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5-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. How about you went right. That. Hold through. The end. For a the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you so much. Al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to hit. Gary -- Destroy all silent. Was -- Tom hourly. Even -- this. I think it might back bathing -- -- if it's local girl is the it's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who quit Jerry and -- news radio 930. So it it begins. Early and it is about our lenders radio 930 WB and thanks a lot for making it part of your day. It's war. You've got the air conditioning and we certainly heavy air conditioning and here I'm not gonna complain I'm not going to be at one iota because you know it's gonna happen in minimizing it's too cold. Yup that's what they'll turn the heat on as sometimes they do in July that they just that they thought the system. Anyway hey before I go any further with this I have a scapegoats. Because. I think ever become immune at this point every. Everything normal. I think I've developed immunity to everything normal but is it just me you guys know somebody who's down with the ammonia. Anybody else pneumonia -- anybody in your life with -- yes OK yes. It. And -- John -- yup yup I meet two Rus Thompson pneumonia. So pneumonia seems to have made a may come back and I don't wanna be too graphic about this but. Let's just say a certain form of stomach ailment. Also -- Made a goal of yet. In the may so if -- you Europe alone why that happens -- even the time the Olympic eligible to get set in yet B we're gonna stick. I don't wanna senator you know dropping like flies but the people are definitely down with something. And they'll now get better they'll get better especially restaurants and it was on the radio over the weekend. Sending him and a doing -- fine job. And not as good of course is best about our league but it's still. He did good did indeed he did good. Well many things are happening in the world and first of all I wanna start off with something it's rather. Well it's it's quite sad. You've heard. I'm sure about the young lady from -- who is a standout swimmer there. Named Natalie Lewis one of three people who died in met pop your balloon accident in Virginia. Now I don't know. All I could possibly express enough sympathy and grief not just for her blood relatives but also to demand. She was to read merry and what a beautiful couple. They were and -- Michael I've never met you I don't know you but I can't even begin to imagine the magnitude of your pain. The depth of your loss and and your suffering. And two metal these family. What you might not -- I don't know how many have you been around here a real long time and I don't mean aged anybody it. We're back in the day I used to do a late night call -- show called extension 55 that I get off the year sometimes 1 AM sometimes -- to really varied the hours of the show got changed around an awful lot. But anyway. -- what are the traits of getting off the year that weight was being able to turn to a competitor -- your radio. And I would listen to a young lady who just knock my socks. I just knocked my socks off with her talent. With how real she was with how genuine she was in the name she used on here was Trish met him. Natalie is -- is daughter. And I never -- who. I I I I never know what happened interest -- I never -- people in this business unfortunately become ago they get married names changed. But -- I I am thinking of you you are truly one of the nicest people I have ever met. Not just in the business. Which is filled with sharks will backstage view for a day old piece of bread. But you Trish are one of the nicest people I have met in general. And I have to tell you that my hard as we view. My heart is with your family my heart is with Michael's family and it is so tough. To see a young and promising life suddenly snuffed out in such well in anyway. But in a such a freakish way. As a hot here balloon accident and you and you try to rationalize these things you try to say well at least she died doing something she loved doing. Now I think that's a small. Consolation to the people she left behind because they're gonna miss her so much. And you know a little story here. And -- they -- this hit by this at home and everybody involved in this is dead now so I feel comfortable telling. I told you before about -- ex father in law men who might respected deeply and what does it was ten. And he had a brother. And we're talking 1950s. Can and his brother had a fight. And the last words can my father in law said -- -- brother were yeah well I hope you -- a car crash tonight. And you'll never believe what happened. Exactly that. Do you know it even as an older man those words haunted the my father in law for as long as he -- he died of pancreatic cancer he had Avery are quick death if you will but his entire life. -- just imagine those words during the final words you speak as somebody and then it actually comes true. And it's an absolute positives were on a stack of bibles story. And it was it was hard enough for him. When he had a spat with his brother. Have to deal with that I -- -- What it's like when you love somebody and there's -- those issues involved. Imitate and suddenly from view I know a lot of my listeners will periodically write me who have been in similar circumstances. There's one guy who. Today his name he calls to -- -- periodically. And he believes that his son from beyond leaves him dimes leaves him little reminders that he's still around still thinking of dad. And on number of people have been in touch with the over the years and in particular. Over the past six months to new two year. To talk about some other nonsense and -- that -- as some of the trauma there ago some of the trauma. Bateman through especially when it involves losing a child and even though she was 24. You know Natalie will always be you know -- is Arabia out of I don't know who the father is I'm sorry I just. I just I lost track interest when she left of the year I just I don't know anything about her current circumstances. All I know is that that was -- Matamoros daughter interest was just. It is just one of the sweetest people ever. In or out of the business and that again might my sorrow my sympathy it is -- that the family and with -- fine looking man she was gonna Mary. And just a terrible terrible terrible terrible show. And as much as I would like to you know ever -- right area Monday. I'm I'm -- to try to. Have a good topic and a good show and all that kind of stuff. But that's going to be -- in the background in my thoughts. Today as I go through yours. Last week we spent some time. Talking about the criminal justice system in America. We spent a great deal -- time for example talking about the case of a little boy was last week. Who was beaten by his father and it was the second time is so called father had beaten up one of his infant son it's. And we talked about the unfairness of the justice system which basically gave more time. Two mid level drug dealers than it does to a guy who beat up a kid to the point where that kid. A good day is like eighty seizures that's a good day. -- Whether you're talking about the criminal world the civil world divorce. Small claims court. I have a question for. What. Is your experience. With our justice system and did it work for you. Did you get justice. Or did you walk out of that courtroom feeling as though not only did you get screwed on the street. But you got screwed in the court of law. Whether it's criminal whether it's civil I'm not an attorney. But very seldom do people believe they got a fair shake in a courtroom. It's -- -- very hard thing about this spring to find somebody who is willing to acknowledge that yes they do deserve to spend some time behind bars yes. The sentence was fair yes it was appropriate. And I the other side of that coin victims' families. All too often are put in the position of seeming as though they're more addictive than they really are because the criminal justice system does not properly punish the perpetrators of the most heinous acts against the most innocent victims. -- ample JJ we talked about the case just a few days ago have you been involved in any way in any shape in any form. In the criminal justice system the civil justice system in a courtroom situation. And did the system worked -- you know what I'm gonna expand that -- one because as fate would have it received an email on my whole account not that long ago. Probably somebody who was being asked to serve on jury duty. And like everybody else in America this individual wanted out. Of jury duty in a big bad way. If I serve on the jury. I want a juicy trial. I want something good. I don't -- Jay walking trial. I want something -- into which I can sink my teeth and use the logical side of my brain. To determine whether the state really has proved its case beyond. A reasonable doubt or whether there is in fact reasonable doubt and the defendant should be given that benefit a reasonable doubt. So I kind of like to sit on the jury. I kinda what I don't I don't know that my bosses -- like it too much especially if there was a long trial. I don't know it -- well I don't -- think about it they've got an investment in May. -- be out for any water that I have to be on vacation or medical or anything else. 803030. Is the a phone number 8030930. Start 930 on this cell phone 180616. WBZ -- 803 all -- thirty start at thirty and 180616. WB yeah that's what it plugs right into the topic today. Because I just have a funny feeling -- knowing the way people think -- the way people are. -- this is a show where people are gonna have a lot of passion they're gonna have a lot of stories and you guys gonna wanna get some things off your chest now one thing I -- ask. And I think you know what I'm gonna -- if your regular listener to show is that he would not name judges yet not -- cops. You're not name attorneys. Because. You can tell the story without getting that name out here. And if something is a news story it's kind of a different obviously it's a lot different. But if something is a story to you and your family and I really don't have a quick way to verify that it actually happened involving the people you mentioned. I don't wanna I don't wanna go down that road if I don't have to sell just -- the kindness about mentioning. The names -- judges juries lawyers defendants it's better at it just it will make everybody a lot happier. And especially me. And you don't wanna -- -- set the a lot of Sydney said I don't think so it would all be on you. It 030930. Start at 3180616. WBE. And and -- right now let's take -- call from my. -- On WB and -- by your first up today and know what's on your mind good bad ugly story about the justice system did you get justice. I don't not. Actually I -- the benefit. I would traffic violation and I want to leave court they call it -- and told me I had the the eighty dollar card. Explain the dominant element but I'm not. That bad -- you only at the elite eight dollars. Outlook and to be up beer I think that's. I don't like to what people sailors in the off the Americas that's a hit and run caller it's like -- got a million questions but. I don't know why that would be the case you're not the first person from whom I've heard this but it seems to me to be reckoned. If you plead not guilty they find you're not guilty why should you are you ought to build eighty bucks for your time. Maybe somebody who has a prosecutor. Or a lawyer explained that but. -- -- -- -- -- caller don't -- of I did the opposite of being hit -- -- caller is the caller doesn't get to the point right away or so somewhere between -- -- there's got to be happy medium especially for the first call on Monday. Specially because -- -- got muscles that I never knew I had before because like you I spent some of the weekend gardening. And you do the garden twist. How many people -- the garden twist. Not to be confused with the Chubby Checker but twist or let's twist again. All which the -- twist may be -- pick up the detritus put it in the bag pick it up put it in the bag it's kind of like playing basketball without dribble. And now while being short -- until 30 my thirty. Your good bad and ugly stories of the justice system. Whether you've been a victim. Whether you've been accused. Whether it's been a traffic situation weather's been -- helmet at somebody the small claims court. I don't know if you think justice was served. In your case. 8030930. Start I'm thirty and 180616. WB yen after the -- of area a tasty beverage. This will remind some -- view of jewels in pulp fiction. When he walks in the apartment that says that is a tasty burger bear wash it down with some of your beverage in that it -- to suck the whole thing drive which is a metaphor for what's gonna happen next but bola. And then when. -- -- -- What Tony -- I just thought we'd. Ought to know a little fun area where there's some Beatles more -- little Paul McCartney sing and lead Boca back when he can actually saying. Yeah especially about -- you know the best thing about saying and now for me is actually some better than Paul McCartney. I would panic -- in fact better than Paul McCartney does not. Look I loved Paul I really do and and god love them for continue to perform but -- at this point. Yeah. Yeah now I understand why John Lennon in the book Lennon remembers that I just can't imagine being 64. Playing Vegas. Let's go to ran in Clarence around that have you found it justice or is justice not of this world sir. While it irons I'm actually justices. Are legion but I want a short quick -- Courtroom story you know I was called for jury duty. In Niagara county personable court. It was a divorce trial wish I thought was quite rare he -- never really heard about it. You know I'm a -- he offered divorce like Communists. But it didn't count and -- our part. Actually. I went through -- trial what mine mine was bitter it was contentious it was nasty day. And I had my ex wife is my best friend. I've never Buckeyes always I mentioned this at least once a week because I think give both of -- senate to do all over champ. It would have been a lot different but anyway yes some divorces do go to trial because one partner wants everything aired. Or because one partner feels as though that's the best way he or she is gonna get justice at you know. There are divorced trials believe me. Okay well I'd I'd based interactive I'm saying is certain. We call -- the lawyers. Were there and they want to know. If anybody year. You know we want to Fiat participant in this trial. And one anger over Easter hand. -- and she looked over. And the lawyers that yes ma'am you know these people. She -- -- she goes. The girl there on the one up. Participants she's been very -- -- So -- cheap and Ferraro. And then. Sister lautner yeah she's -- -- my Brothers and you know. Like they idolize or or -- or do you winners. Not small world I -- I realize that Niagara county is in Brett. Okay sorry if you -- the Niagara county I had to say it was only done for comedic effect please don't -- at the radio station and I just was have a fun. Oh my gosh what are chances well. And everybody burst out laughing I mean they probably -- -- the most dismissed everybody at that point. But obviously issue is dismissed and and I was later dismissed because the idea a new one of the lawyers quite well salt. But it was hoosiers aren't here than Al and she said that she just looked over point that the girl yes she used to -- my brother. -- okay that's awesome so you never did find out the disposition of the divorce in trial. All right hey look I'm glad you called my -- great story. All right to what the good the bad the ugly and they. It's your experiences with the justice system 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB and by the way that does include jury duty and I guess all let the cat out of the bag although I've never quite understood that expression because cats like being in bags but an empty bag I can have the paper sack on the -- -- cat that's your likes being in there to -- cat. Last enough plastic don't know no prisoners have been handles like a joke but the paper sack bags. She reminds me as has every cat I've ever all. Where it was on May being a kid and having a tree fort or having a cardboard box fort. Horror comedy if you had the pillows from the soap up for. When mom cable all you fruit mostly tried to put him back the way they're supposed to be but because your kid you could never quite figure out the zipper went on the inside so mom would always know. By the way I was a very bad boy yesterday I love my mom very much you know that. I didn't see -- yesterday I didn't call yesterday I was gardening I went inside to lay down. I did not wake up until about 9 o'clock this morning. A physical labor man it's demanding. I -- I left a message or voicemail today I. I gotta I gotta tell you I felt I feel like a totally -- I do but. That's what moms all about she understands that she raised the total integrate the moral note. It till three all -- thirty good bad and ugly stories about being in the justice system. Whether it was a civil matter like a divorce whether it was a criminal matter. Maybe got busted for DW YU wanna tell us what it was like maybe got busted when your kid for shoplifting -- Maybe. Maybe you have been a victim of a crime. This is wide open I mean I I intentionally and leaving it wide open for good bad and ugly stories from the courtroom. And I have to tell you in all fairness is the mark I think about this the more I realized bad. I really wish in retrospect if I always say I have no regrets I have no regrets. I think the more I think about it that. At some point I'm going to go to law school. Why what I want to go to law school and you're gonna laugh because this at everything you think of you you might know about me. Is gonna go right out the window I would like to go to law school because I would like to be in a position to represent. Impoverished defendants pro Bono when I believe they are innocent and they are being victimized by the system. Does that sound. This doesn't sound like me by the -- pro Bono means free. The full expression pro Bono public for the good of the public. That actually is something I really would get off undoing and you know -- And I figured that's that's not that complicated. Because at the end of the day what I want -- -- for everybody is justice what I want out of everybody for everybody is a fair share. What I want is for bad guys to be punished who's a bad guy. -- guy who beats up two of his infant son's he's a bad -- A guy who gets caught up in the drug racket. Sorry not a bad guys may need medical attention may need rehab not a bad. -- you think it all those kids who died this week at Erie county from one. A bad kids from bad families you don't know anything about the subject. And I say that with all due respect. Everybody I I know who has lost a child to -- Good family lots of love. Stupid. Bad decisions. Just like I've made a million stupid bad decisions that you have to unfortunately. Beers turned -- lethal. I would like in an ideal world for every defendant to be able to for the expertise of somebody like -- Paul Canterbury. Or god forbid jolt financials I hate I hate to say that means that look the guy is a terrific attorney. And I want your stories now. You're good bad and ugly stories of the justice system now somebody once told -- effect this is not exactly. It's not new. I'm nor am I violating any confidences by telling you this but. Alex rice's mom. Told me at one point. She no longer believed we had a justice system she said we have a legal system and there's a big difference between the two. And I don't wanna get caught or tied up in semantics. But she's absolutely. Correct. I AM in a very weird situation steel with that case and I wanna tell you -- Because as you know I became close to the family of nazism and awhile I have to back off I was I just I found myself becoming too. Focused and on one thing to the exclusion of others in my life and I still love them please don't get me wrong but sometimes I just got to pull back right get sucked him. And it becomes a more model maniacal what things. Obsessed if you will. And I know I know when that's happening I got to back off but I think she's right. But I also find myself knowing patients a doctor of course ID. And without replay of that poll courtroom drama over and over again I still don't agree with the -- and I never will agree with the verdict. But I'm happy to say that at least Alex's mom. At least she's moving on. With her life she will never ever forget her daughter. When I was talking about -- Matamoros daughter Natalie at the beginning of the show. She -- she will Trish we'll have to move. She is going to have to leaders survived were not survive Trish will survive. But like -- there's always going to be a gaping hole in her heart where her daughter. Is just pounding on the inside. And there's no ball and no Q were no psychotherapy. Note talking therapy there's nothing -- can ever take away that -- And I wish there was wish there was some secret -- that would fuel that kind of a broken heart unfortunately. There is not at least not in this world. But what we try to do in this world is achieve a sense of justice in the here now. A sense of fear play. A sense that good does triumph and evil does not hey we dropped watching Superman. And before Superman -- all weird stuff we grew up watching Adam 12 dragnet some of you grew up listening to the shadow on radio. Not to go way way back but you know that was -- time we all believe. That just this happened because justice -- That people always theater usually did the right thing where that the. Criminal always would intentionally get caught out of some perverted need to get caught. But today we're talking about every single aspect of your involvement. With our legal system in America you might be or have been the defendant in the lawsuit. You might have been a criminal defendant you might have been accused of a crime. How many people out there and to me this would be hell. I got a tire those you read the trial -- got back in college the trial. Let me give you my version of hell. My version of hell would be. Charged with something I know I didn't do. And knowing I was innocent and yet feeling as though I was being sucked in to something. Or feeling as though I was gonna lose the case even though I knew I didn't do what I was accused of doing that's my version of hell. I'm sure there are people imprisoned -- I don't know like that ever happens in America Anthony proposing -- Jack. I know there -- people in prison who were innocent yet they were convicted. And I I gotta tell it there as. As -- is counter intuitive as this might be to some of the who were new to the station and you only know about his radio station and be what you read what you've heard. Well it's a conservative white man's racist hate station. No. Now. My program. News. It's about. How to Lifesavers my own government poll theory called conservative area and isn't going by Rachel wells. Conservative Terry and his. -- -- I'm conservative in a lot of worries I the abortion. I'm also libertarian. I don't care what you do behind closed doors. Somebody says they do a show on the NFL yes. Why. Why. Let's just think about this government are right I can't stand the gay lobby. I have made that so clear and so many show us. Big gay lobby is the biggest bunch of phonies frauds and hypocrites on the planet. Because they're not inclusive we've done the show before. Never ever ever ever ever confuse the gay lobby. Which is all about advancing a left wing agenda. Never confuse those people with your gay or homosexual or transgender. Neighbors. Are right. Big difference between the two. Just like I wouldn't wanna be lumped together with all white men don't lump gay people together there are people out there listening. And I say this at least once a week because I think it's important who don't fit the stereotype. Of a conservative. Or a conservative Terry. My god he's a trans gender he she is a transgender. Oh my gosh are black better a black woman listening to it like this yeah well absolutely. Welcome patriots to this program. And if you're just joining us please understand. -- program. I've made a very conscious effort. To bring people together. And look I'm not so around here -- -- by ya are right. But I am taking and I do take a realistic approach. Toward humanity. And are buried. Predilections and our various genetic tendencies. And I definitely did it. All right so when I talk about the gay lobby. Never ever think I'm talking about homosexuals. Bisexuals lesbians were trends and when I talk about the NAACP don't ever think I'm talking about black people talking about a specific organization which again. Is not about advancement of colored people it's about a liberal agenda and advancing it. -- And I am hearing more and more positive feedback. On the whole motion of conserve a terrorism. From the very people who I've tried to reach out. And if you'll notice and it said this before. Assiduously. Attempted to use the language of inclusion. To everybody. On this program. Everybody. And to me that she gets the NFL draft -- Okay. So mister stamp is homosexual. His lover is homosexual. They kiss on the lips. I don't care. It doesn't gross me out it doesn't Steve me I don't hear why would I care it's not my business. I wish them happiness I wish them success I wish them contentment I wish -- for everybody. I've got better things to worry about than whether a man is kissing another man in the NFL draft. Really seriously folks and I know that some -- Have a hard time with that. I'm that was not -- as -- sorry guys I wasn't trying to be funny even though that kind of thing about funny. But please understand folks. I like gay people. I like black people -- like white people. I just don't like eight holes and they come and every size every shape. Every color every orientation. And they generally form groups with other cables and their job is to advance left wing agendas. My people are are are the cool people. And if you're new to the show that the explanation wanna give your from where I come. And folks. I swear. That is from my heart you can't keep a lie going that long if it's not from the heart asked Bill Clinton. -- it's coming up on at 350 I need to get a break you know before traffic on WB EM good bad and ugly stories of the justice system. Are ready and AccuWeather forward today we have. Mostly cloudy skies warm and humid a couple of showers and thunderstorm overnight low 61 degrees tomorrow will be up to. 88 and it's basically going to be the same as it is today city beach basically he he said. He said basically the same thing -- we we always say when the weather's like this -- it's going to be this way for the next few days just get used to this is the weather for the next few days are at no point go through today tomorrow and odd and an item. It's 71 degrees -- news radio 930 WBM by the way of urgency of the beach. And whether you miss -- sandy beaches. On demand Porsche and VW BE an audio vault at WB EN dot com said -- a great show tonight is always on. The the Buffalo Bills and the stadium issue involving. The Buffalo Bills and that -- in cars approached vs the global approach. If that is of interest to check out this debate -- from today on WB Ian and by the way I always feel that the sabres. If there's an hour ever missing from our show either -- Andy's. -- it does not mean that there's a big conspiracy afoot. I promise you it only means that sometimes like any other business we have technical glitches and the story. But anyway. I go to WB yen dot com the audio vault. And you can have fun going back and listening to the shows. Now it is a 353 if you're just joining us maybe just getting got to work. I wanna remind you that if -- you see any major and I mean major issues affecting traffic on your drive home. I give Allen Harrison called WB -- traffic command is 80303218030321. That doesn't mean -- some guys get a flat tire and -- well and I'm Wanda we need to know about it. But if there's a three car accident on the boulevard -- well we should probably know about that one okay 8030321. Is the phone number to call. And if you're just joining us and I realize we people coming in and out all the time highways. Channel surfing over the weekend when I wasn't gardening. And now to answer what you're thinking I have not yet started -- -- garden thank you very much for asking though haven't started yet. Up I want your good bad and ugly stories from the justice system whether you sued somebody whether you were sued. Whether somebody in your family maybe yourself maybe you faced criminal charges and you know it was a bomb rap but you got set up anyway. Maybe you know somebody did something to you and they got off. Or maybe just maybe this system work at is is as it is supposed to work may be justice was actually thought somebody assault the GO. And they were forced to repay all damages plus some and they also got to spend a few weekends in jail. Depending on the circumstances. Surrounding the assault in on TV it always works out great. Especially at the end of dragnet. They always say. Know serving a three to five years at San Quentin prison. They always gave him a little synopsis at the end. Unless of course nobody was charged. Like the little babies smiling at the end of one of the episode which I got a target California.

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