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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sheriff Office Recording Cell Calls - Ed Rath

Sheriff Office Recording Cell Calls - Ed Rath

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WB and lifeline is Erie county legislator and rest who's raising lots of questions over cell phone surveillance by the Erie county sheriff's office at. We welcome add to the WB and lifeline morning. -- What questions an end. It may may be that the biggest ones first regarding the cellphone tracking are you bring in this this hearing together for on Thursday. Yes we're -- hearing on Thursday to talk to this year as well as perhaps account executive. About what exactly is happening with this cellphone surveillance technology right now. I think the largest concerns. I have since -- many residents in -- county. -- that this technology is being used exactly what it's had its purposes are and that is sort of law enforcement and public safety and for nothing else. -- -- It doesn't sound like the sheriff's office is being accused of doing anything illegal do you suspect they are doing anything illegal. You know I at all the -- to answer in our hand in your office and everything they're doing. This hearing is going to be utilized to clarify and misinformation. That might be out there right now and also to give assurances to the residents -- -- -- That their privacy is 100%. Protected and not at risk right now. Okay why you would account executive be required to attend this meeting what what questions which you have of mr. Paul Harris. The question they'll a mr. or Paris is at the time that this technology purchased he was the county comptroller. And he was the one who in all likelihood purchased the equipment and check. And we want to talk about that process about the grant that was received proper your computer technology how the check was written. And so he can explain that further talks are so we can understand the entire aspect all -- streeters. If this equipment were purchased through a grant. Would you in the county legislature. Would would go there. With the sheriff of an obligated to notify you that he receive this grant and it was going to spend this grant. On this technology was it was a necessary recruiting of -- without your knowledge. He could've done it without our knowledge in -- that's an excellent question. -- process and there and orbited the current legislature was fully aware. Of what -- -- purchasing and declare an awkward -- 283000. Dollars and that's the time we were down forty. Aware of why would be buying just technology went to -- for Homeland Security grants. What it's intended purposes where at that time. I think on Thursday it would impede confirmation. That over the past three years this has been successful in protecting residents Erie -- And this statement here last week. He did highlights 22 successful outcomes that the technology -- and utilized war over the past three years. Including -- suicidal individuals. Partners in person -- we're located. And thirteen -- on. That we're disrupted it. So I think the residents can rest assured that this technology is being used for the right and and purposes this won't protect residents that are. Have the sheriff and county executive responded to say they'll be there Thursday. I had a conversation with this year and yes in fact she will be easier and it looks forward to this conversation Thursday clarifying and misinformation. But this time I have not heard on the executive I certainly would like to extend an open invitation to join Thursday at 11 o'clock. Ed thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate it. Thank you -- opportunity that's Erie county legislator and rest.

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