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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>NYS Lt Gov Choices Examined - Dave Levinthal

NYS Lt Gov Choices Examined - Dave Levinthal

May 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did eleven solace with us on the WB and -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity mourning day. Thanks we're looking at lieutenant governor possibilities. Here in New York State and wanted to get your input on this for both. Governor Cuomo and for rob -- -- the Republican Convention. Opens tomorrow and we're expecting mastery -- -- Any time now. Absolutely and today it would be eerie area likely -- it would go into the convention and -- -- can and without having. A lot of great and days he. But that although there are a couple of here gain equality for example local cemetery -- effectively saying note that there is -- -- despair. Other all around here -- who potentially could be robbed at street knows. Running mate. -- county executive. -- Molinaro is that kind of violence right now. Or some prognosticators and New York State but it really remains an open question at three up at the polluted too terribly much to think who he made. Okay now I think you're you're also saying that he probably won't lean toward the western New Yorkers. Since Corwin said now. I hit it's hard to say now. First of all it's it's important now that what people are voting. For governor of New York they're voting for governor of New York they're they're not really factory in the lieutenant governor. When they enter the polling station at the same time. Candidate whether you're the Republican what you as a Democrat whether -- green out or whether your your Governor Cuomo you're looking for balancing -- tickets. They're looking for somebody who geographically is going to Belichick potentially. And -- cute personality why is that maybe good balance or you are looking up at different parts of the state and appealed to. Perhaps different parts of the state and you have a candidate would naturally fear itself all of these are going to be part of the equation that are factored in. Well and the gubernatorial candidate is picking the right. But shouldn't the lieutenant governor candidate also be somebody who at least is a little bit well known around the state. If it helps but it's not necessarily as central a kind of expound were yet you don't wanna do any. In other words he would do everything your power not to fix somebody could not the one that's going to -- virtue and number you become a liability. Lieutenant governor you know the only real way politically speaking rock and that's you know not a problem. I think it's important note that they can become really really prominent players. Very very quickly I got to do is think back a couple of years ago. Eliot Spitzer when he resigned the man who became governor the lieutenant governor David Paterson. Who of course was there are a couple of years -- could not win a full term. Okay I'm the opposite side Governor Cuomo. Where do you think he's leading right now for his -- with with Robert Duffy as -- and continuing on. An airport is not continuing on eight from Rochester -- -- back. -- has one major reason why he's not going to seek the second term ends with the obligations of scrabble and not being able that is so. The spotlight -- is really shut them buffalo right now you've got Byron brown who appears to be a leading candidate here you could talk about. Former pop -- area represented a focal was also really on the short list to. Governor Cuomo is not a limited himself to who he's going to pick. But people seem to be logical choices for him if you want to have somebody from upstate balance that -- tickets. You can also go to hear these guys air mattress or who works and Ramos administration. You can go Rochester Utica few other places. But also Long Island -- to think of balancing you probably aren't thinking Long Island but. For the most populous area the stable Long Island kind of it's a balancing areas say you are in the sense that it is not part and parcel near city of course and it would give them. Some out some balance downstate you know if it wasn't. It evidently heard any of these rumors that the governor coal -- could actually lean toward a Republican as is -- it. It's a rumor that I've heard him I couldn't obviously debate on whether there's any late stripper not. I it would today it would be a very very -- movement as part terror. It's situations whether you're talking -- the federal level for the state not all or somebody will cross party lines in order to. Balance suffered ticket politically speaking and parkas and why his size -- I would expect it's gonna be a little of its paper -- -- I think going across party lines and getting a Republican ticket. A member of the Conservative Party expect the ticket Democrat all the although you never know what's happened. Dave it's always fun to talk with you thank you. -- Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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