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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>New Outer Harbor Stadium Plan - Greg Pope

New Outer Harbor Stadium Plan - Greg Pope

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This proposal for a new outer harbor stadium comes from buffalo sports corridor. Joining us on the WB MI minus -- Pope he's the spokesman and attorney for buffalo sports court. Greg welcome to the show let me ask you first first of all another group. Has already proposed sports complex for the buffalo waterfront combined. With the gigantic hotel. And the convention center that concept has been rejected by the Buffalo Bills. And the state totals about your proposal and why you think your resume is better and you might have more success here. Now we've been working at this tragic for the last two years and that we that we -- so many different. Officials about our. Planet every one of them giving us great. -- that better idea probably would be the best of one of the bat that they've ever received for the Bob Slaughter are there so that's why we feel that we're. Position. As soon as this matchup -- -- to really put forward. The best idea that will benefit Western New York the people that live here the people that work here all of south. And the people of that are going to be coming from a different areas especially not only from our local area but regionally and nationally because wanna make this. A world class destination. Greg you say you're working on this project now for a couple of years two years and you've been meeting with -- all sorts of groups. -- the Buffalo Bills are they aware of your your project in your proposal have they known about this and what what is their reactions. We have not update the Buffalo Bills because we did not envision. For the outer harbor that these stadium whatever it. It is the outer harbor he would take a look at the media are are reshaped it -- I think the best for these days you're going to be utilizing. -- beautiful waterfront property. In this property can be enjoyed by all the residences in the art site. Walking paths and bike paths and all the different types of venues that we can't land like a beach that's indeed beach and a beautiful day like today. It will be -- nicer people to be enjoying this whole stadium the opposite. In the outer harbor -- stay there are areas well. Contiguous to the outer harbor where would be perfect. But what we're sickly is that with the stadium be located. I would say that if you are taking a look at the yes stadium. Position when I rely on gadgets here is John -- as fact as part of -- group. The guy who can connect question well I actually person would -- -- network -- What do members -- sit down with the two years ago mr. -- this sounds the same ticket for a stadium that is located just -- all of the small boat harbor. There's an industrial park here that is. Basically empty there's a couple buildings there there's enough parking space -- the stadium. What we're planning this stadium. -- -- -- -- And the west side of -- I put it up spoke convention center and the war front between the -- they know. That hey. Form over the top of -- I -- -- structures probably can be extended to put crap about people to go to the convention center and work to. The different events in that football stadium. What about funding for this massive project. This -- on it would definitely be accommodation not private enterprise and we -- at. You do about funding and also some of the money that that hit the -- and detonated. Or in all the development of enterprise. And -- At this also it does come offering domed stadium is that right. Now -- -- a domed stadium per say because we're proposing. Both summer and winter. Sports activities. In the outer harbor we would definitely had some proper. Buildings. That would be closed gymnasiums. What happens all the different types of sports on this Libya Iran policies and facility. Several different structures let us of course and then of course -- consultant -- Bigger and you say that among all the people you talked to the past couple of years Buffalo Bills were not included. I'm medalist don't -- things of their key element in this process what are -- going to talk with them. I would definitely involved the people that are. It'd be selecting. The proper side for the Buffalo Bills -- they can be a perfect match. We have the -- stadium in somewhere located post in the outer harbor so let the people -- city of buffalo. We enjoyed not only the stadium but also on the outer harbor so we will be involved in poppy with the powers that be in that aired later. But at this point up until this point -- to be eaten has been pretty much Orchard Park. All -- we do know that they're talking about more lenient and I think that this attack to do that now. Imus DePaul thank you for joining us are hoping in a touch Michigan on the future of this project progresses that the -- progress thank you for joining us this morning's -- You're very welcome that's attorney Gregory Pope of -- law firm. PL LC of buffalo we also spoke with another -- John Coram. The left coast design studio architecture in Lancaster.

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