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5-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I -- the -- he would write. And then -- The -- move the ball than pensions and -- They keep flying food but. It's easy to clean up. But the same publicity. With which -- now let's. Tom hourly barreling back in lucky charm it's live -- local. My dad introduced and the fact that it's Tom hourly that you may well I wouldn't -- that. Our news radio 930 WBE. The way you value your server at a local restaurant and bring out of those obscenely large ground pepper mills. Probably not a good idea to do it in front of me because I always have a wry comment to make that's WRY. It is eleven minutes after five news radio 930 WB EM live pepper mill embryo does get the small shaker at home. Anyway back comes with the Asian part of my heritage but that's another story altogether for different date today we're talking about. Your good bad ugly and funny stories involving the justice system may be small claims court may be divorced nobody's happy with the divorce nobody. Everybody thinks they got screwed and the worst one where another. All right and -- This but your entire life being bitter or read divorce if you so chose to do but. That would be a waste I think of effort and time. And jury duty if you sat on it. Was it everything you thought it would be it was a disappointment was that a letdown. Or did you have to come up with a creative excuse to get out of you're good bad ugly funny stories of the justice system including jury duty. I wanna hear those that today a WBBM because Donna at all I think it's great topic. Let's go to mark in buffalo on WB Ian mark you are -- hello. Hi there I have both we. -- court and jury duty -- -- or quit. -- highway and started thirty years ago but no names but every body in buffalo would know remain so -- actually deeper. And I just laughed about where are rated the the judge would Italian. White was Italian. And I would dump a whole lot from Cleveland. He got he got the Bard she got will -- city I mean I got you know Asia but yet it. Where when she got the -- you've got to mock up is also way are you saying that there was ethnic favoritism. Because everybody else was an Italian ancestry and you were a polish ancestry. I am not saying that in any way shape or or. -- don't what were you saying what was the relevance of bringing that up. I would it out it's powder I would say more though I would not you know with the buffalo in crowd. And the the judge. And my wife. Were definitely record it no names will be mentioned okay. -- of the judge and your wife were definitely -- forgot some you forgot a thought there are. Am I to assume or presume that always say this gently gingerly. Bad day your wife was involved in some extra professional way with the judge whose name we -- much. News -- not at all not at all I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying that I was the outsider. My ethnic ethnicity. I don't know it was defect or not I always proceed -- to the actor especially. Okay. In the court systems and -- That's that's interest in a very sorry to hear that. At thirty years well I. I don't but did you guys have kids together. It I would not an online. He is in there about losing the property. I could never -- it actually collapsed in the CD at school presentation. And then when she remarried and who in -- I got my son. All summer law on an -- great I -- the first years three years -- mean. But at its alliance with spring break. And -- a mother was alive to the Iraq. And I got you know not on not a -- -- like good. You'd ever there are right to complain and I mean people sometimes that legitimate big oops. Well OK yes actually I want. -- you let a year -- thoughtful. I managed the last two years OK. It's not saying like what you think it is. I'm telling you it's not -- Okay in what. Okay in what way would I laughed and why would reduce -- OK. Number one. I I understand you have the very best intentions. I hit some pretty good intentions I was doing graduate work in jumped in the law school you know I was. Knew I was pretty -- teaching job I want -- Ph.D. program. And the deal ears. Every but mayor. I don't hear your interest in criminal I don't care your interest is in constitutional. Diapers or otherwise -- Everybody's there where it's called to court in you know what that is personal injury. Yes. I see I I understand that but let's just say that IE particularly. Financial is not my -- I know I know what. Especially that unless you're gonna go to law school and then go to DC is something Washington DC -- me about friends did. And -- ball -- either got federal level or in the Justice Department okay. It's real are. Too I'm sorry I don't you leave a very modest IV I don't really -- -- but I suspect. You leave him very modest life. So it's not like you're looking for that million dollar home in whatever up. Well let's let's just say okay I live well within my budget my money I use I I live in a small hole I have very. Rocks our car and I take rock star vacations bets were put my money and I also said a lot of side. It's not except for putting -- -- -- you except for pretty a lot of side that's exactly what I do okay. I'm using some that I put aside when I was your age but. I don't get. Anyway that you're the first person since I've turned fifty who said since I was your age I feel like it all over again thank. Law that it be if it were 8608. A -- money out. Correctly to light it up our -- at right. Sixty. I all of my guys I'd using fiery money. I'd better use a lot -- it not that. While well there's nothing wrong with that let them -- their -- producer Adam peddle their own you know. One in Florida where my weight is right now make more money that I ever made in my life you know what -- let them I'm glad. -- -- Well sir I am grateful to hear from you I'm glad things worked out especially with acts and you know I know I mentioned this probably the same time on Friday. But was not a more bitter divorce in Western New York than the one between my my my wife and and myself and I am not embarrassed at all to say that we exchanged very very nice of Mother's Day. Greetings yesterday and this is gonna solid radio BS but nobody can -- this long. -- Am one of my ex wife's best friends she is one of my best friends and everybody knows it and frankly. Everybody is shocked at how close we are. Given the fact that we were bitter enemies and our divorce I mean bidder. Well I I would say I ignored could lose everything. -- play after three years. Yeah now we were to swap it back and forth and you know. It was just like why why argue about stop let let my son who. -- -- great graduate of Michigan State now and doing well -- -- You know what I lit it and see -- eat -- against each other. Now well you know what it in the words of Don Handley. Keep Kerry in that bitterness it'll eat you up inside and a I'll say this again. I got -- which I've got to do part of the show with my ex wife because I think you'd be some very powerful radio. All are you kidding oh beat Cilic I -- I would probably. Not wanted to use that with my act because we are -- where she's remarried and I've been remarried. To. So -- like he -- the West Coast like I have a ball low light that bad neither was reproduced anymore. All -- -- that those days are long behind me thank you very much. We're pocket not thirty years ago we -- now I. -- goodness by goodness gracious. Produce more. And we both just said -- We got market share and we've got and actually her acts at or no Purdue has been hit too cute too. Well hopefully again hopefully all works out and I'm very glad to hear from you sir thank you. They call colleague and I like callers who are concise and Cogent and -- who also can keep the conversation going. Even when I falter on a Monday thank you very much. I'll wolf thank you for the -- compliment or you have the day. I shall I shall thank you and thanks again guys for making me part of your life and I believe me if you guys had any idea. How much our little bond meant to me. You'd probably want me to pay you so that wouldn't be good right now let's find out about Alan Harris and that -- -- about traffic with Alan Harris on WB and -- And AccuWeather for today we are basically the rest of the day look at it mostly cloudy conditions warm and sticky a couple of showers and thunderstorms overnight low 61. Tomorrow cloudy humid and same -- today the high temperature eighty. Wednesday the tradition lives not I won't complain because I did declare last week the official springing of spreading. No I'm not gonna do that voice that already done it Nebojsa enough and that's not. For this year 71 degrees at news radio 930. WBM. It is -- the good the bad the ugly of the justice or legal system whether it's been so serious traffic. Weather was divorce maybe it took somebody of the small claims court maybe you were on a jury or you try to find an excuse to get off the jury duty. 803 all 930 let's go to let him in beautiful spring -- Kim welcome to the program on WB yeah. And only the top here. Very kind of you say let's see if you continue that fine feeling at the end of our conversation. Few years ago my brother suffers armed man my hand and he killed my dot. And at the time we had three small children so we decide that it would be a good idea. Jerry straining harder because only called the police. -- in Carolina what to do. Ang. Lee didn't see any act and intensity. Gap we came to adopt. We know where he lives in -- -- -- he helped get her. So these planets downtown to cooler. To get -- restraining order and how -- -- you know waiting arms get called explainable -- Yes first thing there really eavesdropping and -- he relaxed me they're not very nice but when you're standing one. You know millimeter away from her. I go to Q -- -- on -- and down here because I'm older god. And I don't I don't I laughed at the -- I like I can't believe Apollo locks. Art it was that district attorney. And he came back later to apologize -- And he's don't need to occur at all but we need good sound like as for a long time. You kind of lose your feelings about anger and I said yeah that's probably why they can't they get Smart about that -- -- -- Rule and as to which he responded. Well idea I commend you on your -- -- under difficult circumstances. I've only used the word aplomb in quite some time and I felt that only appropriate to Whitman well. Edberg that are dying well you for your time kind of thank you hear that I was stuck out my mind that I. Those funny. -- a -- is your brother outlook I hate animal cruelty your brother is mentally -- east is he still around. Or did he to be -- And now he still around I mean you know all I hate. Well product and every once in awhile to their parents diet where early on and -- a little hand side. You know he has a relationship public my child -- on my husband. Getting -- in my Howell. I understand ma'am I'm I'm glad you called I know that's a tough story to talk about but that did have kind of a funny ending with the DA apologizing to you which is always. There -- -- active contrition. How we knew who he was I thinking that we might need a -- All right my dear I am glad that you called thank you so much. I'm on. The good the bad the ugly the funny stories have you in the justice system. Where maybe tried to get out of jury duty you succeeded may be tried and failed may be actually sat through a trial. It's on the inside periodically I asked that question I'm always mesmerized by your stories. Actually means. But I got. Cameras are still around because -- however really so I went to -- of our sponsors Delaware camera -- couple weeks ago to pick myself up a camera and that. They have this contender it's an FIL -- -- a look at -- -- lesser film. He laughed by the way real quickly idea I want to commend quick -- on main street in Clarence. Into a specifically I want to command it my take the guy who works behind the -- a quick roll on Monday night's. I'm sorry on Saturday nights because I bought a lottery ticket at quick -- On main street in Clarence on Saturday night. Now I'm fifty years old and -- tour driver rather high and automobile. He still insisted on not just seeing my ID let's saying my ID. Mike. You did a hell of a job. Sure this. And I want the people a quick kill that well not only did he do his job well but he also did it in a way that made me laugh. So while Mike it was a pleasure make your acquaintance I did ask Mike if he was also gonna do Colo rectal exam approved by age he said -- I'll have to leave the job. So anyway Mikey was nice meeting you and I hope you were mildly entertained by our conversation but people -- quick -- know that Mike who worked Saturday night. I mean street in Clarence does a great job he's a great guy he's an asset got to promote. 030930. Start -- 3180616. WB and hey guys I can't see the name of the caller on line one I know this might shock you but the name dropped off. Tom on the west side of buffalo on WB -- to what we're doing good bad ugly in funny stories of your experiences with the legal system. Real bad and normally the I'm sorry go ahead. My recognized market didn't -- your ID. When he can't at all. He most certainly did not we had a very five exchange he's a fine young man. Okay my -- Obama. I've witnessed I didn't really witness. But there was a shooting a few doors away from me. Now live and Lloyd. Do we know it's what Bennett two week period. I heard gunshots. -- one time I was wideout -- and I walked out a lot and I -- -- cure. And I called 911 and I told him what happened and they became more aware. And -- not forget that guy got banged up. He idiotic shot -- charm then. So now I call 911. I've heard oral assault for a minute pilot -- it took awhile for the cops and paramedics to get error. But one man show drop. No it isn't over until nobody don't worry about it to allow them anonymous caller you know automated. If you think you're an anonymous caller one you call 911. You. Not a now I'm -- here avoided or we're gone back to make -- a subpoena me. To go to court and testify against somebody but I don't even know you lose guys and did it. Because amplifiers -- care -- are you gonna -- Somebody asked -- -- -- here I couldn't identify somebody after five or six minutes the way I don't memorize faces. Yet while and it but it you know -- -- and our whole -- I mean that's what they do I thought I'd call them up by our anonymous phone call. And now we're coming after me and told me I got a -- Just our curiosity why did you believe it was anonymous how did you call them. 911. And why did you think that was anonymous. All there is it on aid like your cell phone is in one you both subscribe to monthly and all. Well all of them my name. Yet they can't -- what an anonymous. And that's exactly -- other problem from. Well that are coming after you they're looking for evidence to put somebody -- behind bars but if you can't identify the guys the -- your values as a witness. Yeah availability do without me I mean they got a mind -- the more it's always wanted to do was solve what I told mom argun 911 call. -- Well there I'm sure they had a perfectly good reason -- did you explain to them that there after six years you could not in good conscience testify against somebody. Yeah I told my I could not I would heavily identified a guy. I always have a bite from imply army it they don't know why I could say that was the guys because after all that time. He -- change diet my perception might it change. You know I think it takes somebody with a strong constitution to be able to say that because sometimes if but you're having pressure put on you to testify to help taken alleged bad guys off the street. You know suddenly -- memories come back that never really happened because the natural inclination is people wanna help the cops get bad guys up the street. I am I watch general Pete Williams direct. I'd forgive my ignorance what a shadow people. It's a story about you. -- out of -- people under the shadow people they come to you when you're nightmarish. And you'll die and yours truly. So old what you're saying is his -- the IRS. -- Yeah. Tom looked up on alleged call them sorority you're -- what -- the habit if you can't help you can help right. -- Who are guys that I'll talk more items that buys -- -- total authority on Wednesday. -- well that would be idea again that to me that's that's the most relevant evidence because that was taken at the time you actually sought as opposed to six years later. They. -- Well again good call and what was the eventual disposition. Did you ever go to court did you not go to court what happened. -- -- -- -- -- It's flapping in the wind on that case you might have a judgeship waiting for -- Sir that's a joke from 25 years ago and in very bad taste thank you very much and -- cult. I shall thank you very much. Yeah I'm sorry I gonna let Mexico -- Olympic one bad decision does not a lifetime. -- and so here is Laurie in buffalo WB I'm Laurie thank you for holding high. And I. I'm not very good at talking. Especially -- -- your mind it. Am I ever got to stuttering issues that nobody ever seems to notice except myself but relax you're among friends. K I'll go back a long time ago and that might that might not matter that gave the world. So calm I was great and I now and then. What happened was. In -- is put me in their car. Around the projects. You. Parade me around with my mother in the -- see me -- what should act active in the front seat. And around effort happened. You know I was very sensitive -- and I was more worried about everything else. Going down so I thought that was just a bad judgment call. How else would you have expected them to identify a suspect without your help -- and I mean you were the eyewitness. Ma'am I did not -- Richardson. Every holiday inside their house says limited factors hurled around alibis both sites and that's -- anybody. But. It was one of the things that I at a lawyers. Just ludicrous to take. I young person. And their mother. Around a project. Where on. I was just great dad and -- Channel like parading me around. Does. Show evidence that I was there. Well I. Understand why they were doing it did they take you to the hospital at all I was or any reason to take the -- right away. Yes that was. -- -- All are aware after after an agent. That mean I just I can't get over their arm or. Arm. Whatever. Well I mean I guess what you're saying is they might have been more sensitive to you having gone through the trauma of rape I cannot imagine what you endured. They made their perspective is once you went to the hospital and they did the rape kit together evidence and to give you good medicine they had to give you. -- they wanted your help in identifying the perpetrators because the -- witnessed the person who's the victim would be the single best person. Two two identified to the guy ever get caught. -- So they've got his DNA right. Not long time ago as I say you don't need these things that's changed an -- perspective is checked and has changed. A little bit. So look at. You know I I don't let that fear for my life or my family life or anybody else. My -- I'm so sorry I cannot you know what -- I cannot even begin to imagine the trauma you experienced. And I do know that beat this I mean you know you've seen special victims unit I'm sure on TV I don't know if you can stand to watch that because it deals in situations like there's. But there -- there is a greater sensitivity now than ever before were victims of bi sexual assault. Unfortunately. It sounds like you. Your situation happened before that new era came along and has been a tremendous. Improvement I think in law enforcement sensitivity toward the trauma. Rape victims undergo and I I wish I could do something to wave a magic wand and take that away from -- On but it sounds frankly like you've done a pretty good job of it yourself in terms of you know building your life. Why can't. Not that it can't and I just. Thought about calling it war. Eight and the easier sell and this is bothered me and it said that so that I will look into the complex it Collins. I'm glad I'm glad you called him and I wish I kid you know again I I wish I can give you a better explanation. And as insensitive as it probably sounds and maybe it is you would have been the single best way to -- that guy get him off the street. You know they they in their judgment at the time you might have been. Did they might got to realize how deeply and Shockey were they might have thought that you feel OK to go on the tour. I know I know I'd I'm just I'm just -- it's changed a lot over the past thirty years. -- -- I love you dearly sorry went through that. Now while you. Are -- thank you. That's that's that's. That's tough I mean it's doing it to somebody's just it's. -- -- -- -- It is 548 news radio 930 WB EM 803 no I mean the rate -- of the police methods at the time. Word. That's what they did now they gather up the DNA they probably get a match. It is 548 news radio 930 WB EM hourly with you good bad and ugly stories of the well frankly -- courtroom -- justice experiences maybe assert that a jury may be tried to get a jury duty maybe you were victims were not happy with you were treated. Maybe you know somebody was guilty they got off. Maybe it was your divorce it and get the see the kids as much as you wanted. We've all got a gripe I suppose and I'm just the man to take in the complaint desk is open. Good bad ugly in May be funny stories. -- close encounters with the justice system would be legal system. 8030930. Start 93180616. WBE. Well I feel like today you're gonna love tomorrow and Wednesday because essentially it will be the same forecasters -- with a different date on the calendar tomorrow's -- should be AD and then Wednesday well 67 degrees so. Now I -- not twins but close enough. At least first cousins. Are right now 71 degrees news radio 930 WB the end he said twins and first cousins and he didn't say anything dirty. All right it is hourly with you on the radio Monday. We are asking you at this point the shell. About your basically you're close encounters with the justice system and whether they were good bad ugly or even downright funny. Maybe it's or somebody the small claims court maybe you had a personal injury. Origin due to personal injury unity listening to the show when your own island. Or your own state down and Yemeni. Who knows but traditionalists and on line at WB -- dot com and as a web -- and we stream live still haven't gotten used to say that without sparking. 8030930. Is the phone numbers start at thirty on the cellphone. And 180616. WB the end. So whether you have a a a fun story -- not so fun story we would like to hear from a -- We've got some good ones so far including up by the way. Jury -- I can just focus on jury duty for just a moment. Because. And I realize this is kind of a crapshoot. Because statistically I would expect only a small minority. Of my audience. That would mean you guys a small minority to have served outage or. Because they're only so many people that are called. Of those people that are called are only so many people selected. And it's not something weren't gonna get 20% of the audience that has actually serve which is precisely why I'm asking you what it was like. Because. I have never had the distinction of serving on -- jury and -- to what I do for a living. I would suggest to you that the chance of -- ever being able to serve on a jury is there roughly slim. And -- there is no way -- heck I will ever be allowed to serve on a jury. My nephew wasn't even allowed to serve on the jury and he's just my nephew. My brother was allowed to serve injury and he's only my brother he ain't heavy he's my brother. 8030930. In the road is long. With many winding turns. Sorry to holly song. You might remember from way back went. All right so if fight if I have the of the calls on board I'll continue this topic got into the 6 o'clock hour if not I know it's a Monday. But is there ever were it's not a good day for a happy ending I think not so you guys on the terminal there are they serious or whether regular little goofy from six until seven. Our other man for all seasons. I can be a DB or I can be serious that matter to me. It's all about you guys it's all about you I aim to please you. Under little radio. Love you long time -- 8030930.

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