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5-12 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello does BJ governor you you're -- guy from that -- that sports group that wants to build a stadium. He said what do you Boris sandy beach I would like to offer myself as they stadium location. Item large enough for almost couldn't have total parking there but almost there completes stadiums so let me album in the book. It is reaching promenade and we got a lot dark about today hang in there. Every once in awhile from time to time we bring in our friend minister George that was master and -- Glimpse of Dennis he comes and we do a little give and take PS have you questioned. But if you are seen ratio. I mean that's a whole different ballgame there's scenery there's sidekicks glamorous women and occasionally Dan Everett when they can get him out of the rocker and stop patrolling. And -- it's a magnificent show. And now I have a -- here. Where is Mexico says he's going to be at the forest who restaurant. Sunday may eighteenth this Sunday noon to five what are you having launched their -- comedy -- yeah. Not gay he's got until -- zero -- -- -- -- you can count on every -- manager you know it's actually a benefit for saint -- Tell us about -- about the gig. Yes and -- a beautiful church and this is a benefit not only. I can help keep teachers going but also to help restore it's a beautiful beautiful church it was erected in 1886. Is always -- Who was erected an eight -- an excellent go to Baghdad for the last time it was a record for the keyword is correct yes. So yeah it is an and it was German immigrants and it's been a landmark for years in the diocese. -- thinking about. Closing it and as for that we were there to help. This is the first of many many fundraisers to help keep his church go. Out it's very nice of you to do the fund raiser for the church are -- doing it kinda like go to collects and ships were a future -- and haven't. Do I know they could I don't know that hey Dennis I see you're at 204 saint -- very nice go on -- at -- waiting for you. This force -- a beautiful place anytime. 37. 81 trees grow and your -- agenda that -- -- a great place a very pleased with photo you're gonna have all types of auctions and best team -- ripples and and buffet luncheon were looking for is a lot of great giveaways that Iraqi voice you have to you have to you have to earn him you have to remain ahead. And it's a high powered show and may I also tell you it's a family oriented show. Yes Baghdad he doesn't allow rude or controversial comments -- this is when you try that that was -- partner -- Nobody else I played. Fedoruk you know I noticed that things here there's I have a question yes it's -- buffet luncheon on the cinema against Chinese auction -- silent auction okay cash bar understand that a 5050 split but Bennett says. A slim TV and as opposed to a lot of fat TV it's a smooth then I -- and so there's a Lotta Lotta good things here yeah this is to be honest with you this is the first time hey guys look at this. Is a biblical passage on the on the trail. Then this is the first time I've seen one of your appearances with a biblical passage. Are you gonna do like due out for sake the work by hands organizers are you going to blow like tailor your questions -- toward the sort of a nail. Nobody is gonna be a great sadly you know come on out this it's going to be a beautiful day. For a beautiful spring day -- has to ask you you've done you've done gigs at our church calls Ed crews -- cruise lines are the places us do you -- the -- -- the questions on the show because you have a big broad showing you you can do any any part of -- any location -- -- -- -- whatever. Do you tailor the questions and the whole approach of a show to your venue and other words if you're out at Erie county fair is it different then in this Sunday I mean. LD it be similar but I just a show you know -- I've got fifteen shows coming up from artillery and they're off school shelves or art class days and and field day that's 20 yeah there's good and and I catered to short to the kids you know depends on you know depends on the audience you know. I cater to shorten their regions. And are you movements such you know -- the platform is moving at the same speed as the ride in the right -- movement I I've senior I've shorts fabulous moved on to a couple times thank you. Has it ever occur to you standing up there with your microphone and you whip the crowd into a frenzy. Have you ever gone blank. Never as good I mean that's a good idea Obama right now though. Maybe couldn't answer requests are because you're black guy and I'm always around this event you're gonna drag and never think there's not a -- -- never moves are going to play any celebrity game show is it really -- is I'd like to his sentence maybe graduate from there is there any -- -- in this -- checking tickets and -- very rarely had any ever gonna play and it has every team but Mike -- you've -- -- -- -- right. My favorite people -- always wanted to have my very girl. Stop down but so let's say it's a benefit for Saddam's home 47 anyone transit road near French and a few minutes Sunday this Sunday noon to five. The quiz master will be there and as you heard a celebrity game show would with -- Randall. And never there it's a 25 dollar donation. It goes toward the restoration and and expenses and that's very good that we have some beautiful churches and we'd do we do an edge and -- closing -- in the schools I was driving by a couple of days ago -- I -- don't admirable which church was this beautiful building and I'm thinking. Do we have the skills needed this wanted to replicate that building do we have the skills needed to build a building like that. Do you know somebody told me that they are in Paris a few years and and the it was a big church in his -- hunger for two hours on the engineers don't even how they hung them how they opened exactly I mean it seems to me like via ought. I I was told that a lot of these immigrants who came here in the early days of our country wanted to show their skills. And and so our -- participated in the buildings some of these magnificent your wallets through here Dennis block I say hi to remind you my friend and five time all Famer. And just drive that was robbed of all the other day and he rubbed it and hit its -- again that. I thank you so much we'll be back -- -- beach and company don't forget benefit to say man's. The quiz master will be there this Sunday noon to five at the forest review restaurants good restaurant. On transit near French and did you. Well that's until it was -- -- -- polio at the break for via a response. A collect call blue except collect call that I have a calendar. I'm sorry we had what's -- that he says he's a friend -- making a collect call who would that be is this asking it will accept the charges. It's endeavor at five time hall of Famer. Well. We can't keep hands off view -- residents that -- yeah. A lot of people like -- they hit it. You know his shirt when they're trying to. Work with -- -- -- -- so now that there's abuse in the yeah. -- Think he's right. Rancho. I. -- Asked people. -- -- -- -- -- have a little work for food sign that you first met and as well wearing. Yeah. I don't know -- it and share. Who are pretty. Well I can verify that you're going to be you know celebrity part of his appearance on Sunday against Mike -- -- gonna Leo. Always find a mop up always do audio or are. You're doing your imitation of Mark Twain you don't even know Mark Twain ends. -- -- -- -- Now though want to thank you Randall have in common besides dating Marie before you got married but it has led to -- the weather channel seven. But. I like his other batter because it's it's more precise. It does. You can't ignore and longer I. Yeah how we got kidnapped we're not there I actually it's me I'd I've changed my name to. To Bentley. I -- -- because you know I like cars and so Lisa were you do a show on 177. As it only about you recall Bentley and you should see my new look also -- a picture. Yeah. Are you actually help Dennis out this Sunday or you're just stopping by for snack I would like -- -- -- time or. It was black. Question what you're used to people freezing when they come to you -- -- have about Marie. I want you know I all I got one for you let's say that dollar girls what is it well. Watched it. And Arlington. The Kensington. On -- You're never survive I'll say oh lord Danny luckily I know. Mike Randle he's a wonderful. He'll he'll take it easy and it's that I remember the days -- -- had a rape you're likely -- now we can spell rate they're. Good luck Dennis thank you thank you for helping out the homeless. Hit it to be a lot about this and then it will be their true that is this Sunday from noon to five. At Leo let's say the restaurant is a -- you restaurant or disseminated on transit road -- French thanks -- appreciate again. Never does not is that crazy is off can you imagine you see you go from this. He didn't mention. I've missed that with some some great. But wouldn't -- -- it's funny because of for years and -- you know he dominated the Airways -- all of these avenue -- for his fabulous Schumer and now it's just gonna do his jokes and primary. I mean that's that. Because that got his Q now as one and that's it it's her events -- -- I'd take -- a loyalists in the very oil well when you you know when your live with. That they kind of become. What they call them captive audience is government is but she escapes everyone else. They get on the puck goes under the anti law and ethnic and -- -- see what's going on here a couple of other -- them. All the way here I got that it's as I got on the -- I knew I had to discuss this Thursday. I believe that we all have a finite. Amount of time on -- God gives us a death okay so is those Barton here is how long so and so we'll have aren't. And so I have to say you know I have a number and that's all I'm gonna get and I'm not gonna get a day or a minute more than that. I spent all our plus. Hours. Of my god given life Saturday. Trying to update my and -- com password. Now in a lot of press to get email we all have to have a password. We understand that and username the username has been the same for sixteen years going on seventeen years but the password has it changed. Every ninety days because I think they're afraid of infiltration where you know it's top secret things that we trade on email will become public. A so we have -- it it's pretty easy. You just type in your your current. Password and -- no one and the -- typing your new one again it's not time. It took me all par four hours and it wasn't dumb then it got done this morning. When our guy Jim Kelly came in and and fix that so my first thought was 'cause it was sending me crazy messages. The first time I tell that it would say username and correct I. I think the type username that comes up -- -- -- that it would say that the two lines of attack and didn't match well that's true okay. I and I sat down I decided not to give up on this. I set out on a piece of paper your Barbara paper is and a pen are right and I wrote down every possible. Combination. That they could be asking for we have the capital letters small letters spaces no spaces. And -- anything nothing and so I just gave up on it rather than take a hammer to. And I I sent you an email Tony. And those that IKEA I said it is your email working and you said yes yes but mine was not but it is now. A but I -- against -- on ways that that stuff and now like Jim Kelly came -- that's why he's Jim Kelly does a great job he's our Jim Kelly -- when you know. And they came and should remember a bit -- now get this wind of it -- something weird. I -- height of my anger trying to get my email updated I decided what the hell put in an all password. OK and I put an old password and the screen. Lit up it went to the next screen you know there were you know was there -- whole page. Of stuff that was two -- three years old. -- How does that work now I clear my email and I clear my computer every single day. I keep it that's the way I am I keep it nice and neat and whatever for somehow has that ever happened to you guys -- yet suddenly two or three year old stuff. It's -- and my Hotmail account via. Has never avenue Chris. These are not here -- I have a lot of clutter in my email anyways I don't know -- I should be more -- use of some most of the time when that happens my fault. So I was amazed because I saw stuff there now what my email does the way it's set up as if I do not -- by -- bring it to my attention within a certain amount time. It drops off the screen that's my guess is what those tour. But I thought they were just deleted but there are out there in cyberspace so that's how we learned that we don't put anything on your computer. That you don't want made public course none of them were anything to write home about there were just stuff there was two or three result. But just amazing. Meanwhile Tony. Awesome hire me as a manager for his son and who played in his first game of the season how old is an X 66 he's six. And other reason you're looking for a manager. Professional athletes are starting younger and younger so six is not outrageous. And what happened Obama's first game. Well that would want to that they do in T ball is the the coach pitches for five or six pitches under hand and then if the kids don't have an honor and a coach that we live there -- -- and then they put the ball on the tee while we've been practicing and can't hit the a single one. And you practices. So that standard if those two times he was at bat he hit the line drives. Nice hits and he made him gratefully defensively. And the coast scheme involved. All of -- first and -- -- I'd sign him up. -- -- -- first is -- bio separate each one on the radio personality. Are we come back let's talk about news or something's coming back that you may have missed. I'm gonna bring a name in your mind is gonna go home and god it's coming back and -- rate will be back Jeff Jarvis. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach -- to me tonight and who want them. And thank you know Michael Savage it's Beijing company I'm sandy beach where you guys are surprised that apparently. Leo this world doesn't learn any thing. They keep making the same mistakes over and over and over. The Miami Dolphins say for our safety Don Jones. Was -- find an undisclosed amount will undergo educational training. After sending a negative tweet about Michael Sam. The first openly gay player to be selected in the NFL draft. Now you would think with the NBA being in the nose and they owner having probably the best is ownership. Of one of the NBA teams that they would be smarter than that. Are you surprised that they that they haven't caught on him -- not surprised at all it would only live an isolated world that they don't understand that that's not gonna fly what do you think Chris I think that. It's not surprising because. Not only guys are very Smart number one and number two. There are 53 guys and a roster and 32 teams so you're talking about. Hundreds of guys out some -- out and it's yet there's no way all of gonna keep quiet right. I think the majority of them are probably decent citizens and they're Smart they -- its derivatives which are always gonna have a really small percentage tweets about like well. It was a question until he went late in the draft and the question was it's base there was speculation that I read that. Thank goodness he did get drafted because if he didn't -- never ending dialogue about why he didn't because he was the outstanding player in the SEC for one year. Which is supposed to be like the best conference and it wasn't because he was gay so he was. He was indeed drafted but then I did not see that I didn't see when they call his name. -- whatever but apparently there was a kiss involved and did either of you see that -- I did not see it. I saw somebody posted a picture late in the draft and obviously yeah. I think it was after celebration or something like that I really didn't pay any attention to it. I just kinda glanced over so I really young don't know guy was out of the draft well before that did you -- -- it. All right. Was watching when he got picked but I didn't notice it but I was there allegedly super close attention I was there when it comes just another. Traffic you don't want to end it came down -- notice of an Uncle -- -- looked and you know the emotion you -- him on the phone but then that was about it. All right so there's into vis some the controversy over that but we get over this stuff. I mean it's it's amazing to me that it's still out there I guess it takes time everything takes time it like to see this excel -- little bit more. Meanwhile something's coming back. That we probably most of us liked and it just disappeared and now it's coming back. And if I said -- rocks cookies would that mean anything either you guys that's familiar hydroxy is like there was another version of -- yeah. -- remember hi guys aren't that high -- cookies. They're Oriole like could reappearance store shelves as early as September. They recently acquired the rights of a Hydro arts. A trademark. Move comes two years after Orioles celebrated their hundredth anniversary. Hi trucks was the original cream filled sandwich cookie it debuted in 1908. In fact an -- -- the first package of annual event -- he bottom floor and his grandson in nineteen always. But he's dead. It's and followed for years by Oreo because we assume that the cookie that is Oreo was the original no lol it's warriors later. They made a better. A -- like that. Now do you guys do is on the I never did it everybody else that's. They separate. The the Oreo -- and and and eat the building middle -- first you guys -- it's. Funny that you bring that up because I had a discussion with knicks on Saturday about Oreo Cookies. We were eating some and he saw me twisted and he is again that you're not supposed to do that you -- and -- that this is a guy with a different ways that you eat an Oreo cook. 400 miles but yeah I put Jordan together and that's it like a -- -- -- its analog welcome back to hide drugs. Meanwhile something else that's making our reappearance now the Washington monument. It's opening today. It was closed for more than two years for repair after the -- Levin earthquake. And so it's so open I was talking in my friend's. Dan and Brando over the weekend and I mentioned that the Washington monument was opening today. Dan and his husband actually has walked up the stairs. For the Washington monument that's sick. It was closed in I went to DC in 1980 was well would you have walked all it is policy couldn't write so you have an excuse right. I would have no excuse why would you walk when is appropriate development yes if there is one I assume there is one. I see no sense in them but he took its -- kind of puffed out his Julia. I've walked to the top I'm going to count the ways I've clawed scratched at the time the way it works are let's see what -- -- horoscope -- it. Mine -- -- feces we always do mine first. Diplomacy. -- get this one must always have something and doing my life. I know other people at your local -- and it has nothing to -- them but mine always pretty good. The diplomacy will be necessary when dealing with the professional or personal people in your life. Wall diplomacy. Ought to look up assume that means I'm exactly not the most diplomatic person. It says it's not so much what you say it's how you say yet. Also and as I can say. While alone maybe if you'll pardon me screw you. There's a nicer I think that's nice that's nice as always say okay let's say what are you throwing brawl. -- Bob disagreements are likely to end in a stalemate. Consider your reputation your status in the emotional consequences -- on fold. If you don't strive to compromise. Physical mishaps are minor illnesses are evidently got a sniffles as on the now you know that that doesn't match about eucharist on Alito. Leo okay. You're working with a guy who has a minor illnesses that won't admit it not. I got to finally older -- -- little. Make personal changes. That will lift your spirits and your confidence if you look good you'll feel good take care of elders. Which -- -- me and I tend to domestic responsibilities. And you know that's that. I always come back we're gonna talk about. When you want to get to a destination. Aren't it's a goal it's a destination is where you wanna end up. There's usually more than one road to get there. And that's what we're looking out locally with the Buffalo Bills. We've got tool very powerful politicians who want the same thing in the -- but they they're interested in taking different roads to get there. And that's what we're gonna talk about. On news radio 930 we are WB yet. All right -- happy birthday we didn't even notice and Tony you -- -- out though one of them never it's the children dopey thing I'll begin Adobe posted at it was a damn member's birthday one yesterday Castro a happy birthday to our friend and never congratulations. They -- -- one candle on the cake now. Saying that he needs a fire permit to put law -- and you know although his Sunday engineer. Is a fireman. Let's -- -- an -- -- don't put all the candles on there. But I value -- -- stock and -- number because that'll be Iran on candles yes and odds are about plus does. It does he have the -- ass parade enough can he do this. To blow up that number of cameras sheer number who have to bring -- a crop duster Asia shut out his case. The great great grandkids will help now they'll Deloitte and all of this kid's name good. They really are there all dean Everett and his name is the never so that they can inherit his towels. That's the holds heat is absolutely why would you need Noual initials. As to imaginative in order and it's all right let's go -- best now. Oftentimes as I said in the little tease. We have a destination someplace we wanna get too. And you know even your GPS will give you a choice of routes to take to get to that destination. You can take the fastest route. You convict the shortest route you can that choose though which which way to go and that's exactly what's happening now and I'd I'd like to thank Bob McCarthy. Columnist though of for the above and those who focuses on on politics and his great great -- I I really enjoy reading him. But he knows what he's talking about politics and them. Very very interest thing. And what he's saying now is Andrew Cuomo. Has a vision on keeping the bills in buffalo. And Poland cars -- Poland cars are county executive. Also has a vision. To keep the Buffalo Bills in buffalo but they're different routes to get there in order to accomplish it. Andrew Cuomo says we need a new stadium. And we have to get these meetings growing and when they when they are rolling. It'll be open meetings so people will know what's being discussed people see -- they'll hear it. They'll get involved with a visceral aspects of -- so. That's the Cuomo wrote. To get to the goal of keeping the bills a new stadium. Fair and open meetings now marked cards. -- the Connie executive says them -- the same vision of keeping the bills but his -- a little different. He said we should consider. Refurbishing. The Ralph keep in mind there's a 130 million going on as we speak to the Ralph now. But we're looking at six or seven years from now after the escape clause kicks them. The route could be entity it's possible so falling -- says let's consider. The refurbishing. The Ralph and his choice. Closed meetings and the way he described it as this and there's some sense in local talk about both lose. But some sense -- that he's at first of all it's not big government. Panel. It's a panel made up of a lot of different entities but it's not a government panel and so not being a government panel. It's not subject of the open meetings laws and he says and I think there's some truth of this. He says that people will be more candid in that kind of venue. If indeed it was a closed session and closed sessions they'd be more open -- be more candid. And I think there's something tools that simply because look at it like this. If you are sitting -- our committee meeting. On something big a big community project. And you had some things to say that maybe you wanted to spark other people's ideas and whatever. But you knew they'd be controversial. Maybe could be less inclined to throw those out on the table if the meeting was totally open. Because not everybody that would see ever hear it or whatever would would have the particulars in Ohio you've got to that that point. Whereas if -- the government Everett of the different the government group meeting and then the open meetings laws apply but they're not gonna say anything. That might be different controversial whatever they're going to be there -- gonna hold the cards closer to the vest. So I always answer my own questions if I can. Which road would you take the question is keeping the bills and how which drove would you take the Cuomo wrote. New stadium and open meetings are the appalling cars wrote consider refurbishing. The Ralph. And closed meetings. To get the job done. Now here's my thinking. I think that even if you could. Refurbish. The Ralph to NFL standards. I don't think that would be acceptable. To a new owner who's gonna spend probably close to a billion dollars. Because every owner wants a shiny new toy to play well. If it's not Jerry Jones is Dan Snyder it's not banned Snyder's Robert Kraft but everybody. Who has the money to own an NFL team wants a shiny new bubble not a refurbish Bobble. So in that case I think where -- less that's analysts -- stock but where are left with a new stadium is being the only choice. As opposed to refurbish. And then regarding open -- closed meetings. I think that closed meetings makes some sense. Intellectually. But I think since most of this money is going to be public money at least for a Republican drive that I I would gas. Some private. Odd that it's an open meeting is okay so even though I think there's merit. In what Poland cars passed the say there's some arguing points visit -- a bad ideas. I do think the Cuomo. Opens stated our new stadium open meetings as a package makes more sense what what do you think don't. While one I don't trust anything Cuomo says if you didn't see his name is Andrew Cuomo I immediately. Have doubts about that. I think you should be closed meetings and I agree with all cars on that. As far as a new stadium goes I do agree with you that a new owner is going to want to shiny new shiny new stadium even though I think the smartest thing to do -- refer every fervor (%expletive) I think it would save. The most money and be less of a burden on the tax. Yeah I think about it though what these owners of the kind of a psyche they have. When they -- owners' meeting no laws say yeah ahead on the new owner you should see they refurbish the Ralph have you seen it lately as opposed to you should see what I've got for a stadium. Do you agree with -- or disagree Chris. I figure that in order I didn't. I don't they didn't see any possibility where an owner -- -- new stadium and I think I -- I -- open meetings do broadly paying -- we should know what's gone on earth. -- if it's public money that's the key if it's public money and a lot of this will be and the stadium could cost as much as it came think about it. It depends on how grandiose they want a -- and it quite well especially looking for national prominence. Would want these stadium doesn't wanna be outdone by Texas a Massachusetts. Or Washington DC so he's gonna wanna go first class shiny new bubble won't come back -- will talk to you about it and both of my guys again here. But do you which road you wanna take the Cuomo -- which says new stadium open meetings or the appalling cars road which says hey let's refurbish what we got it's a pervert but stadium. And closed meetings because a big people can be more candidate -- -- more -- there's there are reasons why sometimes that makes cents. But there's a lot of distrust in government today. And so maybe the open ways the only way to go so I'm taking in the Cuomo road. It's much that I hate to even be on the same road as Cuomo I think it's the right road this camera. We'll be back for more -- beach company under his right and I'm thirty WB yeah.

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