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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Remembering Natalie Lewis - Richmond Swim Coach Matt Barany

Remembering Natalie Lewis - Richmond Swim Coach Matt Barany

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're going live now to Richmond Virginia as we remember Natalie Lewis this morning. University of Richmond swim coach met her granny is with us on the WBE and lifeline -- good morning. Thank you for joining us tragic accident the university must still be in shock. Yeah you know it's I'm actually on my way in today and -- am not really looking forward to go on and it. The graduation again and if you could imagine. The amount of people camping and loose. Really became. I think. Think it identified is you know assure its employees who were on have to learn around Saturday afternoons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- tell us tell us more about. Among Natalie I personally know Natalie is mom and so does my partner Susan rose -- Natalee was anything like her mom get to be a very special person. If you appreciate traditions charisma. -- word out and you know I think it's the first. You know I think if it was it was done enrichment in that it was close to Natalie. You know you've been there were very equal -- -- and that was are traveling and but. She absolutely -- -- flow and you know -- truce yesterday. She says you know I'm so glad that Natalie. We live within the bulk of -- special experience -- And Richmond and as an athlete. Then you know managers to stay. And it and been having the buffalo so all of us partners. You know we Natalee was rich -- we argued. It was awful it was true there are. She was considering. -- -- -- See. Some roots here is more than. I'm not a hockey fan but I learned more about hockey and -- he came to practice and it. Very innovation. That -- she was. Choose your gift to all of us. You know like Trish Nellie can walk into the room and my posting up and I was fortunate that it is inherently. Which took the job at Richmond I think in is there more than coincidence that the department asked me if I knew anybody who's in town he might. Because it was initially to him basketball is his -- said hey Natalie and anybody. Better more organized happier more positive and pack them. Right now I think she was trained in elementary school teacher which she just social Christian teaching. And I was looking for a job just for talent and I'm thankful because it I didn't just give -- four year term but I got an additional industry on top of that where I was it was here every day. -- supporting incumbent in my office and multiple times today it used to -- being together and that's on Friday yeah glad. Did you have any idea that Trisha and her friend had any interest in writing and hotter -- machine. An enthusiast of some kind. -- -- -- -- Now it was now. There's a festival. Here in town that was still in start this weekend and you know I think one of the churches. Well working athletics and particularly if you're on the basketball side of that and actually. You're going to get opportunities to do VIPs things and they had a privilege on Friday night it took it to go out to be some of the first ones out before this festival started and I think that was. I think that -- the mis alignment of. Our condolences go out to you -- and intent to the university. And we understand you've been especially. Helpful to the family in the last couple days. Well in game that has got their daughter. Williams. -- -- We understand Matt thanks again. That's University of Richmond swim coach met her --

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