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5-12 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back with the legion -- my sincere. Condolences to the family and friends of a Natalie Lewis the young woman who lost her life and that's a terrible accident involving the hot air balloon. I did not know until I came into work today. That. I know her mother and I've known her for years and years. Trish she used to work with us at the WK BW Arabia. As an air personality and so I I did not know that at that time and in my memories of -- mom. Shoes that total -- that. Person I mean I can't say enough things and has a velvety voice just such. Such a nice move radio voice. And she was when I would do a critique sessions with her always be a joy because that she was such a joy to be around and to work with so while I'm very sad about this and and as this that I was not a work it's like him and to work today. We are talking about how to keep the bills in town there's more than one road to get there to take the Cuomo highway. It's a new stadium and open meetings if you take out -- cars highway it's. Let's consider refurbishing the Ralph. Am I am closed meetings because people could be more candidate whatever. I'll get to a calls an injustice regular let me give you a little bit of Bob McCarthy's column which is what I'm -- today's show on. The county executive will play a key role in the snowballing situation surrounding the sale of the bills. And any potential plan for new football stadium. Sounded a solitary voice on so important issues last week no doubt about it. -- and cars and governor Andrew Cuomo. Trestle down different roads traveled on different roads on the subject of a new stadium and whether the proceedings -- a panel studying where you put the football field should be open to the press and the public. Cuomo says that the bills need a new stadium as suggested by commissioner Goodell will find a way. -- cars is okay but let's not forget the option of again ran renovating Ralph Wilson Stadium. Cuomo says find -- many of the meetings of the new stadium working group are open -- -- says no way. And a for the reasons I gave you not to form a secretive aspects it's just that. You wanna get the most out of everybody. You really want to drain everybody's brain to get the best deal into the right thing. It's better to have the month close people may not as being as candid if their open. There's some truth of that. But I am saying if I had to pick a highway on on on hole I would pick. Cuomo's because a new stadium is always going to be more of a bragging. Apart for the new water and -- bully me -- he's big part of that. The open meetings I think would have to go -- because a lot of it is -- a public money. -- cars the refurbishing of Ralph might fill the bill might actually meet the requirements but it's not that shiny new toy as a notes a refurbished -- that's one of the oldest although one of the best stadiums. They are closed meetings does have some merit to it simply because of what I said that people will just lay out their ideas we do without fear of the vote being ridiculed or whatever and then made the best ideas win its bond holes I have to go Cuomo instead of pulling cars. Believe me I don't call that much but would this cornea. Let's go to David Lancaster David couple highways so what do you think what looks good deal. -- -- I epic in goal for the Paul -- and OK I think it is a great facility a lot of people thought that says. On it and you'll probably most people that go to the bill and call the time -- -- that stadium. And yeah it would be -- -- stating that what he. -- -- -- UG ER and a put it all is so it's a wonderful facility it's been a great location anyway everybody knows how to get through -- we've only been bonuses -- six. -- -- -- Com cattle and I don't wanna. That old saying. Bill Burton. And don't -- that something hasn't broke out. How about the main summit the meeting session should they be open or close. They can be either -- I have to go on both -- with that one but it's it is that have to do it. All of that what's gonna happen with the stadium arm. It really doesn't matter because of it if it was open yet you're gonna get a lot of voices and stop and doesn't a lot of complaints. -- -- neighborhood of marriage -- skeptical of both ways. All right well I'm glad I'm glad you have an open mind your what do you think the we've got to get it done. I I think it worked -- we're gonna get under is that this is that next big our big thing that they're not talked about since mister wolf and thought out thing. And god I I definitely think something's gonna get on and it's gonna look great I'm glad that upload moving forward. But you know that's that's my opinion I got -- one thing that government should I get the opportunity of going off. A well known are the any number -- our senior like father knows them very well -- metal. I keep going trying. Hand Dodd is the funniest guy you know we used to call me on the phone when I would get an east portrayed up here -- The French -- yeah. I never even knew that that would be any network that he would he would always you know played off is your pocket like I need to. It might be out and stopping -- is the funniest guy I've ever met. And I was very lucky you might get a lot of people media I you know I get -- -- Ed Kilgore to he he's a very nice. I is a good guy to absolutely. All right well I'll I'll give your best that Danny today's as a -- yesterday it was his birth there. I'll everywhere you go right that you might get called them on the -- All right Dave thank you very much -- Know the truth about Everett is this is probably the most decent person I've ever work with us as the best way to say. Okay I've seen him. Believe me I've seen him turn down a barrel of money. Odds so that he would not -- relocate to Chicago basically write your own checked because he wanted to stay here with the -- one of the family or grow appear. There are many people will do that. I had a blank check from MDC they want me to get never the go to Chicago I was programming -- BC in San Francisco. And I could hardly wait to present this is Deanna Marie took them out to dinner as a guy's. Point -- Anything you want basically. Is there and they said no. I mean is that these guys really does I don't like to say that too often causes have a get too big and only more gray haired Fella. But he has is a real good guy and he's very funny in fact when he's with -- -- like the second funniest you know so that's the way it works usually will be. And isn't safe I wanted to know that OK I mean I do jokes about her like she's a sneak on the conjugal visit bus that. And it's of the local prison and stuff like that but she's not like that she used to almost years and then get on the car conjugal Austin. The local prison what went back after this we're back -- company in Bob McCarthy's column talking about the aspect of the meetings. On the issue of opening the new stadium working group meetings now gaining serious traction following an opening meeting. Bills sponsored by assemblyman. Mickey Kearns and senator pat Galvin the two could not be further apart. The company executives spokesperson Peter Anderson. A reiterated the group is quoting nongovernmental strictly advisory body whose meetings are not subject of the open meetings law. The dude took a delicate nature and this is important. -- have a delicate nature of the items to be discussed. Much of the information is confidential in nature. Release of this could negatively impact the future of the bills of the western new York and we certainly the -- do anything to hurt the efforts to keep the team here. Long range but the Cuomo administration seemed to welcome occurrence Galvin proposal. We favor having the meetings opened up and conducted in the spirit -- the open meetings law said the Cuomo spokesperson. And so it totally apart on the but I can see the delicate and and it may be misunderstood. Conversation and an example of how that might work okay. Years ago I was on a committee. And we were we -- -- which secretary of and they -- the committee but I was on a committee and I didn't join many of them but this had to do with handicaps stickers. On you know you you're well aware of that. And at the meeting we had a gentleman. At the meaning cool was handicapped but rode a Harley-Davidson. Motorcycle. And he's at that time and I don't know if they've changed it since then but at that time. Are they did not issue. Handicap permits for motorcycle riders. Or motorcycles. And he said that he he writes he's handicapped the is specially adapted motorcycle. And he he felt it was unfair. That they don't wouldn't give him a handicap sticker for his motorcycle. So I said to him. I I you are greatly admire the fact that you've done us it's a great accomplishment. I said but here's the problem. I said if your motorcycle is parked in a handicapped zone. -- got a handicap sticker. No one outside of your media friends and family knows your story that I think somebody scamming the system in order to get a place to park their Harley. I said so as much as I did admire what you've done I think if we do this if we advised that yes -- handicap sticker should be. Put on motorcycles. And rare instances like yours that it will really hurt the cause more than help. And that was my opinion and it was candid now it was a private meeting. Had a bin -- 'cause it was as some elected officials and and and and me from the media whatever. If a public meeting. I don't know if I would've said that I probably -- brought him aside and talked to a but I don't know if I would have -- -- an open session. So there again you have to be able Lou let the information out you see -- who takes what Udoh rejects what and let ago. But I can understand. If it's taxpayer money. I'm mainly that it should be an ultimate idea that. Which -- that one. Thoughts that I have against the open meeting is is is in this is just so Western New York is that. We're gonna -- group after group -- all we're gonna file a lawsuit because we don't heard about a block that -- OK another lawsuit Kesler goes out and here is you're gonna wind up dancing around for years and years and years and get nothing done like the peace break. Remember my famous saying western they -- is a place where good ideas go to die. And that's it. Because everybody wants a piece of everybody wants a piece of at a job for their uncle Harold. By your land instead of somebody else's land stop this because. Teddy Roosevelt once that took his dog bear any peed on a tree I mean there's all kinds of stuff. So I understand what is it seems awfully. OK let us go to line two which is Chris -- Wanda Chris which road do you think is the better road. Well and you weren't patriots. Though. Has well I you know what I almost don't wanna go with either way I I know I'm just like you hesitant on the global direction -- I think it's an election year and the open meeting. But you know didn't have stepped sent out under open the change that we turn out to anybody when -- The kind of opened the night -- -- I got -- a secretive open meeting he or. -- like the healthcare issue you think I'm out of network if you are right -- billion dollar should congress do you have to have that shiny new bubble stadium or win a perfectly fine up today NFL standards refurbished. Stadium BO OK forward. I would think perfectly fine updated refurbished stadium would be fine and I also feel that. If what the team roughly assault force India billion dollars billion bucks in it so I mean if -- -- -- kind of change in your pocket percent. Whether it's one person or group of guys. Let them talk and an extra hundred million and refurbished with stadium when they do by the team or in ten years -- it is another upgrade. Yeah I mean it's it's hard to believe right now or in the middle of a 130 million dollars and a -- Shakespeare I guess what things do we need taxpayer money in this at all. -- trying to change being thrown around by these guys really can they not come up with a hundred million. What we are seeing now sports entities in the past wanting to doing new stadium that went through hell our member Antonio and Chris remember Minnesota. As Minnesota finally decided to build one -- well yeah. In fact are just recently the owner and a pony up a little bit more money but. That was an ugly fight very political and it lasted a long time and sometimes. Kind of agree with Tony that it will go out there to the point where your involve these groups you don't like the peace bridge or it. How many birds are we -- in new millennial will be you know a little too tall and it's gonna affect the -- and among go to. What could be a bit about. It lets let -- wage -- provide. That -- this Chris though what do you think Chris. Regarding. A lower just target. I think Tony's right in the satellite I'm an IP change in my opinion here with the open meetings. This this whole area is a giant pain when it comes to keeping all things that probably should be torn down you know and if -- -- -- said that. I just keep getting bigger grain elevators. And all these historical sites there's an article about that -- Hollis in Easter or that that they're determining whether or not to get rid of it could be a big disaster hit we have. No matter where you would want this stadium down I guarantee Tim -- men will be there to find these spotted -- are they in all the flying crane or something. Is going to be endangered and or there's a building that goes back to you know 1873. That we must save the nobody even it was fair. -- that's gonna happen because that's the way we do business here. That's just the way we do business there I don't expect that to change. And there are people. Who'll perhaps would be reluctant to spend taxpayer money a football at all because they're not fans and particularly it doesn't hit it doesn't have a huge. Financial impact on our community it really doesn't but what it does out. Is a huge psychological. Impact. If you're in the NFL your winner even if you're the worst team in the NFL. If you have an NFL team radio lost them your -- or you're never gonna get an alone -- tell you that if you lose one. -- -- at all you get one and that's and that's it's got to be good to go and mature huge market or not. We'll take a -- wanna hear which highway do you wanna take to get through keeping the bill's -- Cuomo highway. Which is a new stadium and open meetings you want the appalling cars says okay that's a good idea but how about let's talk about refurbishing the Ralph. Get -- up the stuff. And closed meetings. Because more sensitive issues can be brought up there. That would not be brought and other meetings. So there those of a tour of which won't be 1803093018061692. Exits are diverted or maybe just maybe. Wanna pave a new wrote something we haven't talked about will be back. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. Collison now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine -- -- toll free line is 1806169236. I a couple of doubters on the other side of a blast here we just -- a Tim Hortons commercial and it was for their frozen hot chocolate. Now Chris it's always a frozen hot chocolate milk and that that's a contradiction in terms I've seen the commercial Ivan have one yet. But I seen the commercial what are photographs by the way the Tim Horton commercials you get a raise because they're fooled looks fabulous. And the frozen hot -- looks like. A million bucks I mean they're really looks but of course the only way we can settle this is if somebody from Tim Hortons brought three of the mall here so we could testament to -- on the air -- test yeah. Frozen hot chocolate yay or nay on that any day all the way and they are going neighbor there's saying we have to see and taste the believe. -- house if they do that idiotic commercials really don't think they all eyes and he -- -- ever notice on food commercials are always slow motion with Tony slow motion but there you know -- little flaky things come falling down there in the day the ice -- result whipped around August knows garment. I just gulf port you know Roger looks rather my image of a chipper shredder of their news -- exactly. Let's go to try and see which wrote Brian thinks is the right road to keep the bills and now Brian you're on WB yeah. I attribute 01 to -- -- -- -- it did -- one dime of taxpayer money is being paid. This should be -- repeal. It's immoral not yet -- Yeah that's basically the thought of some is that if it is taxpayer money we've got to Havel made it's gonna. That's right. No. -- government -- -- power. Take money from strong and give it to the others. And there again is something there should be. Were errors. You know what -- DA is and we -- you know. It's that the stadium where is. It -- -- we need to upgrade or -- what it to a organically. But it -- from -- if if somebody's making money -- it. You know it's a lack coach's pick -- It which. Well it is virtually. Right retirement. Roy know. Why all here. Well if you think about it too I mean we've given them we've handed everything over to the bills all the revenue comes from there. And has slowed by a last look there was three million dollars a year check goes to 22. Ralph Wilson of people insult we've done our part. And now we're in the midst of a 130 million dollar renovations so. We don't know what's it look like -- as -- -- this -- remember we were told that you won't really notice a huge difference with this 130 million. Shall watch oh look look beyond what the purple welfare -- Basically report themselves. I don't report about football there. I have seen I just you know I you know I've seen. Instances where they were talking about our member of the new brewers' stadium in Milwaukee was when I was there. And they were talking about increasing the tax. Like 110 of 1% -- all holy hell to pay for that because people said no why I don't go there I don't use it it's not a road -- bridge something that is essential. And they said no and and so the there was a lot of feedback from. Well -- -- virtual -- Air and you know -- issues there are all -- my old entertainment. In rural and on their -- -- What government staunch -- people being in power do is they take money from one pocket from somebody put -- that somebody else's -- And -- redistribution which starts at the top -- Barack Obama that's one of his big -- That's exactly I mean that's that's a true triple that up but also they -- their -- with people who have money. So I mean these groups you know if you look at graduates saturates all -- so I don't get through you know -- this year but but but but the thing is that. It is it is government to rise to power from taking money from somebody's pocket wouldn't bode well. Well -- -- that's how they that's how they collect the chance and known as votes by giving you something that they didn't manufacture whether they took out somebody else orbit I mean that's what they do. True our Lola ordered several libertarian airing. It -- if it's something that war that. -- paperwork and so. OK I hear you Brian and edit is worth that evidence and have a French are truly honored and they that thank you very much. I got a lot of people feel like that I I do ever call him in Wisconsin there was a big tomorrow when county stadium was going to be torn down. And there were going to replace it that went for years where they had to decide -- because the proposition was to increase one of the taxes -- small amount not a lot swallow like a tenth of a percent. Over the course of many many years and I don't know how it how it ended up because I left as that was still in progress. Our blood it was remarkable people just didn't wanna do it. And we saw that in in. Would be a vikings same thing and the other examples you guys can think of -- new stadiums in the and a facilities that were already NFL but they want to upgrade. If that means I was thinking of votes. And of course keep in mind when they go Yankee Stadium dominant now a lot of people can't afford to go there that's true in their attendance drop whale off so the the bottom I understand what that gentleman says there are some things worth doing for the good welfare of the community. As I said if if if the bills went on here which is not anonymous wanna think like that but if they aren't here. We probably wouldn't take a huge hit financially but we would -- dark -- are our -- would say all. Another example of how we let something slip away a loser mentality. And I don't think we can afford that we can afford to lose the bills but we can't afford. To lose an NFL franchise for our psychological wellbeing. Because this that that's our ticket to the big time as much as would love hockey and we do. Hockey is still not as universally accepted as a football nothing is as universally accepted as the NFL. So we gotta do what we can within reason. By getting there and which road wanna take you wanted Cuomo wrote new stadium open meetings like take a -- cars road. Well consider understated about how about refurbishing the -- one and closed meetings because a lot of sensitive. Information gets past the back and forth and you won't give full disclosure if the world opened the public will be back after this which road do you think is the best throw the better -- of the -- or maybe -- got another road you'd like to propose. Are keeping the bills -- bubble the Cuomo idea and thanks to Bob McCarthy for his column because economists sparked an idea. Of law of of this show today. In it the Cuomo wrote is new stadium if possible new stadium open meetings. Air and the polling cars is well we can consider that I mean we -- we should also consider refurbishing what we have out. On the -- and closed meetings. And though the thought of the closed meetings. As as expressed by Pete Anderson. -- who has become executive spokesperson exits first of all it's a nongovernmental strictly advisory body. Whose meetings are not subject to the open meetings law he said due to the delicate nature of the items to be discussed. Such much of that information is considered. Confidential in nature. Release of it could negatively impact the future of the bills -- western new York and we certainly would not want to hurt efforts to keep the team in Western New York. So I think people are more candid. In a non public meeting but of public money is involved I can you know that we got to keep an eye on stuff because. We don't wanna find out what's in it after we pass it that way to learn that from Nancy Pelosi. In obamacare. Were learning about what's in it now. After it's been past that when not to have you with a lot of we don't want that. We have the stadium. Let's go to Caroline -- a lot of -- you're on WB -- Okay I'm gonna go to come -- but I'd say that's. Captain meeting they're going to be closed because that's helped the politicians where they -- around. On secrecy no matter light and that when you're out as your apple cart. Yes well it's like let's make a deal. Where you'll you back my you back refine my idea I'll back off on your idea and if you're not part of that circle. Is very difficult to understand on the taxpayers' needs -- are not coming first. -- -- And and that -- helping to get up and I heard about the motorcycle. You can get mechanically because I don't -- about some. Well it's great I'm glad you can now at the time you couldn't. And as I said my only concern was that people would look and think that somebody's just scamming the system but that was years ago so I'm glad they've I'm glad they vote graduated of that congratulations spam. Yeah it's yeah it's rare that you can't find -- we had somebody that public that that. Future without the court can't tell us what take everything we had on your state critics find it. He got it is it's difficult because most people are -- battle. Especially with handicaps -- wanna make sure nobody is scamming an -- the first your first thought if you see a motorcycle -- -- -- -- against modest. Are they they -- playing by the rules but if indeed it's available now I'm glad it has and letting him go back -- thank you very much. My concern was that it would hurt. Because some idiot is gonna CO Mota Harley in this case the guys buckled early. And they're gonna do something to it because they're thinking that the guys scamming. I'm mean or the woman scamming -- know -- -- like you got there although I've seen women account righted by a more than sports there's -- Yeah you're right almost anything but some of the big dressers might deal. Ethnic -- motorcycle mayor here is the bigger bond -- she really had gotten that they got something for everybody depending on what you want. All right eight Austria on 301806. On six nights through sixth -- -- thirty which wrote. The Cuomo wrote RV Poland cars road do you think to be the better road or do you have another idea. Let's go to Sergio and Williams -- Sergio you're on WB yen. Thank you very much for taking my call. I -- they would the first one because. I remember. Ralph Wilson did not want to deal deal with at control private developer to wanted to build a domed stadiums and Lancaster area and Lancaster but I think that there is a I recall a private. Accompanying. This proposed -- combination. Football stadium and content. And convention center connected to it a waterfront someplace. I think there should be looked -- But also I do feel. If in fact I do support. The a new stadium. State of the art stadium I think it makes an impact and improve the image of our community here and all although it will be very expensive and -- and that we do go to new stadium I think. Our convention center is obsolete has built -- nearly seven days and that appears cities have raw as superior prevention centers I think it should be included. With no football stadium. Well it's you know -- team will probably cost about the same as the new stadium would cause. Even just a nice new stadiums so we'll see where the money's gonna come from a thanks -- always good start you haven't -- you know while appreciated. To have a good point during one of the breaks. When somebody said you know we're very litigious and no matter who. Proposes -- somebody will -- And he's probably right. And the example Tony gave me which is a good example Millstein is being talked about as one -- people interest in buying the team. Millstein. -- was a friend of Andrew Cuomo big political contributor and I think he's ahead of -- -- way associated authority right now. Owns a lot pay for -- a lot of a lot of things you don't like 50000. Apartments in New York. I mean I can't even fathom I can't even. Accomplish. Digesting that but he also owns and has for some time a lot of land in Niagara Falls. So suppose Millstein ends up buying the team. And we're just going out of a what if Genesis scenario. If Millstein as a buying a team is as yeah. I want the Buffalo Bills and -- he -- Western New York but not exactly in the same spot a wanna put on land I already own. In Niagara Falls guess what. The economy Cary Condit will slow them I'd like you know well absolutely. Noted they don't have losses coming out of the woodwork on this. Wherever they decide to go. Even if it's staying where they are building a companion next Tuesday I don't office Bible or not but I'm just saying no matter what the suggestions are. There will be people. Who are willing to go to court to fight. And so what we've got to do -- come up with something that serves the purpose of serving very big city in the state in Western New York the best. And then hopefully you don't get sued by because we've seen this before. Projects get held up held up held up. And the birds can't fly through the guy wires and that kind of stuff from. Things that we never even imagined are holding -- project. And -- this I don't think it's kind of project can be held up forever before bad things happen so let's hope that whatever they decide to do. -- wherever it is they decide to pursue. That it is fairly free of vote. A judicial interference let's put it that way. -- it also has to be a place that has enough physical Rome to put a stadium -- like Sergio -- that a combination stadium and and convention senator I don't know if they're gonna really consider that seriously but it surprises me. The johnsons or interviewing a group. I'm headed up -- -- mr. Pope. Today and and when the question was asked. If they've approached the bills with this they said -- Now tell -- something the from the first day you have an idea. Of something of that magnitude you should approach the bills because otherwise. -- -- -- human beings then gonna wanna hear and see all the publicity -- generating about an idea that's concerning them without them being involved with it or at least giving you their. And there went her daughter okay. So you're your proposal's gonna start. Behind words should start simply because you didn't touch base with the bills in the first place. -- a suggestion will be back for more would be to company administrator about thirty WB.

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