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5-13 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've made a terrible terrible mistake. And I'm here with you today to apologize. I have to ask for forgiveness. Well it's our right to apologize and ask for forgiveness that's fine if if people really believe that you mean that and it's a mistake. The mistake is the thought process. That's the mistake and it became public a mistake is something inadvertent that you do by accident. He took his I'm sure his whole life to form a thoughts that I bid them were made in the words that or public okay. So I don't think it's the same as a mistake. I think most people are ready to forgive a mistake. But this is a ID a pattern of behavior that apparently been there a long time as we said Elgin Baylor very well respected the guy from the NBA. When he settled him several years ago said that he ran. The team like a plantation. And then when you heard the words -- what he said to his girlfriend. That he didn't think whatever being made public they kind of back up wells and Baylor had said so it wasn't a mistake. We can forgive a mistake at this is another thing and we want to forgive -- that's fine I don't care but I don't believe that he's sorry I believe he's sorry that it got in trouble. I believe -- sari was made public but I probably -- sorry said it because. -- that's a that's the very nature of war what he has here's some I have a CNN's story. He said first call Magic Johnson told him to stay quiet -- be patient I'll help you we'll work it out. According to -- that's what a Magic Johnson said to him that doesn't coincide -- what he said later about Magic Johnson. That that he doesn't do anything the -- to help black people. And he chastised him -- for having sex. You characterize and having sex in every city. Of the NBA and then I said he had he got eighths while he didn't get -- he got the virus. But the bottom line is hope somebody's health into an issue like this. Because I remember what we all went through one when he announced that he did have the virus. And he was talking first of all his girlfriend. Still be on all V I'm sure it's I don't know what it stands for but it probably doesn't stand for version I'm just guessing that. I've just given at a wild shot what do you think okay. These heavy on all. -- last month on DMZ. Made via made the videos available and here's why here's some quotes that maybe you didn't see before Aaron. I'm gonna have to edit one of them because this is -- via a radio station. He says to her admire him he's talking about Magic Johnson admire him bring him here feed him -- -- says. Doom him but he doesn't say do it you know. But don't put a pill put him on an instant Graham for the world policy so they have the comedy. Johnson was among the first to say that sterling should be forced to sell the team so here I don't understand the relationship he tells wait I'll help you get through it. And he was one of the first as they should sell the team and his sterling says he's angling to buy the team that's the reason he's he's there it's like it's like a soap opera. Of course he was banned for life from the NBA two and a million dollar fine which is not a heavy lift for a billionaire but. He's owned it for thirty years he's the longest tenured owner in the NBA. Sterling said Johnson to all I know the girls don't do any thing I'll help you. I think you -- meted just doing nothing so he could buy the teams that sterling. So stallings trying to paint Magic Johnson as a conspirator. And and maybe. He's trying to paint the picture of that Magic Johnson was in cahoots with his girlfriend. To try and discredit him and end up buying the team there's a lot of easier -- the by the same as Chris just said. Magic was in the group that bought the Dodgers. A four a couple of billion dollars I don't know why he would think he'd have to go through. These kinds of hopes -- -- and other sports in the lead up to discredit an eighty year old owner. Planting. A beautiful young woman and having her tape them. And go public I don't think that that's kind of a long way -- due diligence that's a little bit over the top. Right there. One has he done said sterling start mom magic again can you tell -- big Magic Johnson what has he done. And sterling -- Jewish. Said Jewish people spend great amounts of money helping other Jews or pork while rich black people turn their backs to people in the -- now. He's going after. Magic but he's going after anybody who's made a lot of money who doesn't. Return a lot back to videos community which they emerged. That's really like he's he's like -- he's like he's like have a balloon and you hold the end of it. But when you let the end of it go -- push all over the room to ever do that that's what he says. I mean practically came unraveled. That's one problem I have Joe's when they get successful though hope their people. But some of the African Americans maybe I'll get in trouble again they don't wanna help anybody. So here he's practicing before arguments that he knows that this is not the right thing to say it's it's us ladies and transformer summit. A rebate that is as -- maybe I'll get in trouble again I start about African Americans may be in trouble again they don't wanna help anybody. That's kind of a broad statement Belgian bank. I don't Magic Johnson is a businessman on the strength of theaters he's one of the owners of via. The baseball team the Dodgers. And so he certainly active in the business community I don't know what he's done. A financially or with his time more. Or are his name to help other people in the minority -- -- and I -- no -- and -- -- -- -- -- Donald -- has any -- -- But he's just -- guys lashing out. By and by putting everybody else under the spotlight he thinks maybe in the spotlight world among him and I think that's wrong. And he's he's talking to Anderson Cooper. Why I'm I don't nobody has he's chosen as it's in cobra the trying to rehab his image and gets and paper. Chris you have some postings let's have a couple of them from -- -- please this one is from -- he says sterling initially showed no remorse not that he asked him -- of the immediate things is sharing their brand they don't cry afterwards when I want to -- The truth is people will believe. You know if a yeah if they think you really are sorry I don't he's -- for a minute I think he's sorry that everything's happened to him -- argument that. But now he's sorry for me and it. I don't think he's erased any of the thoughts that he's he spewed out. On note on on a recording that went public that's what he's sorry about maybe losing the team sorry about that. He's sorry about the fact that nobody know -- for an -- everybody knows him as an idiot. That's not good you'd rather be an idea a billionaire behind the scenes in a public idiot. And that's what he's become will be back tomorrow beach company under his -- thirty WB. Never dreamt that this could happen. It's a terrible terrible nightmare. I'll tell you one thing that was happening that perhaps he wished now he hadn't happened is a visit to Anderson Cooper by Donald Sterling it was his first. A public statement after the scandal. They've broken a big cost him. Probably will cost him the ownership of his team in LA clippers. It definitely government two and a half million dollar fine and a lifetime ban from the NFL in Cooper said to him when he brought up the thing about how. Black people don't that that succeed don't go back to the community and help them while Jewish people do. Cooper said so your saying that African Americans don't contribute to African American communities as much as Jewish people. -- -- -- -- And he snapped back bears no African American. OK so he's he really doesn't like via hyphenated part of it. -- nevermind I don't know I'm sorry you know they all want to play golf with me everybody wants to be -- -- I'm easy I'm fund. McCullough well. You have to when you read a transparent like this you have to wonder how this guy got a billion dollars I mean seriously. -- when you get a point where you have to disparage everybody else to it to try to rehab your image including. A a figure like Magic Johnson. And then you have to tell people that I mean easy and I'm fine. I mean he's so far off the track you came to see the tracks from there another opposing goalies Chris. This one comes from a Brian he says -- appearance on CNN we just more of the same -- -- blaming everybody but himself there's no way -- apology was sincere. Now of course Magic Johnson -- today is a media went to Twitter. Which probably has a lot more people out of paying attention to the NC NN. He says I'd rather be talking about these great NBA playoffs and dolls darlings interview. Well see magic is Smart. The best thing -- can do is just bought that up starling is gonna dig his own financial and future grave believe me he doesn't need any help from for magic and do -- -- assaults a magic was Smart doing that. Remember in 1991. Magic Johnson revealed he was HIV positive and it was quite a dramatic going talk at that time. I was I was at that WGR. I'm doing -- and I remember it was a big big story. But he did not get -- -- were very pleased with that obviously but the story that he had. The virus was a huge story commissioner Adam it's a silver said he'd read the transcript. Of the -- -- he says while Magic Johnson doesn't lead me to I feel compelled on behalf of the NBA family to apologize to him. That he continues to be dragged into this situation and degrade him by such a malicious and personal attack. In a conference call Doc Rivers who coaches the team. That he owns said that dozens -- wants an apology committee and I would agree if you're -- apologize you gotta make it believable on this isn't. Believable. And why he would find it necessary. To go after Magic Johnson is beyond me. If if -- in his shoes well first of all. Can't really put myself machines because I can't anticipate saying something stupid is that I can say other stupid things but not on those -- But if I were I would focus on. The woman secretly taping me and saying. -- I want each of you out there to think about this if you had a microphone that you did not know is gone and it was -- on -- before. Two or three days would you be not comfortable with everything on -- being made public I think most people can identify with that. The -- trade guy he's you know trying to hang on through what's left of his life and as you. And and he's being. Oh what's the word I'm -- him as he's being betrayed by his alleged girlfriend. He gives or Lamborghini in apartment. Life of luxury and she takes him and releases it ruins. So and we don't know why because he said she did not try to blackmail him which would be galleries and I think she's -- the first place. But obviously issues trying to ruin them it worked who she has -- But whether indeed. It was a applaud her plan and Magic Johnson really wants to buy the team. He has said publicly already although this story says he hasn't but I've heard him in his own words said he does not have interest in buying team. Okay the CNN's story leaves it open that he might know what that he said he did I'll take a man as word another Chris from our FaceBook. This one comes from Jeremiah he says I'm not sure why he would apologize to begin with he says something in the privacy of his own home and he's a jerk but does any of their right to be a jerk. We all Jeremiah it was a bull frog remember him. And I got a right to be a jerk the problem that sterling has is he's a public jerk. He's owns a team. He belongs to a club in which public relations is very important seeing that most of the people that are end. In the business of which he oversees. Are black and those -- big people that he. Is disparaging. So even if there even if he wasn't an NBA owner wouldn't though wouldn't be a great thing to have. -- like that but as an NBA makes it even worse makes it even worse. And everytime he opens his mouth that gets worse and every time he says something. The more you believe everything. That he has said before was with him for a long time it didn't just suddenly popped into his head. And he blurted out it's not that case at all you know. I know that you wanna give somebody the benefit of the doubt but in this case I don't think those were newly formed thoughts. I think he was -- -- his girlfriend was posting pictures of herself. -- Magic Johnson. And told her not to and and and took it from there not only the proposals pictures. Don't bring black peoples of a game. I'm and so that was bitten and that once he said that it was out but she if you isn't the -- tape when it first came out she was egging him on. You know you know easy it is when somebody has lost control. To throw gasoline on the fire and that's exactly what she did. A spike oh it's a Spike Lee of course gets involved with -- anything racial says the attack on magic is crazy. He's messing with the wrong brother. Magic is loved by everybody around the world and the talk about some -- stuff has nothing to do. With -- any thing and it's ridiculous. Well I agree with Spike Lee that. -- magic health has nothing to do with -- with the words of the owner of the LA clippers. He threw that into for what reason I don't get it. That he's trying to prove that magic is promiscuous. Oh when is he gonna gain friends -- Is is is disparaging somebody in and talking about a possibility of there. Of their -- having a serious illness somewhere down the line. It's gonna gain him any any of bad benefits I don't think so. It makes them look even worse 803093018061692. -- -- -- I'm thirty. I wanna know from -- or advising. Donald Sterling what you would tell him. And does he come off better worse or the same after the interview. A would Anderson Cooper is the apology acceptable to you -- the last the poster. Said that he has a right to be a jerk and he does have a right to be injured. If you if you Mike for a couple of days you didn't know it. Are there things that might be made public that would make you squirm. It was -- talked here under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. A little grandchild. Goes to a Catholic nursery. They were passing around. Can't keep everybody. When they've got to earth -- -- -- real -- -- duration of. Oh man. Well I mean he. Who advise him to go on television is beyond me but they should be fired if they work for a because he's just getting in deeper. Let's go to align want mrs. O'Brien and buffalo O'Brien you're on WB -- O'Brien. What's -- it. I I expert abort. Her recent. Form from electric. -- if they are all here. On. -- day I RL street and I don't support our report Paris who want it. Okay now what happened. I -- all that much anymore. They call or. They'll or. Sole. Purpose -- so you know it's been a followup. -- swear it's been a lot of racism console black people. Well first all I don't think weakened compared three people who were thieves who happened to be black. With the black population in general any more than we can work with sterling as it. Yes yup I had to -- what you're saying but I I think they don't represent blacks anymore than Donald Sterling represents most whites. Political quite quite -- -- in private. Liking it expresses views in private. Well that's the rub is because it was in private he wasn't addressing a group he wasn't putting on a paper was writing op Ed piece. So that's what surprises me about this whole thing is that nobody is really come after the woman that made the recordings. And she is as much to blame I think is sterling -- becoming public. Well here are your. That it get this orwellian. That are your -- here. You know that -- that they get an advantage so I'll. Say Yasser -- Exactly. But the problem is because he belongs to a club known as the NBA. The NBA is a business and this is as much a business decision as it is a socially conscious position as far as I'm concerned. This is bad for business and that's the reason are coming now form they may say that they abhor his racial fonts but they rarely up or a -- a potential loss of the box office just as much. Okay Greg thank you thank you very much the other three guys have approached him one of money. They're three they're faiths. Are we to surmise that because they were black that we should judge all blacks by the three guys have approached him now. And I would hope that no one would address all white people was if we have the same thoughts as Donald Sterling. Some people. Probably -- they Wear sheets. And they're called a Ku Klux Klan but most people don't. And so you it's even though it's it's anecdotal we tend to make up our minds on things that happen to us. Our own growing up our our own. Rubbing elbows with different people on vacation work whatever and that's that's what we formulate our thoughts these thoughts that Donald Sterling -- spewed out. We're not just freshly minted. And these are thoughts that the world around for a long time and they were just happen to be used at that time Chris say another FaceBook -- Always misses from Wallace is people usually say what they believe and feel most apologies are just artificial and only. Are made to begin -- to get back on the good graces of people that they offended. That a post or is exactly right it's like people who say you know that thing I told you yesterday I was drunk I really didn't mean it. The truth as if they were drunk and said it. That that says something they really didn't mean but they didn't have the gall or balls for a better like a better term. -- just say when they are drunk so I mean that's that apologizing after the fact is acceptable in some circumstances. If you boldly about it. But I don't fully from that he's sorry. That he holes those such as he's sorry -- EC -- -- these are he said it. But he's not sorry he has those spots and you gotta get to that saying it is just that you know of globalization of it. If he's really sorry and wanted to change wanted to better himself. He would reexamine. Why he thinks the way he thinks but there again like the last caller said. While why is nobody coming down on this girlfriend the alleged girlfriend who. Who made the -- available. First saw its. It's illegal. In the state of California to take him about it without him knowledge and without him knowing that. By and large they could absolutely go after her and prosecutor but nobody's talking about that. And out of the tapes get from her recording them to DMZ. Obviously she gave them the somebody. Or she gave -- TMZ directly or gave them the summit who gave them DMZ but that way they couldn't have appeared on DMZ without her. So where's the DA prosecuting her. I mean it's argue about a billion dollar business being taken away from a a guy. On the various strength of a crime being committed. -- think about that you have to think about that because even though we made a totally and vehemently disagree with what he said. And and think he's an idiot the concept is the same. That these were private thoughts. And private words between him and that woman and had nothing to do with the public at large. And so for her to break -- automate these published why isn't she being prosecuted I'd like to know the answer that. And so then the guy doesn't do -- help himself wouldn't tell you that -- became a billionaire is beyond me. What I guess he owns a lot of housing. And keep in mind. He's been taken accord before by the US government for discriminatory. Housing practices -- -- -- put. Discriminating housing practices together Elgin Baylor after we -- fired saying that he runs seem like a plantation elves and lacking vision came in late. And now this are we not to believe that these of the ways this is the way he's been thinking for a long long time of course of course that's true. We'll be back with mark do you think a -- they're girls are being prosecuted. I think she showed absolutely if there's any justice in the world that she should be prosecuted. Even know what GO turned over. -- is reprehensible the fact that she did it secretly and turned it over was illegal but analysts are -- that will be back office. I love every owner every owner knows me I love the commissioner. I've shared that it's it's terribly difficult for him to impose. Severe punishment. Because he knows me so well. It's amazing in this transcript of the interview. A -- by Anderson Cooper on CNN -- Donald Sterling his first time public since. The remarks were made public he didn't do himself any favors sterling blames a step beyond our members golf -- call these -- -- well. For baiting him into saying racist remarks on the recordings comments he said he had no idea were being recorded. But he said he's not sure why she didn't and neither are away by the way. Because she didn't blackmail him in fact he believes she is quote. A good person. Or she's as she is -- winner of -- the Arab sure. Still be -- is 31 he's fifty and of course their relationship and came up. Within Anderson Cooper still be -- told ABC in a separate interview she was a friend. And confidant sterling. But they didn't have. As sexual relationship. That that's that's breaking news on fox I'm just telling you I'm pardon me. He's -- he's fifty years older. And she's 31 he's 81. Uga -- -- off five pound Viagra and nose mouth and Poland too many good so I'm just saying that we didn't expect that was there. But whatever else was there and was happening. She was -- earlier -- -- butter rate Lamborghini on which model. Selling cars Lamborghini. And apartment and a shower her with gifts he said I was a little jealous. When oh when he saw the pictures of her way of magic Johnson and my thinking through and does anybody else I mentioned this toys that we did this. Does anybody else think it's amazing Brad Johnson's nickname would be measured its magic. Johnson. I mean I think that that is so poetic and automated just happens that some things just fall right in the place. A social sterling says that. He doesn't are really talked about selling the team because they haven't taken the vote yet. He said the the majority of the owners and three quarters of them 75% yeah. Would have to vote for that. And said. His wife that chi was prepared to fight any attempt Libyan NBA it's a way to -- But it's in their by laws that. If the principal owner. Which I guess would be either of them. If they have equal shares. Loses the right to have the team all of the owners lose the rights doesn't go from one to another under the -- constitution of the controlling owners entrances. Terminated by -- -- vote all other team owners' interest automatically terminated it doesn't matter whether -- -- as a related and as in the case here these roles of the NBA. And so that's that the C a look at how many ways this -- being tugged and pushed and whatever. The MBAs pushing him to sell without even taking their vote he's not going through. -- so they're gonna have to take a vote to try and force them. The wife who is half owner of the team doesn't wanna give it up wants to stay there but by the by the -- issue -- camp. The court of public opinion doesn't want him anywhere near the NBA and he's been a he -- he's been persona non -- now for the rest of his life he cannot go through anything NBA related. And go to meetings can go to in the arena he's outs. And does so he's being pushed -- ways -- Sunday and he sounded pathetic in that last sound bite he really did. -- -- maybe maybe that's part of a strategy some pathetic and honoring and people feel sorry for it. Chris we have a few more on FaceBook why don't we do memo and will wrap up the subject at the top this is from Amy she says Allen advised him to just shut up and stopped doing interviews he just needs that label for awhile a lot of lawyers speak for. I think Amy gives good advice a much better on the advice he got to go on an attack magic job. In a very things you don't know that I made it doesn't make much sense that. Kind of attack the magic Johnson and and just say you know he's got aids and he doesn't AIDS virus and I have what he's trying to do I don't know which -- rehab himself by disparaging others and other ways. This is from Tommy says the old man is crazy and it seems like he's just getting crazier in the sterling is. All of them are just all of their egos are used to I could see this ending up in court for many years. I could show I really do I think that this will be a court case for a long time because the NBA is in a position where they don't -- seem like they're. Turning their head and looking the other way and long after. -- to have people have. Have kind of put in the back recesses of their mind what he said. They'll still all nobody owns the team and he's gonna fight for he's got to fight -- and some people will say how come. He was put in this position -- because of an illegal act which is true. What she did when taping it without permission is illegal nobody's talking about that. In the talking about the end result the end I didn't just make this up don't always justify the means. Okay the means were legal so even though the end showed him to be racist by any fair standard okay. The means of which we found out weren't Kosher. If you'll pardon the expression they simply -- -- there were illegal. But nobody's talking about that and other Chris. This is from JoAnne she says. Sterling jumped from the frying pan into the fire this interview that this guy even had legal counsel and that's a good question oftentimes of the businessman. Are powerful people but they always rely on -- with few exceptions. On the advice of their lawyers and their trusted advisors. If they're Smart. Because they know what arena you're entering this is new for this guy. He's not used to trying to rehab a public image like this he should've listened to his handlers and followed their advice my advice would be the same as the yeah. The person who posted. Shouted down walk away be quiet in my case if I -- can come I just sell the team. So -- game take your billion plus dollars from the team that it's your other billions of dollars. Go away and join -- occasion forget about it you're never going to be held in public esteem again. Nobody's ever orchids in the same way. You're going to be a pariah. If you wanna get back into that life again. You earlier for for the -- your life why would you why would you think you could do it. And always gonna turn around after seeing an interview or paper or finding out your funding some special project -- giving to a charity. Nobody's going to change their mind about you. You are what you are in them yet the weather that's of that's about it all right when we come back New York. Does not have a law against what we're going to be talking about but more and more states. Our passing laws like this and we're gonna ask like the last thing New York -- -- -- -- love what you might think this will be a good one. Because it could affect you. Or your kids under Israeli and -- third this is W via.

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