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5-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- I walked down upon you with Rory this thing. India the -- move the -- that -- this month -- And welcome to the New York City. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No. -- Tom hourly. -- -- Went on the -- but now with everybody now Lindsay and I've got -- -- welcome. It's live its local capital. We'll. It looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And -- WW. -- variety than that well I'm presuming that you got. Is it like a bit of -- If if that's okay I was trying to think about where I could go with my happy ending that there is actually -- and burst. Well -- got topic here. But if it can wait until tomorrow. The American family in 2014. It's not exactly happy ending material. So I'm gonna put that aside gives you really good it's gonna be great topic yesterday as well as well but I wish to. Vary things up just a little bit. Now. IA have a question for you and by the way if I sound especially chipper today there's a reason. I received about five emails -- my work account tonight from people who've won the powerball jackpot wanna share with me. About five emails from different people -- middle -- -- the hole. But I don't the thinking about something. Cars I think it's pretty apparent that I am. A little eccentric. And I have Saddam. I have some hobbies. Let's put that. And some ways of living. A lot of find out. If you who are the same way all let me give you an example. All right. I'm gonna actually have to happy ending topics today here's the first one. I have told you guys. Bad every year. I try to select a subject about which I know absolutely. Nothing. A subject that is. Jeremy like one year it was Great Lakes shipping. And what I try to do every year is I try to gain at least a conversational mastery. Of a given subject like Great Lakes -- like organized crime. Like fill in blank here at the civil war the battle Gettysburg. So I take something I try to learn as much as I can about it for one year. Then the next year all pick up a different subject and I'll try to learn as much as I can about it. Do you do that. Seriously. Honestly it's not mine but seriously do you do that. Is there anybody else did you always learn. You know what's the last thing you learn -- tried to work. I wonder if as you are in your thirties or forties or fifties. Maybe older maybe younger. Whether you've taken something that you had absolutely no interest in -- -- and you've said you know what it's precisely because I have no interest in it. That I wish to learn more about it because I might be list missing a whole world upon. Do you do that. Maybe let me just give -- a couple of examples here for the real world -- reading is your thing -- book reading book learned a thing. Maybe you have picked up a new hobby. For example. You know America's number one hobby years. There are well that's on the Internet so after that America's number one hobby believe it or not is Doug -- And I think I've made it clear over the past few years that that has become something I really enjoy. It. Especially when I can get the upper hand on the weeks. Which grow like. Well they grow like weeks. And I know that some view because I yet talked to somebody just couple weeks ago. Had either taken up an instrument or debris taken up an instrument. For example. I just realized that I really really really. Enjoy playing guitar and I talked about this few weeks ago. So today. My guitar. Going into somebody who specializes. In. You know setting up an instrument. Making sure that all the strings or were they should be making sure that everything is improper alignment with the fret board making sure that the strings are close enough to the -- port but not so close they. You know what are called -- is -- fears about adventure with the exact pronunciation news. So instead of buying -- new guitar possibly get a refurbished the old one which still sounds absolutely sensational. Even better when my brother plays it but that's another story altogether. Our sport. May be you picked up a sport like squash. -- ball racquetball badminton. I know people played badminton. And they've been trying desperately to get me to play badminton. And I try to explain that playing tennis gives me a wicked case of tendinitis. What -- Paper to tennis elbow to real that it's. Not a problem I'm told with badminton because my understanding with Edmonton is. I happen it's all in the wrist. Well -- have learned over the years that -- can take a pound and not really suffer any consequences of tendon injury. So have you taught yourself a new. Lesson have you talked yourself new facts -- taught yourself a new game are you constantly try to improve. To suck up as much as this world can possibly offer you in the brief time that we have on this planet. And the other one. This is a definite happy ending you would be a heck of a lot thinner. If blank. As of food -- had never been invented. You'd be a lot thinner if blank had never been invented. And I have decided okay how many -- you go through certain grocery stores and start with the letter W. They've got a product called power crunch. They're light they're hiring are health food section. I didn't realize until this past weekend. Has little bastards have almost 300 calories and it's that was a bad decision. So well from now on if I -- those things. We're gonna go into eat food safe that I cannot open in the middle of the night. -- what I do my bed eat it. Now it's it's not but I couldn't stand to get a few pounds but I wanna do it the right way. It -- three on -- thirty start at 3180616. WB via cell. What is do you still try to learn even though you're not gonna get a diploma. Even -- you're not school. You focus on a hobby. May be picked up a new sport and instrument. Maybe you've decided you wanted to develop an interest -- alerts. It if you stop learning -- as well. And you'd be a lot thinner if blank had never been invented. Let's go to new. Is it do it in the buffalo WB at 8030930. Starlet thirty and 180616. WB -- -- well welcome to the happy ending our of the bar early show I'm glad you could -- I've got a good start to -- always looked like I got respect indeed. You're really triggered when he said that the part that I'm like forty your -- -- -- to equal I went out pockets are this weekend. I'm -- what was ordered it like I was not -- I exceeded that with other things electric it was World War II things that -- will be triggered me. And my interest in World War II World War I all these different things like yeah I can -- -- I went out market -- this weekend. So I have to ask what did you buying. And -- Good for you and it's a real American Stratocaster not one made in Mexico. It could relate to Mexico -- -- -- iPod and I'm not reckless. I'm Craig's list and that well did you have sex with a guitar yep that's the question. Okay good that's all Craig's list is about -- So well all right so you're published as you well laid down from his Fender Stratocaster which may or may not have been made in Mexico. -- to recorder all right did you bring somebody with you who knew guitars to make -- than that wasn't warped. I was particularly like that a lot of research before audit. And it looked I looked a lot about it -- -- -- I play guitar I was younger. Player when I was maybe seventeen I would never really go for it. Because the parking -- to -- we think that really didn't interest me. I could kick myself anything else learning department just only one little ultimately. Well what you're gonna find between the time you stopped playing and now. Is it is so much easier now because let's say you year. If I had a million dollars by Barenaked Ladies and you think yourself boy I'd like to learn that song. You have to do is go to YouTube how -- play if I -- a million dollars by Barenaked Ladies and some of the teachers -- better than other teachers but some of them will do it slow enough that you can actually learn and pick up the song. And it's it's not like the old days where he had to go you know I -- go to my brother dissect a play that's. Right right and entitlement that -- purple rain for summary that footprints I don't know what it is I heard it at one point outlet and but but also I really wanna learn to play and it. OK if you had decided to learn raspberry beret you would have lost your man card faster than I -- when I talked about very gardening. You're you're actually right I would never you know I don't know what -- admitted to it. But they'll want to -- for sure. OK so. You you bought the guitar what did you do but it amplifier. I actually -- -- lol I like that smaller version. I got it actually from a book by the mine. Look at video and actually what I like to talk about it without too much money politics and stick to it. -- am -- -- you're actually right at that were actually triggered me I think almost want something so as I would seem different things that YouTube -- look at you could learn how to play like. Probably really cool songs. And I mean they didn't they think -- they show you slowly slowly you could pick off. And that the first basic iPod at this week and I picked up yesterday to the first site anecdotal work probably to -- public this is really freaked awesome. I don't like is that is that all right did. Well of course that's a matter of subjectivity. -- hold a permanent because we we may be on the same pitcher just hold out our folks might happy ending. Do you make it a point. To. Do you make it a point. To learn something new every year have you picked up a new hobby have you revisited an old -- have you decided to pick up a sport like I'm thinking about trying badminton because it sounds like something I can handle because there's a lot of wrist action. And I have to go further but now it is not a tennis elbow thing it's a wrist thing so there's that. And that you'd be a lot -- head blank not been invented specially with the return of the high drugs Gorky now let's find out about traffic and Alan Harris. And a few other is the evening progresses it will be cloudy warm -- sticky -- hours of a thunderstorm overnight low 61. Tomorrow. We will be up to eighty degrees collective area it tomorrow will be today's twin and then Wednesday will be today's bastard twin 'cause it will only be up to 67 degrees it'll be like. The cousin -- Right now we aren't. 69. And news radio 930 WB yen. Our let me get back a little here so little is actually really picked up the guitar I'm so excited for Lou got himself a Stratocaster meanwhile I'm simply get a refurbished. Old guitar which turned out to be worth a lot more than I thought it was so. How many hours can you realistically afford to devote every day total learning this instrument without having the law and grow up to your duties. Well I want a lot different Arctic so Juan you got that tiger and -- yet played well you people out. Probably twelve may be powered toward excellent. Yeah to do about our them. OK and when you go out you always focus on the guitar player and just say while he or she is really really good. I really do I mean I only did I didn't realize I did you know like if I was enjoying about like -- this is so good all the practice is great. Well I am not unhappy for I'm glad you got yourself a guitar I'm glad that you re learning -- and -- you think you're gonna stick it out. I don't yet I really do active I really like I really want to do something I'll do it until I get. And I don't really want to do it and other big you know as I've gotten older there's not many obstacles. Next well I I was actually going to buy a strap that then when I found out that. My money is going to be eaten up by a medical bills because of effected a 10 my brain is rotting. You know. I decided I'd best keep them money to pay off the culprits. Yes syphilis and it's tough all right I'm kidding Lou I'm getting its cerebral vascular has people looking up they never much great call. All right that's outstanding. And by the way southern cross. Written by Stephen Stills easy song to learn and it will impress every woman you bring to your home or apartment trust me. Which is also the secret of gardening guys. Don't ever think gardening is persist -- Every woman in the world when you say wanna come over and -- my garden it's the most innocent thing she can justify in her mind why she's coming your home. Meanwhile you all know what it's about but it's a plausible excuse. Here's Jerry in -- Wanda give away my secrets on WB -- always delighted to break. I'm sorry Jerry hold on if you would Joseph beaver is giving me the high of death and he's not even Sicilian WB Ian. Exactly how nice sound one I play. Well the background and a it is that's actually is that typical zone replace solos habit but. It is 634. Local news radio 930 WB -- Our gang quickly detect up a new hobby this is my happy and that have you picked up a new hobby. Maybe a guitar may -- in -- sport I'm thinking about trying Batman. I've friends were very much in the Edmonton and they think I should be playing with them. Well well. And willing to try. Willing to give it ago. I got that bad habit. Let's go to. I was also good competitive sarcasm here is -- and -- Wanda. On WB and Jerry your -- after dale earnhardt's. I know what. You know metal detecting. Now that I'm retired and I wanted to go over to afford your outlook the -- -- look to build it there as. And do it over Canada or go to order forty area along the beach Serwer you know or -- twelve he would get a. You're better off not doing that because. I believe if I am not mistaken at the Ontario historic preservation people take a very dim view of anybody with a metal detector on beaches anywhere near what might be considered an historic site you're much better off doing it like in black rock Riverside to -- -- ferry street in buffalo. 'cause the third street is actually close to worthy of British landed when they burned -- buffalo. So don't tell me about this the metal detecting hobby and and how deeply you are entrenched in that. Well I'm I just start that has prepared him right back and my girlfriend and an -- you know. Just something to do it and you know I -- you is something you want to solve your problem no way you. Well I don't want my because honestly I. I haven't found anything whether nothing of great consequence number one number two I'm finding that I just don't have the time to drive to the real cool destinations to do it. There are bigger on TV and it's been in the Arctic. That the real thing because you know these pizzas the -- -- -- QB. They figure Margaret there's like really if it starts to leave via these people. Here's it's funny imagine that jury because even -- old law. My all and law. It'll beep beep beep I think maybe -- -- fifteen cents. None of which have been you know Indian had none of which have been. You know funny story the only thing I've ever found in my own garden. Was right on top of the soil in 1943. Mercury dime no metal detector I just dug it up inadvertently when I was planting something you believe that. Yes I've former quarter and what Long Beach but that was two I. But it was obviously. I mean people don't walk around with Mercury dimes anymore how long visit holiday that they've been on the ground. Well because I dug it out when I was -- It was probably about a foot maybe eight inches down and I just -- did it with the space. You -- them. You sure about -- down and they -- -- area from Q well. Well I did well you know what -- -- I've thought about it but. -- have been better up my mind all also to you gotta be careful. You're gonna be surprised as you start metal detecting. Don't overdo it at first and and start small because believe it or not when you go back and forth with that metal detector. It if you'll feel the next day you're really look at you use muscles that human beings don't ordinarily use. -- pretty light you know. It's not that every. Young minds. Is Gallagher Barbara elbit. So it's he would try to mean. How much work how much research did you put into this thing talked to me about about what you end up with have you found anything yet it all worthwhile. Yeah I am proud indeed brilliant and it's. I just started or -- better about your box or not. You're probably all right Warren. Annika that would gonna put a thousand bucks in this but I do know are really wanted to you to do you know separated by elected but I want to start out. You know not -- -- not expensive it's a decent one but it's not a great one. -- got a regular email alert he shows me pictures almost every. Monday in the summertime of all the cool stuff he digs up this guys find civil war memorabilia. Corning's buttons this guy finds everything you know what I find -- backs. That's what I find. I think if you're probably -- or. Swap meet I'm -- -- it. -- -- Yeah my luck here here here I would -- in my life my luck I'll be in garrison park. I'll get something a big give up it'll be a freaking mine from the war of 1812 and it will work and I'll be blown to bits. That'll be my luck already finally found something as he ever saw all but he found it. You look you can't be posted on what you found okay. I would like our city you know Peter and -- -- About different things and. Well tonight I'm sorry that I get thousands of emails I responded don't want my cannot give personal tension everybody I'm sorry. By ABBA tribute to -- you -- shortened up there pretty really cool and I. I take I take your ideas I file and sometimes they use them and sometimes I don't I wish I can respond everybody judges can't. -- thank you. I mean yeah I'm kind of don't like I do a show on the here for four hours today it's not like I'm -- possible to reach. 8030930. Start and I 3180616. WBE. And -- plus two. And this is actually been an issue. On your work between the spam. And some of the other email comes in I've actually missed out an email from management then I should be reading I don't read it could just get law that gets lost in the sauce. -- if you get 500 emails that he got to prioritize and sometimes and it's really important stop. Like the minutes of the promotions meetings I mean sometimes I miss those memos -- come out and those are vitally important to my future. It is the -- that was sarcastic. It is 640 editors radio 930 WB EM -- did anybody else what their take well let's see guitar. Anybody else by a metal detector. Yes well. Anybody wanna tell me about you're food that you wished had never been invented because had never been invented. You would actually fit into size two ladies and men -- -- the size thirty genes. I've talked to your. Talk to -- friends steamy. 803. All -- thirty. Starlet thirty and 180616. WB yet if you're just joining us just a quick recap earlier today. We talk about your good bad ugly in funny experiences with the legal system and up -- happy ending is. Something that I do that I think is kind of weird and may -- may be. Out of anybody else does -- that's what I'm -- the topic. Do you pick up new hobbies or new interest had you done so as to have gotten older. Stuff you thought you'd never in a zillion years. Would want to know you suddenly find yourself thirsting for a new knowledge. You know you know what I ordered online don't laugh. All that. I've ordered the new testament. In English. And Latin. Why it. Because is there a better way to learn Latin and comparing -- sentence to sentence verse -- -- To English in the new testament Mel. I think that's a great way to learn personally. 803. Non relatives are represented religious conversion it's a linguistic attempt. Because I wanna be the best and most cunning linguists there it's. Let's go to. Oh this is actually quite interest Simon what's -- what's -- says WB Ian Simon. You are hello. Sarah. Or without your extra. Know there's a reason to because my electorate -- tan. Is actually a believe it or not it's considered a vintage guitar and it's actually gone up in value. Well but -- I mean you'd. And I don't think he'll probably happy with the lottery player I think we'd be out. But I don't what it. There's nothing there's not a rule that says I -- what I want to fight really want one but there's no reason to spend the 12100 bucks honest. If I'm perfectly happy with my nineteen what is it in 1978. Electorate eight and do you know. -- -- it's worked twice what they paid for. Right. Out. It's gone up more of the my 401 today. Anyway what's undermined as far as when you undergo. It's -- start to get a few are boring and not by making. Where will will wait a minute. Staff and expect it. Right now aren't you want to sell -- it to tell me about that because that sounds pretty intense that -- it real handy -- stuff. It'd. It is it's actually you know -- Arctic regions. Are very small and work your way up like. Unity got -- harbor freight company which we oh. Cheers that kind of thing and now. You know you can do the most basic the most advanced work the writing on how can operate wanna give it. Well how did you develop an interest or use somebody who -- who goes to those -- Renaissance fairs they have all over the place. I am not -- thinking that if I ever did get edit. I'm going there is a white lawyer. So do you mean do you do full suits of armor like you might see in the Imperial War Museum oh look there's Henry the -- armor when he was nineteen overlook that giant in our cars it was fifty. I'm I've just gotten it but I just made I made some patterns. I've got like that -- made. I've got a lot my own ideas. Though it's it's gonna take awhile. OK I think that's really cool what you do if you want to send me a picture or two I'll put it on my FaceBook page. I'm serious I. -- you know what I would like people send me pictures of their theory gardens too because I didn't really want it would be at this during today's show. But I'm waiting to get my big garden done so -- and go to our sponsors that -- slurs and begin by -- garden. I'm serious it's very gardening pictures are on my FaceBook page. They're designed with teeny tiny shrubs and teeny tiny people it's like you actually have a very -- living in a pot. Not for me -- I want -- slate -- actually acknowledge you made that opera just the national Wyatt and sculpture. Yeah got a cast aluminum and makes certain club that kind of thing. Out like get that finished off a detector well. I like to see have a picture I'd like to see the picture of half a gauntlet. Okay all right. There let's see how you're doing this how are -- fish scale armory get into that at all. Not like well I don't know that I'd I'd. I'm not again and every now but probably -- -- Because as you know the history of armor is fascinated the Romans had fish scale. The enormous had a chain link -- along with those helmets with the nose guards. And -- Norman's really. At a very early age in in medieval history were pretty advanced in terms of armor. Right so where the along. -- -- Yes they were louder all my gosh you're absolutely correct I got you have to send me a picture you have to do. All right thank you very much yeah I guess. It. 00 OK you know I've always wanted a Norman helmet. Complete. Well I know but. There's so many reasons why I want to Norman and all but the it is probably the biggest one is -- lots -- it'd take a picture of the wearing a Norman helmet. And then people can say that I'm wearing a tin foil hat. Yeah I know -- see there's a big difference between unity you can work with -- -- and do manly things I'm worried about my theory garden. Well let's just say this let's just have a little duel here mr. media evil. This weekend I shall tell women. I have a -- garden at home would you like to see it you tell women I make our work at home let's see who gets more women home. -- Our man I'm glad you called thank you. I will -- on -- thirty ladies league all of the guys monopolized the conversation. But are there any women out there who picked up new hobbies. Seriously. What is life if you just sit around watching other people do things serious I'd rather work at Mike -- and watch a whole bunch of other guys play. Hockey or basketball or football. You know lifeless for Olympic yourself not vicariously. You know three okay what do you base this mildly remark the ferry garden I should have known you guys are not gonna let me go on that area. You wait because I'm gonna have to have the most impressive ferry garden and all of Western New York. You know that right I can't just let it go it mediocre it's gonna have to be sensational. Folks look it up online my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly BE AUERL. He'd power like everybody knows about our just that -- at the end. Tom -- I'll release the picture were more in the tuxedo as my FaceBook page scroll down you'll see a picture what do -- garden looks like. And YouTube will understand why I want a -- garden. And there are other reasons but I won't say as long as model. All right gang well I don't know another -- five hours in me today is -- and energy on Monday here is Dave in Lancaster. -- WB and Dave you've picked up I guess I guess women in Western New York don't have hobbies either that or. You know there are just so enthralled listening to my voice that pages that are gonna timid about calling and I feel embarrassed Dave your honor I. Yeah on all my life would cartilage she does knitting and I think it's kind of corny songs are -- bearer for about. All there's nothing wrong with -- at all when you were not. Well talk to me about you sure you're the man with a hobby you're the man with the plan. -- here I just -- -- -- on like crazy funny you call that revises keeps caller is different. Saying all that kind of stop and I -- and then what I have been doing what I get him. I mostly get a ball game and you're like all forty onto the balcony on well I on -- play. In the yellow pages here while while I take America and I am really good with the people and I can dirt cheap against ex topic held for like three times more than anorexic people ordered. Okay so okay this is really cool now is gonna be tough without naming businesses but how do you attract the loan. Science even broken neon signs so that you can have them fixed. It is and it all started I've worked for a distributor a year ago and they were sort of what they were doing what they were tore them up perfectly fine. But with our -- it on gas and company. They were smashing and they'd find a spot on in -- And they get -- the gap and then there was like a couple bark buckle down my neighborhood at night they were I went dumpster diving I've found some an air that was kind of cool. The men got on -- you know stuff like that. What is the most. Awesome cool worst or biggest priced sign you have ever found it. Rehabilitated. And sold there's got to be a story eager. -- has one arm might ever want it broke my heart when I got rid of it but it's particularly in neon. It's about half four feet in in height and saw -- fold that over 600 dollar that I got to -- free and it only cost -- -- dollar figure effects. Wow hole. You know that's not just a hobby sir that's a side business and I know that every penny is declared to the IRS so that's great. I mean we ought not an undeclared squat. Look at that. All I heard I heard exactly what you said that every penny you learn is in fact that declared I heard exactly those words well when you spoke. And is there a coveted neon sign is there is there -- assigned to New York -- a gold at the end of the rainbow like for quite collectors. If they come across in 1909 Lincoln SVD beat -- it it's it's an orgasm. I like the one haven't seen it in the long time but I -- more excited about Liza weren't number would have -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes vertical double on treatment that but I mean in -- only because it's pretty caller. That the older than me on bill rarer is the work you know more artwork and optional but there. You know I don't I don't -- all into it but -- -- one. -- -- -- -- that is very cool should be pictures. Pop up on my FaceBook page you guys are Austin got better hobbies I do. Yeah you know I have a lot of fun in my hand the importantly don't target they've got. Yep that's what I do for -- -- While I'm very that's awesome thank you very much I should've started this topic sooner because it was I enjoy this is awesome. But ladies and kind of feel like you don't love me so you could semi email and tell me about your hobbies is and start to feel like a little left out your guys ladies. Thanks to Joseph -- thanks to John German guy is always a pleasure on Monday. And that banks were making me part of your life and rival what do you do for a living. Adamantly view two words very important know your cell.

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