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May 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yeah in the morning this is Dave Devo. In the last segment -- -- coming up but this Wednesday the state Republicans start off their convention. The following week the New York State Democrats aren't there is. In both cases I don't think there is any doubt who nominee's going to be obviously the Republicans will pick rapist Reno. The Democrats will pick Governor Cuomo but there are some question marks on the other part of that ticket. Republican candidate rob -- -- likely to unveil his lieutenant governor choice in the next few days. Is Governor Cuomo on a similar timetable let's bring in Jimmy real time from capitol New York to count it Jimmy. Reported -- all I'm saying to you even though neither of our mothers. I think. I think we have some in our lives up on tell me what the timetable is will we be hearing from Governor Cuomo. On a lieutenant governor this week the following week what do you what's the buzz. My guess is that we will not hear from the governor this week I'm in part because he has the luxury of waiting to see who -- that street help fix -- it would and the governor. I'm choices and then he can perhaps you know his -- -- accordingly. That you go to school and maybe that makes global more likely to pick a woman industrial it's not Stater maybe it -- Cuomo more likely you know. All point to go to governor it's not to reach a certain old. Of credibility. You'd need to find someone you get along with someone who especially here at the Governor Cuomo is going to do what -- hole. Runner on the day -- ribbon at Federer break ground Rick followed over the -- and the ships. I don't and not create any kind of trouble. And so what -- will -- kind of special court here. The -- property. Won't be questioned if god forbid that the take over the government. That the question of politics and what does the human person bring. I -- street I was facing a similar. Calculation. Our street on the Republican side. He would certainly from what we see him looking for a woman and looking for someone with some but he can bring to the ticket puppet -- he got in trouble finding -- is going to -- In this segment where you with us Erie county Republican chair and -- with he said he doesn't anticipate it being a western new Yorker. But the list is awfully short and closely held. Does that make it even more likely pastor Reno doesn't pick someone from here that Governor Cuomo than their forward. I think so I think that that we could -- sort of bouncing would go. Of course it's it it's very -- and governor -- -- mind that you lost Western Europe but he lost -- Greek parties must stop. In the last election when accords -- Western Europe Kirk Carl Paladino would be the Republican ticket. Leading governors very cognizant of that I think he wants to race not do that. And win did not win big in the area so. PP you might make the calculation with someone like mayor Byron brown. Or former congresswoman -- oak oak might help him so it might help him drive turnout in the region and hopefully Putin's overall market. In large part GP to my notes those two names on the list. Yet what I heard they are. I know that fire -- it's certainly someone who is sort of signaled an interest but believe what he spoke to reporters in the queen city last week he sort of sent -- I haven't I won't -- now. They're not ready to roll it up right -- got quick could do it pretty clear. Clear political signal I don't know that -- is spoken to its Opel and I've not spoken in the Sokol. -- I keep hearing from people who are sort of watching this prop bird part in the governor and it. Is that it's a pretty good per -- now. She's the head of government relations for an antitank. Which I assume -- pretty comparable salary. It is good work. Now if you're going to be going pretty governor. You know one thing that people think article what does he get me afterwards it doesn't get immediate past -- that the executive mansion. Two people abused -- to think about that kind of that last job especially people who are you know upper middle aged in particular about the last ten or so years and a career. I think it's vocal were the big accomplishment. Or people suggested to me that would be a tough one. People -- to get it in the how well she would certainly just sort of aboard in Rhode -- do with the governor -- to do. So that's those those could be you -- -- good prediction that that that argue against her election. Another name that has been floated and -- speculated on although to my knowledge that's all it is at this point is holy (%expletive) eve. -- daughter of deputy speaker Arthur eve of big name around here of course former aide to Hillary Clinton what are you hearing about her. I know that she was she was so complete party administration and it's no longer believe. And I haven't heard much about her and that she was put them very very seriously. Several years ago in 2000. Six bye -- and then it's a candidate Eliot Spitzer. But I haven't heard a lot about her in the content of -- selection -- and I don't know which usually control. Because we are radio station primarily in and around buffalo we have been talking about the candidates from in and around buffalo. But. -- Lieutenant governor Bob Duffy former Rochester -- Oh if if he's going to pick upstate it wouldn't necessarily have beef from around here percent. That's right and there are a couple of other games that I've heard sort of in the mix on one who did from the guitar chords right Arctic might have. Maybe might have a decent shot it might try that Ulster county executive. Or -- county court is that the Hudson Valley on of the western bank of the river. On where you been in sorry he's in new -- -- all -- all around cited -- lot with storm recovery. And -- holders of trust the governor of that. I think if you were to be on the ticket he could rebut pastor Reno but a little county executives. Say what was that talks about a state. Policies are hurt it county -- tell you about what I've -- my charity and how I look at Governor Cuomo agrees that. To be a very good on political narrative you can call them and up Stater donated from Buffalo News from Albany with sort of shake our heads but yeah that there are very patient. Put you in that you would come from from from further open outside of your group of York city. And either way it's been great he would interest he awkwardly ambitious he's considered front for pondered the -- That the projected to be added that he might be extended which. The other gave that order and his. Opportunity it because people oh he's a Democrat who was first elected in twenty allowed it to. It almost helped -- again will be perfect counterpoint pastor knock. In those vote. Crucial New York City suburbs again after you know the western Japan and got in the popular -- horrible things are and how they are really hurt him -- -- have been other county executive from nearby. I'm really trying to meet the opposite argument can be very useful for the global credit Bologna has -- -- in the mix. -- -- -- kind of a finalized yet which have been floated by a couple people but I'm not quite sure -- it is. Is that what might elevate someone from within his candidate now. Just Q absolutely party -- who's already you know again their loyalty of their devotion to improve it the fact that it date they've been dispatcher on the state the Tocqueville believed there quickly undermined -- Syracuse. Mayor to be -- -- -- -- back for school. We -- lead the environmental facilities corporation. As well as even. Office of general services to kind of like that states that went lower property managed property. Also general services which are related he'd. Who was gates' former assemblywoman from sort of Utica road area. Where where are you -- -- were lover really for the news so I can ask you justice a quick yes you know a woman yes you know. Where and upstate -- yes and -- Unclear how it ferret out but it's been fun nonetheless. We got a dash thanks for joining us. That's Jimmy -- kind from capitol New York dot com.