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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>EC Sheriff's Monitoring Cellphone Calls - Patrick Gallivan

EC Sheriff's Monitoring Cellphone Calls - Patrick Gallivan

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WB -- line is New York State senator Patrick -- with regard to discuss the so called cell phones surveillance equipment. The theory county sheriff's office has and is using to fight crime we're -- into the senator because senator. There's a former Erie county sheriff's senator -- and thank you for joining us. My pleasure. Senator -- and we read with interest last week a statement that you issued saying. You wished this kind of technology were available when you were shares are right. Well I didn't issue a statement with I was interviewed about it again. And would've like to have technology like this as we have seen overtime. As technology has advanced -- of criminals and their activity has taken out from law enforcement developed tools to combat them. Senator that sheriff issued a statement Friday as saying that the office does not own or operate any technology that allows the interception of phone calls or text messages. Do you think of what do you think it stands this morning -- blown out of proportion. Well it if if I saw what was reported. I think that the sheriff did indicate that they owned the in operating cellphone. -- And what would -- be. Helpful if. Well you could think of different types of crimes and think of somebody who is committed a crime and might be. Trying to get away with that could be anywhere you think of somebody he lost child in the literal hospital in the woods trying to locate individual. Which they had gotten -- -- like. The technology that they used -- the public is much hard fans but if you think of the Malaysian plane. That still hasn't been -- yet they're trying to use technology to locate. This in very simple terms. So in other words this piece of equipment. In this piece of equipment that's generated so much controversy basically. Is it is a pin located someone's -- if someone is lost in the woods and they may have. Had a medical emergency have a cellphone on their person. You could locate the person by using the device of the sheriff's office hands so correct. Well I'm not familiar with what the sheriff's office has. And the certainly sounds like that was -- important where we're this year has indicated idiocy. Killed form located here and not something that can intercept. Cellular phone calls or text. OK so what about. Concerns of Big Brother watching -- think that's overblown. We have to make sure that the law enforcement officers are trained properly and they act -- Is that we have we have Miranda rights because of police abuses. But we have no reason to believe that this type of equipment is being used improperly incompetence the elected officials to make sure that it. There -- law enforcement officers -- professionally trained. And -- act ethically in accordance with the rules or laws and the constitution and we have no reason to believe that there is now. Sheriff Tim Howard and Erie county executive Bolton requested to appear. The county legislature public safety committee hearing this Thursday to explain this the some kind of a meeting you'd be interested in attending to find out more about push senator. Well I don't know that it's it's it's appropriate for me to be in attendance at another legislative bodies. Committee hearing but of course it will be watching the news reports to see what comes. Senator good to talk radio this morning thank you very much. -- and New York State senator Patrick Galvin who is a former Erie county sheriff.

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