah maybe they shared those photographs -- their friends we've heard of boys -- links read things. At that age. They're not because they're males don't assume they're grown up with a grown -- intelligence and value system. There there young boys. And that they often do things that just be wilders you. I mean look on aren't even more advanced note how many times we've heard about bombs being made. In the garage. Without mom and dad knowing it is C a much easier will be to put a photograph online. And that I think he'll be an impossible situation we'd like to hear from you. How would you try and stop it and how would you try and punish it after the fact. 8030 I'm Israel 1061692. Exits -- and I'm thirty also should very -- -- -- -- more more states are enacting laws against. What they called revenge. More we'll be back after the. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 80309. Security cell calls are free and -- nice journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. Aggravate -- -- -- sandy -- states are moving to -- revenge foreign. Georgia go and I'm sorry Arizona governor Jim ember or. Just signed it into law along with California. Georgia Idaho Utah Virginia Wisconsin Colorado and Hawaii are are considering it. New York is not among the list so far -- we usually -- California -- -- expected it will show up eventually. Should we have a law against revenge -- revenge part as. Couple gets together she's in love with him or -- as she wants to please him he takes pictures of her -- break up for some reason. And he publishes the picture by putting monoline. Which where we're trying to figure Heidi could stop that we can use shame to try and keep them from having -- first place we can pass a law. Two outlawed and then prosecute that's okay. But how do we stop it that's a big question. Sure we have a law like this these kinds of pictures whether there with a partner or even -- -- but of course was self fees. If you put on -- yourself then beat your you know you're on -- report but if somebody does that. In your stead in getting him permission that's where the pro real -- Let's go to Paula in Niagara Falls Paula you're on WB yeah. OK I'd like to say something about poking its revenge for an art well it actually worked good for me -- this retrench K Beck. Okay is this young perpetrated here there is taken advantage of some junior school. On girls including a fifty -- -- Well which took matters in her own hands and. I am positive that he'll never do it again -- all oh yeah so bottom line is. He could so hopefully there's only so much they can do -- -- -- try to get all the appearance and I noticed. But what is spader really do that the most that are that -- if you Google in the car owners it would talk with parents and it. All big target they know. They know which ones might -- -- -- around. In which you put out there and it. You can approach and where you're the chemistry we -- absolutely. Feud that anyone taken advantage. Other children. Okay so they prey on the weak -- got a little edge here about me and for the next hour. I hear what you say so and so they're seeking. Well weakness there they wanna make sure that there. There is as protected as they can be and they prey on the weak ones though -- -- -- Down. And I hear what you're saying and I don't think a lot of fathers especially. The wheels are turning in their head right now. On what they would do have -- you're confronted as they hope they never have to book what they would do is. Perhaps so pale little visit or maybe give them a little statement that would understand that it's not the right thing to do though his -- He had the best approach to his. Once you military actual news. They don't need any kind of warning could they don't even know you have to know -- common front. Well well I I you know I certainly don't condone breaking any laws but I also don't condone this act and so. You -- which after -- and a collective Paul thank you thank you very much. It is as something that I think he's right about one thing for sure is -- right about everything you said but the one thing for sure is. People for -- -- week. But if for them to do that it almost is like they're targeting them because they know ahead of time they wanna take some photos and get -- -- as opposed to. The couple gets together. -- -- -- goal -- you know Greg a lot of few times and then they got some more and then the pictures come because of that as opposed to locate. This is a weak vulnerable target I'll see what I can do and that topples the pictures another words that. It's it's something that didn't come to them later in the relationship -- before the relationship even started. So I I I think that. We certainly don't condone breaking the law but sometimes a stern talking to get my drift. Is is required and and I have no problem -- that about you know. Don't have any problem and having a little daughter. Let's just say you know Marc I stern conversation yeah yeah -- -- at how -- Democrats -- have any kids but if you did. And do you think K stern conversation is an -- I can't imagine anybody that -- wanna habits during every satanism and like that happened exactly right it's that -- I think it's a natural tendency. Plus I can't see you don't short of of going too far on the punishment side. I can't see any jury giving you a hard time about it either. Because they're there all well I mean they are all either parents or. Or they have a nieces or nephews or sisters or Brothers or whatever and they can understand the human side service. Another scary scenario and thinking about this and we know. That you have cases where girls are just so head over heels for. So on the on the Obama very lively -- you know just think you know I don't have him. Issues you know let's not worth -- and then he says well if you really like you send me pictures and she Dodd's. Exactly. And if you really think about it everything has magnified when you're younger okay he got it. It's not a good thing the guy you might beat mortified by it might be embarrassed by it and mortified. But it's not the end of the world and some might take it to that extreme and that's what you gotta really be careful because. That is that would be more serious even and the regional crime. But when you're young you know as well as I do little things meant the war. Everything is a world later on as you become more doubt you understand okay this it worked out great but I've learned from a moving on. They don't have them maturity. They don't have that level of -- seen this world before and I can get through this they think it's the end and you don't want that certainly. And so we're saying that this is probably mostly young guys and girls I don't think. When you're in college or adults that this thing happens as much I think it's when they're beginning to explore their sexuality. And as you said she thinks he's the end of the world he's the best guy and the only guy shall ever wanna be -- it. As a husband as a father as a boyfriend in their whole life and and when they betray them like that -- publish the pictures there world comes. Tumbling down will be back what Marcia New York have a law like these other states do. And also your ideas for -- are helping slow this down I don't know if they'll ever stop it. And then the punishment aspect of what you think that should be will be back with more after this. So were asking about the weather affected New York State does not. Of one of the states that has a law but there are many states that do. Against well what's called revenge foreign Arizona just joined California. Georgia Idaho Utah Virginia and Wisconsin. Colorado and Hawaii also considering similar measures. That would make it illegal for revenge -- now keep in mind where we're talking about how can we. Talk and we stop but I don't I don't know realistically how you can stop. You slow it down maybe by using a shame method. Maybe just the more information whole campaign. You know it's probably in the schools. One would assume that most of these are consensual. So you have to give a thought -- that as as as much as -- -- probably took advantage of the girl when he published -- money when he posted them. That the girl was willing participant in the first place -- you know we go after the guy as well we should prosecute the guy a -- she said yes. On them you know we have to think of some way to make sure that in her mind she doesn't think yes is the right answer on the you know that you got to really think past the moment I don't you think he's the end of the world. And you're gonna grow up and have children Wear them and it's going to be fabulous and then. Next week he gumshoe and and your pictures are online I think that that would be an informational campaign to. Headed towards females. And the shame campaign headed toward mainly males I think that's a way that she shakes out it's certainly not true with every case will give you that. But I think most of the time. It works. Let's go to willow might go on a cell phone -- you're on WB yeah. Right scenario I'm -- give me your story. But you're a ball mark once and that's fair even doubt that very public what -- a local politician. Admitted that there activated on YouTube and not. I don't feel bit bad about you know what is extreme pitchers but you know -- the -- like the third year it started broke up. And you know -- pencil. For eleven either political career is done and I did not regret regret. You know -- out there and not regret what happened to the dark one but it. Saw some pictures actually mated to an online or were made it made public. I detonated in I wonder local newspaper and -- all -- on YouTube. And you know I deserve everything that yeah well sometimes when you do that you do about it -- -- -- I'm wonder though it's. -- -- -- -- It -- more publicity -- -- -- -- out what was his hand on it and in the country without it. Wow -- now and I drive me crazy -- thank all alone all day now what oil vice president rides are -- well I don't I don't I don't blame him right. I don't blame I don't blame you for. -- is it resentment that's. -- -- -- At bats and that's -- that's what they tell -- exactly right. What button to about -- and -- a crime I don't know how what was so hateful about it. A guy who put on put in their. And it would really well on. And on the -- recovered from. All while -- in my thank you very much. On May we have records don't we have every show we've ever done in the -- -- on for a sixteen years almost seventeen years. Here's here's your charged -- tonight I'll watch -- go through seventeen years worth of material. And summit that we -- a -- right away you know. But. I can't think who was once it is that it mania so alone so of the actual pictures made an online. And the politician has no longer a politician prominent politician. I really don't have any idea who it is and I'm not just gonna guess on on the radio that's for sure. We generally can remember the shows we've done but sometimes they kind of blend them. So that that was -- -- and columns have been absolutely. So obviously. We were all sharks. When you're on the Internet and the kind of technology you have now. Has made our life easier but it's also made it easier to perhaps the wrong things and one of them would be to publish revenge part. Oh yeah you're gonna break up or -- while I'll show you mirror those pictures we took while we're happy couple. I am going to publish them or just publish them online some people sent it through like if it's schooled so -- all the classmates and I mean it's. As stating. I assume most of these are young girls it's devastating for young girl have that happen to -- Of the betrayal first of all and then the action up to -- trailed that of the fact that the of photos were seen by classmates. I can imagine. Most young girls being able to handle. Is very difficult meanwhile the guy is not going to again and your level of shame. Though you think oh well as she had a coming to her because. She shouldn't dump them or whatever I think the guys. Baseless censure than the girls do in this case although the guys are the worst of the true. So we've got to figure away. To make it not cool to do it. And though also way to punish and after the fact the problem with the punished after the fact is that -- already done. And not that that should stop punishment after the fact but I don't think it'll cut down. Much on the numbers of things like this happening although it's real easy. Through to find out who put -- on and so I think they could I get the person maybe some kind of a publicity. And information all. Seminar type thing and and have to be more than one showing how uncool it is to do and maybe bring in speakers who really had happened and somebody from out of a community. That they can identify -- though appear of the classes. Where she is speaking and say this happen army. And here's here's the result of and and then that might wake up some people who might be half asleep on the on the switch when it comes -- something like that that sound reasonable. I think it's reasonable because today. Kids listen to other kids more than their listen to adults and and they if other kids are there a -- aged. And they can identify -- -- them they can walk away with this could happen to me and I don't want -- that -- And so there are other ways. To attack him but I think that is perhaps the best way that few aside I think is less effective. Unless it can be powerful and I'm thinking because of the age of people. It's going to be tough to do that most them -- going to be prosecuted if they were. As that children and not as adults. And what do you wanna go I don't think jail is the answer it's it's you got to rearrange the of the brain. And that joblessness -- doing that is has to be something different. Of course everybody's mortified the girl is for all the people who know her. The parents of the boy probably are the only one that isn't -- -- boy that did it. And that's the way it is and there's so much stuff online has so to get online now. That you could do a while walking on the street nobody know so yeah now. The and that's great he Avid Technology is great but it can come back and -- and a ball forty seconds I'll tell you the name of the politician can -- or song or sign up early. I don't -- Are there outside on tomorrow morning in bad guy had 858. So that I can I can sign up right now so I divide -- the -- to visualize that about wraps it up for beach company. We'll see you tomorrow. Under -- and I thirty WBS. Obama. Which they never dreamed could be used she.

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