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5-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- down -- the he would worry -- them. India the hole looked. That ends this month -- Very for the short. Yeah I don't know you're not. I and and and just system. -- -- speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. Tom hourly. Right when he showed that certain -- in -- in its local political Bolden who doesn't know not really I like everything it's Tom hourly. Hey you pick up that group you have to drive to the burning -- on news. Hey just in case. Are one of the few people who listen to me you actually. Likes Barack Obama. I just wanna just publicly acknowledge the fact that you can make anybody sound stupid it. Given that. A certain sentence a certain moment in their career where they say the wrong thing or there at a loss for words. It out it just. The idea however that Obama is this great -- or. Preceded by the fact that he is in fact a human being as well. It's it's funny and is it mocking yeah I suppose it is but it's only mocking because we keep hearing what a great oratory is that you could -- the same thing with me. They do it in the backstroke all the time they put this blooper tape together of me. Jobs do you -- a particular is but that you guys put together. Where permeate the one where you guys may be sound like I am an absolutely out of control homosexual. You have that one. You're notified that. Outlook whoa wait a lot -- -- recovers from his mystery Friday element. But look you can have fun went with this stuff that's that's all I'm trying to say so in adult don't get your nose out of joint. And I've learned up by the way you guys might find some interest in this before -- get back to the guy talking about the crews on the Danube River in but I Europe. But you might be surprised how many nice emails I have gotten. Note from liberals. I'm gonna say that again. You don't. Is might be very surprised at all of the nice emails I have received from liberals lately. And wanna tell ya I wanna tell you why. Because. David -- end. Having heard that there was this crazy right wing talk show host in buffalo. And they started to listen. And that they made up their old mines. They didn't believe. What they have heard they realize. A minute. This man actually is reasonable. He is logical. Probably one of the most logical people to address the Malaysian airline crash. And by golly he actually had he actually states that it wasn't just conservatives. Who stormed the beaches at Normandy. So -- those of you who are liberal. I -- end it folks without getting too hung up on labels. Liberal. There is a great American. Liberal. Tradition. And I know that it might sound counterintuitive. To hear me saying that unfortunately. The Democrat party in particular has moved so. Far to the left that it has become a status and totalitarian. Party. And the problem is the Republicans are any better. George Bush. Was no better than Barack Obama in terms of his willingness to use the resources of the federal government. To accumulate power and you don't accumulate power without intentions of using. And that's why folks I welcome liberals. To be conservative Terry in the movement. Because I think the conservative -- involvement. Really is perfect. For those Americans may be EU. Who used to be a Democrat and then you realized wait a minute. Look at my paycheck and look how much money is being taken out and busted by asks. I gotta pay for my cellphone. And you start scratching your head. But you don't wanna be conservative because you think conservatives spent too much time worrying about things are any other business. That's why conservative aryan. And conservatory and ism is I think going to take off. I need to better articulate. Its principles. And before I go back to Dave in Williams soldiers very quickly. One of the keys guiding principles. Of conservatives unions. We don't ten year. What -- or sexual orientation or gender identification is. We don't care what you do in the privacy of year old -- with consenting adults. We don't think you or use of what is now considered illegal drugs is any of the government's business it's a health issue it isn't a criminal issue. That's what those are some of the things in which we believe. That we believe in the bill of rights. As written by the founding father. It's now we're never agree on everything all the time. Rus Thompson is a very dear friend of mine and I love him very much. We're not -- agree a 100%. Ever but. I think this open. He is a standup guy. You know who else is a standup guy Carl Paladino. He's a stand up guy. And there are a lot of other people who -- stand up guys the residents stand up guys. There are a lot of people out there my friends. And I think that we can find enough common ground. I wanna bring people together. That's the whole. Ladies and gentlemen if I -- an epiphany. Orbit sounds like I've had an epiphany when it really is is. A better articulation. Of things that I had in my heart and in my brain for a long time. Best summed up as conservative area and eight term coined by Rachel wells. A frequent contributor to my FaceBook page. And the following address of the conservative area and term. Rachel deal like that phone dress she's a brilliantly. And were ordered back to the calls here folks because I do wanna give you a happy ending. Let us go to Dave in Williams though again so debut you took a cruise on the Danube you started out at Nuremberg. And by the way mirror Byrd was a fascinating book ended. To -- Second World War because Nuremberg as you pointed out is worthy Hitler rallies were held were -- Riefenstahl. Filmed the propaganda film triumph of the will. Actually won an argument with Hitler over its artistic merits. And then of course the trial Judgment at Nuremberg where those bastards were made to pay for their crimes against the Jews and humanity in general. So. Appellate subject fiftieth -- can -- The courtroom and restored. But. We capture are very it would account compare how you think he'll light crude is that -- that they can. Caribbean -- -- twenty people on the boat. And what would happen if in the morning it hit breakfast and then. They're capable of gathering point and it would be -- there they were all professional people want guys retired university press professor at different. Different decorated. I can -- it was too. And groups like 1214 people to look at gap between Eric with a guy -- -- block and they take -- show you all of these. Beautiful Billy comedic history of and then after. Reagan's Brooke -- -- belt which Indiana. And get a chance people at the and they look at it the Hapsburg summer palace would ship I -- the -- in the countryside without treatment in Vienna and then in the evening ticket to a you know private throat cancer of the opera house -- Padilla joining me. News. Add it sounds awesome in your right. This this is not the kind of cruise of which are spoke earlier where are going to be its seat that you stop and Aruba for three hours to get back on the boat you go to -- air for a few hours I don't like grows. Honey -- is spent more time on the captain's -- that you do haven't fun. -- -- it was Syria -- but the one thing I do want to point out kids -- -- the group. The last stop would -- False and we could stand for two extra days that we did. And people who packed with the food and it feels good to do it again -- when -- wanted to -- -- My my friend I'm very well acquainted with the local Hungarian community David Hungarian lady for a couple of years so I am well aware of the beauty of Buddha pests. Okay well they took it to a they suggested that we go take this tour called hospital of Iraq. And in -- World War II woods and Russia to a close CNN to attack. The German is that in the military out and they have that they keep this from decadence what was going on there go after the war. -- -- -- -- -- -- And the elite will restore stability of the ships identified them as being eligible to go in there in the event of a nuclear attack. He said checked by the way CH IT yes. And they stayed there until. The all clear was given they come out and do whatever he is due to restore -- society that they could but they apparently indicated it will actually younger. Specific. She remembered her parents talking about how right they weren't -- the -- possibility that you can -- -- confronted. Ground zero for a tablet -- and -- the only -- could've talked about definitely step it. They are afraid of us. Yes it was a sobering thing to think about that. You know people we hit it -- the same feel as if that other side of that of the anchor. As suddenly I start thinking of the Crosby, Stills and Nash song wooden ships. Which is about eight post a nuclear apocalyptic world -- -- smile -- me I will understand that something everybody does in the same language. And unfortunately. Lowest let's put it this way mutually assured destruction. That was a brilliant strategy by both sides in other words nobody wanted to start world war three because it's the next war would be fought with clubs and stones. What I tell us -- soc it ten days. Ten days -- -- -- because it stayed for. Thirty days. Yeah Budapest is an amazing city but hon Gary is an extraordinarily difficult language. Well Budapest is it's amazing indisputable it's also depressed. All. I mean it's surely it's just. A lot of what you get outside -- without. Downtown area about it. We empathetic who were let out to this place is initially. -- dude dude I wanna hear more but I have to break because of already late for traffic and I figure in a Friday with rain at -- get the Allen Harris but don't you go anywhere it is a great call. Alan Harris what up. AccuWeather for hurt today we do -- these severe thunderstorms coming through the area from west to east as I've noticed the weather generally does. Tomorrow breezy not as warm clouds and some sunshine -- high temperature 68. Sunday Mother's Day pleasant and sunny with some clouds 73. And John -- we still like 71 degrees so we've lost ten degrees in the past the hour. Hour and a -- result which by the way is to be expected me when the weather changes like there's there's a reason. Clashing fronts. Let's go -- today though Williams bill and that Dave just wrap this up you were talking about your crews on the Danube your talking about. Buddha passed and surprisingly to me you said that once you've got him to the suburbs and the -- birds around Buddha passed you found it to be a very depressing land. Welcome to all those 1950s. Style and ask apartment building -- just rolled out all of these things and is just typical. Ugly -- -- candidate saying it just for. You do understand that when they talk about the forced redistribution of wealth. They want everybody to live in exactly that way except of course the people at the top of the Fallujah. Will they were lifting electrical -- will be four electoral code lovable he walked down long attack. And they head. About maybe a quarter mile from where the ball -- -- -- shoes they were glad they were donated match. And I could hear what they were pick up into the -- and Antarctica and the boat to explain to me that. That was the memorial how fast track inaugurated in the war get blown out there. Because they've got all. The -- that collaborated with the Nazis and that. That was the place where they took Jewish people to be. Exterminated. That was murdered on that was definitely an issue in hungry you're absolutely right and I gotta tell you though. In fairness to the Hungarians they did not have a choice -- well here here was the choice. You either fight with the Nazis or you die and your entire family dies. That that basically was the choice they were given. Well. I'm not excusing her actual rating I'm just saying bad they were in a very untenable situation. Yeah true that some people to participate in -- Jewish people well but let's deputy. Well not no I I I understand in fact if I'm not mistaken it and somebody can correct me on this if you looked this up on the Internet. Saving Private Ryan -- in the movie. Had you remember the scene where our guys murder of the two guys with their hands up in the year. I think they were Hungarian soldiers. I think there were speaking Hungarian somebody else is gonna have to look that up for me. I this last bit better. All right thank you very much what a great call what a great idea I can't imagine the cost but I'd be willing to you don't spend some time -- trucks stops in the money. Great thanks to hate it hit a -- three -- -- thirty I love the way he instantly said I have a great and I love it. You guys rock thank you for understanding my warped sense if you work thanks for making me part of your life we've got a half hour actually plus five ago its hourly on WB yen if you're caught in major traffic call me start at 930. We'll get into the major topics as well. -- And in the and there. Donald vegan -- by his classic album. Way back when we used to have collections of songs put together on one big black disk called albums. Thank god it was it was a big black disk without a blooper. Anyway -- -- they became CD instead -- now he just by this -- like the Apple Store that's just the way life goes but. I will never forget 1990 victory. This Steely Dan song well actually it was double figures -- Steely Dan was playing at the ought. They're right in the middle. IG why. What a beautiful world this would be. -- what a fabulous time to be very epic as the words anyway it's a song about you know how great life is great to be alive the middle of that song off fight breaks out. On the floor at the Steely Dan concert. And as a keen observer. Of society. And a cultural anthropologist. As well as a keen that. Lover of delicious irony I did kind of chuckle and I still remember to this day of all the songs a fight breaks out during that one. 1993. At the -- I was with my ex wife and a my brother actually. Mother's -- courses coming up. And a gonna expand the topics. That. I want you know that. While that it expected to hurt but. I just wanna offer some advice. To what divorce meant. As I. If you have children. -- -- Maybe it is a recent divorce. May. -- may I humbly suggest. If you think you can pull this off. That you contact the mother of your children your ex wife. And say you're the mother of my children may I take you to brunch. -- have you over for a cook out. Folks. Like I say this a lot and I say it because. I feel like. Maybe it's helping somebody every time -- Syria. My wife and I went through. Eight divorce. That was hell -- both of us. It was asked. It was better. You know what. Once the court stuff was over where the white flag went up the -- the peace treaty was signed. And it took a few years appealing for both openers. But. My ex wife and I. Every kid birthday. Every Mother's Day every Father's Day we get together with the patriots. And I'm not saying this because I want to show a great guy I am because that's not the point. The point is is that even if you're divorced she's still the mother of your children. And if you're dating another woman now who is unable to understand the importance. Of the fact that. You do had children with your first wife for whomever it is it happens to be. You did just. Need to explain some things to worry about the children. And the importance of your children's seemed to review. Able to socialize and it'll. Are right -- and I've told this before and I think this is the exception I don't think it's the rule. But. My ex wife. Has become over the last so I don't know seven to ten years. What are my best friends. And closest confidants. We were horrible as a married couple. We did not get along I'm not telling tales out of school she -- same. My ex wife is -- -- She is tremendous mother. And anything good that my kids have done. Is because of her motherhood. And you better believe that we're gonna do something whether it's Sunday or a particular schedule worked out. During the week. We're gonna do something to commemorate that -- Tuesday. And I only mentioned that because. Some more help clear. Some of you were going through what I went through in which she went through many years ago. And when you have children with somebody that person should be a part of your life. For how ever long those children are around. Because. It is possible. Even after the most bitter divorce. It is possible. To be friends. Now it may not be possible for you to become best friends. As my ex wife and -- are. But there's no reason to. Hold a grudge. Are right my ex wife is forgiven me my misdeeds. I take full responsibility for the divorce. And there's something very. Light sabers. Very -- And very. I think he'll. About being able to do that. And remember. Your kids will see that. And it does make an impact on your children. And where the you know order not. Your kids deep inside a happy. That mom and dad to get together for an hour two hours break bread together and have a good time. Now I capital at one street over for by ex wife. And I did that with a purpose like because my children. So anyway that's that's just a long way of saying. Even though you might be divorced she still the mother of your kids. And should be treated with the appropriate respect even if you couldn't stand during the Abacha was the biggest bitch in the world when you're going through your divorce because remember Father's Day is coming up -- And you're gonna want the same got to respect directed at you. And divorce is not pretty. And it shouldn't. But if it's there make the most of I don't mean to give I'm not trying to you know do a sermon or any thing. But. Bad part of my life is very important. And this part of the show. I have what continue with your ideas. For budget vacations that is to say approximately one tank trips. Either as a couple. Or with your kids -- maybe as a single. When I go to Gettysburg it is. Generally alone -- estimate took my son he loved it. Or dream. Vacations. And I told you before Hawaii. Hawaii it was nice. Waikiki to me was like New York City which sent. So if you go to Hawaii I'd look into it but you might consider Molly instead of a wobble. Just I'm just putting it out there but. Money for money dollar for dollar. The most incredible scenery I've ever. Feasted my eyes upon as a tourist has been in the Greek islands. -- most. Roads. Meek and those. And plus in beacon outside of the extra. Fun of being hit on by a gig so there's at. So anyway. Athens is cool but frankly it's at just the big city it's you know it's a big city with all of the pluses and minuses of a big city. All right so. If it if if you were to ask me Tom. My husband and I have 5000 dollars and we want a dream vacation. Together. I suggest accrues to the Greek islands even though I'm not big on cruises I'd make an exception program. Now you're ideas are welcome also traffic calls are welcome and that. Does anybody out there have. And wanna share. Stories of your mom's favorite expressions. That have stayed with few. Even -- it till this very day. My longtime listeners well my mom. And her to -- expressions. Number one. No nobody ever said life was fair or easy. I heard that one a lot. No the ever said life was fair or easy. And the other one. Because I and I think I continue in some ways to be a procrastinators. I'll do it get it done really I will. Her expression was the road to hell. Is paved with good intentions. And that as a metaphor were so many things to -- funny. What I'm gonna do I'm gonna break now what the calls come in and we get everybody -- apps like you give your instead rambling. So let me give -- -- phone number and obviously a whole lot of topics which -- -- -- repeating every two minutes 8030930. That's the landline number 8030930. Start at 930 is free on the cellphone. And 180616. WB EN 8030930. Start 930. And 180616. WBM. Plus if you're in any major traffic -- I don't think we have any major ones right now but if they happen let me know. And we'll get you on the year on WB and John -- master control today and X is our call screener and he is sitting in for Ryan gates who is our call screener today. Boy what what it's. Are right it's our -- WB and we got a whole bunch of people called and talking about their mama. Runs driven George Carlin bit about growing up where he did that Irish champs do that on the -- that would be wrong. Let's go to -- rain in buffalo on WB yen liberate talked to me about your mom what -- she'd known percent. OK that's a mother and access by our. Right and two consenting adults in about buying it on that it doesn't -- cute and -- -- apparently that's. You and all. Negotiable. -- and is up with my audience today. Fuel -- any callers today have totally old humor component of the program. -- in -- just say that one more time because they're just cracked me up and by the way hopefully my boss is listening. -- hate him here pursue -- traders were praying. And Lorraine is a female listener and she shares my ride ball sense of humor -- get a regular -- just a little bit in good natured fun going Hitler and. My mother's sex advice was. And he couldn't do consenting adults do about it on -- -- -- not let off kicking your temple or the Stanley. And -- are negotiable. Okay I'm about twelve and I thought that would be absolutely freaking Allegra that's. -- I'm going to be on that. -- I'll. Our debt and being over 21. If you are under 21 that -- well -- from an -- out just want my grip I know it and the world are here that you can do it obviously well I hear that story and. Re just one quick question of course I can't just let this go. Palmer and have you used the kitchen utensil and if so which one abused. Well. Would be a private conversation I have. OK I respect that thank you very much I appreciate it. If you are lady all right thank you. Are right. Well that's going to be a tough act of followed guys and ladies here's John and Niagara Falls John your mother's best expression or advice. Both are still wanna say -- like they're going to cut that you watch it by cocker spaniel and they're not that. And. Well and okay. You know what I have my -- trade she will not jump up until everything is shall we say completed. -- Talking about -- home alone may go ahead. Here. My mom are up pirate epic and yet they're bringing. That for the separation. That without -- art but it without -- even Italian border are by no. It didn't hear it but you -- This written English because if you even if you swear in Italian I could still get fine by the FCC's they say the intent in English. I think I thought I'd -- it opens today. At approximately -- I don't know what that he. And I know it's -- like it's an -- what you're that your simulate amor. Thank you I mean it is if you don't know what it means and how significant it could be and it's something about life I think but I I'm just gonna let the -- is my Italian is just not that good. Here is Robin in Hamburg on WB and Robin hello. One worrying moderates would be to adopt but the coolest person on the start out they can't think. It's. My other favorite thing my my my sister and I have done very well for ourselves but we eat whenever we rented the money problems we are out money from Graham and her come -- Ali like I know where you -- has become obsessed reset and back explanations on how to repair that but I know where you live. And got -- and -- -- -- she showed everybody that but I know you're live in somebody else always had -- -- big deal. All all thank use somebody else always has it worse than you think that. Yep no matter what I'm I'm I'm light somebody always had a words that hurt some delicate of course but not -- but my mother got -- assault. Is a wonderful woman and thank -- -- allowed -- time to. Absolutely. You know as far as kitchen utensils so I was kind of thinking about some hot stuff would occur -- coffee machine just -- Amnesty advocates and looking around going. No one cup cricket. OK I just have two words have a clear this mystery up soda stream. All right that's all the aid that's all you need to -- folks I should've started this topic earlier you guys but bad then again maybe it's always better to leave you wait and for more. His Father's Day care is coming up in the Mother's Day post but Tuesday will be on Monday. I may have to just bring back an hour this gives -- was a blast also a blast today. You guys rock thank you very much and I mean that I don't just say that gratuitously I think you know that anyway thanks to John Sherman. Thanks to our -- gates thanks to acts and I will leave you with two words. Know your self.

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