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Erie GOP Chair Nick Langworthy

May 11, 2014|

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8391470. They'll -- in AccuWeather forecast nice to gain and -- should be a beautiful Mother's Day. But the partly sunny skies and a high of seventy this afternoon. Mostly cloudy and mild tonight it could be his body that was firmly -- wanted to take a couple of minutes now at least this first half hour. In part to talk about the week to com. This is the week where coming up we're likely to hear who governor Andrew Cuomo will pick as his running mate this next time around. It's also -- week where the Republicans meet in convention probably picking a lieutenant governor and doing a lot of things that need to be done in order to get that race underway let's start right there Erie county Republican Party chairman nick -- where the is with us nick thank for joining us. Can especially now on Mother's Day it's good that you're joining us on day like this. With I understand a wife who may be delivering at any point pregnant mothers how cool is that. Yeah we're counting down days -- OK so if it you have to suddenly hang up and -- I will understand. Tell me that convention starts Tuesday Wednesday of this week. It's it's said the convention Wednesday and Thursday of this week in Westchester county and Republicans from all overstayed will be a year traveling down to. Select our nominees for us they -- offices so I think we've got a very. Competent in all flight ticket. I think it's you know we have an up -- on the ticket and you know it's going to be a very crucial unity of our party. At one point earlier this year there was talk of the convention being. Probably a a bigger affair that and ended up being. You don't see anyone out there being nominated for governor of the rap master reality of. Well our rob history no will be the nominee of this party of the party as you know you rob rob extreme now in. You know we got a business in order and it was so in late march early April so. You know I hit it in in a party come together nicely around -- betrayal in the state. You know really shining a light you know shortcomings of the Cuomo administration and really asking the question that taxpayers are we winning it in New Yorkers or are we losing and I think it would particularly upstate your Western New York mean. You know there's there's a few positive things going on in the city but you know we're still losing -- -- population where we're we're looting people to a paid me a text structure that just doesn't work for most people that are trying to make ends meet and have New York State needs to come on your medical history -- would provide. The leadership at this stage in the -- to this state needs to succeed. I want to -- some of the other candidates in just a moment let's talk more about the the schedule at least. Asked to Reno is nominated on Thursday or is that happening Wednesday. I believe there will be on Thursday -- restrictions we have controller. Attorney general and then it street on Thursday. And I understand his name will be placed in nomination by. Someone we certainly know around here. Absolutely Chris Collins are are very great congressman will -- will be traveled to wish district nominee rob understated meet Chris. In robbed adult relationship quite awhile back Kyle when they were -- Thank you Chris as a county executive Republican running for county executive Chris -- -- is candidacy. That he was getting off the ground on election -- ball very similar mindset guys they they they worked very hard to transform the government. Of their particular county in and really make reforms that was in the taxpayers in line and did he -- in the swat -- we need now Albany. We were terribly broken system and Albany and we need someone to watch out for the taxpayers every day out watching now to promote their own political agenda. You mentioned -- -- -- county executive he's currently the Westchester County executive this convention is in Westchester. Is that a coincidence. Tom I think did you know what sisters obviously big county like -- In Internet for play -- mentioned we typically are in New York City. Public integrate wait for a -- -- rob didn't in the accomplishments he's had this is county -- -- at Westchester so. You know I buried did a great organization I'm sure -- host an excellent mention. You might be too modest to really address this question but I'll ask it anyway. You're kind of a power broker Erie county has extra clout at this convention doesn't. Well you know your county only had to be -- the table but because of -- performed in 2000 and you know we have a lecturer and you know luckily we don't have to use because we have a united front that the parties got three great candidates. In the -- without opposition going into the convention so. It's going to be good opportunity for unity but. In Erie county because we've been able to accomplish government mentally and orally -- -- and the legislature majority for the first time of the seven. Electing countywide. I share a controller county clerk were recognizes. Is eight counties you know Republicans structure that really get it right in you know we're kind of look forward -- Side of -- some of those victories across state. Where you know there's other places that don't do quite well and you know they know we're down 21 and more. And we still would -- -- -- so you know Erie county is the largest we'd go hand you know it certainly is accountant or -- Another way to get Erie county if not upstate involved certainly is in the selection of a running mate. There was talk earlier this week and even months before actually at the time of the Republican National Convention. Of Jane Corwin being tapped as rob -- -- running mate I understand she is sort of rebuffed that. But you know it's just not right -- I think it would have been in just twenty. But -- you know young son that. Going into the final years high school she really enjoys her role in the assembly. She'd have to give up -- -- assembly to -- lieutenant governor's office and you know statewide office probably isn't in the cards earth this year she's. Really focus and work in the assembly and you don't want to be able to spend time here in the west. In home where there would honor and. Is there an upstate her on the ticket what's your shortlist. Are out on the ticket we do have a great up -- -- to -- -- Claude tried eight to announce his senate candidacy year need to stop and. Awful lot senators almost Syracuse -- -- a -- Who is our candidate for New York State control. -- Is the -- in Niagara county controller twice elected. And he is CPA in an attorney and I will bring real credentials are so state controller in really addressed a crop and. That we see -- -- -- and happily and said nothing about the you know the secret settlements -- addiction cut the check. That Shelly silver. In you know the who really degenerate corrupt Albany. You know -- at least cynical it's clear because he said nothing he does nothing to clean up the problems. And Bobby can actually you know we'll try and corruption -- work to change and the attorney general nominee. We have not guarantee he'll who some -- know is she said chief stay after it -- or IKEA former preacher the seat department of environmental conservation. John is you know is really devoted a big part of it is I don't like strip public service. More money behind the scenes role he's now running for attorney general because. He he he what we have now in your Spiderman and another aspiring governor EG. And you know really what went on running for -- to beat of people turn. Because that would be -- should be not someone out seeking headlines. As we head Spitzer so notoriously. Been Cuomo who was attorney general just to run for governor. In -- tiger in. You know that a lot of that didn't come -- 2010 when Eric Redmond ran for governor and this was the most liberal member of the New York State Senate and it relief -- And those policies it advocated universal. He really brought no real reform Albany you've been a rubber stamp of the governor we wouldn't eat it. -- -- completion he was doing his job cracking down on the -- When I ask you about. Last year about not -- state ticket I -- jumped in with Bob and -- talked to me about the lieutenant governor slot do you see that going to up Stater. You know I think it would be great if -- did I don't forget. A requirement actually you know -- -- I on the ticket you know up seeded represented. And you know if there's a qualified candid I don't see at this point -- -- from Western Europe because a couple of the people of Western New York -- is. It's kind of dig themselves out of consideration for one reason or another clutch. You know I -- will be someone ultimately that rob -- -- in the next few days that will compliment you know his government. And that's what's most important someone that's capable to beat governor stepping and I and they want me he'd be. You can't -- any names or at least wishlists. It at this point you know it's between how rob it is. In in probably scrambling in his in this space -- I mean there's there's certainly names being circulated but I'm sure he will be rolled that out next year. All right nick thanks for joining us this morning. Thanks so much get at him you too especially to you again you're your your wife a while what a -- pregnant mothers say thanks --