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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Discussing NYS Lt Gov Candidates - Nick Langworthy

Discussing NYS Lt Gov Candidates - Nick Langworthy

May 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The WB Ian -- this morning is Erie county Republican Party chairman. And expectant dad nick minority victim -- Good morning and face from the time we understand it's going to be any time for your -- Yeah that the. Yeah we're kind of in a holding pattern in they're babies gonna come one man it's good ready. Now what we're excited for it but that hopefully it won't be coming. At the start of the Republican Convention. Well -- -- working as a reprieve. So it what you thinking about rob mastery you know with the convention opening tomorrow. And his pick for lieutenant governor. Well I think you can come anytime I I wouldn't be surprised to advocate so roll up our conference availability today. I wouldn't doubt by -- you know 5 o'clock today we know who is guarding me will be. Well you had mentioned earlier and one of our reports over running. That it's unlikely that rob restaurant would lean towards someone in Western New York now he already tried. What do you suppose you won't try again. Why I think he was. You know he had reached out early on a little imaging core -- equipment and incredible. Pick for lieutenant governor. It doesn't work for her you know her family -- on the you know on the last few years to high school. You know she wants to be home anyway gracious and have been issued and for. Or was prepared to take out this year it is entirely. Consuming commitment to make. The portrait life -- -- to travel the 62 counties in the state between now and November. And she's she's very content doing a worksheet to enforce new York state assembly -- I think. You know there's there's been discussion of my battle but it turned out my battle who now lives in New York City but was at Erie county and the court judge in our US attorney here at one time. He doesn't make she makes -- for the residency requirements for the job he has not been. In New York City resident for five consecutive years he spent several years living in Virginia. When he's in the bush administration's so. You know after exploring those two can candidates with Western New York ties. I think -- still look elsewhere and I'm sure that we didn't -- is made public it will make. Complete sense it'll be someone that works directly with -- governing style of leadership style fit this ticket very well. We are hearing that that won the front runners is that Dutchess County executive to know anything about this percent. I yeah I've met that -- mile an -- on numerous occasions they know he's young and energetic leader served in the assembly for. Being elected county executive I think. Two or three years ago and I think he'd be great I really do think he eat like rob. You know is someone that's a reform minded county executive. From Hudson Valley. Is he related than -- little Molinaro family. No I Susan Love -- not there Molinari homeowner insurance okay right. Aren't -- politicians and it. -- make it nice and into joining us this morning and now best wishes to you and your family so much. -- that's -- -- did the Erie county Republican Party chairman. That he theft is a global crime a crime that's become so complex you simply can't fight it alone your personal and financial information is everywhere don't wait for a call from the police before you'd take action -- like -- dot com now or call unmentioned -- -- -- where do get a special 10% discount call 1804993150. 804993150. 804993150. C -- dot com for details network does not cover all transactions in scope they -- Listen I -- -- from Cheektowaga I -- coming into the flow analysis when I'm down fifty plus pounds I can't believe the difference I don't force sizes I have more energy definitely recommend my friends unless the genre from. And from quirky new York and Portland since I started with the Buffalo Bills itself lost 54 pounds of phone calls best color me. Highly recommend you call -- results Mary you receive a free hypnosis screening and the written service guarantee I. I means love and I lost a 165 pounds I am choosing her. And I heard it now changed her mind. I screener you're a great grass it was an -- recommending this -- that success so well so I urge you to get to track. You don't look back and say boy I really regret losing the weight what they will say I regretted not losing the weight. 8749. B fifty buffalo hypnosis 8749. B fifty -- -- 749050. Collison and buffalo which are French Sean Hannity don't forget listen in my show seven at ten on the voice of buffalo WB CN. You PM buffalo at WG SS HD tool here 1000 dollar cash codes on weekdays and 7-Eleven. To five tanks were. 2881 for your chance to win it's -- -- 930 WBA. Good morning everyone I'm -- I'm Susan rose news radio 930 -- at the end our top stories this Tuesday may thirteenth gunfire Buffalo's favorite Kensington area last night to boy shot three in fourteen years old. LA clippers owner Donald Sterling apologizes for racial comments. But digs a deeper hole with new comments about the Magic Johnson. A lot of video on sterling coming up with -- pastor Darius Virgin Mobile common council president. Both candidates for governor neither running make sure that the so -- that makes all the more likely to pick order I don't see it seemed somewhat from Western New York this is indeed though the story coming up -- -- Democratic Party chairman. Jeremy is out there will be airlines guest on the lieutenant governor pick at 8:20 this morning at Montreal shots off the Boston -- We check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. Rough weather morning. Here here's -- in traffic coming. And the biggest Salmonella remains the ninety eastbound at a very slow go around Walden avenue area -- had reports of couple hands over on the shoulder earlier. There's talk to another cholera as an observer with a Broadway yeah. Crosses there and that's worthy of the accidents are two on one side in at least are there. Got back up actually Soledad beyond 400 than 400 jammed up -- coming into the rabies until. That's. Biggest problem right now in an accident reported. Play caller and some of the airport on Genesee street -- one -- -- -- flights left definitely. Want this point. Still look pretty busy coming out that 19 south. Columbia River from 29 lead down to Ontario street and then again coming across a Grand Island hearing reports just -- and -- In -- Indians and -- command and -- -- -- we finally. Okay now the latest National Weather Service flash flood warning remains in effect until 10:15 this morning for southern Erie Hamburg. And northeastern to talk when northwestern can't Iraq is counties. Warm humid day clouds some showers and thunderstorms around and a high of 8864. Degrees right now raining in buffalo. WBN news time is it O two we're hoping we'll learn more show and about a shooting in the city Bailey comes in -- district last night. That sent to kids to women's and Children's Hospital. The buffalo PD reports of victims -- Baltimore's. One of three years old the other fourteen. Both are reported to be in critical but stable condition of the alleged shooter is -- -- -- still at large neighbors on Purcell who may have information that will be helpful to the police. Urge to call the buffalo PD and asked to be connected to the confidential tip line. For the first time in Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has spoken out about the controversy over racist comments that cost him the team. In an interview on CNN's AC 360. Sterling tells Anderson Cooper he was jealous any use the same racial language used by his mistress these city -- I don't understand why in the world I had I said any of those. Do it -- educated remarks because I really don't care who she brought. Two of the game. I was -- -- they gain. I was a little jealous. I have to admit. And while he was apologizing. He also took a broad swipe at Magic Johnson made Magic Johnson whether -- done. But this is a business person who's got -- for the record Magic Johnson was diagnosed as HIV positive never developed -- Let's -- the WB EM live line and talk more about the is our guest is the pastor Darius Persian withdrew Bethel Baptist Church in buffalo. Mr. -- is also president of the buffalo comic console. Pastor Persian. In this Donald Sterling K assuming you think the older you get the wiser you -- but I guess I'm Donald Sterling education maybe not because of this interview. It may have some bearing on complimentary remarks you just heard about them being great Magic Johnson. I mean the fact that he had HIV why. What is it that this man I mean is it is Asia's little lapse of common sense. You know I think it's all of the boat from the and actually most. We talked Jerome well personally and analyzed him -- we don't know what what we do don't -- however. Is what came out of this model not once but twice publicly and who knows how many times publicly. And so you know I I just forces step yesterday you know the guy's a jerk and I used that -- -- strong words because you injure. But our our our our hope that people understand that he's not the only major collateral. Darius what did you think when you heard this last night. I thought I was watching -- the new loser and -- -- -- could not screened well and be believable. But it's not believable you know people live this reality everyday. Some people deal we -- of people who were prejudiced the difference is. It's more -- it is here and and then secondly you know I'm I'm I have to be honest I'm I'm glad we're strategic partner and keep record of because there is an absolute there's on this show before it allows us to real discussion. That there are still people like -- And you know the one thing I'm afraid of them that are cautioned. Friends of mine about people what you're start negative. About other operations is not to allow this sure. To represent all of a lot of and and because that's not what African Americans more and I'm not gonna do that anybody she does not represent America he does not represent. You know. The what I believe is the majority. White people in United States just as one chapter in American -- doesn't represent every actor's career. Pastor pretty young we appreciate your time thank you for joining us this morning. Thank you from the pastor Darius person -- true Bethel Baptist Church in buffalo he's also president of the buffalo common -- And we're asking for your comments -- on this latest interview from Donald Sterling. You can weigh in our FaceBook page this morning FaceBook dot com slash W the N 930. There tomorrow is when we are likely to hear -- Republican rob -- and officials are running -- draw against governor Andrew Cuomo in November. An announcement comes while Cuomo himself the searching for a running mate. WBM's -- do -- here are now taking a look at the possibilities and John headed into the state GOP convention tomorrow Erie county Republican chairman nick -- worthy says. That the -- -- -- is likely to be someone from someplace other than here. I don't see at this point -- someone from Western Europe because all of the people of Western New York type is. It's kind of dig themselves out of consideration for one reason or another. You know I am sure it will be someone ultimately that rob -- now the next few days that will compliment you know his government. On the other side of the aisle we will not hear from the governor this week in part because if you had the luxury of waiting to see cool router street -- exit.

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