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5-12 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elian back to Beijing governor read Bob McCarthy's column in the bottlenose yesterday as I do every Sunday he's. Great writer and has great insight into law political machine around here. And he's talking about the Cuomo in Poland cars are poles apart we have our county executive -- cars we have our governor Andrew Cuomo. Andy they have the same goal and that is to keep the Buffalo Bills in town. But they look at different roads to get there. And that's what he stresses in the in the column with Cuomo and we've kind of put down the bite size here. With Cuomo a new stadium. Let's go coastal Florida get a brand Asia Russia stadium and that's that. And open meetings so people can see what's going on. Paul and cards says. Okay new -- a good idea but let's at least. Reconsider. -- rationing. Let's consider. Refurbishing. The is devastated as it is now again up to what -- respects they need to get to. And then them -- should be closed. Because they're not all public officials loses some of citizens whatever they're not subject to the open meetings law but he says. The sensitivity. Of of some of the discussions. May not be suitable for an open meeting. I can understand that but I do think it was taxpayer money it has to be open and the same -- -- I'm going with Cuomo on this one. And I hope you recorded actor's personal might say that I'm in this case I think you have to do a new stadium's going to be required by new owner. And them if it's if it's public money it's going to be open let's go to a Dick in Cheektowaga. Dick you're on WB yeah. -- -- Hello -- yesterday. Yes go ahead -- Yeah I what did you get on the regular phone -- because we're having some problems speaker Dick on a speakerphone is not as good as -- on a regular phone. -- -- I never said the word victim as many times I have a -- Gonna you've been a bit. I think it has gone disappearing bit. What is gonna grow. Some difficulties which you know sometimes it's hard to get a bit on the year -- -- are -- -- aren't big they're calm here it's hard to get a Dick -- here right that was -- digital. And -- was on a speakerphone and he he was that this combined elated and -- and he suddenly disappeared at great disappearing Dick's story tried to switch over film at eleven you know calls back and it will argue. Placement of course the example a -- throughout on the table makes a lot of sense. -- mills stands out. Buying the bills and who knows he's a billionaire. He's a friend of Andrew Cuomo is a contributor Andrew Cuomo I think he's chairman of it. Of the -- through -- authority. The Oslo land and he has for some time in the polls because I know is seeing his name as a matter falls land on -- -- -- bills. He might logically wanna just put on his own land. In them in Niagara Falls. He would probably be sued by people who want to exceed its stay in Erie county. And that the suits would be -- this might be a good time to be an area -- judge 'cause I have a feeling that once. Any progress is made a -- or war says. They'll be people who are against that and who have good lawyers and they'll try and a -- shouted down as just the way ago. Do we know reconnect -- with Dick okay. I'll try another time hello -- you're on WB again. All but a -- long time and it -- thank you that's a lot better connection which road do you think makes more sense they're -- I think we are tired of paying retrieved him that we -- our war. You mean very. You mean keeping the ralphs and I'm building some something else. No -- just refurbishing the -- we built three different stadiums through taxpayer monies that were never built. Two and Lancaster -- blossoms out and the one in Orchard Park. Yeah -- well I remember the lawsuits. And that was a disaster and we and it ended up having ago lose that sued over. Many years and we've got a lot of refurbishing effect where refurbishing now 130 million dollars. There. So that's enough do you think that'll be enough maybe a few little tweaks here and there about. A new one that would not be here like -- Just just when you think about the infrastructure along the roads VA and everything else around it did that. I mean this is not a rich area anymore. -- you have a good point don't you bring up an excellent point because people forget about the infrastructure like the roads. If it were either a downtown or even waterfront sore right it's going to require -- lot of roads and I can be very expensive. I restore the old war memorial stadium on passenger percent today and yes you don't -- by opening it up. The in the people in the neighborhood. Parking cars and their driveways. Absolutely they have the signs out a while ago that an Orchard Park so. I write this and you're you're you're saying well we've paid Florida enough flow of forget what about the meetings open or close. Holy oh. Here today thank you thank you very much yeah I've ever the first rock while game went to it was kind of exciting. Because you park Manuel walked through the stadium and it was OJ's first game. In the playing Baltimore. And I think Johnny U was goals still quarterbacking could be wrong was as it was an exhibition game. But there was that level of excitement of walking and mass from where you were parked -- the stadium and walking out of the in the game. But people don't consider things like roads which you have that's very expensive if somebody wanted to do anything on the waterfront back cornered on route five. And the infrastructure of getting enough road capability to handle cars would be extremely. Expensive. Applause I don't know if there's any environmental concerns it turns out there's always environmental concerns no matter watts. No matter where you are -- environmental concerns and that stops everything -- that adds the cost. In a hurry. When you have that so and ideally you'd find a place that was non intrusive. We have access roads that are already there. And places where the birds can fly over the scoreboard. And you can have Maria -- -- NFL game there easy. Easy and easy out. -- ideal but I think that's next to impossible so we like your opinion. As to this election. Sites election where anything that would be. What do you should stay in the Erie county can go to Niagara county chemical often falls. It 030 Montreal -- in under 60692 through six are 930 thanks to Bob McCarthy. Forgo a column in the paper over the weekend talking about how Cuomo on Poland cars one county executive. One the governor of New York State. Are disagreeing may have the same goals keep that Buffalo Bills and -- The way they wanna do what are poles apart wondering how that's going to end up 8030930. 18061696. Star and I go to Chris we have some Facebook's elections. Let's go a couple of employees system comes from -- she says for once I agree with the governor let's have a voice we should build a facility downtown that we can use all year round. -- -- if there was enough room can you guys think enough home downtown and first I'll remember when bass Pro Bowl. Was talking about going downtown and they were they were claiming X amount of cars per week and we did the math and it came to 5000 cars a day. And we came the conclusion that. Besides the normal. Car count. That it couldn't have the infrastructure and handle that now of course most bills games went on Sunday afternoon -- you wouldn't have people working downtown. As much I'm sure some people do but not everybody. So is there enough physical room downtown. Where something could be built -- you'd you'd have to upgrade. All the routes that come ended down -- number I can think unless they were out of the waterfront are down toward like a long ago where there would be enough room. -- may be enough room for the -- himself but not the parking. I can visualize now he you know it's too -- we can't kill two birds with one stone. You know one of the biggest problems buffalo has is. Our housing stock that has to be torn down it's deserted it's a fire hazard it's a fire trap. But it's expensive and we don't have enough money to destroy almost houses it's too bad there if they are not concentrated in one area where there would be enough. Where you could tear them down so you be helping the city right there and refurbishing with a stadium and the amenities needed for a stadium. Everybody would win would that. -- because should be killing two birds but I don't know exactly where. The housing stock that needs to be torn down is located and whether it's an eight contained in an area. That would be beneficial to do that. Good idea but it's one of those things that in real life -- work another -- -- this one that comes from Malone she says -- Everything -- reality open that we can see who is give going to tax money and where all that money is going to go. Well I think that when you're talking tax money it basically has -- even though technically this committee. Would not be a governmental committee so the open meetings. Who would not apply. But I think it's a good idea to be as transparent as accurate -- on something like this. So Rambo in the north onto Rambo you're on W via. -- good morning hello. Armed. Operate exactly what I think -- -- we felt that we don't editor millionaires here's the deal. We got the rail. Well British retro -- it will do between. We'll put you and air are. That's been stalled by -- good about it stadium I would bet I would -- would be -- will put it aired all of my state. At the net effect that can make USB. -- your football. And apple yet while. I'm bludgeon not on the come there at this. You may undermine an art now ever as far as a retro fit for the -- -- air which is what should the log. Has done domes they did. One up them Minnesota. I would I wonder if you can -- retrofit an existing stadium we have a an air tight dome I don't know but if you could do it. Might make sense but there again. What kind of events they haven't had many events out there. As far as concerts and things like that maybe he says it would be -- I -- may be -- and by the I think can be huge expanse. If it did try to beat up idiot like I would start before. I've part of the baby boomer generation. My generation retiring and now we're here as bargain if there's nobody all right I ever bigger. There's no money. But there's nobody brought there's nobody -- -- -- you. Well I hear what -- saying man Jim thank you very much there's a letter to the editor in today's Buffalo News -- but regarding basically the same thing. There's always. People are saying OK let's do something but let's not break the bank to get it done. Blood when somebody spending a billion dollars for the team. I think they're gonna want the shiny new Bobble called the new stadium. Even if the other 15 suspect's it's it's gotta have something of -- stadiums either don't have or. Or is equivalent who but I don't know how we go up against Washington DC. The Boston area. Certainly the cowboys Dallas Cowboys. -- time our corporate support. Selling corporate seats and things like that and all of those areas. Certainly. And we don't have that here we have a fervent fan base. But we don't have the business base that the other teams have but when the owners are the owners meeting. They want the bragging rights that they have something very special. Where their team plays and I think refurbishing. Wouldn't wouldn't have the same as it's like going into any kind of a business and getting the refurbished model. The packages already been open how many times have you done that. He's checking his seat this Scotch tape on the package that means it was opened and returned. I want one that hasn't been opened yet. We've all done that have a way yeah. And I think a new -- would want that Chris please. This one comes from rob he says we should build a new stadium downtown is definitely the place to build its gonna do wonders to revitalize the city and bring people to downtown. You know -- like an overhead map so we could kind of take a look at and see what's available. In one as far as land is concerned because as remembers is that most of the games that went on Sunday but you might have a Thursday night game you might have vote. Some other time frame. And Sunday afternoon to be fine bit downtown is trying to too busy Sunday afternoon. About any special event she might have at the stadium to might be during work hours. I would not want to be working downtown on a Monday night if there was a bills game Mario knowing that I have to deal with such traffic that that wouldn't be I mean think about the traffic. Even. When there's a game at the Ralph even on a Sunday where the -- feeds -- 120 feeds into a roof five feeds into whatever he. Even -- Aware of this seating capacity we have now it can be a great income main -- the plan around it. I can't imagine downtown. As a must have really improve the infrastructure with the highways. The ways to get in and out of of downtown I I can't see it being a nice a natural fit. Plus there's going to be pushed back on everything we had an earlier caller. Say that there was Sergio saying that that is a proposal for a new convention center and stadium. But though some people wanna keep the existing dimensions senator. And someone to take the -- senator and move it. Two other places and of course people who have businesses especially people of hotels and hospitality restaurants downtown wanna keep it. So that their business doesn't go away because the dimensions that has been moved and you can understand that. I don't Paul Snyder's been an advocate of that and he owns a hospitality on the hotel and hospitality in downtown you can understand. Him not being too thrilled about. About it conventions and removed so no matter what you're gonna please some people and displease others the key is that do the best most effective job you can. And keep as many people happy as possible whether you can keep everybody happy. Is probably not realistic will take a break we'll be back -- it's a scorching we're here in the jungle today. On on 9930 we are WB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and starting angry -- our toll free line is 1806169236. Back where the Beijing coming of sandy beach where you're just kind of kicking a few numbers around an earlier interview that Johnson isn't it with a new group that wants to make a proposal. Audio bills package joke for. For their own consideration of Republicans adoration this time about a 178. Acres. 178. Acres so we don't know exactly what's in their package but the thought that they would need a 178 acres. Let's transpose that to something else. Would there be a 178. Acres. In the city or down along the route five corridor that would be available would be suitable I don't know the answer. But I think if you think about though Niagara Falls if Millstein is -- successful bidder for the team posting -- extensive land there. Does the land that he owns would that be enough. And think about like that and how would that work would he sell -- -- he owns the the taxpayers. And then put the team he -- on that. Is that the way don't are not really sure. So we'll have to kind of a player by air but I'm thinking there aren't a lot of places where you can plunk down a 178. Acres. And have the -- you there is that someone could do that but not have the infrastructure. To handle -- vote -- the numbers of people who have been handled during an AMOCO. So we'll see where that goes what we'd like your opinion. The Cuomo wrote is different than the polling cars drove they both wanna get to the same place and that is keep the bills in buffalo which road you think is better. Let's go to -- Mike on Grand Island Mike here on WB again. Type in LA doing on time and then make a proposal to. Kia is kind of off the wall but give it some thought -- idea that I I wouldn't like it did happen though because of involves the air base next files. And you get fueled -- system there you can you could have. People and all the hotels going up -- postal -- sort of follows. -- get people coming in from candidate giving up -- tech reporter -- 190s he can -- people come in Niagara Falls boulevard. Register people could come down on the 119 get out. And you get up the Whitman -- -- road and and actually predict your -- hopefully they can still keep the runway very did you like people -- -- for the -- Many get casinos in the files I mean if I don't know what these investors look commitment and you get a lot of different things on man. You know Mike if I took most of your idea but took the air base out and put in the summit park mall. -- that that footprint in its place I think that would have a better chance although they're doing some refurbishing there. I don't think you'd ever get the air air base -- Don't know I know bad bad bad bad bad idea about it. All people converging today area that -- -- some of our -- right nesting area. Yeah I inspectors though -- new new health facilities going up there are no Roswell has a satellite -- a -- up there we did that opening. What do you think Tony Tony's and Snyder -- got. I think gets I would be while we too small emphasize that they somebody is in the process -- are sort of a bind to some park mall to do an extension out what's going on yeah I'd say what -- it's that. Kind of dormant -- I think there's more action on. I think if from what I'm being told the land that Millstein owns is near the casino. I think where Nabisco plant was or is exempt from -- yeah yeah so I think -- -- in that area if I'm not mistaken there will be plenty of room. I'm budgets that might I'm glad you're thinking thank you very much I don't think there be any chance. That you good to get the airbase Norwood would be advantageous for us to do I think there'd be a lot of push back map. Now there was land where an and I am not familiar with that where Niagara drag way he used to be nine no that's by the air base. I just don't know the exact piece of land but I'd be interested to know if that was a room yeah. Racking our brain out because we evolved oral long term residents of the area trying to figure out where. Even if you use attempt late that this newest group views of a 178. Acres. I'm sure each group would have. Their own suggested size needed to develop the the plan fully. But if you judge issues a 178 acres as a template. I I think you have to blow looked long and hard to find a place that. Would be suitable not only with the land. But for the infrastructure. As if you have the start building highways. As a whole different ballgame you know how long it is in the summer when they're trying to fix one lane. I'm not a and you know when they're trying to look extend any thing it takes forever and ever and ever I can't imagine massive and infrastructure. It would be remind me of the Boston big bigger something like that. I don't overrated for that and if you think about what we have already. Is the the -- we have now are handled by the Ralph. If maybe somebody might make a suggestion zoo world. A tear down the route from build on that site however. Take a long time that would take some periods time. Building side by side there are some NFL cities that have that they have a baseball stadium on one. And football on the next but I don't know if there's room for that so the big key is. Annabel takes a lot of space a big footprint you really need a big footprint and you have to be able service that footprint. And I don't know if we have that it Austria on my -- 18061696. On -- thirty Chris another of FaceBook and replete. This is from David he says I'm not sure about a new stadium mall or -- to do with the old one how much is going to cost the -- down it seems like a lot of wasted money that's always the question and most of its time it's legitimate -- -- this time is definitely legitimate. What do you do with the old one who has -- mine right now as -- east fifth. Like Doolittle biblical. Terminology or what's -- I was running a 130 million dollars of taxpayer money to refurbish it. If they if it's there another six years or something when we get past the big buyout period. It will be virtually a white elephant if they have the team decides to leave. Some people suggest that maybe UB should play down there I don't think high school activity would be enough to support the stadium. Because it's it's a big infrastructure there. And so I don't I don't know what they would do I really don't be ashamed to spend a 130 million now and see it torn down and 56 years as the only help calm that it -- have been torn down I'll see that a piece that I hate to see the -- -- -- A really would. Of course that that -- think about that land right now. You know what a developers who have been making condos and apartments or whatever they do they small piece of land. Meddling into of that and is owned by the count. I mean they're did the bills have the use of the say over the open but it's the moment economic. Might they might recoup a lot of money if they wanted to turn -- into apartments or idols or whatever if they had another place. So I wouldn't mind seeing it like that but I hate to see it just sit there and weeds growing up through fifty yard line. Course they were doing that when I was covering the games. There were weeds growing up from fifty yard line because team never won any games I ever join a game against the giants at home. With 21000 people there. You know I was -- that you -- 21000. People looks like yet at that stadium. It looks like the stadium's closed go sit and in our editorial -- we -- our and we would go sit in different place dependent on. With scorn on -- school here that I had a great run the first bills in my -- it was against Seattle. OJ got hurt it was his final game -- -- -- the longest flight home and in recorded history. Well take a break we'll be back with more on goes straighter and I'm thirty we -- W -- were asking about Cuomo and Poland cars. Having different visions of how to get two of the the same destination. I'm keeping the Buffalo Bills -- from New York. Andrew Cuomo says let's go with a new stadium -- possible. And open meetings. -- lead up to it. Mark hauling cars says well okay that's a good idea about shall we should consider refurbishing. The Ralph. And a deal like that idea and closed meetings because of the sensitivity of so. Let's go to Joseph Jerry and am harsher on WB and Jerry. I'm -- and what's so what's your thought. But like that you know a lot of people have been saying something that I was gonna say anyway that some about it anyway the thing is that a lot of sport -- to actually directly in the NFL ball -- probably can -- about a four wins in Lebanon -- Again the second thing is. The right in the did they put up but the stadium there's probably going to be -- rising ticket prices. It's just like the neighbors you know initially estimated the price. So that's what you do desperately do it. So that and the other thing is I think he guided by in the stadium that he's definitely a -- of the guys there in New York he's got 50000 apartment. I think he did take a billion at a -- -- and has built it. Yeah -- he is the Landau he slammed up an -- -- and if they were serious about reaching out a Canadian fans that would be a little easier for Canadians against their -- I don't know -- how much pushed back there would be on on something like that he meant moving about a theory. You know -- like it said the whole thing is that the basic situation with the big boondoggle but like except you know it's it's just the people. He would get from what I can see and that an economist of records -- economy in the period that getting that much better. And I don't think people can really afford another you know like 1015 could Ballard played. You know a year in prices to pay for itself. I hear gorgeous anger the economy nationally is crawling along a little bit better but I don't know we were better than matter -- on -- good -- Like his coat at seventy million dollars of some but that it but I think it just involves a lot of people who have a lot of money. And a lot of people who want to get reelected. You got that right especially with Cuomo and hauling cars but Cuomo especially good writes a regular -- -- good points don't let me ask you this. The point I just made this should any consideration being given too if it does go on the falls. It is day of a further reach out to blow the Canadian. Fans. Yes I don't know almost definitely reach out to know so I mean it would have a good thing it would help with -- the -- on talk about a would help with them. Are coming over very bridge emblem are right there makes a lot easier. In and a in my take any thoughts of of of NFL franchise record. Of reform -- in the fault it's one thing on an Orchard Park tonight in the ball exactly arrived a Millstein. See if Steve owns land up there. I'm trying to figure out this equation we'll work the taxpayers would Bible land -- OK because it would be a taxpayer stadium. So the taxpayer would buy from those things so. He would make that money then he would by the team he could almost I don't know how much when he's -- network of value is of it. But he got almost deferral a lot of the costs of buying the bills by selling -- -- remain so it might be more cost effective for a guy like Millstein. To do that if -- can buy the team before stadium approval has done. Because if you if you bought the team on the if come. And then suddenly. They decided that they and they don't wanna go to default that they wanted to somewhere else -- that war. That's a good question and that's why we're here I think I think basically. If you think. And a new owner wants to have seen. In there working and you're absolutely have to put your peak in -- -- -- -- -- -- guys -- -- I -- say exactly and you're not forget the if you'd have to get the OK in -- You -- you also for control -- yeah. You and I mean this is a free market you could sell you its outlook of for whatever you -- again. And other words if if you wanted to increase the value of that land artificially by saying it's worth so much money because an NFL franchises going on. Then the Acela back is back now like insider trading amid a bottle like that if you said okay. I don't know what the numbers are there but let's just make up numbers okay suppose -- -- is worth a hundred dollars an -- And you say yeah it's great right I'm Gloria -- -- for 300 dollars and maker. So by the because it's worth more -- because a team's going there so it's a chicken and egg situation. But he got to get approval ahead of time before you sign on the dotted line for the team if he was using some of that money as collateral. Or part of whatever least negotiate whatever that I have to throw -- stuff obviously and he's gonna have to throw in style as well as as. As the owner and that's the only one we know -- of at least outwardly and publicly that has land. That they might and we have to stress might wanna put the team. We don't know any other landowners that have that kind of vote acreage necessary and our interest in buying the team this isn't just selling oil and it's. It's buying the team. With the outcome that it's going on your land and he's that -- is the only one that we know of it's doing. The quick -- that's even remotely talked to be interesting to watch this one Cho watched the move -- like -- -- poker game. But other guys like trump if you take trump seriously. Which I don't. I don't either in what you're with all of that the talk and that he does and he's very good at talking he has a mention anything about wanting to pony up any of his money. Two built a new stadium or anything. Well that's a trumpet is a good talker. It and he's made a lot of money but. Trust but verified yet with him through this -- from Ronald Reagan another one please Chris this one comes from mark -- as -- -- want a new stadium. They should pay for why use taxpayer money for nine games a year of such a waste or just making millionaires richer. Well if he got nine games a year -- at least one playoff game because it's aid unless there with the with some years like this year we have an extra playoff an extra pre pre season game yes it was an element. You know worth Oliphant right that's the biggest waste of games amid -- see when our players get inducted. And Andre -- going in this year and -- I like that. But what a -- -- -- well it's gonna get -- snaps for your for the guys that you're looking now. Let's go to -- in -- Jerry thinks of -- in the car you're on WBM. I quote a -- This case or you do not have to recreate the wheel all you have to do is get a good structural engineer -- architect. And retrofit. Where rich stadium we have a -- match. NFL stadium -- Dollar ready all we have to do it at a dome and -- who. Layers -- -- in new guy at orchard need it's too good of structure right now they're just throw away and forget about. Always need to do is -- Bill Polian says it's one of the best stadiums in the league and he certainly knows -- so. And he has no ax to grind with that so yeah I'd love to see them retrofit -- acceptable to a no no water and if you -- owners of a table bidding on. Becoming the owner that might be a card you could play as the as the county. To make a deal to reached our refit that this existing stadiums so. Could be something that -- thank you. We're -- that I mean you know he got cards a -- both sides. You got owners who wanna be here he got the certainly of the community wants wants the team to stay here. And you've got people who want to either come up where their own ownership plan to sell land. I mean a lot of things that action. A lot of balls in the air if you pardon the expression. On this one. Are that about wraps it up for -- governor we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty we RWB yet. Local. Which they never have to -- these.

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