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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Remembering Natalie Lewis - Nardin Principal Rebecca Reeder

Remembering Natalie Lewis - Nardin Principal Rebecca Reeder

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and live line now is Rebecca reader the principle of Narnia academy -- -- -- this tragic story and ms. -- thank you for the time. You're welcome Natalie Lewis a champion swimmer and standout student and different listeners a sense of who Natalie wise. She realizes that energetic. She hit the biggest my little I can think of she. Loved life she'd lived it fully. -- she had a tremendous spirit and enthusiasm. It was really beloved by the faculty and students. For the -- Arm we're proud to claim her as a graduate -- -- And -- so proud of how many lives she touched behind her and her giving to her community here in buffalo in the community enrichment. She looked at things be different herself and she had a tremendous Celine talent. And she shared the killer was an awful lot of individuals. Young people as well as her own peers. And it sounds like it was your expectation. That Natalie -- excel in sports as a career. Locally. I think the front memory I can't -- is lacking or swim she literally flew through the -- don't think I've. Ever seen -- -- miss that people in the stands would literally sit there with their -- -- -- if you watched her so effortless. In -- because she was so good this -- is very humble though. We all knew she would going to do something with that it was a killer that would have been machine -- we did and she didn't. It's a tragic that her life has been cut short. Is an ardent planning anything to remember Natalie. Well we have a man every day at school this morning's mass -- said in memory. Of Italy and in support of her family. In we have done it we're we're also now. Waiting. Tilt -- is back home and we know some of their plans and everything else. Two of them too. Much further I'm beyond that will remember her man everyday. Pray for them and how ever we can support them. Is what we intend to do so. Whether there might be true. -- scholarship in her -- and whatever happens to be. We have graduation coming up. We have alumni weekend this coming weekend I think she's going to be remembered and talked about the entire case. Well we're glad you could share this with us and and we thank you for the time announce a difficult day for you as well. That's Rebecca reader the principal at Buffalo's Narnia academy.

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