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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Cellphone Recordings By Sheriff - Barry Covert

Cellphone Recordings By Sheriff - Barry Covert

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB in live blog let's welcome our next guest is very Covert. Mr. Colbert is an attorney for looks a dream should -- and Gabriel. And we've been discussing all morning long this. Cell phone surveillance technology that's been obtained and being used but the Erie county sheriff's office mr. -- good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning and as we mentioned earlier when we talk with the county legislator had wrath. It does not sound. As of the sheriff's office is doing anything illegal do you think. Well it really depends on what assure your feelings your current legislature because she's sharing. Gergen according to press release their world using this. The minimal technology. That's available and that worldly try to sugar out specific -- A win there's been heat forward they're not making clear whether you're in search warrant but they're they're claiming that there compliant with whatever laws -- regulations they think like true. But when you review the technology even the most minimal technology. It does not appear that you can just pick one all -- in only gather information on that one won't. It seemed to gather information on all of the phone call into the -- That there really felt well that's okay with the story. It'd be cool all the fault in the area. And then they'll pull up your information for the 112 they're they're looking for but he still get the information for everybody else's ball. Facilities that wanna get Barry Colbert ball. Give me his phone number and then I'll only what except restrict how -- up. -- only receive information from Barry Colbert called but I don't receive from all beautiful one miles -- So it's moved to be splitting hairs here at their press release and I really would like to know exactly. What version of off they have. For that technology. How they're applying it why they're claiming that complicating Ossetia when you look at their technology on. The company's own web site is where it appears a big gap in the air everybody's oh. It's why they're claiming that -- earlier -- you're getting the -- want all but also called the virtual that they are far in either their own -- once called. This Supreme Court two years ago held. They're putting GPS on somebody's vehicle would -- ward was unconstitutional in this case I think -- search war. Have followed their -- which is essentially the same thing which is GPS data tracked -- All of that person in their -- Struck the that there are a lot of questions that this year really -- answer thankfully he issued depressed solution nation to be talking about these issues now but he -- their -- It will be out reopen on Thursday. What would be acceptable to you about the use of the staff what what could he said it was satisfying. They're the same thing that which has satisfied as a nation for over 200 years you'd be going to a job. Neutral magistrate -- search warrant application without a barrel as to why they specifically need this information. A judge is reviewing and the judges are granting or not granting toward. And then he's going back to the judge which is required under federal law -- law afterwards after the indeed these -- quarters utilized. I'm an individual and doing what's called surge or return which is giving that job no information as to exactly what they have seen. -- while they were doing the -- while if you'd like information. And also know that there's going to be revealed what others can't -- gathering thousands of people information just just to target of one person. Or are you somehow able to just target that one person and not -- everybody else's rights. But you know according to a Teixeira said in the statement he issued -- doesn't sound like he's collecting any information about anyone. He said the Erie county sheriff's office owns and operates certain technologies with cellular device locating. Capabilities now he also said the technology was recently used in this town of Boston shoot others haven't about a month ago. A couple of sheriff's cars were shot up two officers. That were nearly killed. Of this man they were looking for have a cellphone on this person he was moving all over the area. And it sounds like they were just looking to track this guy and that sounds like what they were doing was on the interest of public safety doesn't. Absolutely there's always -- effort for -- for 200 years. There's always been what's called the -- and circumstance extraction of the search or -- or if there's an emergency. Then the police don't have to uphold a church -- because there's not time to do so so in that case in Boston. It is it appears as though. He was actually within their rights and nobody would question -- criticize. The fact that there's an emergency there's shootout grab that device it is up their find out what they can track on their person because. It's all about. And utilize that and that's fine. What were concerned with is all the other instances that the sure utilized -- He's saying in his in that press release that there are all the utilizing GAAP information that they can't. To ascertain where an individual was in these other cases in the criminal prosecutions and talk about the culturally. Where one individual -- us. -- but it doesn't appear. That the technology allows them to do that it appears. That would be splitting -- he -- we're putting in there and seeing only what were utilized in bench and only looking for one poll. And that's all we really care about. And we're proper follow one fault but the machine still collecting data for everybody fall within -- one by one mile radius. That's great the -- only paying attention their information but the machines still gathering as you hire within that one mile. But he -- targeting and he still -- information. Where we are who were calling who were texting it's still gathering in a computer schools for anything it's still violently -- right. So I really want -- to comment -- talk a legislature and explain why he thinks that is version of the technology is inconsistent with everything that's -- the that the manufacturers and their web site which is. They collect all of the information for all of the fall within one mile radius even in the most be difficult or -- Where they're only tracking individual literally tracking political analysts in the communications. There's still tracking every -- all. That's within a one mile of north all of us. Very IE your friend Paul came Brea is listening to you right now and he is checking in to say that the real peace is the duration of the surveillance. And what they're actually listening to. You very. And what exactly what information are gathered actually along in what what ability do they have to filter out. Those aberrations you listen to attracting and go to patient enough. Very good to talk weather this morning we've learned a great deal from you thank you very much Barry Colbert was -- An attorney will look -- -- main camera.

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