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5-13 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Although all -- want is region governor upsetting page I'm. Putting -- -- and not to do list. Things I don't wanna do. First thing -- violence is I don't wanna get an -- in an elevator would be on faces there. I mean the big -- dangerous imagine getting -- -- while your body guard stands by trying to keep a -- -- then you know. I mean railway give me a -- or that one. Marriage between companies and. SS rainy rainy or any of those have you wanna get caught up we have a state of emergency and go Wanda also the flash flood warning for western better -- county. Including Salamanca. Is has been extended so Baylor to them a lot of a lot of rain today the sound strange to you some different now sounds -- Anyway yeah how was that you're the last one in what kind of -- did you faced owning. All -- pour and at times. When I was drop and Samantha often at daycare. And those coming down pretty good and then how my week to -- She -- a young woman as he brought into the with -- with your masculine body is nestled in this vision and yes I have a underneath my huge chest and arm. Corson got the big wingspan to do you really -- I think the -- like that -- seven foot -- in Iraq I -- -- as she -- -- -- -- here and of course. I'm here I'm the second one -- Chris is the first one and I was and you got a real early -- wasn't too bad it -- overnight policy around 2:30 in the morning when I laughed around 430 I had to deal which is normal on and off rain ain't got much worse now -- last -- to -- five stallions to watch some volleyball. And it's awesome mix. Mixed names and then girls' names while other. Models on the ideas it looked like a lot of fun I got exhausted watching its snack. But the people of government time we have a team one year with the yen. A billion at a volatile week and I'll play exhibition gains. And a lot of fun. Ed KB we used to have a team KB oh euros Brees -- basketball we played in every high school gym in Western New York. I could tell you the capacities of every Jim. Around here and it was great fun because we always play against via. We play against the of the faculty. And go at the and we can now like let them win. It wasn't on the board in Vegas but we like through the game we had a couple of ringers guy please what tenacious played with -- us. And Joseph the barber played with a -- and and it was going to be a lot of fun. Arafat made a few dollars long -- wish we -- that stuff like that yeah I was treated to it was great except trying to find the -- In the darkness to playing in the winner in the darkness in a small town finding the school this was before GPS. Honestly it always stop someplace and they say yeah. Okay there is that Exxon station down there about the three miles. Before you get to the Exxon station take out -- you take -- I've been forced somebody to get on orders of personalized. I -- oftentimes we got into. Problems though a onetime world and Danny never scar we crashed. The disc jockeys all of us. Where in one car. At one time and we crash never would never car Freddy Garcia was there any never Waziristan Roberts was there. And as we're going on this held a medal winner because we wanted to cancel but they said it sold out we really. Would for appreciated because economy and so we decided going one car. -- were coming down this hill. I'm never says to us. I'm not kidding hang on and so. We slide down we hit the cement Bachmann the car rises up and gets him -- on the cement Obama. Okay and it never says you okay stand. You know about -- Friday I'm all right sandy. I didn't answer my pretended I was dead I. -- have a few laughs out of this and they actually held open the Elmira airport -- for us. Because. They had rental car place that was only it was that a rental car we had to rent a -- to get back. So it and we got back in the morning I'm mean after the game wow that was that was fun it was fun real long ago a good time. And let's see what's going on I start the show by mentioning that. Beyoncé and -- is -- that's the ideal couple right. There in an elevator and her sister so La Irish -- for a name. So lines sound like a medical instrument a doctor would ask -- the past during an operation. Yes -- -- -- garment so lunch I think that's something -- would -- -- -- -- French -- she was bitch -- jays -- -- let me add and I guess his bodyguard one would assume that it would be his bodyguard. Rather than if she had a bodyguard -- -- does. Is kind of stepped in and tried to stop about a was on hotel surveillance elevator the standard hotel in New York City. -- you know they're sorry they -- of the footage nobody knows how it got out. They -- the footage and that's that it's appeared on TV and it showed what exactly what happened I saw it's kind of shadowy I did see at this morning. But one think recognizes that most elevators. Have have surveillance on the -- It and now one thing got to be careful with surveillance you wanna make sure that nobody tries to get into the elevator. Without being recognized because they have ways you know pixel in your face right and -- of -- can't make it stricter camera. Absolutely and only corporate it's very dangerous and if you're in an elevator to get into trouble. I they have them on our elevators here. -- I've never seen him -- of course they're probably if if there was wanna be small. Like one of those lapel cameras which -- -- implement a button and stuff like that so that's why I don't I don't bitch slap anybody in -- There's usually nobody in the element with me that's the reason in that you really don't have enough time -- one more guy you don't it's not like a grand tour. And you know that'd -- for each day each floor and according to which floor -- run Evernote is so let's hope. Now I just take every bit of my life and make it into -- topic I'll take it -- using these. I guess Erica. -- all -- -- time ago. Here's mine I'm a feces and you can check it out. It says oh -- any disputes by keeping busy. And refusing to argue with anyone trying to blame mark criticize you. Believe and hope you are and what you do and keep moving forward what you accomplished will turn into -- sweet revenge. I swear if I'm Liam -- I just read that literally. I'm well okay that's had an audio Negro League. Let's say. Stop waffling and start embracing change you need to make a move if you wanna be successful in your mind and your body to reach your destination. All talk no action will lead to applaud our reputation -- taught me well that's not a good one for you oh wrestler guy I'm a Leo Leo Leo. In -- in talks with people organizations that can offer you something new and exciting changing the way you do things are embracing a philosophy that -- your current situation. Will help you more. -- will help you move forward emotionally. -- is on the rise. It's open doesn't start the afternoon. What are split up. All right that's about it that will take a break we'll be back where it sometimes it pays there's just button your lip and somebody ought to tell that to Donald Sterling. -- news radio I'm thirty we are WB. Tony you're mentioning. The story about Casey case of first of all I was not aware of the Casey case -- -- at -- the buffalo and Johns -- mentioned that he had it was a WB and line. Same time Danny never was there which I I was not aware that either of them were that the European wide but. Of course Casey case Nomo went on to national prominence and has a severe Parkinson's disease can no longer speak. And there's a rift between the the wife and the daughters. Casey case somewhere she was not allowing access. To their father and they didn't even know where he was and he had been apparently moved brought from abroad for government waste. Is pretty sad with those kind of things at the end of very successful career ended in a difficult ending for your life. There really is I grew up listening to at least he sums up countdown in. Will blew me away easy was one of the voices and the Scooby Doo cartoon. I think the war feet whose shaggy or one of -- that yeah. Very have very famous man. You know that often happens every -- show business biographies. What often happens is at the end of a prominent man's life. Sometimes they married very very young women. -- I Groucho Marx did -- his wife -- And then -- women and isolate the man of the famous man from their family and their children whatever for what ever reasons. Might be monetary -- for a future growth possibilities. I mean who knows what the reasons are but they don't they isolate. The year's big great performers from -- from their children we've seen it happen Russia's best example like -- think. And there are many others and actually if you like show business. And -- -- of famous people and -- like to know what goes on their life. Don't read -- our trees because almost none of them end up well I'm just telling it. They all end up losing the talent they had because of age infirmity. An illness. And did their friends are all gone in their isolated whatever. The story of a Sinatra visiting team -- in the -- was all man. Sinatra was stone -- Dean Martin of course was in the depression from many many years after his son died and a plane crash in the National Guard Preston side of mountain. And that's a -- was like really depressed. And kind of isolated himself from everybody so. The things that you see and remember of the famous people keep that there. The more you read the last happy or how it ended. Learning about little things about just celebrities in their lives. Reading something last night Marilyn Monroe had a very high IQ I guess this year he had well 160 -- -- I was not aware that a -- -- had a very troubled life just because you're gifted with something doesn't mean that it's all going to be yeah peaches and cream. As often times or more demands on you people trying to take advantage of your. And you often wonder are the debate like me of it like when -- and give them provide for them through my talent. So it's that it really -- but those sorry to hear about this case -- -- maybe that's gonna straighten them out of the judge's order. The daughter going to be a conservative or so we'll see what happens after that but that's -- and a lot of times. We will Groucho it was a it was just amazing how she just isolated him from. From the others. All right we're gonna talk today about a guy who's going to. -- oh. Who is ran let me get this straight Randolph while one of my favorite sounds -- they're often. Has closed the schools OK so that is Randolph schools are closed so be alerts of that if indeed. You have a child in the Randolph system is schools -- closed the -- already announced a state of emergency. A mention that but want to remember a couple of years ago had all that mud. -- took a long time to clean it up. I -- golf traditionally. That's so where the through there and always enjoyed my trip to Randolph what they have closed their schools. So Randolph schools are closed. But Wanda has a state of emergency so be -- to that because although we have a lot of water here apparently got a lot more on in the southern tier. As I mentioned in the last though whether break. The -- Rogers county sheriff's office is issuing a no unnecessary travel. In western -- Rogers county do flooded roadways so bad that. All right some some people I should take advice. And get good advice and button it up. And one of those people it's the most notable right now is Donald Sterling. The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers you know his story. And you wanted to go away but it's like one of those things that keeps hanging on that you wish would go -- and and doesn't. And apparently -- decided. I think it's a good idea I should tell my story to Anderson Cooper. On CNN why you go on CNN is beyond me I mean that's just totally -- -- there -- for viewers. Buddy went on with the Anderson Cooper and did get better form this overtime double known as the Donald Sterling not quite. And we have him in his own words and though we'll kind of talk about what you would do if you were advising him. And it also on the whole situation of apologies when people apologized. -- they apologizing because they're really regret what they did or said or given regret that what they did instead became public. And is that the race analysts are also if you and I or anybody anybody. There were -- for two days without us knowing it. We would all say something not necessarily racist but something we would not want on the front page of the paper. OK I mean I think we can all agree on -- On this thread and I'm thirty what exactly is -- now. Almost Sean Hannity and buffalo we -- seven tells ten news radio 9:30 AM. WBA. And when I listen to me that he's I don't even know -- that they weren't like that on the -- That of course is Donald Sterling -- is the owner at least currently the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Who decided I don't know with the without advice I think I'll go on Anderson Cooper show I can straighten this whole thing out. Up a -- I -- -- we could have some possible tension in the other room. I Seacrest is wearing a blue jays Jersey and Tony traditionally. As they reds arcs but he's not wearing it today went. And my -- though there's Red Sox -- it's two guys get along great as best I know let's not bring in a rivalry into the other room. Now as the Yankees he's not and now I know he's. So as I -- I yankees that's our council -- -- anything else any other team he once before and if I can marry a unique and then I get along -- and while that's true idea that's true life I never never thought like that but anyway crest now -- -- you've got to managers because I don't know -- the -- visit Jose Batista Jersey OK what position does he play he has a right fielder but he can also went to third base and there was an injury last answer what the senator big time home run -- are OK trio. These guys -- in sports and does that pose. Let me talk about the Anderson Cooper interview. So Donald Sterling you know the story of Donald Sterling we've talked about a bush talked about it all of the clippers gets. -- lifetime ban two and a half million dollar fine. By telling his girlfriend while it is being recorded he did not know at. Not to pose for pictures with the Magic Johnson don't bring black people for the games. Whatever. Which is still some unanswered questions with that. In fact one of them was addressed by him. Why she would record him without him knowing. Except now if I said she recorded without him knowing what would be your first -- I'm my first thought would be -- -- -- blackmail right but he said that did not happen. Now my other thought would be she wants to ruin him. Because of who knows what maybe he cut her off from any privileges whatever. And that that could have been of a possible thing but that doesn't seem to work now according to hit some have been the motivation but. She recorded him without him knowing that they be Erica the excerpts went public. And suddenly he's a pariah in the NBA -- visit to an -- you know fine NBA. Again be in the -- for life. And now they're they're moving toward they haven't done yet taking a vote to lump. Forced him to sell the team and what we found out is that these co owner of the team -- his wife he's going through a divorce. This is not a good time for him he's eating in theory one -- -- discrepancy as to whether he's eighty or 81. And we find out that she said I'd like to keep my half of a team and they said I am not allowed by the bylaws. All owners of one of the principal owner gets you know has the -- they all have to relinquish control so it's a real legal mess. But he decides to go on in case you think he's a bad guy and and reconstitute a wholesome image. By going on with -- Anderson Cooper -- it. This -- a train wreck. I I did not see or hear the interviews either of you two guys interior. I heard about it but no I did not -- immigrants I didn't see in the long form but I feel like I've heard the entire thing because -- -- listen -- clips alternate at last night at a -- performers out you know we have the -- -- true. First of all if you're going to go on and apologize which he did profusely. -- vote you're going to apologize it should be for the right reason. That you are legitimately sorry you made the remark she did know that they were gonna hurt somebody or they were inadvertent or whatever. But. Apologizing for the stuff he said doesn't make much sense because that may all -- apology is is that the they were made public. It's not like he didn't know that they were like really out of the mainstream of of most people's a thought processes. But the bottom line is he's a billionaire is probably used to getting his own -- snapping his fingers and people jump. And thinks that he can talk his way out of it well who would Anderson Cooper he said some things about magic Johnson and this is. Confusing to. Because for one thing he said magic advise him to stay quiet and I hope you get through. This is criticizing Magic Johnson at one moment you think he's friends of the magic Johnson and another moment you think that is the two of them couldn't be in the same room together. It's very very confusing. Obelisk go through some of -- shall we we got a lot of a sound -- -- and they will -- him. But the basic questions I have so I can advise you to that if you worthy advisor to Donald Sterling. What would you say -- I'll tell you what I -- Nobody is going to believe. That he's legitimately sorry forties and -- -- believed so just stop apologizing. It infuriates people even more I think. It's not gonna win anybody over use said what you said you are what you are you I'm sure your main argument what you said when you said it. So stay out of the public light if you want don't try and fight to keep the team fights keep the team but trying to rehab your own image is a waste of time do you guys agree -- that. Where you think he could possibly say a combination awards were people say. See his point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And those words of Elgin Baylor. I mean talk about the gold standard Elgin Baylor is about as gold standard is again in the NBA. And and when he filed a wrongful discharge suit against a sterling he said -- -- runs it like a plantation. And when you hear that combined with what he did say on on tape it's not. Recorded then you put together and you know apologizing just seems. To add insult to injury so my first advice to him as not to apologize. All right. Remorse is different than apology. Remarks you look at the whole the whole picture and then reassess everything and and decide that it was really the wrong thing to do. A college a apologizing and light in this case like putting a band aid on cancer I don't but it doesn't go so I would -- forget apologizing. Also. The league gesture is that most people do I don't think would work here. You know under under most circumstances suddenly there would be. A large donation made to a charity that favors the group you were disparaging all that stuff. And people to see that for what it is it's window dress. UN their mandate or you didn't mean it is -- say it can't deny he is says it is your voice. Okay and does so I would just say stay quiet take carrier business and fade into the background. Your time as a public figure is over and the longer this faster is the worst is going to get and knocking get much worse. I am the only advantage you have is your 8280. Or 81 years old. So the bottom line is in thirty years you know we talked him anymore. So -- that would be my advice I wanna know if you saw or heard the interview. If you feel better about -- -- about a more of the same and tell me your thoughts about apologies. Because I think that their only meaningful if their heartfelt. If you legitimately. Let something happen said something that you regret I don't think he regrets that I think he regrets it became public. Mean that's the bottom lines and you see what it is and if you or any of your friends or your family members were marked for two days without knowing. Would you say something that perhaps you wouldn't want publicized. Doesn't mean that jurors you know a racist by any means. But maybe you say something that maybe. The people would understand or is different from your public image or something that you regret later but we all could do that. And and -- this woman trapped them. By actually baiting him. In two was saying what he said and now he made up the words and he said Germany's of one of journalism but she actually helped them launch of poured gasoline on the fire. It all three on Montreal one in under six on 692 through six are meant there. I made a terrible terrible mistake and I'm here with you today to apologize. And asked for forgiveness. For all the people that I've heard and I've heard so many people so many innocent people. So I'm Donald Sterling decides to go on them on the show -- -- Anderson Cooper trying to explain things -- usually when you. Go and do something you have a reason Ford you have some kind of goal. I don't know what his goal is for this was a four row. If we appease the repent and enough. The NBA we'll say will rescind that lifetime ban you -- a stay I I don't think that's realistic. Is he trying to oh win over the hearts and minds of people that he's just misunderstood. No I think there's too much of a history to buy that so -- does he want to be known as just a regular guy who are caught up in a bad situation. I don't know but I don't think any of those goals are gonna happen to him. He's got to realize that that's -- done whether it's fair or not regarding video recording of his conversation. It's it's done it's it cannot rang that bell and as long as people have that mind they're not going to be in a forgiving mood. And especially when you talk about. Magic Johnson now Magic Johnson is not perfect neither -- and neither argue world human beings we -- make some mistakes. But he's a beloved guy. Remember he and Larry Byrd have this real bond during their careers where they work. Through college even where they were natural. Enemies on -- court -- friendly obstacles yeah yeah very much rivals both superb basketball players and people -- Magic Johnson. So when you are quoted in this interview as saying what kind of a guy goes to every city. Has sex with every girl then he catches HIV. Is that some only want respect and tell our kids about I think he should be ashamed of himself I think he should go into the background. But what does that do for the black people. He doesn't do anything now I don't understand that's his quote that's a quote I just read. I understand how -- things by disparaging Magic Johnson he's got -- rehab his own image I get that. And he also said Magic Johnson said hang on I'll help you through races -- be patient I'll help you will work it out. He said that that's what Magic Johnson told them. How do you go from bat. If that's true to what he said about him going from cities and having sex with -- all the women. It doesn't make any sense I don't know if this guy is seen Albert he's obviously. Not focus he's definitely shown signs of that this that clear thinking now and I don't know. You guys have you guys come to a conclusion yet of what his relationship -- Magic Johnson as he told the girlfriend not to have pictures taken with him. By and at times they seem friendly according to his words. And magic Johnson's on record as saying he's not interest in the clippers and yet you'll see through this interview there are several times when he refers the Magic Johnson as wanting to buy the team. And and then he's kind of plodding. Sounds though like maybe he was always suspicious of Magic Johnson. But at first we thought they were friends. Are you guys have a handle on know what their relationship this. Not really. Again go back to -- bounced early in his. A little bit off his rocker -- okay that's not a technical -- dollar off your rocker. Okay about that what if and -- I don't know why you would think magic would -- by the clippers magic just was part of a group that bought the Dodgers from two billion dots of money you know I'm not sure if he would have the resources I'm sure they had their group that bought the Dodgers have a lot of money but. I never heard there were angling for the clippers the Dodgers are pretty big deal America I think one of the things in here is much like when I mentioned OJ. Is a jealousy aspect. Remember I gave you my theory that really put OJ over the top because -- -- every day of testimony of the soldiers that. -- I was doing mornings and news trial would be aft right off the -- are watched at all. I think there's always one defining moments. When things go bad and they never get better after that I think the defining moment in the testimony was that the day he saw. A Ron Goldman driving the Ferrari that he had given his wife as a gift. And that that was very personal it's amazing he'd rather share his wife but not -- Ferrari that's I mean that's strange thought but I think that was the okay that was a spark I think the spark here as she was posting pictures his girlfriend. -- of magic Johnson and he told her not to do that. And and not only that don't bring any black people that game I think he's thinking I'm a billionaire. I it's on record and gave her Lamborghini. And apartment and all of these things and -- she's treated like a queen and she's having her picture taken when Magic Johnson I think there was a great deal of jealousy there. Although I'm thinking that. If you if you look at -- two different people magic Johnson and Donald Sterling could they be more different people. Well so I think the jealousy angle as the angle and I'm I'm going way it's because it seemed -- The picture really a set a mob and that's what got him in trouble. Trailed Montreal 1806169236. Start I'm thirty. Donald Sterling if he or his advisor what was your column -- -- tell him to shut up sell the team and fade into the woodwork. Is it better course of the same after the Anderson Cooper interview our apologies really acceptable to us they mean them. As you Mike for a couple of days which is something you -- one made public will be back at the.

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