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May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Love that never -- show is set it above shows that a big sandy beach or what was that Bob Bob that is the new movie neighbors. In which. A fraternity. Moves in next door to the young married couple of Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. Now if your thinking. She is the kind of unrealistic that -- fraternity would move in next story and in that kind of nice little residential neighborhood -- -- I think what makes the film even more bizarre and unbelievable is that. Seth Rogen would be able to Mary Rose -- -- -- right now let's get the reality let's count the receipts give us very big box office -- its number one last week at the box office no surprise here the amazing Spider-Man two. Opened with 92 million dollars. A good opening but certainly not record breaking. There's been any marvel. Superhero. That has been opening the first week of may for several years now. And if you look at that 92 million as compared to last year. Iron Man opened with 174. Of the year before the the avengers opened with 207. Millions a Spider-Man is is still doing well it's still making money but. Marbles other franchises are actually doing a bit stronger. The film however has already opened overseas it's been out there for about a two week and now. And it's already done nearly 300 million dollars overseas for the -- already had tremendous hit. On the one thing I would be concerned by if I was fox would be a little worried. Because -- Captain America opening up in the April doing really good business. Spider-Man opening a few weeks later doing. Business but then in a couple weeks you've got the new X-Men movie coming from Iraq's. That's the third. Marvel. Movie coming out in about a month there. Is -- a bit of marvel over lol well crafted to see how that holds up. And number two the other women want the other woman. Did another fourteen million dollars is now at 47 million held up nicely in its second weekend. At number three heaven is for real continues to bribe on very good word of mouth -- -- another nine million dollars it's now at 66 million. At number four Captain America winter soldier. Another eight million dollars -- 237. Million here in North America the worldwide box office 680. Million. And number five reel to. Did eight million dollars it is now at 107. We did get. Some. On new film news about a new movie that's coming out with a a very very familiar. Property for most people. Welfare rolls. Production company. Is working on a new Flintstones movie -- really decided to restart the influence those franchise on on the big screen. It's not going to be live action though it is going to be. You know computer animated they're going that grew with -- you don't have to worry about seeing Seth Rogen is Fred Flintstones John Ellis Barney's rubble. For several. Years they were all set to do well on. -- TV. Reboot -- know rip -- yeah yeah -- well all. Hard core. Hanna Barbera answer our core Flintstones and were enormously. Concerned. Because the the movie was going to be there -- TV series was being done by Seth MacFarlane. The guy who does all the only guy I am sure and Family Guy while very very popular. Is not exactly what most people would consider to be traditional family entertainment which is what the Flintstones. Has always been about luckily the folks that Warner Bros. that did have. Veto control. Over at the the pilot and all that. And apparently the pilot script. Was sold. Oh -- from the Flintstones brand yeah whatever yeah -- yes they they they put the kibosh on that. Yeah for Bigelow who are fans of Seth MacFarlane. There is a brand new trailer Iran and actually I retired nodding his head here there's actually. A new one that was just put up today a new red band trailer. For a million ways to die in the west. Which is. His new comedy it's live action he actually stars and that it's Seth MacFarlane Charlize Theron. -- Neeson is the bad guy Sarah Silverman he is the hooker with a heart of gold. And it is today if you liked Ted this is right along that out like the previews I've so I've seen the trailer -- oh my gosh I -- I think Mel Brooks would see this movie in and say. That that might be a little much that that might be a little longer wanna test star movie Ekuban nothing would make me happier Seth Rogen. Stars in the new comedy neighbors. At what age. Did Seth Rogen started doing stand up comedy -- started at age eleven. Age thirteen. Or aged sixteen. Our call 6049875. Right now the prize a movie pass for two to any dips into -- valid through May 26 when he 1425 dollars and have a good. To -- doors pizza pub and grill on Miller sport or on transit no expiration date total value 43 dollars general contest rules apply and now don't Jesus anymore Bob tell us about. Neighbors yes yes this this is from that new genre. Of films. The Judd Apatow comedy. That Judd Apatow wasn't involved here and at all it actually just kind of grabs his. He sensibility. His attitude grandma sensibilities yes while that's painful luckily he likes that drives Matt. I tell you I think we're gonna see that while. I retain an eighty's and ninety's Harold Ramos was the overwhelming influence that is now John -- town this is in that wheel house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thirteen years old. Congratulations yeah. Team yes right after his his bar mitzvah you know yeah she doesn't do standup comedy anymore and all of the I can only imagine that the the Stanford teams -- thirteen year old Seth Rogen had to be. Really awful yeah I would imagine that aren't giving her two year old I would wanna see let's get back to neighbors want a big movies hitting the big screen yes this are Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. Are a young married couple they have. Lovely lovely home in -- The the suburbs. The suburbs there are nice long beautiful house. And the house next and they -- a little baby Lou -- tiny adorable cute so adorable cute. You pretty much might even think it's animated at times but it's not. There is just one of those adorable babies. -- house next stores up for sale. They're very excited that looks like Kate Koppel with the babies moving it as they're thrilled could help keep their long tight unit repair all that but it turns out the new neighbors are. Actually a frat house a fraternity. Moves in with the -- from. High School Musical fame and all that he's the the head of the -- And he is very muscular since we last saw him in a film he is extraordinarily. -- In fact when Seth -- perceives them he says -- he looks like something gay guy put together in the laboratory. And that upper -- very solid here he is a very funny guy anybody who's seen the -- movie and seventeen again knows that he's he's very good in a film of this sort. Now this film. It's off. Being a bit more. Character based as far as taking the idea. The the -- old who's now married with a kid but still likes to think of themselves as cool. Next to the rowdy younger folks and just the generational war that happens there. In fact this -- family rather than. Bringing over a casserole or plate of cookies as have Mike back to welcome. The frat house into the neighborhood they papering over a joint. To welcome them just to show their groovy cool people which -- to say I've had a lot of neighbors move in a month streak that has yet to happen and yeah. But that film. Very quickly. Flies. In two extremely. Broad. CG -- type slapstick. Drags if you seen the commercials. Then you've had all of the air bag. Jokes spoiled for you already either a -- pull some pranks -- -- is there is a big. Wacky east squirting milk CGI. He's seen where Rose -- Needs to express. Milk but it gets all. Supposedly hilarious yes. Yes bruiser you're hurt chance vehicles -- error to -- I'm not owners and squirt no no it's in my eyes and that sort of stuff that the I don't think the audience I saw whip. Left themselves silly and waterways are wildly embarrassed. I was just kind of embarrassed for for Rose -- felt for where a bit there. A lot of loud parties. Want to dance offs. And the frat house they at one point need to to race in bonds they issue do some quick cash. So what they do is. And I do want to. Be careful in. In no way -- Discuss this here and David may Mowlds. And then rubber reproductions. Of a certain area of their physique. And then sell them. To all of the clippers by a Michelin Man that's right that's right. And may. Oh you'll want the all weather warm front. And of course they end -- bracing over 101000 dollars to follow made me ask what. Whatever happened to bake sales whatever exactly you are cautioned all that. V I tell you the one thing I was amazed at the neighbors were so interested in buying all these. One thing that the film does that's a little odd. While -- I'll Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne have a huge problem with the noise of the house and all that. All the other neighbors seem to be absolutely fine about it and I thought that was more than. Little peculiar. There was one injury on scent I guess what's that -- -- Ron. Broke his hand during the fight seat he fractured a bone in his hand during the fight scene. And it wasn't that he was you know knocked over fell on the ground or anything in this particular shot. He had to grab the costar. Dave Franco. Grab hold of his -- really hard. And apparently he broke his hand while doing this I've heard of hard bodies but that. Is it absolutely remarkable I've never heard of that happening. I don't think. I need. Didn't laugh that much that I was kind of was like OK -- -- I guess that's all right. I saw with a packed audience the audience was laughing a lot if you're interested -- going to see this film odds are you will have a good time. But I didn't think it was anywhere. Near as funny as movies of the last few years comedies like gone head or bridesmaids are super bad this is okay but. I would not put it on that level. All right next up baiting gigolo with John Turturro -- this is actually are written and directed by John Turturro who -- Actually done. Quite a few weeks of the year is done in my -- a lot of may have been smaller independent films. In -- and he plays a a florist. Who is going to help his friend Marie. Murray is played by Woody Allen now the trailers and commercials -- almost make you think this is impact Woody Allen movie about what he's just working as an actor here. The what do you character. Finds out that two his dermatologist. Played by Sharon Stone. Is interested. Air and having a three way with herself. And so fear and our whole and the proper men which they would be willing to pay. They're they're gonna pay for they're gonna pay flop. So war decent jobs program anger beyond. What is suggests that John Turturro. Who wrote the film. Club -- just this guy and what you'll be able to get his percentage. As his pimp wouldn't naturally the third person and be woody. Well -- IE from what I understand -- a natural casting to me I would assume. That John to throw does in fact bring a woody but I don't think it's what do you let's just think as well as our area possibly. Woody Herman maybe I'm not certain. You have to look that up and seed Arizona. And her friend who want to -- -- modern family and how they want to pay a personnel guy to be the third member of yes yes I am now. Not -- shows also that there quite. There they're very -- -- their jobs -- Experience and -- -- is making a nice living on the side they admired his resonant yes indeed with Woody Allen Clinton. For John Turturro it becomes somewhat complicated though. When. He. He gets a job forum. For a a Jewish widow. Who is part of the Hasidic community. And he makes the cardinal rule he falls in love with the client and his eventually brought before. Specific court. And I guess it turns into a bit of a courtroom situation there. -- -- But also the characters are very broad comedic other scenes are very serious that the bits get to for a all right well let's check this out as a mark on the movie -- -- -- Bob -- -- sandy beach on newsreader 930 WB ENN. -- George Noory overnights one -- five news radio 9:30 AM. WB yeah. It's a movie -- cinema -- ultimately sandy beach big movie through -- -- we've already talked about neighbors and trading -- next only lovers left behind yes with the go live -- -- yes left alive stars Tilda Swinton who told. Who. Is is one of our most interesting. Actresses out there she is the sort of person who can either look. Absolutely. Beautiful or plain crazy plane or just so creepy year you're just kind of -- all are also. A dead ringer for David only when she's in the -- -- up a. And so much sold that for David -- last album she starred in a couple of the video Chicago while Tom hit -- stand. -- hit your -- Austin who played a low key. In the floor and avengers movies he is. Her -- In this film. They are. Though lovers that have been together in one way or another for several centuries. If you're wondering how this happened it because. Vampires -- -- all empires that is written indirect -- ginger arm which. Who. Did down by law broken flowers stranger than paradise he is very trendy hipster. Indy films. And are two. Are two vampires in here live in Detroit. They live in a rough area of Detroit in very elegant. Surroundings because everybody leaves around -- it's trite. Man and they both over the years. Have set up blood suppliers. Who can get them. Nice clean. On contaminated blood I'd never thought about this in today's world. If you're a vampire. Making sure you get clean healthy -- has got to be a challenge so was there they are all set their living there happy decadent dark life. They're very trendy and sarcastic. It'll still in talks at times about how he wrote all of Shakespeare's plays in Shakespeare's sister -- credit for them. There's a schubert's string quintet that he says he wrote via the middle part for that sort of thing. But then -- Train wreck of a younger sister who's kind of Lindsay Lohan tight person shows up. Causes Havoc and kind of blows things up where their blood supplies. And now they're stuck in the situation of -- to go old school vampire. Or star so what this is it is. Very. To school preschool very dark. Twenty. The type of independent film that you're either gonna find hip and cool and fun. All her and you're gonna be kind of annoyed by I would say if you enjoyed Scarlett Johansson in under the skin. If you were intrigued by that sort of film and like your. Your horror films your vampire tales with that. Side order of -- Then not bills would be right up your. Well if you don't want that -- legends of laws yes this is not nearly as kinky. OK it is an animated film with the door at the end again. Over the years. There have just been dozens and doesn't mean hundreds. Of film. And TP. Adaptation. Of the wizard of odds it's just bank accounts and lately. I mean on stuff over the past 1015 years as has really been building up -- we just had -- The 75 anniversary. The 1939. To Judy Garland classic care version which I still say. Is. Not only -- out there -- 75 years old that four people seeing it the first time. Don't think of it as an old movie. When kids first see The Wizard of -- it's not now you're gonna see Casablanca it's really old but good you're gonna -- -- -- the seven boards it's really old but it's a good cartoon. Now the amount is just the wizard of pot. And you've had a wicked on Broadway such a future Oz the great and powerful. With the James Franco out in theaters last year hugely successful ABC's once upon a time the fairy tale drama there is now has the wicked witch of the west as one of the characters. So this is taking advantage of that now -- flanked by home. Wrote for T Wizard of Oz books. Eight years ago they are all in public domain so anybody can do anything they want with those original books. So this film is based on none of those stories. Rather. Rather than taking advantage of that. They actually base this on a book that was written by frank albums grandson. In the late eighties. In this film. Dorsey is stocking and post tornado Kansas. I guess she's living in a trailer waiting for the Red Cross to arrive. And she is whisked back to watch this is animated this is this is a cartoon. And once again she has to save her old friend she doesn't have the ruby red slippers she's cowboy -- In this one. You've got to. Kelsey Grammer. Supplying the voice of the tin man Dan Aykroyd as the scarecrow. James Belushi does the lie and but they only make a very small appearance in the film. Bernadette Peters appears as Glenda the good which. And the bad guy in this one is voiced by Martin Short who plays the Chester. Who is actually the younger brother of the wicked witch of the west. This is also a musical. There is no over the rainbow. In this particular film they don't even try to really do the kind of show -- A type numbers there from the first one I think they wanted to go. Along the the direction of their door here whose voice by lea Michelle from bleak. And the songs are for the most part. Forget it'll pop songs. -- even written by Brian Adams. As well as a handful of country songs which I would not expected in a wizard of -- to. In reaction to the Helm. Has -- just overwhelmingly negative. Right now. Rotten tomatoes the the positive. Rating for a rotten tomatoes is 00. There -- not been a single positive review written for this particular no one is likely if you have younger kids. -- -- Maybe not kids who have discriminating tastes and are just crazy about the wisdom does. I'll probably be fine with this but mom and dad expect to be more than a little bored by -- these. Retriever -- this BO movie that can overcome the critics. They're not liking it will would kids make up their own -- I don't well I think the kids. I think it'll make enough money and its first few weeks and in rentals just because it's a new odd thing that another and I'll lose any money on it. I would be very surprised if this becomes a classic. Based on based on what I've -- so far. All right we have another big movie hitting the base rate as a New London new release -- titles coming up after the break. On news radio 930 this is the movie shows cinema bother me sandy beach. It's a movie shows cinema -- ultimately said he -- big movies hitting the big screen we've already told about neighbors fading gigolo only lovers left alive legends of laws and now mom's night out on Mother's Day weekend. Yes this this is a in an extraordinarily. Unusual situation here. The hangover. Was you know just an enormous hit when it came out several years back. And it's. Inspired many films that have captured its its mood and also just a lot of comedies that have. Followed the whole concept of a group of people on wild wild night out and how they're able to survive that. This hits. Well most unusual. One. This asked the question what is the hangover. Was rated PG. And started group of moms what a hangover. Had no booze. No drugs and no -- what if the hang over was featured a guardian Angel. Who helped them out. With many quotes from the Bible yes well what. -- -- was actually. A faith based family release which is what we. A year wow. Just you know it's right along the line with -- not dad inhabitants for real this is another film. That's going towards that faith based audience Patricia Heaton of the middle and -- but he loves Raymond she's one of the producers of this film. About a a mom who's just at the end of -- rope handling the kids and she's going out for a night of dinner and on. With some of the other canals and things ago hilariously. Awry of course the dads. Don't know how to handle the kids at all. What he hijacked and us on a student once the dads are left alone. Patricia Heaton is particularly straight -- and she plays preachers wife. She's a bit on the bookmark on each side. There are a lot of moms though. That just from what I've read about this film. A lot of moms I think would not particularly here for the way this movie works its way around. Or just presents itself in match. It seems to suggest that. -- low moms. Shouldn't really have a night out. Their place really. Is in the home now. Just remember that gals I don't know what the men -- grow louder and take care what needs to get done. You ladies have -- kids to re eat -- -- laundry to fold. But. On that note I'd tell you. It doesn't seem like anybody's. Lost any money this year with a fill a faith based relief go out after that aren't at a -- this year had a very good year. And because of the enormous social networking that goes on with the films within the genre. These movies like and -- do I mean TV commercials -- answer things like that for this. But. They're intended audience knows all about it and and you know the receipts come out of it turns out yeah a lot of people and so it's a little Woolsey -- Well let's see what's new on -- new release show of Veronica Mars movie yes yes you know -- lot. -- IA I do you have film it's what buying the slip like yes we now go on the day it apparently is lost off the list. I have it here let's treat this film has breaking news OK let's just and rocks and using a new a new show you ass all. My dream has come true around -- I'm I'm on fox. That's all you've ever wanted to -- as good as early as that your -- -- you -- little logo on the things that you asked. This is. A movie this is this is when your fancy. Independent film art house type pictures it's called. A promise a promise his starters. -- Berkman and Rebecca Hall. And it is a romantic drama set in Germany. Just before World War I the most romantic place and time on earth. And it's centered about -- -- a married woman who falls in love with her husband's -- Tuesday. The two of them are separated. By space and time but they still. Hold on to their. Devotion to each other now it kind of feels like a parity you know those merchant ivory films that aren't Helena Bonham Carter used to do. In the eighties. Because of the time period. The the people involved in the affair I mean Richard Madden and Rebecca Hall want to be together. They they want to embrace and carry things a little further but say they don't there they shot they shot. Take part. Here's the kind of obscene you have to show. How heated the compassion. She is playing the piano. OK as he's ten going on the ivories well okay. Need these -- He's sitting there watching error. And then it. She finishes plain. Stand -- leaves the room. He and stands up. Walks over to the keyboard and while it's -- the keys does incorporate. Yeah now it's whether -- -- accused mellow I'm sorry but even though Rodgers is playing and he just sniffs the keys I still and I read -- thought he snipper. -- that's the thirtieth thing. I've ever heard a -- dolls just -- Afghan bill they now the film does take place over many many years. Following -- eventually over several decades. And in the reviews that I've read concerning the film they seem to suggest that. It feels like it's happening in real time. A different reviews for this -- -- savage well I'm telling you she plays the piano where he plays the organ. A. And yet unfortunately. We -- is a soloist. On the hard enough. Zero -- -- is too bad accident. How about shocked I'm glad you found that from Erica well less than two women to release shall we told you already be Veronica Mars movie yes this is an interesting picture I inherited your watch. The Veronica Marshal on TV yes of course polo field. Big fan of all those CW show manager. He's not watching vampire diaries you got that or are our majority Laguna Beach in your area he's watching the Veronica -- I actually. Ever really watched it it was a bill that had day and dairy. Devoted following it very clever very funny that sort of thing. And eight kick starter. Campaign started a pretty familiar with Qatar of course all of you -- what do you think legislative homer and not watch TV. I thought she just stayed at home and no permit. Polyps that turn up truck and decide when you wandered off of it. Com. Kick start a campaign for those who are familiar with -- -- -- hands. Actually bankroll. A project by filmmaker and writer and artist the you know whatever. They even give all this money to get it going they really wanna see it and they were able to make this movie with kick starter funds. And the problem -- that. Is the spill really was kind of done for the fan base is played in. A handful of cities. Never hear theatrically most people are gonna be seeing this on video or on demand. Really nicely review from what I understand. It helps if you see in the series but it is. Enjoyable and works just fine even if you haven't seen the TV -- and lots of lots of extras on the video. It's well if you've been watching the immediate you know that Mel Brooks says that the best comedy ever filmed was blazing saddles this is the fortieth anniversary edition what do you think. That is the problem with Mel Brooks says he's gotten older he's become so much more shy and retiring and not -- you know Brooks. He even. Is trashing other filmmakers. -- Out. The American Film Institute. Some list of the best comedies of all times or is there room in which abduction of -- minimum number one was Billy Wilder some like it hot great movie which for me. I agree for me some like it hot is the number one comedy of all time Brooks as well. I think settle this funny here than that. While I love blazing saddles very much I would even argue to Mel that. -- Actually I think the producers is better than blazing saddles young Frankenstein. Like young Frankenstein better man myself but blazing saddles is. Just fantastic. Day in 1974 when this came out. I was just amazed it was before video this team got re released in theaters every four months. Well the fortieth anniversary editions also -- wanna check it out and see if he's right or wrong in my wanna go there also available while the invisible woman Hill Street Blues -- mauling countess Dracula that about wraps up the movie show us a little muscles enemies sandy beach. Have a great mothers they -- and on news -- 930 WB EN.