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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Another Big Market Week Ahead - Jill Schlesinger

Another Big Market Week Ahead - Jill Schlesinger

May 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Monday morning and were talking with jokes -- your CBS news senior business analyst and host of jail and money Saturdays four until six. On WB Ian -- good morning at retail therapy let me just say. I'm a subscriber. Practicality and allowed you don't feel well. Had the blues that first quarter of the year. And you were only spending money. And see your heating bills -- medical expenses you're like a lot of Americans hopefully. People feel better and went out shopping April we'll find out. Tomorrow if retail sales a lot of focus of this report were trying to seat. Are people feeling confident enough about their jobs and about the economy to go out and spend some money distorts. You wonder if they're spending cash or if they're using their credit cards. You know it's interesting card -- did pick up I I was sort of surprised we've been seeing a steady decline consumer credit report -- recently. And we have been seeing really people been focused on pain gathered right -- the only areas where people worse borrowing more student loans of course and -- -- labs. But all of a sudden in the last report we did see little -- up in consumer borrowing with credit cards revolving debt. And so maybe they used their confidence and said OK I know I have that job or getting a raise -- feel better. So I'll put a little bit of this purchased on credit card it. Hopefully they pay it off at one of the battle -- right. You know speaking of cash there's a story this morning that says basically nobody carries cash anymore. And -- do it's like five bucks this reminds me of my grandfather by the way who at age at 87 was -- and new York and he pulled up some money did get into camp. And he said and I copied that. 500 dollars on -- he says listen I get -- I wanted to be happy he was the last of the -- -- Okay. People are not carrying cash anymore and it would also really is -- as from just him but little personal finance. Not only on -- but they go to these eight yet where they paid fees they don't even go to their own baggy -- yet so. You know when you do and he can't just go to Europe bank but you know we're becoming more and more like -- society. I think that this will actually be really important in the future because a lot of technology that sway your different things agreed to use -- in use here electronic equipment paper big. However these big companies better get Smart about their security unless they do -- at Mort Mort those target data breach types of. Issue's -- -- speaking of going out shopping and buying you know early last week responsible out of the 25 anniversary of our most popular shopping mall here. And we looked in the future mall shopping the upload didn't seem. Two bright. And now on the Wall Street Journal first couple of days ago malls are in big trouble in this country it's an especially malls and of -- and JC Penney's. As anchor -- know who would've thought that when malls became the rage. We would slowly be changing the way we shop. Oh I know it's very interesting we get this segment about this CBS evening news a couple of months ago it started with we are -- poking around finding out about this borrows going bankrupt right we look at this we said what's going on and that led us to. A larger story about the balls in the -- business. And when you talk to mall developers now they are really interested in trying to trance. Really transform a mall -- to a different experience because these huge shopping centers -- add -- to -- Really sitting empty as more and more of those. Previous anchors are moving online they're trying to figure out what are the creative ways. That we can use this small space and -- or putting businesses in the air before putting together these little hives of of small business owners and business base. But they're really trying to get created it says Mary to -- world in retail and we're best of me we're not spending money just respecting different now they had a good week -- take care it's still solicitor CBS news senior business.

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