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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Discussing NYS Lt Gov Options - Ken Lovett

Discussing NYS Lt Gov Options - Ken Lovett

May 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ken Lovett is on the WB and live line now -- there's Albany bureau chief for the New York Daily News. We're going to talk about who rob -- -- -- Governor Cuomo. Might choose as their running mates from the November election -- canned good morning thank you for joining us. No problem all those conversations for somebody very few people know what that. Yeah -- you know you're absolutely right not many people around here know around faster Reno so. Chances are his running mate in some areas might be even more well known and popular than you -- think is gonna -- Well that's the good -- I'm from what I am hearing. He's really torn that he is considering. Perhaps they businessman. -- who doesn't have any political ties. Someone who couldn't. You know go around the -- -- is -- affecting them which would help. And you know rob actually you know obviously as a politician so what he would handle that. No real name surfaced -- supposedly is talking to some business people. Among the politicians. The names that are out you know obviously assemblywoman Jane Corwin from the area which is said. Frequently that she is. Net interest and at this point. Three or four other people have said to have turned them down including a stand around assemblywoman Nicole -- had practiced. -- the Hempstead -- supervisor. So he's having trouble but the names that are out there now the Dutchess County executive of that -- Marcus -- He had suffered telling -- that controller a guy named Joseph so Wiki. How important would geographical balance -- for him. Geographical balance it is important I think they tend candidates tend to world sees something like that that. You know the question will be you know is geographical balance more important gender balances are more important -- that you have to be balanced. There are some who believe maybe they'll try and pick someone who's Hispanic. Who can go into the Hispanic communities and churches even though -- actually node does speak fluent Spanish and -- But it's seen as important but the reality is you know Eliot Spitzer when he won. Back in that 2006. There was you know Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson both from a New York City it was Allen -- this is the comptroller -- from New York City Andrew Cuomo from downstate. So low that people talk about the importance and actually electorate really pays attention. OK Governor Cuomo did not do well here in Western New York in the the election when they -- despite the fact that they won the election but he did terribly. Here in Western New York Carl Paladino beat them to a pulp. Would you be looking at someone here to give him more balance and maybe. Yeah I mean again it's which direction he wants to go there's talk about speed below on who has the simply -- the executive he's. You know the Democrats are holding their convention. And a couple good weeks in -- accounting. -- would help him you know regionally try to go after. And still Leno and the importance suburbs could ask you know obviously his feet. An account executive. One of the biggest suburbs Westchester County. But then there's also last in the American film buffalo mayor Byron -- the game has been out there although it's kind of thinking a little bit. The former Erie county court and and congresswoman -- local name. So you know the governor wants someone who has a minority obviously Byron brown from -- in the our current. If you want to warm and you know for gender issue. Would be -- local. And then there's an internal candidates feel people like is. It's officer of general service commission. Well indisputable from Utica and her mother named who served its revenue from inside the administration. We want to go. Can you think for both of these men these picks should be coming soon. Like really some -- arena. Well actually I would think in the next day or two in all likelihood considering that the Republican Convention. Began to tomorrow. Down in Westchester County is home things from Westchester County so I'd expect that pretty soon I would expect the governor probably. Later in the week early next week because the Democrats next week gathering -- Tropicana for their convention. Ken good to talk -- you will talk again thanks and I'd be out. Ken -- -- the Albany bureau chief for the New York Daily News.

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