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5-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Wolf the he would Rory the benefit. Of India the hole looked. -- -- -- -- -- for the short. Yeah I don't know you're not. And and and just system. -- -- speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. Tom hourly. Right what you showed that very -- -- life and its local -- -- the -- this -- doesn't -- not really -- like everything it's -- -- Hey you pick up that group you have to drive to the -- isn't -- unusually. Overt describes. -- job I mean it's like pick pick up new. I did something bad now you get out of this jam would you please hey we all hate lawyers until -- -- we need one that's funny to listen to. People who are adversaries in court under ordinary circumstances. You've got the cops and who is cross examining the cops the attorneys. When the cops get themselves and hot water to -- they turret the attorneys. It it hit the top state attorneys until they need one like Tom Burton. And I'm not. -- away and that's not an insult the cops. It's just that folks. You gotta take a lesson from police officers a police officers now. Not to talk to that are superior officers or internal affairs without a PDA rapper PBA lawyer present why in the hell would you wanna talk to them without an attorney present. Good for the goose good for the gander that's what Smart people do. And it's not a slam on cops -- a four hour show on cops a week ago Friday about the good work ops group. But those few occasions when some of them get in a jam and by the way. It can be a perfectly good shoot for example of a fatal shooting. The cop will start not to misstatement until at last he or she speaks with the PBA -- or the PBA. Attorney and of course goes through the you know the counseling what it's like to be in a situation like that. Now. We are today -- right now. I am taking your phone calls on your good bad ugly and funny stories your involvement with back with the justice system I don't said criminal justice system. I'll -- only had let's think about the loser thing. I've had a few. Most of them did not make it to court. What do you mean top my divorce that was a trial situation. And as I say it totally unnecessary. It should never have come to that. The good -- Do you hear me bragging on my ex wife -- -- rag on me know why because we're friends even after all that. So that ended up well. So that's number one number two I -- I all I think once 1983. New York they threw away 67 and in a 55. So I. I I fought it. Pleaded not guilty. Went to driving school for two Saturdays and didn't take the points I think I had to pay a court -- of thirty or fifty dollars whatever was there. All right and the other time was a civil situation. As a result my car accident and Florida. And something that went no were here in buffalo when I got the T bone and re injured everything that I thought it he'll. But that went nowhere and I feel like pursuing yet and Barrett -- lobby so. I can answer you by saying that my experiences have been at it largely. Largely not really everything I can bitch about. Frankly these settlement received from my back. Wise embarrassingly. Small given the injuries sustained. And at that point in my life I just wanted it done. I wanted it over with. Because that we just moved back at buffalo the accident happened in Florida. And obviously the insurance company lawyers knew that every time I. It was going to be involved in giving a statement I have applied on the Florida. And I'd do it that way so circumstances may be settled for far less than I ordinarily would have accepted given the nature and extent of the injuries from the car accident in Florida on August 31 of 1989630. PM route nineteen but I really remember I don't remember ever ever think about it. So that went I. Can't really complain. I really honestly cannot but a lot of people. For example the family that little baby. Who was beaten up by his dad and his dad did that went two and a half three and half years. I just I find that to be and fortunately that loophole has been closed. But I I find that to be an example of the justice system at its absolute worst because you have. The most vicious attack against the most innocent victim and frankly. A ridiculously short sentence considering the fact that that little boy JJ has a life ahead of him filled with seizures. The sentence in no way shape or form -- I believe was commensurate with the injuries caused by -- bad on his own flesh and blood and it was the second one of his kids he beat up. You know he's a tough guy when it comes -- I don't know I don't know how Willie dances when a man is involved I really don't. -- -- -- second down that road Tom don't go down that road -- in the -- down that road. 030930. Years good bad and ugly stories. The justice system do we have a justice system do we have a legal system. As you've been involved -- it was justice done. And of course. We could talk about OJ. By the way. This is gonna sound really. Stupid the Soviet. I think OJ was over sentenced. In the most recent situation he had with the law where basically he broke into a guy's place to get his own memorabilia back. I always thought that was kind of a vengeance thing against OJ April walking on the murder -- I really think that was a case where he's basically being punished for another prime. And I'm not an OJ Simpson fan or defender please understand -- But I thought let's put it this way OJ has already done more time. On that. Ban the guy who beat up is to baby sons. Or something screwy year. Then again I'm not an OJ Simpson -- and I'm just you know. I believe he did it I -- the murders I believe he walked and the jury was. Well reasonable. Two issues the DNA of the missing blood and Christopher Darden saying if or -- -- Johnny Cochran saying if it don't fit if -- don't fit you must acquit. -- let's get back to the calls on that WBE and you're good bad ugly in May be funny stories of the. Justice system in America civil or. Criminal or or or small claims court -- has anybody ever to take a small claims court have you ever taking anybody to small claims court. I really wanna know how that works just in case you never know here's Brian on WB and Brian thanks for always sir you are on the -- jaws don't. I. Which first if there -- I've gone from libertarian. Anarchist. In this whole thing. The police went away and are just the time not an artist on life in general or on the legal system. -- -- -- explain it please. Well. Here's here's here's -- court. I have I think it's several and so worried -- crops Peter they were there or they weren't there there at the moment are getting shot which I think -- all. And they told my parents when I was I spent three. Weeks in the icu you know sick. People like parents make -- gave statutes in or they're carpet. The newer ones. Are at a liquor store all of us working liquor store. I told you this before. Yes but people may not have been listening to that are so feel free to recap. Okay so well recap there was so 97. It and and there was a certain right. And the guy came and and -- it was so you know like I string along. -- he came out during the war -- -- and it kind of a certain rights that are deferred or it might my senior year in college. And people that'll -- it well 38. And not a -- 38 supplied weapon but please. Where it was in short for a lot like a model sixty -- special five shot. Oh I'm sorry I'm just ask -- that was stupid which OK Brian if I ever meet you would you shake my hand really hard and -- that was a dumb question. -- -- -- doctors or equipment or be. Nice. If it. But but OK so I put -- shot fraud what what okay -- your ears when it. I go into the -- the horses in the back -- -- -- -- In and when he goes is. You aren't you tired the other guy he -- about 6000 box which is pretty good pretty good all that. -- at Microsoft. Well placed. -- That I should you got the money at all Rosemary acute and ripping there was -- -- And he wanted to try a pure soul. I attempt to do so -- into a burger job search sort of potential wall and that somebody came and now at a local warning shot or not there -- all right. It and once -- -- quite like picture sort chump. I took -- the scheme -- And there and we want to edit and social wait for I don't know what I got hit district that was probably within thirty sort of support -- -- But my -- clips I want lapsed. And there and you know things -- -- -- it. Now. My point is -- The police weren't where. Okay there and what he said that my parents and -- oldest this whole -- able. -- electorate gave a description. What we are getting out and accurate and -- -- two -- -- that -- friend who says. People we know we want. By the way he didn't want our word. So it was fun. OK but he. Evidently. You know his girlfriend finally turned him -- -- -- by riot police for -- and mature brand Beckham in the ninety's. They said the that his girlfriend turned imminent because. Cheaper he would cheer. And you were so so anyway what they source. Its if you died. We -- -- more suitable -- we are. We would have done more if you -- World. I mean it just -- strong indictment. True well that it might. Well you know what well I mean basically. In terms of the severity of crimes homicide is number one you were the victim of attempted murder right. All right I mean that that's still that's still is serious but it's not like you actually did die. And added I don't know if that makes it probably doesn't make any sense Steve because you still of the bullet in you. But it's it's like anything else they've got to triage you've got to take like I think you triage on a daily basis Brian I know why do I take the most important things that have to be done now. Of the greatest severity get those done first and then the stuff that isn't so important like seeing my mother on Mother's Day I tend to put that last and -- fall asleep through the entirety of what Thursday in a wake up in the morning feeling like complete DB. Right. Right now now where summer at my -- slow. They pretty epic iron tape. In front of all the store. Kyra let's say -- particular order -- weeks. Rated short look at it. You've had no -- of making a backup copy of the paper or. Else they -- -- -- -- the police never brought up to -- You never brought it down to the police headquarters here is the a -- from store. The store was out where my -- store for. And they wouldn't give you -- copy of the -- Well I couldn't get a popular it was -- say great fit -- -- -- follow. A learning our air support of the but the police did not I estimates and we shall take a look at this. They never followed the this purple or police department. Well unfortunately. And look I'm not gonna amok at a defender police officers -- -- decisions that are made. You don't carte Blanche. But in in the defense of the police if you've listened to police scanners. If you think that the buffalo cops are just sitting around eating doughnuts -- entire shift. They're not give those guys and ladies generally are running from call the call for call of varying importance seriously they have a very busy shift. You can be working on in let's say I don't -- Tom -- Wanda and you can actually spend an entire shift they get two calls none of which are serious. Guy getting shot in almost dying every legislature that series obviously that's very serious. Well. Brian I I it seems like your guy for whom justice is as elusive as finding a unicorn. Well this industry that supporters say. You know I've been out about it off right here that's right say you know -- -- I'd rather be if I can't handle it with my own service. And I don't trust cops will they ruled out either. My advice is don't do that because all you're going to do with your -- You're going to be the one ending up -- in the collar you're going to be the one ending up paying the penalty imprisoned you'll be the one paying the penalty in the lawsuit. Because your luck is obviously. If palace but this -- courtroom situations eight years eight years strong suit. I don't my friend I don't doubt your ability to kick anybody's -- believe me but you don't wanna do. -- -- look -- my friend one of the things about martial arts news. I gotta tell -- -- you can walk away knowing that you could kill the guy. And that's half the battle right there you don't feel emasculated. I have to and now. Brian next time we meet make sure to give me a hug -- -- thank you brother. Till three all night thirty start at 3180616. WB -- it is our league great call your good bad funny and ugly stories you and the justice system. You're doing -- room. -- I. It. -- -- This mean. Yeah we'll get. And I did get her up this piece of America other as the Eagles pay homage to the -- and Dalton gang -- It is for a 34 news -- 930 WB he endured good bad ugly and maybe even funny experiences. With the justice system criminal. Civil maybe it took somebody the small claims court. Love them now how many -- you -- conservatives -- small claims court pop up the Paul large story. I cannot believe I'm sure you might find yourself in the same situation because it is a small world after all. Were Steven Wright once said it's a small world but I'd hate to paint it. But I know like three or four people personally who got blown it. By Paul -- our schedule or he's the guy who -- on people things as diamonds and they were really diamonds for people line now. How you do that the people who -- your quote friends. And and that the most stupid thing of all how do you go to guys or cops. Seriously. The Erie county sheriff's department folks and knowledge and a little secret here they have something called the scientific staff. Now political opponents always claim that that's a political arm of the sheriff's department designed to raise money for the sheriff who whoever the shirt maybe whether it's Higgins powered to a -- Were. Or act I Gallup. They always can make this point but the jeweler on the scientific staff is Bob Robertson Robertson in -- jeweler. So when the suspicious -- started showing up. The idea ever worst PD turn to Bob Robertson with the Erie county scientific staff and sure enough Bob Robertson said yeah these are the guys. And then I got I was glad that I watched Donnie prosperous and with that met. Here is John in alma on WB EN hello John welcome to the program. Good afternoon compress. I hope it's sitting -- that that this wonder where you sit down. All right I'm I'm I'm presently seated if it now look you -- come out to be -- comes out to me I'm sitting. Are what do you what he wanted to. I don't I don't property and -- at that rent an apartment so I took that go report. The big corporate English at the moment in my destroy my property argument that it did not. We've got accord. Should get -- lawyer of course. Go up part of the judge I can't remember that jacket -- I would take it anyway I'm not taking names of attorneys option -- it. -- -- -- So a couple of good jets suggestion that there -- -- and -- just so and so it voluntary yes you're Europe then and eloquent. -- -- -- -- Mr. so and so then I gave my and -- -- noted in her language. Almost all of a break and four. Went what does she play ever native language stability. So even though she spoke perfect English she. Yes. I look at and so I didn't. I have my soapbox would -- -- great case it is tenants rights and landlords right right right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And landlords right up in your. You. Have a question that I'll get it in the -- -- -- Detonated. OK. Good I'm sick and apple right. -- I don't want to depend on them -- are represented by. Shipment in my name which are going to be equipped and which are quite come out. Guys did that thing out there receivership that collective. And I got to come back next week so that there. I want a man. Holding McCormick. And I can't model and it should article that I'm comment on the desktop and we court to a certainly general. Although it up they thought went to attorney general -- for I need that he's somebody. And I can help and I explained situations -- as -- She's waiting to get. And the court -- -- -- situation it is I don't know about that should that it that would I wouldn't know. So and actually we or require one actually -- -- knowing it was wrong sort of settle their. In chamber. So there's no record of it. In the chamber and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Activists say that's obscene and I met that this great couple Puerto Rico actually I was in Korea Puerto Rico in the Dominican Republic -- before my intestines blew up. And not only did he speak perfect fluent English but perfect fluent Spanish and served at the united states army for many years I believe he rose to the rank of major but I I forgot. But believe me I'm sure that this lady spoke absolutely perfect English because of Puerto Ricans do. I know I know I didn't mention reject Alameda. I -- well you know what you wish you didn't say -- healing. Or or something that was just totally out of the box and in at least Spanish she can plausibly why am. Works so home and go green and then ended -- You can look. I love I got a -- I love Spanish I love all languages but and I think it's a blessing I'll steal this from Richard Lamm former governor of the state of Colorado. It is a blessing for a person to speak a whole bunch of languages it's a curse for country could you -- -- nation without everybody being able to communicate a common language in our country in ought to be English and that -- -- to -- Spanish and look when -- when I'm in a Spanish speaking country I do my best I pick it up pretty fast and eight impossible. What is it. But about what other languages is -- though I'm curious. Which probably which which language I asked the question and I'll call which languages do you speak -- different. Oh good for you I am and I am my friend very very impressed I'm jealous and envious but thank you very much for your phone call. All right sir thank you yeah those who speak a whole bunch of languages have my eternal. Trees. All right see when I'm done with law school band -- going to learn every single Indo European language I can't. Let's go to Mickey on WB EN Mickey didn't lose that number neither did Ricky Micky -- on WB and hello. Couldn't be better. -- while. Historian about my mother my mother lives and the Riverside neighborhood of buffalo. She. The art dealer beware. Dining out front of our house. Selling drugs so she was calling the police calling 911 like Asia. Trying to get rid of I'm I'm also trying to please quit not sure a lot. Until. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- raid your mother's home. What were they expecting to find an underground supply of -- all. I'm not quite sure what they expected -- -- but they claim that there are trying to find out and drug. It's like it's linked bandits and they all come forward and we check the record it was in May complete order. But on they proceeded to home. I mean all -- -- done you know -- underground at the door open a civil. War. That. He went upstairs came on the -- going it's like a -- record altered in there see Africa in the war. They say -- we -- -- their department is certain -- it's. And an -- present a more. I then and filed a complaint. With internal affairs. And I'll about a month later the call to -- a lot. I asked him you know how to do that's about it more. And leaders are not -- -- month or month. The. Did your mother consult with an attorney after this was all done with. Absolutely absolutely contacted I'm an attorney right away. One that specialized in dealing with -- a police had I was told. That unless she was severely hurt the case to be very -- She even know her right -- in fact violated. Absolutely. Well I think I here's here's what I'd like to know under what oath or affirmation did they obtained a warrant and here's another sinister question are let. I wondered if somebody found out that it was your mother who's dropping a dime of the drug dealers and some other drug dealers were in cahoots with the cops and they want to shut this woman up. Actually I would not be surprised. I'll be the fact she asked how they were able already bought out how they were able to get a warrant they claim that and form. -- that they bought -- Merkel. I said well yeah I know are you talk about informant has probably I don't cracked when you're arrested -- and -- great credit cards are. Via publisher mother is a safe to say your mother was not arrested. Q but not arrested in fact they also read about how explore how to cart history. They didn't find any -- on anymore. And only person who was arrested by a neighbor who would side of the woman look across the street from her who came to his -- -- Asking -- to stay away from the mother furlough and and they arrested him for impeding the investigation. And then. While I I don't know what to say. And I still by the way I'm waiting for the official explanation of why they went in to what Adam royals apartment about a year ago and saw fit to basically -- his pit pit bull. Even though neighbors told the cops when they were going in that's not the drug house that's not the drug apartment that they went in there anyway. -- actually when I spoke to the attorney. To see if she had a case he said that the only reason that the other cases -- and trial was because they're they're dock worker. Total dot vital -- part part of my mother's basically. Well I so. Mickey if I were to ask you about your experiences with the criminal justice system. Basically -- street level you. Are less than impressed. Absolutely and I have a degree criminal process. So what a pleasant outraged about everything that I learned as well basically startup went well. Com three well do you have a question for inaccurate or regular listener to let my program. Okay do you find yourself. Wondering why. I spend so much time talking about the fourth. Amendment and how important it is and just because we'd like somebody's position on the Second Amendment that does not necessarily mean. That we should also applaud their position on the Fourth Amendment. And that when somebody is coming close to breaching the Fourth Amendment that we have to speak up about it irrespective of whether the person has an. Well good because that in other people call me paranoid and delusional. And I find that interesting because as I always like to point out. If I would have told you a couple of years ago the IRS was specifically singling out conservative groups -- call me paranoid and delusional -- -- -- told -- the IRS was -- 10% of Tea Party contributors you -- called -- Carnoy and delusional if I -- told -- that the government was -- reporters computers to figure -- -- -- they -- -- -- -- Obama -- -- -- called -- paranoid and -- there's one problem everything -- just -- -- absolutely is true. Well you know I think when you stop listening to mainstream media you'll have a clear understanding. -- -- Well see you know the beautiful thing is I'm not mainstream media and you know the other beautiful thing is I'm honest with you guys. And you know me I I know you and there is basically nothing anybody can ever -- over my head. Because of that bond over the years that we have formed an amber very glad. That you call I'm sorry that happened to you Mickey and I hope that you understand it's situations like yours and Adam -- that is why I take. The constitution. And the bill of rights. Very very seriously and anything that even comes close to being a breach or violation of those rights is going to draw my fire and I frankly don't give a flying figure who is doing it you know what. George Bush got the Patriot Act through. I supported it now who's President Obama who's going to be president after Obama Hillary Clinton. And those people have the power of the Patriot Act and that NAFTA. Odds are not NAFTA but at the end DAA. At their disposal and that scares the hell out of me. -- Well I'm alleged call and then -- I appreciate -- for army and and by the way just in fairness to the police. You know you can't -- don't judge all cops based on what you experienced. Because you know the overwhelming majority of the men and women on the job are good people that you would want around you you know nonsense. Police officer who I am current and I would agree with that I think in the bottom line is super. Well why. Aren't. More into the -- you know let's just -- it. And let the white picket active workforce or where to -- part. -- Well that's based on an oath or affirmation that's in the fourth planets in our Fourth Amendment now made my first question would be will who gave you the oath or affirmation and why was this -- granted. Andy is your mother had -- right at the time the war was being served to actually see the war I wonder why your mother didn't ask to see the war. What you -- -- problematic when you haven't got your head and the police raiding your home you're gonna do whatever it's plated. You know she was scared for her life at that moment. You have gonna do whatever they ordered to do wit which also included her begging them not to stop. I. I am at a loss how long they go to this happen the key. Here. I'm sorry to hear that and I am glad you called and I wish you -- of happiness in the future thank you. And you -- good bad ugly and funny stories of the justice system criminal civil small claims court maybe get called for jury duty you had to come up with -- excuse to get out of it. My nephew got called for jury duty I said. Just tell me -- my nephew he did he get out of jury Tuesday. After all can't have them on the jury not to open on WB via. And AccuWeather -- today it will be cloudy warm and humid even into tonight a couple of showers and thunderstorms overnight low 61 and if -- like today. 'cause it'll be the same thing tomorrow and Wednesday. And I can think of -- forecast. Right now it is 71 news radio 930 WB CN. It is -- hourly and debris simple question for -- and one bank should it get a huge response from the buy -- audience you are good it. Bad and ugly maybe even funny stories -- your involvement with these so called legal system. May -- you were in a lawsuit over personal injuries -- -- I I hear there might be one or two law firms in town on the go after people who. Have been involved in a personal injury accident. There may be one -- -- law firms in town that actually want people to call them who've been injured because of the negligence of others I don't know like I guess I I guess I really must pay close attention to these things. May be bad experience that way and by the way I'm not mocking. Those situations because frankly if you've been severely injured you deserved to be compensated. And I will tell you in all honesty what I got as a settlement did. It was more -- eaten up by the cost of medical bills over the years as a result of the accident. But I just had to move on with my life I had to get it behind me. And I just didn't -- I just at one think about it anymore it's like yes my back is destroyed fine I gotta get out with my life I cannot be all wrapped up a lawsuit done. So that's that were coming from a met. You know 30930. Is via phone number. 803 on -- thirty start on thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN jury duty. You know that we actually do a whole show a jury duties and I wanna invite calls from those of you who have either beer on a jury. Or -- had to come up with creative excuses to get out of jury duty and I don't know if this -- -- a bad person. -- I kinda wanna sit on the jury now but I know I can never do it they would never allow me an injury they wanted to let my nephew or my brother going to jury. They sure as hell won't let me. And that makes me sad that I don't get to participate in democracy in the courtroom. It's up 455. Yes -- -- conspiracy against me Taj is that generally speaking media people are persona non Grata.

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