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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sterling Asks Forgiveness; Knocks Magic Johnson - Rev Darius Pridgen

Sterling Asks Forgiveness; Knocks Magic Johnson - Rev Darius Pridgen

May 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

For the first time in Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has spoken out about the controversy over racist comments that -- cost -- the team. In an interview on CNN's AC 360. Sterling tells Anderson Cooper he was jealous any use the same racial language used by his mistress these city -- I don't understand why in the world I had I said any of those. Do it -- educated remark because I really don't care who she brought. -- of the game. I was warranted the game I was a little jealous. I have to admit. And while he was apologizing. He also took a broad swipe at Magic Johnson made Magic Johnson what does need to. But it's is a business person who's got aids for the record Magic Johnson was diagnosed as HIV positive never developed -- Let's Obama the WB EM live line and talk more about the as our guest is the pastor Darius Persian withdrew Bethel Baptist Church in buffalo. Mr. Persian is also president of the buffalo common console. Pastor Persian. In this Donald Sterling K assuming you think the older you get the wiser you -- but I guess I'm Donald Sterling stations maybe not because of this interview. He may have some bearing on complimentary remarks you just heard about them being great Magic Johnson. I mean the fact that the NH IVY. What is it that this man I mean is it is Asia's little lapse of common sense. You know I bring it all of the boat from the end I guess most. We hope Jerome well personally and and realized who we don't know what what we do don't -- however. Is what came out of this model not once but twice publicly and who knows how many times publicly. And so you know I actually supposed to step yesterday you know the guy's a jerk. And I used that very strong words because he is a jerk but our our our our hope that people understand that he's not the only sure collateral. -- what did you think when you heard this last night. I thought I was watching your the new loser -- -- verdict not screened well and be believable. But it's not -- unbelievable you know people live this reality everyday. Some people deal we do people who were prejudiced the difference is. It's more here it is here and and then secondly you know -- I have to be honest I'm glad whoever -- equipment -- record of because there is an absolute there's on this -- before it who Powell's first you have real discussion. That there are still people like -- And you know the one thing I'm afraid of them that are cautioned. Friends of mine involve people what you're start negative. About corporations is not to allow this -- To represent all of a lot probably. And and because that's not what African Americans want and I'm not gonna do -- anybody -- does not represent America he does not represent. You know. The what I believe it is majority. White people on stage just as one -- -- American -- doesn't represent every actor's career. Pastor pretty young we appreciate your time thank you for joining us this morning. Thank you from the pastor Darius -- -- true Bethel Baptist Church in buffalo he's also president of the buffalo common --

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